My Sexual Life. Part 1


My Sexual Life. Part 1Many of my earliest memories are sexual memories. At the start they were solo of course, from the age of probably 5 or 6 I remember nights of bed humping. Almost every night I would lay on my stomach and rub my little boy cock against my mattress. Some nights I would slip out of my pyjama bottoms, the sensation of nudity making it even more satisfying. Sometimes I would run my hands over my body as I slowly slid my cock up and down against the mattress. I loved to run my hands over my ass cheeks, sometimes squeezing them gently or pulling the cheeks apart in rhythm with my humping. At some stage, I’m not sure when, I started to run my finger between my cheeks. I would slide it up and down my ass crack and then slowly circle the entrance to my little hole. I remember the feeling being incredible, and it wasn’t long until I penetrated my tight little ass for the first time. Oh, I would’ve covered the bed in my cum, if I had been capable of cumming, but I was much too young. That single finger slid into my hole was just the start. I loved the feeling of penetration. For many years I loved to slide a corner of my handkerchief into my hole. I don’t know why I did this, but I loved it. Its probably where my love of those sexy bunny-tail buttplugs began. I would sometimes tie a couple of hankies together, insert the corner of one and fashion a pouch or sock for my little cock and hump away. Eventually I would notice a little wet spot on my hanky, which led me to take notice of the tip of my cock as I humped. I held a flashlight under the covers and watched my cock sliding against the sheets. When I saw a slight wetness appear on the tip, I slid a finger over it and brought it up to my lips. It was a completely natural thing to do. I did not give it any conscious thought, I simply swiped the pre cum off the tip of my cock, brought it up to my mouth, parted my lips and licked it from my finger. It was delicious. I was hooked. At the age of around 6 or 7 I became a cum slut….at least for my own cum.I used to walk to school alone each day, and back home again in the afternoon. It was the seventies. Sexual predators weren’t something that was considered back then, although if there were any around, they probably would’ve had a field day with me! Sometimes, on a nice day, on the way home I would dart off into some bushes in a local park. I would undress, pop a little pencil or a slim marker pen into my hole and hump the ground or my schoolbag for a while. I would see other boys and girls walk by, but I made sure I was hidden so they wouldn’t notice. The fact that I was metres away, naked with a pencil in my ass got me so excited I would be dripping yummy pre cum in no time. My exhibitionist days would come, but not yet.Most days I would walk part of the way home with a friend. His name was Danny. He was a little quiet, and maybe a little bodrum escort effeminate. I didn’t see him much at breaks during the day, but he would often run to catch up with me for the walk home. One day, when we were almost at the point where we would split and go in our separate directions, he said something to me that had an amazing effect on me. He was walking slightly behind me, we had just passed a group of slower k**s, and as he moved up to walk beside me again, he said, “The backs of your knees are very nice”. I asked “Really?” and he replied “Yes, they look very nice”. I said thanks and nothing more was said until we reached the end of the block. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. The rest of the way all I could think about was what he had said. That night, as I humped my bed with a handkerchief tucked in my ass, I ran my hands down the back of my thighs as far as I could reach. I had a pretty earth shattering boygasm. By now I had started placing my hand under my cock, palm up as I humped. After cumming I would inspect the small amount of boy cum in my palm and lick it up. That night I had a pool of sweet cum about the size of a quarter in my hand. It was my biggest load yet!Nothing more was said about that comment by Danny or myself. The next week Danny asked me over to his house after school. We played inside with Lego and some of his action figures until his Mum came home. She said how beautiful the day was and we should go outside and enjoy it. We ran around for a while in his yard, but I started complaining that my legs were sore, especially my thighs. His Mum said it was probably growing pains and that we could go back inside and play in Danny’s room. We went up to his room and sat quietly for a bit. Danny asked if I was ok and I said that I was, just a little sore. Danny asked if I would like him to rub my legs, that it might make them feel better. I replied, “Ummmm, no its ok”. He kept asking and telling me how good it would feel, that when he was sore his Mum did it for him and it made him feel wonderful. He made it sound so good that I eventually agreed. He smiled and told me to lie down on his bed with my feet over the end. He told me to spread my legs a little and knelt between them at the end of the bed. He placed a hand on each ankle and slowly ran them up my calves to the backs of my knees and back down again. It did feel wonderful, so wonderful that I couldn’t help releasing an involuntary moan.His hands slid slowly up and down my calves, to my knees and back to my ankles. I noticed he was spending more time lingering around the backs of my knees. It felt amazing! After a minute or two he began to run just his fingertips up and down my lower legs. It was even more pleasurable. His fingers were so incredible I could not help releasing another moan of pleasure. He told me to move down the bed escort bodrum more so he could reach my thighs properly. I didn’t hesitate for a second and shuffled down the