My Sexy wife likes older men


My Sexy wife likes older menWhen I married my wife Sally I knew she had a thing for older men so it was no surprise to me when we were invited to my boss’s retirement party at the home of the main director of the company.You see Sally who is 34 is a real sexy woman and always dresses sexy she has a great body and a nice pair of legs with a great rear and a rather large bust which is very firm I can confirm that she gives a great tit fuck so it’s no wonder she attracts so much male attention when she goes out.She seems to love the company of older men she always liked the xmas party’s at work as all the older men wanted to dance with her she always love’s the attention she receives.I also think its because she likes to tease.She always say’s they have more respect for women and are always polite as well as being grate full of her attention when talking to them.My boss Ron has always had a soft spot for Sally ever since he lost his own wife last year hence the reason he has decided to take early retirement.I think he misses his wife Tracy when he goes home to an empty house.So has decided that he would like to travel and as Sally helped him to get his life back on track spending time sorting out his wife personal belonging and suggesting he should take the plunge and travel as that what he and his wife was going to do when he retired.This party is to say thank you to Sally as well as giving me the opportunity to try for promotion it leaves a senior slot open to be filled.There will be a lot of the firm’s directors at the party so I’m hoping to impress them with my wife’s help of course.Sally decided that as this was a very important party for Ron who was retiring she wanted to look her very best and impress the directors of the firm to aid my push for promotion.She decided on a real sexy dress that was about 6” above the knee to show off her long sexy legs.The dress was dark blue and zipped from the bottom hem so she was able to zip it up a little to show off her sexy legs to complement the dress she wore 6” black heels that made her legs look amazing,Sally told me she was going to take a shower before getting dressed so I sorted my suit out and something to drink before we left for the party.I went upstairs antalya escort to change I passed the bedroom and I noticed that Sally was standing in front of mirror admiring her now shaved pussy.I was shocked as she had never done that before even when I had asked her too so I thought it was all part of the plan for tonight.I stood and watched her start to get dressed (she didn’t know I was there) she put on her bra not the usual type that she normally wore and then she put on a thong again she never wore this type of underwear before?Why was she going to so much trouble to wear such sexy underwear if no one was going to be seeing except myself later?I got myself ready and thought no more of it when she finally came down stairs I had to admit her.she looked so sexy in her dress and heels and the thought that she was wearing so little underneath was making me hard I couldn’t wait to get her home after the party I wanted to fuck her now let alone later.We arrived at Ron’s home who greeted us and took us through to the rear of the house where there was a large marquee.Ron Introduce the firms directors and then said he would like to show Sally around the grounds and house I watched Ron take Sally’s hand and lead her around outside to the grounds.I quickly grabbed a drink and began to move around and talk to different colleague’s from the office who were also there with there wives.I was asked where is Sally?Oh Ron wanted to show her the house and grounds?I decided to go into the house and find a bathroom,I climb the stairs it was such a large home and so many rooms it must be hear somewhere I thought .I tried a door it was just what I was looking for a bathroom so I went inside.While I was in there I noticed it had another door which lead into a another room it was like a Jack and Jill bathroom I was about to shut the door to the room I heard someone come into the room and say we won’t be disturbed in hear I was curious as to who it was.I looked through the half open door I saw my wife and Ron she was leaning against the chair and Ron standing next to her.Ron then said that he loved the dress she was wearing She replied I wore this for you and the shoes you like?Ron said I always loved the dress escort antalya and the shoes when Tracy wore them you do it so much more justice he said.I did wonder where she had got the clothes from now I know,Why thank you Ron she said I think you will like what I’m wearing underneath as well remember what you asked me to do and wear?So why don’t you make sure we will not be disturb I would hate it if my husband were to walk in on us. I wanted to charge in and confront them both but I felt my cock getting hard The thought of my wife having sex with another man so I just kept quite and waited to see what they would do.Ron returned from locking the door Sally grabbed him and kissed him in such a passionate way he responded by putting his hands on her rear and squeezed her bum cheeks I could tell she was now getting turned on and pushed him away and started to undo the zip on the front of the dress all the way up and then slipped it off.She was now standing in front of him with just her bra and thong onI said to my self “Oh my god she looks so fucking hot I was now so fucking hard I had unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock free and started to masturbate myself,You like she said to him?Oh” yes I love it but what about before he could finished what he was saying she put her finger to his lips to stop him from saying anymore?She then grabbed him and undid his trousers and pulled his cock out and started to rub his shaft,She then dropped to the floor and took his cock into her mouth and started to suck him.I have always thought you sexy but now I think you is the sexiest woman in the world and I have always dreamed of this moment for such a long time you better fuck me then (standing up) before I change my mind I want you to lick my pussy I have shaved it especially for you because you liked me to shaved pussy so I have for you.He dropped to his knees and pulled her thong down and pushed his face between her legs and started to lick her pussyThe view was amazing she was now moaning for him to tong her harder which he did I was now really rubbing my cock at the thought she was going to cum in his mouth,She grabbed his cock again and rubbed his shaft until he was rock hard she wanted him to tit fuck her antalya escort bayan it wasn’t long before her was thrusting his really large cock between her tits,He was soon about to cum when she demanded he put his cock inside her she told him she wanted to feel his cum he started to fuck her I was close to cumin myself When she started to scream “Oh fuck!! me Ron fuck me!! Ron fuck !!me harder “Oh my god it feels so good she scream you are so fucking big “Oh fuck !!!’Oh shit!!!“Oh fuck harder!!! “Oh fuck!!! I’m cumin at that I think we all cum together poor Ron was exhausted and just collapse on top off her. “Oh my god I needed that she said I really needed you to fuck me before you leave I have been waiting for this moment to fuck you. We had better get dressed as they will be wondering were we are. Will you fuck me again Ron before you leave Please Ron I need you cock again I do anything you ask but please fuck me again.I kept quite until they had left the room then made my way down stairs after about 10 minutes to find them I could not get over what I had just witnessed with Ron and my wife.I was not angry about what had just happened I had found whole thing such a turn on I have read story’s about men wanting to watch there wives with other men I now understand why. I found them drinking and talking to some of the people from work.I asked them did you have a good look round the house I did come to look for you but must have missed you. It is said Ron?But said nothing about were they had been and did not have a look of guilt on there faces. If I hadn’t seen them I would never have guessed what they had just done.Buy the end of the evening we all said our goodbyes and wished Ron good luck on his retirement and good health for the future.I will never forget that image before me with my wife and Ron I still get hard thinking about it But it does makes me wonder if this was not the first time she had sex with him I just wished I had been there to watch them.I really don’t mind how many times she fucks him before he leave’s as long as I can Watch.I’m hoping for a repeat performance in the future maybe with other older men I really don’t mind as long as I get to watch her.At the moment I’m keeping stump about what I have seen I will at some time tell her what I saw her do with Ron when he’s not around and then maybe tell her I wouldn’t mind her doing it with my permission as long as I know who with and I can watch,That will be for another story.

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