My Secret Addiction: Chapter 3


My Secret Addiction: Chapter 3I drove for what seemed like hours through the city. The night was cool and the sky was clear. The light pollution still hid most of the stars but I could clearly see the moon shining down on me in all its full glory. It was me and Leah’s wedding anniversary and I had just dropped her off for a date withanother man. I wondered what her reaction would be when she realized I had reserved them the same table at whichI had proposed to her?I saw the outlet mall as I continued down the road. It looked closed, parking lot bare. I gave it one last glance in the rearview mirror as it disappeared in the distance. I swear I could smell that stench again. It gave me a sick feeling. It was the kind of smell you never forget.Ting Ting!Ting Ting!I came to a stop at a red light and checked my cell phone. My wife had left me a few texts. He got me red roses!We r rdy 4 pckup (heart emoji)They had finished their date;they were ready. Was I? HONK HONKThe car behind me honked their horn. The light was green. “Yeah yeah,” I grumbled at the impatient driver.I took an extra-long moment to stick it to them, and then stepped on the gas. I swerved around, doing an i*****l U-turn, and headed back to the Riviera. I was white-knuckling the wheel;my nerves were shot. I felt like I was driving through a dark tunnel where nothing else around me mattered. I floored it. I couldn’t hear my car’s engine over my own thudding heart.When I pulled the car to the front of the restaurant, I spotted Leah and Kivon waiting by the front doors. Leah was holding a bouquet of red roses and leaning into the tall black man and smiling. Kivon was whispering something to her and she was slowly nodding her head and blushing.I stopped the car, unlocked the doors and waited for them like a good chauffeur. Leah held Kivon’s hand, caressing his black fingers with her white fingers and then stood on her tippy toes to give him a long passionate kiss. It seemed like it was all in slow motion;I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.They broke off their kiss, taking a moment to smile and gaze longingly at each other. Kivon gently puthis arm around Leah and led her into the backseat of the car.“This is my husband, Jim.” I heard Leah announce as they got settled in the back seat.I wasn’t sure what to do.I felt kind of awkward, but my instinct was to just go for a handshake.I turned back and held out my hand.Kivon gripped it with his large meaty paw, shaking it once and nodded at me.“Hey man, you really coo wit this?”I just stared at them. Seeing my wife on a loving date with a black man, right in front of me. He put his arm around Leah and she leaned into him, giggling. He chuckled toward Leah then glanced back at me.“Yo man, no disrespect. I ain’t judgin’ or nothin. I’m coo if you coo.”“Y-yeah, I’m cool. It’s all cool. Just be good to my wife,” I stammered as I turned back to the wheel and set the car in drive. I heard Leah giggle again and the wet smacking sound of kissing.“Aw yeah, I’m gonna be real good to her, real good, ” Kivon said, followed by more kissing sounds.I glanced in the rearviewmirror at them, their faces pressed together. His black lips on my wife’s delicate pink lips. His big black hands running up and down her thighs. My dick was rock hard and straining in my pants. I adjusted myself and drove us straight home. When we arrived, they were already out of the car and laughing together. Kivon had his arms around Leah’s waist, kissing her neck as she fumbled with her purse looking for the house keys.“I got it,” I told her as I unlocked the door with my own pair.They rushed past me as if I wasn’t even there, laughing and kissing. I closed the door with a shaky hand and turned to see Leah leap into Kivon’s strong arms, kissing him with a fiery passion I hadn’t seen in her before. She had dropped her roses, purse and coat on the floor. She only cared about one thing.“Upstairs,” Leah gasped quickly between kisses, “now.”Kivon held her up by her tight ass and carried her upstairs. I trailed them in a daze, watching him take my wife from me. Leah glanced at me briefly over his shoulder and grinned. I followed them into our bedroom and pulled out my phone.I quickly flung open the closet door and pulled out my old tripod. With trembling hands, I connected my phone to it until it snapped in place.“You’re so handsome, honey.” I heard Leah say as I set the phone to record video.