bed. This caused my shorts to slide up. They bunched a bit, and I could feel my underwear wedged tight into my ass. My little boy cock stirred. I remember thinking that my shorts were probably bunched up enough to be exposing some of my ass. I felt self-conscious about that, but also very excited by it. Most of my lower legs were now over the end of the bed. Danny began to run his fingertips up from my ankles to the backs of my knees, then slowly but surely up my thighs. The sensation was unbelievable. I had only ever been touched so softly by my own hands. To have someone else’s hands touching me like that was amazingly sensual. I was in heaven! Danny’s fingers moved slowly up and down my thighs. With each motion he moved further up my thighs. I felt him brush the bottom of my ass. I knew for sure now that at least some of my ass was exposed as I didn’t feel my shorts move. This time a gasp slipped from my lips as his fingers ran slowly over the bottom of my ass, sideways a little to my inner thighs and back down again. The gasp was accompanied by an involuntary twitch as my cock stirred again.“Does that feel good?” he asked“Yes” I repliedAs his four fingers traced their way up, he moved his thumbs to the inside of my thighs. When they reached the top his thumbs slowly moved outwards across the bottom of my cheeks, spreading them apart slightly. Another moan escaped my lips as my little boy cock twitched and began to harden. Danny’s attention seemed to concentrate more and more on my upper thighs and lower ass cheeks. I heard him moan once or twice as his thumbs ran across my ass and spread it. Seems he was enjoying it as much as I was. I felt the bed move a little and then again, a few seconds later. His fingers moved a little quicker and his thumbs became firmer against my ass, their outward circular motions more intense, spreading my cheeks a little wider each time. The bed was moving again. It was subtle, but definitely moving slightly with a regular motion. All this time I had been face down, head between Danny’s pillow and mattress, with just enough room to breathe. But that was getting hot, and as I was getting more excited, it was getting harder to breathe. Plus, I could now feel that regular movement of the bed. I had an idea of what was causing it, but I wanted to see.I lifted my head and the motion stopped immediately. His hands froze, fingers on my ass and thumbs pressed into the flesh, my ass spread wide, his thumbs an inch from my hole. My underwear was deep in my ass crack now, shorts wedged up exposing most of my ass. I moved my head to the side and put it back down again, in the same movement I raised my ass a little against his hands. His thumbs bodrum escort bayan moved slightly, spreading me even more. With my head down again, but to the side, he returned to his rubbing. Within a few seconds I felt the movement of the bed again. Now I could see that as he was sliding his fingers upward and spreading my ass with his thumbs, he was sliding his groin against the end of the bed between my legs. Danny was humping his bed, just like I do! He was as horny as me. We were making each other hot. It was amazing!I let out another moan, a little louder this time, as I watched him sliding against the bed. The look on his face was intense. His eyes were glued to my upper thighs and ass. As his thumbs worked their magic on my cheeks, I slowly rose my ass in time with his movements. The bed shook once as he lost control and humped the bed hard as my ass rose to meet his touch. A grunt of incredible desire escaped from him as I moaned again and lifted my ass to meet his touch, then lowered it again, sliding it against his mattress before lifting again. My 7-year-old boy cock was now the hardest it had ever been.All inhibitions seemed to drop away in a heartbeat. Danny’s amazing hands were now almost exclusively on my ass, spreading my cheeks wide as I rose to meet him. His thrusts into the bed became more forceful as he lost all control of his desires. My own thrusting against Danny’s bed became more intense as I began to rise and hump with wild abandon. Our breathing was heavy, moans of pleasure escaping us both. We were lost in our orgasmic desires. Danny’s hands were frozen on my ass, gripping it tight, cheeks spread wide as we were both approached our mutual boygasms. We were so close to the most mind shattering experience either of us had ever had.“Are you boys ok in here?”Oh my God! The shock! We were stunned back to reality immediately. Danny’s Mum was standing in the doorway. I had no idea how long she had been there, but it was obvious what we were doing. “We’re fine Mum”, said Danny, “I was just rubbing Michael’s legs to make him feel better”“Looks like it worked honey. I hope you feel better Michael.” “Um, yes thank you” I replied.“That’s good honey” she replied. She said to Danny, “Honey, Michael will have to go now as we’re about to have dinner”“Yes Mum” said Danny.We both got up and I straightened my clothes. Danny’s Mum was still in the doorway. As I straightened my shorts, I could clearly see a tiny tent from my hard boy cock and a wet patch. I looked up at Danny’s Mum. Her eyes were on my crotch. She came into the room and wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tight. My face was pushed between her breasts, which didn’t help my efforts to control my hard little cock. She released me, held my face in her hands and smiled. She bent down and kissed me on the lips, smiled again and said, “Michael, you can come and visit whenever you like. We will have to organise a sleep over for you two soon”I left Danny’s and walked home. That night I stripped naked in bed and had three incredible boygasms. What a day! I couldn’t wait to go back to Danny’s house again….To be continued.

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