My special day in London


My special day in LondonField ReportA report of my recent visit to the big cityThis trip had been some time in the planning and as you will see if you plough through the whole strory it actually worked out really well.Booked a hotel in Paddington which I had seen reviewed in Telegraph of all places. Someone had thought that what was needed in a hotel was lots of quirky details, some worked, some just looked weird but it did give the place the feel of something different a bit special which helped with getting me in the right mood. It was expensive for Paddington but not when compared to other West End establishments. My chum was impressed with my choice so no complains there.Now as to selection of companion, I had decided to blow the budget on an all day encounter, lunch, bit of shopping, fun time back at the room, out to dinner and hopefully dessert later. Some basic requirements then, good conversation, ie she spoke English, she could blend in with surroundings, looked good both in and out of clothes, and was likely to provide a fun experience….Easy to find then, so I copped out form to much online searching and just rang the agency I used last time and asked was Lexi still with them. She being the chum I met for a dinner date when I was last in London. Once the train and hotel was booked rang the agency several days in advance and arrangements simply made. Coughed slightly when fee was mentioned, £1500…. But I was getting something I felt of a known quality.All set for the Sat when guy from the flat says can meet me on Sat only, I made some excuse was busy could it be early. Thus I ended up waiting for a bus at 7.30. crossing an empty early morning London and turning up at the flat with only time for a quick inspection and antalya escort sorry I got to dash and off back to my hotel to meet chum. Well did stop off in wetherspoons for a full English breakfast to fortify me for the encounter.Usual exchange of texts with agency to confirm then to let you know she is on her way, can she meet you in reception, fussing about the girls safety usual stuff. Ok I say I take up position in the coffee shop with a view of front entrance and start waiting, another text running a bit late, so start second cup of coffee then in she walks comes straight up to me and greets me very much as along lost friend so off we go …Was as if we met regularly, she plays the game so well, plans discussed oh that sounds great I am told and we set off for a morning stroll around Portabello Market. Wanders around a few junk stalls bought he a silly dress and I’m taken to a pub, her local turns out she lives just around the corner. This is when things start to get serious, I have a beer and she is on the gin and tonics, 3 large ones later we roll out, buy some choclate cake, more of which later and a bottle of wine. Stagger back to hotel and we no sooner through the door of my room and she is ripping her clothes off, I must have looked a bit surprised am I to quick she asks…. I suggest we start with the cake and a glass of wine, there then follows a certain amount of rolling around on the bed, the cake crumbs go everywhere and a fun time is had by all, well me at least.Chum then falls asleep…. Thinking this might be a quiet moment to check in with home I send a text with a brief edited summary of my daily activities. Then panic what if I am rung back and asked who is there with you, there is a loud snoring noise escort antalya emitting from the body besides me which could be misinterpreted. Luckily iwasnt…shades of my last trip float before my eyes2 hours later she wakes up, askes for more wine, and nibbles so I have to go over the road to buy another bottle. Walk back in the room think what a mess, choclate everywhere including the sheets chums bags emptied on the floor, there had been a desperate search for a condom at one point, clothes strewn, and im thinking housekeeping going to be impressed.. She had brought a few different sets of underwear to show me which made for an interesting interlude and the dress we had bought at the market had to be tried on, it was much to long with lots of floaty lace material trailing along the ground but in her heels she looked great. Did poke my head under the shower, already feeling I am flagging, pace yourself you had told me and that wasn’t what appeared to be happening, all I felt I could do was sit back and enjoy the ride, so off we set for our night out. She fancied Asian I had been told when arranging the booking so go online and find Gordon Ramsey has an Asian restaurant in Mayfair, since we blowing the budget booked it. Arrived with her falling out of the taxi, got her heel stuck through the silly dress, just as this guy in uniform steps out to hold the door for us, was that sort of posh place, she is giggling so much, oh didn’t mention she found from somewhere a joke top hat white with sparkles, so our arrival hardly inconspicuous, what did I say about blending in. Sorry sir your table isn’t ready yet would you like to wait in the bar, so what a pity more cocktails ….. the hat was careful placed in the cloakroom luckilyWe antalya escort bayan get to the table presented with a whole book for the wine list and a menu I cant make any sense of. What you like to drink I ask, she remembers having a nice wine once but cant remember its name, texts her gay friend who knows about these sort of things, the reply is Sancerre, I remember that from our trips to France, find in on the list a bottle of that please I ask, a mere 75 quid. Mersault was more like 350 so luckily it wasn’t that. Let her order the food which may not have been wise and they kept bringing us more little dishes most of which I hadn’t the faintest idea what they were. Was good I think. A whole glass of wine went on the floor and lot of fussing over smashed glass. Don’t think I will be going back or at least not without a serious disguise. Looking around spot one other middle aged guy with younger woman who is wearing very tight bright red dress that shows off her tattoos and plenty of boob, grin across to him.. ….we know what you doing.Ask for the bill can hardly stand and that is before it came, £270 oh well what credit cards are for. Retrieve the hat and fall down the steps luckily a taxi appears as if by magic and back to hotel. She off up to the room and obviously ready for round 2 me not so sure. But make a game effort once she is naked can hardly say no dear not tonight, she does look absolutely lovely, about 30 I guess nice boobs, and petite but not slim body, so plenty to enjoy. Come up gasping for air at one point and she says I better go it is late, past midnight by now, offer to see her off the premises and find a taxi. So my last sight of her as running across the road to get in a taxi in her heels, holding up the ridiculous dress, clutching her bag and top hat and nearly being hit by a bus as she turns to wave to me. Was a mad day but lot of fun Rest of my stay in London cleaning up the mess in my room and recovering, slept on the train coming back

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