“Girl, you so damn fine. Why you think I never gave up tryn’ get wit you?” Kivon pulled her into a deep kiss.Leah responded by lifting her toned leg up against him and dr****g her arms around his neck. He ran his large, black hand over her thigh, lifting it higher, exposing the top of her black stockings. He then pulled her by the small of her back into him tighter and traced down her neck with his lips, kissing and licking her soft flesh.The large black man fell back onto the bed, taking my wife into his lap. Her eyes burned with desire as she boldly straddled him, rubbing her groin against his. He lifted up her dress and ran his hands over her ass, pulling her into him. I could see the large outline of his enormous cock mashed against her crotch.“Wow, you feel so big, baby,” Leah said as she continued rubbing against his crotch. “I can’t wait to be broken in by this big fucking cock.”“I got ten inches for you, girl,” Kivon grunted as he buried his face in my wife’s cleavage. “You gonna learn to take it all.”He licked and kissed up to her neck and lips. She moaned, kissing him back, cradling his head. After a long moment, she reluctantly slid off him and stood by the bed. She slowly turned to me, biting her lip. Her eyelids were heavy with lust.“Undress me for him, I want you to give me to him,” she said as she turned back to Kivon, caressing her own body. I felt myself step forward and gently placed my trembling hands on her waist. Leah met my eyes again, studying my face, her cheeks flushed and her breathing heavy.“Show me off, hand me over to him, Jim.”Without a word, I started to remove her dress, but she interrupted me. “No, Jim. Slower. Show me off proper.”I very slowly pulled down her dress, revealing her sexy new lingerie, bit by bit. She stepped out of thedress and then allowed me to remove each of her shoes and set them aside. She never once looked at me, only watching Kivon now. I stood back up and carefully unhooked her bra and ever so slowly lowered it, revealing her perky breasts.Kivon pulled Leah back into him and licked and sucked on her pink, erect nipples. Leah held his head to her breasts and closed her eyes, moaning in pleasure. I could see his tongue wrap around her nipple rings and pull at them slightly. Leah let out a sharp gasp looking down at him. He took turns on each nipple, nursing them with a fierce hunger.“I need your cock, baby!” Leah said and then kneeled down in front of him. She quickly undid his pants with a look of intense need on her face. She couldn’t get black cock fast enough.Kivon’s black dick flopped out of his pants and wobbled heavily in front of Leah’s shocked and hungry face.“Oh. My. God. Kivon!” Leah gasped, holding up the enormous organ to her face. She giggled out loud and stared at it with her mouth open in shock at how big it was. She quickly adjusted her grip with both hands;it was so thick her fingers couldn’t reach all the way around it. My dick looked like a micro-penis compared to this thing.She lovingly started to stroke the giant black cock with her little white hands. It was already half-hard but quickly became rigid, veins pulsing.“So big… So black… So perfect …” Leah murmured as she jerked him off. She looked up at him with a wide smile. “You’re so much bigger than my husband. I don’t know if my little pussy can take it!”Kivon looked down at her while he removed his shirt. “Don’t you worry, babygirl, I’m gonna stretch that white pussy out. You haven’t had a real dick til’ you had mine.”Leah’s expression turned to pure lust and she started jerking him off faster.“I want it, baby. Break me in, make me yours. I only want your cock!” Leah exhaled.Kivon tossed his shirt on the floor behind him and Leah pulled his pants down, revealing all his rippling muscles. She ran her delicate burdur escort fingers up his thick thighs until she found his hard cock again. Gently she kissed his bulbous cock head and then continued kissing all the way down to his low hanging balls and then back up to the tip again.After covering it with kisses, she ran her pink tongue up and down the shaft again and again. Sheseemed to savor every inch, as if it was the best thing she ever tasted. Somehow his cock grew even bigger and more rigid. Leah opened her mouth as wide as she could, engulfing the head of the black cock and slowly began to sink her head down. She managed to get a quarter of the way down before she couldn’t take anymore and raised her head back up, gasping for breath.“Sorry, baby… I’m not… used to such a… big cock,” Leah panted up at Kivon and then took him in her mouth again.