My mother-in-law saw my dick


My mother-in-law saw my dickI like my mother-in-law. We get along really well. She has been a real rock and support. She has been there for me financially and emotionally. Between my wife and my MIL, they know the most about me. With all that being said, I think my MIL likes looking at my dick. My MIL moved to the same city my wife and I relocated to for work. She lived with us for a while. We are both smokers so my MIL and I would sit on the porch, smoke and talk. She told me my wife and her had their girl talk about me. I didn’t really know what that meant and I didn’t ask her further. All of us living together I started noticing my MIL taking glances at my crotch. From walking across the living room to seating down in a chair, she would be looking at it. Initially I didn’t make anything of it. I thought maybe she was looking at something else and I crossed your line of vision. One day my father-in-law came down for a visit and stayed with us. He’s a smoker too so he would hang out on the porch as well. I came out to the porch to smoke one time doing his visit and my FIL and MIL were sitting smoking and talking. My MIL saw me and got of the chair next to my FIL so I could sit down. I started to sit down in the chair and happened to look up and my MIL was sitting down in a chair that was facing us. As we were simultaneously sitting in each of our chairs, I happened to look up and see my MIL’s eyes fixed on my crotch. It rattled me a little because that was the first time I can say she was definitely checking out my dick. I don’t remember much else about the time sitting with my in-laws other than my MIL’s focus on my dick. I do remember while sitting there it amasya escort kind of turned me on and upset me. This is my MIL and I shouldn’t get excited about her looking at me in a certain way. I tried not to think about anyone after that and told myself it was a fluke. Some months later, my wife MIL and I went to a restaurant to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. We had a great time eating fajitas and drinking margaritas. My wife had a really great time and got smashed drunk. I was fine so I drove all of us back home. On the ride back home my wife starts talking about my dick loudly. How big it is and how it sometimes hurts during sex. Then she went back to saying over and over how big my dick is. I was mortified and kept telling her to be quiet. My MIL laughed and told my wife to be quiet because I was getting embarrassed. When we got home MIL and I went to the porch to smoke a cigarette. She starts talking about the things my wife said in the car and she says she knew about that because of the “girl talk” they had before. I was shocked because I was not thinking they would be talking about my dick amongst each other. Again a feeling of excitement and embarrassment hit me all at once. This is my MIL but the idea of her looking and talking about my dick was intense. Another time my wife and I one evening were fooling around on the sofa. My MIL was right outside on the porch, so I said to my wife I better not take my pants off because her mother was right outside. My wife responded, “she probably wants to see it.” I paused for a couple of beats and said to my wife “naw”. She replied “naw” as well. After this moment, the embarrassment faded away and only excitement escort amasya remained. So I decided to have some fun with this. I started walking around in my boxer briefs and tight shorts to see if it would catch her attention. And I did. This turned me on so much I would go and masturbate after a quick interaction with my MIL. Sometimes she would glance at my dick and sometimes she would stare for a few seconds. It made me feel good. Eventually MIL got her a place of her own. I would go and visit her. We would drink and smoke and talk. That is when I started to get a little bolder. I would grab myself when talking to her but a little out of her view. When left me alone on her porch, I would jack off but not to climax. I enjoyed edging and it kept the thrill going. What started as glances turned into a full on sexual fantasies. I would fantasize about cumming in front of my MIL or her giving me a handjob.Right before the quarantine my MIL moved into our neighborhood with my niece, her daughter and my wife’s uncle. It’s been great because I have some other place to go during these times. I just bring over beer and bourbon and we all sit on the front porch and smoke. My niece and my wife’s uncle are smokers as well. Most of the time I’m sitting with my wife’s uncle listening to music and talking. My MIL comes out sometimes to seat with us. There were times I would catch her looking at my crotch. Now it has been sometime since she has does this. I really was not sure if that was the case, so I started wearing these pajama bottom shorts. The material is fairly thin and the shorts are wide at the thighs, which makes it very for my dick to fall out. One night amasya escort bayan I decided I’m going to let my dick fall out while sitting with MIL. It was 1:30-2:00 am and I had been drinking bourbon with a splash of water for the past couple of hours. I was really buzzing. My MIL is sitting to my left with both chairs turned slightly towards one another with a small table in the middle. Sitting there with her I thought to myself fuck it I’m going to flash her. As we were taking I leaned forward crouching my upper body over my dick. Doing this covered up my dick somewhat. I then took my right hand and slowly brought it down to my crotch and pulled out my dick. I was semi-hard. I gently and slowly pulled on my dick to get it hard. Once hard I casually continued to talk to her about everyday things of life. I would occasionally check her looking down at my dick with no expression just looking. Then she asked me to retrieve a drink for her in the house. Shit! Do I stand up and let her see my full glory or do I quickly cover my dick? Without really thinking more on it I covered my dick as I stood up. Got her drink and came back to the porch and I casually pulled my dick out again. My MIL was waving her hand around like there were some mosquitos and she then moved her chair out to left of her. When she did this it gave her a better view of my crotch. I started to think was there really a mosquito or she faked it as an excuse to get a better view? Either way there was no doubt she could see my dick. I was so nervous I just looked forward and not bring attention to anything. I was thinking she can see my dick fully. I was so excited that I got really hard. I grabbed the head of my dick and felt pre-cum coming out. This was really happening! I slowed down my breathing to mask my excitement. At one point her eyes were fixed on my dick. She didn’t say anything nor did I. We just continued to talk and smoke.

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