“You good, baby, you good, you will learn, I promise you. Mmm yeah, girl. Suck that dick!” Kivon grunted as he ran his fingers through her hair.Leah’s face turned beet red and her eyes bugged out and watered tears as she tried stuffing more of his cock down her throat, but she couldn’t quite reach halfway.I stumbled back and fell into a chair;I was mesmerized at my beautiful young wife desperately cramming a big black cock down her throat. Leah seemed to grow more accustomed to his large organ and slowly began to suck up and down, not trying to go any further this time. She moved her little white hand in tandem to her lips moving up and down over his thick black dick. She stared up at him with her needful blue eyes as she did her duty. She couldn’t get enough of his cock.The room was silent except for the loud, wet sucking noises my wife made on Kivon’s black cock. I reached down and rubbed my own hard dick through my pants. I was in interracial porn heaven.Leah caught her breath again and rubbed his wet dick lovingly against her face, kissing and licking it all over. Kivon took his dick from her and continued slapping it lazily all over her face.Leah opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out in a big smile. “ Mmmm , your black cock tastes so good , honey.”Kivon motioned her to stand up and turned her around against the bed. “Show me that ass, girl.” He gave her butt cheek a quick slap.“Ow! Hehe,” Leah giggled in delight as she wiggled her booty back at him. “Do you like my ass, baby?”SmackKivon’s open palm spanked her booty harder this time, making her moan and fall onto her hands on the bed. She perked her ass up higher for him and slowly swayed it back and forth enticingly.“You got a sweet ass,” Kivon said as he slapped at each butt cheek, making little fleshy smack noises.“Oof! Yeah, spank me, daddy. I’ve been a bad girl,” Lean groaned back at him over her shoulder. Smack Smack SlapKivon gave her three quick spanks while licking his lips and studying her ass. Her perky little butt was now turning red from the abuse.“I’m gonna own this booty,” he said as he ran his large black hands slowly over her butt cheeks. He raised his hand and gave her another quick slap, briefly vibrating her butt cheeks from the impact.“Oh, Daddy! Yes!” Leah cried into the sheets. “Own my ass, own my body!”Kivon roughly gripped her panties and ripped them down her legs and discarded them behind him on the floor.“So fine…” he grunted as he parted her little butt cheeks with his big hands, revealing her puckered little asshole and dripping pink pussy. He fell to his knees and buried his face in her ass, licking and sucking on her pussy. Leah shuddered as he licked and probed her pussy with his tongue.“O-oh! Oh, m-my…” Leah couldn’t formulate words as he ate her pussy. He roughly gripped her parted butt cheeks and licked her gash up and down and then sucked on her little clit. Leah moaned into the sheets, gripping them tightly in her fingers.He then licked up to her asshole and made tight circles with the flat of his tongue before probing it deeply. She gasped in surprise and pleasure at the sensation. I had never got the chance to try anal with her before;I always wanted to but it never came up. I suddenly realized I was drooling and wiped my mouth.Kivon went back to eating her pussy and making her whimper and moan for several minutes. Eventually she was bucking her butt back into his face as he sucked her clit again.“Oh, Oh mmmm… Yeah ! Oh, gawd!” Leah was cumming. Kivon got back up and wiped his mouth. Leah turned around smiling wide at him, breathing hard. “Oooh, now that was really good, honey.”“We just gettin’ started, baby,” he bellowed as he ran his black hands all over her petite white body.He squeezed her breasts and went back and forth sucking on each of her nipples. Leah’s hands ran all over his body, admiring his muscles.“You so fine, babygirl, so sexy,” he breathed, kissing her lips. They lay naked together in our marital bed, exploring each other’s bodies. It was like I wasn’t even there. I didn’t exist to them anymore. It was all about them.All I could do was stare at their bodies mashed together as they made out, his dark skin contrasting with her white skin, his hard masculinity against her soft femininity.I couldn’t take it anymore and reached inside my pants and started to squeeze my dick. Kivon held Leah close in his big strong arms, sending his tongue in and out of her mouth in a deep kiss. I didn’t want him to stop kissing her.I saw Leah crawl on top of him and reach for his cock again.”Mmmmm ,” my wife cooed as her mouth formed a tight seal around the dark invading tool.My heart froze as she glanced up at me while she took in his cock. Drool and spittle dripped from her mouth as she tried to stuff more of his black cock into her mouth than before, reaching halfway down this time. Finally, she pulled off with a grunt and heaved to catch her breath.“Wow, I got more in that time, baby,” she said to Kivon, proud of herself. “One day I’m going to get it all.”“I know you will, come here,” he said.She spread her legs wide for him as he lined his enormous black cock up with her warm and wet white pussy. I saw great passion and longing in her eyes as she stared up at him, nodding her head that she was ready. With one hand, he rubbed the black head of his dick against her clit, teasing her to shaking whimpers. Back and forth, back and forth he rubbed his cock along her clit. She lifted her legs around his waist, desperate for his cock.“Take it. Take my pussy, baby,” Leah moaned. “I’ve wanted you for so long. Please. Please… I can’t… I can’t wait another second, please ! I’ve wanted this ever since I first saw you! Forgive me, Jim,” my wife cried.My heart sank and my dick pulsed. Had she really always wanted him?Kivon began pushing his black cock into her, completely covering her small pussy. I wasn’t sure how it could possibly fit. After a few moments of him pushing, it finally slipped inside, stretching her pussy open into a tight seal around the head of his cock.I couldn’t believe it! It finally happened… My wife was finally blacked. Leah’s eyes went wide in pained surprise as her warm white pussy stretched obscenely to accept that giant black meat.Kivon pushed a few inches inside and then just held it there, allowing her body to adjust. Leah’s face was beet red and sweat was forming on her brow. Her chest roseand lowered in heavy breaths as she gritted her teeth from the pain.“N-no, honey,” she gasped, “don’t… D-don’t stop. I don’t care if it hurts. I want it all. I w-want all of your black cock inside me. P-please,” she cried to him, “black me, Kivon. Own my white pussy!” She pushed her pelvis up at him to get more of his cock inside her.Kivon nodded. “Aight, slut. I give it to ya.”He plunged his black cock halfway into Leah’s stretching white pussy in one forceful push. She threw her head back in sweet, painful ecstasy. Her sharp breathing and shrill moans made it almost sound like a mother in labor. His black cock sawed deeper and deeper, reaching parts of her insides that my cock could never and will never reach.”Oh, fuck,” Leah cried, “so big. ”Leah pulled her legs up to her chest, raising her pussy higher so that Kivon could go as deep as possible. He gripped one of her upturned thighs as he sank into her.”So deep escort burdur … Oh!… It’s s-starting to feel better, honey. Yeah! Ooooh, that is gooo d, ” Leah moaned.Kivon pulled back and then plunged his black cock into my wife’s pussy again. He pushed inside her a little farther this time, reaching a little past halfway.”Deeper, baby, I want more…” my wife cooed.Kivon repeated his action, pulling out and pushing in to greater and greater depths within my wife’s pussy as she shakily held her legs against her shoulders.”You f-feel so damn good, ” Leah cried out, shaking her head back and forth.I looked closer to see, His cock was about three fourths inside her now. She was stretched to the limit. He slowly pulled his cock all the way out of her pussy, making a loud, wet plopping sound. Leah made a cute surprised ‘o’ face that quickly transformed to disappointment at being left empty. Her pussy looked obscene as it gaped open, all red and raw.Before she could complain, Kivon shoved his hard cock back down into her pussy again, filling her up.“Oh!” she gasped in surprise.Kivon continued to pull his cock all the way out and back in again, revealing her gaping wet hole to me over and over.After a few more pumps, he lifted himself up and squatted over Leah. She looked up at him wide- eyed, still holding her legs to her chest as he braced his big hands on her upturned thighs and squatted down onto her.His glistening black cock plunged deep into her exposed pussy, making her eyes roll to the back of her head in ecstasy. His weight was forcing her legs to press hard into her chest as he plunged his cock down faster into her. Kivon’s muscles strained and flexed as he squatted up and down. Leah was barely able to make any noise as all the air was being forced from her lungs by Kivon’s mechanical fucking.“Whew! Such a tight white pussy!” Kivon growled as he squatted over her, filling her with his cock.Leah tried to respond but couldn’t;she just moaned in shallow breaths as her face turned bright red and tears formed in her eyes. Kivon moved one hand to her throat and squeezed it as he fucked into her faster and faster, pressing her deep into the mattress.Was he hurting her? I was about to get up and push him off when suddenly her legs started to spasm and her eyes rolled to the back of her head again, her mouth agape. She was having a powerful orgasm!“Oh… F-Fuck…Oh…” Leah was breathing hard. Tears were streaming down her face, makeup running. “You fuck me so good, honey,” she said, her chest rising and falling for precious oxygen.Kivon roughly pulled her to him and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. A wide grin formed on her face as she looked back at her black lover. He got behind her and pressed his big black cock back into her, forcing her mouth to open in shocked pleasure. She turned her head and was lookingstraight at me as he pushed his dick inside her further.“Oh yes. Give it to me,” she said to him over her shoulder. “Oh… Yes! Yes!” she whimpered into the mattress.Her whole body slowly rocked from the large black man’s slow, sawing thrusts. I could see his dark skin covered in sweat behind her as he pumped her from behind. Leah looked back up at me.“I love his black cock. Oh, gawd… Look at that black cock taking me!” she howled. I felt precum spurt over my hand inside my pants.“You like black cock now?” Kivon grunted as he slowly fucked her doggy style. “Like your white pussy gettin’ black-balled?”“I fucking love it, honey!” Leah murmured still staring at me. “I love your big black cock in my white pussy!” She shut her eyes and bit her lip at his cock going deeper.“How much you love it, slut?” Kivon lightly slapped her butt cheek.“I love black cock,” she declared as she regained eye contact with me again. “My pussy was meant for black cock!” Leah breathed hard, gripping the bedsheets harder.“Better than your husband’s white dick?” Kivon asked with a smirk.“So much better, baby. Better in every way…” She started pushing herself back into Kivon to meet his thrusts. “I wish I never said no to you.”Kivon increased his fuck pace, making a loud fleshy smacking sound when their bodies would collide.“Wish you let me fuck you back then, don’t you, baby?”Leah frowned with a hurt look on her face as she stared at me. “ I’m so sorry , Kivon. I wish I did. Can you ever forgive me? I think about it all the time! I should havebeen your girl!”“Damn, baby. What about your husband?” He pushed her head down into the mattress, causing her ass to lift higher in the air. He grabbed a handful of ass flesh and squeezed as he pumped her pussy with his big cock. Leah struggled to keep eye contact with me as her face pressed into the sheets.“Who cares, Fuck Jim . My white pussy was made for your big black cock!” Leah seethed as her black lover fucked her harder and faster. “I only want your black cock!”Her words made me shiver in a deep dark arousal I never felt before. Motivated by my wife’s words, Kivon crawled on top of her, forcing her down flat on the bed. He lifted himself up like he was about to do push-ups and began fucking her hard from behind. She cried into the sheets in pleasure as he fucked the life out of her. His body slammed down onto her ass, creating heavy slapping sounds that echoed throughout the room.As their passion grew, Kivon leaned down and found Leah’s mouth, kissing her deeply as he pounded her. She craned her neck to him, trying to kiss him back as she lifted a hand to cradle his face. Kivon took her hand and held it tight as they made love.I remembered my phone and pulled it off of the tripod and focused it on them. I zoomed in on their faces as they kissed each other. I could tell Leah was very close to another orgasm.“So good…” Leah gasped between kisses, “don’t stop. Oh. Ahhh! Don’t stop don’t stop! Oh! I love you, Kivon, oh god!”“Fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum,” Kivon groaned, slamming his body down onto hers.“I want you to cum in me, baby.” Leah gripped the edge of the bed with both of her hands. She looked straight ahead at me as he continued fucking her from behind at a faster pace. “That’s it, honey! I want your cum deep, deep in me! Fucking breed me!” Leah held on for dear life as he pounded her like a machine.Kivon raised his ass up and slammed it back down hard into Leah’s abused pussy in a slower but more powerful pace, over and over. Her mouth hung open in pure pleasure as her body rocked in yet another orgasm.“Oh fuck!” Kivon shouted, dripping sweat on Leah’s back.Leah managed to regain her senses momentarily and looked right at me. “Tell him… Tell him you want me black bred.”I couldn’t take it anymore and stood up and took out my much smaller white dick and began to masturbate in earnest. Hearing my wife say she wanted to be black bred put me over the top.“Y-yes. I want it!” I heard myself say as I jerked my dick right in front of them. “Please breed my wife!”Hearing me say that made Leah violently shudder in another orgasm. Kivon increased his fuck pace again, building into a powerful finish.“Shit! Here it comes! Here it comes!” Kivon bellowed as he pumped his cum deep into my wife.And there it was, my ultimate fantasy: a black man f illing my white wife’s pussy with his cum . I couldn’t help but think it was the sexiest thing I ever saw.He held himself tight against her ass as he drenched the inside of my wife’s womb with his seed over and over. Before I knew it, I too was gripped with an intense orgasm as I shot mine onto the floor.Leah watched every last drop of my cum splash down as she was being filled up, a sexy smile forming on her face.”Jim, I can feel his cum in me. There’s so much of it…” she purred contentedly.Kivon gently pulled her onto her side and they spooned while I cleaned myself up. She lovingly caressed her black lover’s face as they kissed. I turned my phone off and sighed to myself. I could hear the sticky sound Kivon’s black dick made as he slowly groundin and out of my wife’s cum filled pussy.I suddenly felt empty and alone. The sensation was like my stomach dropped out of my body and onto the floor, leaving my shell behind. What had I fucking done? Why would I throw my wife into the arms of another man? She was the love burdur escort bayan of my life and here I was, letting it happen. It was too late.Those things she said. How could she say them to me?”I love you, Kivon, ” I heard her whisper as I quietly slipped out of the room.I trudged down the stairs, gripping the railing, afraid I’d fall. My world was spinning. I really had lost her. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and collapsed onto the couch. I sat there, feeling the lowest I ever felt in my life. I let my interracial porn addiction self-destruct my life. I let it make my wife fall in love with another man. I let it take her away from me. Going from such an extreme high to such a low was too much to bear.My eyes burned as I felt a tear run down my cheek. I wiped it away and shook my head in disgust with myself. I downed the rest of the beer and tossed it carelessly on the floor. It rolled until it bumped into the television entertainment center, nearly shattering.I didn’t care. I gazed up at my dark reflection in the television screen. I looked like a truly pathetic excuse for a man, hunched over in self-pity.I heard loud giggling from my wife upstairs. Did she even know I left? Probably didn’t care. I leaned back into the cushions and gripped my temples in frustration. Why was I like this?Why did it turn me on so much?C-ClaakI looked up in response to the noise. Nothing but empty living room bathed in darkness, illuminated only by the dim moonlight from the window behind me.Tik-kSomething softly tapped behind me. I craned my neck at the window and looked out. Nothing but an empty street and a quiet neighborhood. It was pushing midnight, everyone’s lights were out, probably long asleep. Husbands sleeping with their wives, not being cucked like me.I sighed softly to myself and turned back around. Something caught my attention in the reflection of the television screen.Someone was standing next to the couch.I nearly broke my neck turning my head to see who was there. Nothing.Back to the screen, I could only see myself in the reflection. No more mysterious silhouette standing next to the couch. Just my own form, breathing heavily in shock. I rubbed my eyes and groaned. Not only was my secret addiction destroying my marriage, it was making me insane.I rested my head in my hands and closed my eyes. “Hey,” my wife said to me.“Leah!” I looked up at her in surprise. I hadn’t heard her come down.She sat down next to me on the sofa. She was only wearing an oversized t-shirtand had squeezed her little legs inside it, stretching it out as she sat.“Sweetie, are you okay? I called your name like three times.”She leaned into me and rested her pretty head on my shoulder. I could smell the sweat and cum emanating from her body.“I didn’t see you leave, are you upset?” she asked and then kissed my shoulder. “So… are you leaving me for Kivon now?” My voice was low and defeated.Leah sat up with a confused grimace and shook her head.“Jim… have you lost your mind?” She sighed and folded her arms. “I was afraid of this, of hurting you.”“But those things you said…” I started.Leah leaned into me again, caressing my face. “Jim, don’t be like that. It’s part of the game. I didn’t mean those things, I thought you knew that.”“Seemed like you meant it…” I sulked, but her words were making me feel better. Maybe I wasjust being an idiot.“Jim… just stop, okay? It gets you hot. You love d it when I said those things. You were so hard .”I couldn’t help but smile. I felt my heart swell. Maybe I hadn’t lost her after all. She was just trying to turn me on, and it had worked after all.“Sorry, you’re right. After I came, I just felt really down.” “Bad hurt, not good hurt?” she asked.“Both, but mostly bad this time… “ I looked down but she turned my head back up with her finger.“Don’t feel that way, sweetie. I love you . Okay? I will always love you. Remember that.” She gave me a gentlekiss on my lips. “If you ever start to feel that way again, just tell me and we will stop, ‘kay?”“But… What about him cumming in you?You migh-”“Sweetie, you know I’m on the pill. It’s just part of the game. ” She kissed me again. “I mean sure… it’s a hot idea to be bred by a black man, but…” she giggled, “I’m not that reckless!”“Okay, okay! I’m an idiot,” I said. My morbid thoughts were washed away at her words. The thought of my wife being impregnated by a black man was indeed a deeply erotic thought, but reality was another story. I felt my penis twitch and start to fill with blood.“I love you, Leah,” I said and kissed her again. “But… You don’t think I’m pathetic, do you? For wanting all this?”“No, sweetie, never. I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet. I have a husband that lets me enjoy another man’s cock. I get to explore new things, like black men!” She gave a wide grin and leaned back, stretching her arms.“You know… I told you I was a sex addict before you married me. You know I love sex. Now I can have it even more, with new exotic cocks,” she said as she leaned into me again. “I’m so happy I found your little secret. It’s so hot, Jim. I love it .”I pulled her into me tighter and kissed her forehead. “Seeing you take black cock was the hottest thing ever, baby. I didn’t want it to end.”Leah ran her fingertips down my stomach, ending on the bump from my erection. “Hey, Jim? I…” she started to whisper reluctantly.“Tell me.” I softly ran my fingers through her hair.“I… I was a slut in college,” she said under her breath, “It was before I met you, but… I was really bad . Do you hate me?”“I could never hate you, baby.” I kissed her forehead again. “I’m not mad, you can tell me anything.”“I slept around a lot but I never fucked any black guys. Sarah did, though, I was so curious. Now I know why she only dates them.” She gave my hard dick a squeeze.“I didn’t know she dated black guys.” My cock was fully hard now.I reached down under her shirt and found her wet pussy. It felt slimy and wet as I rubbed it with myfingers.“Oof, baby, no.” Leah removed my hand. “I’m kinda sore right now, hehe.” She giggled and squeezed my crotch again. “Wanna know what my favorite part was tonight?”“What, baby?” I was breathing hard again.“You being there, loving every second of it.” She started rubbing my crotch up and down. “Every second of a black man pounding my pussy into submission.”I just stared at her, nodding, My dick felt like it was going to burst through my pants. She stopped rubbing it and squeezed.“You think you can handle my black lover being a regular visitor from now on? I’m hooked on his black cock, sweetie,” she said softly.“Y-yeah, baby. He can come v-visit you any time.” “Really?” she asked, letting go of my cock.“I hope he visits you every day…” I heard myself say.”I want to go back up and sleep with Kivon for the rest of the night. He’s been so good to me and his body feels so nice . Won’t that get you hot, baby? Me sleeping with my black lover in our bed while you sleep alone? But tomorrow I want you and me to go out, ‘kay?”A deep chill of cuckold lust washed over me at her words. Being left out made me feel jealous but also… really turned on.”Yes, that sounds nice…” was all I could manage to say. That knowing look she was giving me said she knew it was turning me on.”You’re not getting away from celebrating our anniversary together. Just you and me. And later we’ll finally fuck.” Leah ran her delicate hands up to my chest and back down to my crotch. “Just imagine fucking your wife after abstaining all week, right after she’s been black fucked . And then we can even watch the video you took with your phone… Just the two of us lying together in bed watching me get fucked by Kivon’s big black cock,” she sighed joyfully. She really looked content.”I… I can’t wait,” I said, feeling a deep tremble just thinking about it. “I love you, baby. You should goback to Kivon and get some sleep.”She gave me a knowing little smirk. “I love you too, sweetie.”She slowly stood up but stopped after a few steps and looked back at me. “By the way, I noticed the table was the same.”“The table?” I said stupidly.“At the restaurant, silly. You reserved the same table you proposed to me at. It made me so wet.”Before I could respond, she glided back upstairs to slip into bed with her new black lover for the rest of the night.I slept on the sofa in the downstairs living room on our wedding anniversary night while my wife and her new black lover slept together in our bedroom

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