My Mom Wants to be Taken Ch. 02

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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!


I found it hard to sleep, and it took forever to nod off, then I kept waking up. I was tempted to check my phone, but I knew it could only be bad news, and that could wait. I went through each scenario repeatedly until I would nod off again. On the tenth time, I woke that night I could see the sky outside start to lighten, so I decided to go for a run. I made my way out of the building and into the street, running at a steady pace. I turned towards the river and ran along the grass bank with the mist rising off the still water in the cold, clean morning air.

As I got back to the apartment, my mind was clear for the first time. I had said what I was feeling, what would be is what would be. I would have to be ok with her running away, and I could not blame her. I had nothing real to offer her, nothing but love. I ate breakfast then steeled myself to face the music and opened my email app on my phone. Ping, Ping, Ping, Ping. Messages were filling up my inbox. I decided to open them in order, and only one at a time to guard myself against the sorrow I was about to feel.

“Oh Baby, It’s so beautiful of you to say things like that, we will talk about it later,” Mom wrote, she thought I was roleplaying.

The next email said.

“Baby, where did you go, I am not angry with you for sharing your feelings,” She wrote,

Then this.

“Oh, honey, I am so sorry for playing it cool like that I thought you were still roleplaying with me, My heart almost leapt out of my chest when you said you loved me, every fiber of my being wanted it to be real. How that kiss felt and how you holding my body felt. I was shaking so much I couldn’t stand properly. I am not sure I have ever felt that before. You are right. I have no idea how I would explain you, to my son. I love him so much that I could never choose. But I wish I could somehow have both of you. Please come back to me! I have such pain in my heart,” Fran wrote.

Then more emails with just three words in each.

“I love you.”

“Good morning Beautiful, I am sorry about unloading all that on you then shutting down like that. I was feeling very vulnerable and was afraid of the response I might get. You don’t have to say those things to make me feel better. I should be satisfied that you want to roleplay with me at all, you are so beautiful and sexy as hell. I just had to tell you what I was feeling after what we did,” I wrote, hoping to give her a way out if she needed it.


“Oh, God, you came back to me, I thought I had lost you. I didn’t know how to contact you. I am so sorry for the first few emails. I didn’t trust myself enough to respond like me, so I kept up the other persona. I was hiding behind it and hiding my feelings for you. I love you too,” She wrote, replying only a few seconds after I pressed send.

“I thought I broke us by telling you how I felt,” I wrote.

“I have hardly slept, I was watching the computer waiting for the most exciting part of my day, the ‘Ping’ letting me know you still liked me,” She wrote, it was again like she was reading my mind.

“I more than like you, I hang on every word you say. I analyze what you are saying like there is a hidden meaning between each line, I have to go to classes today with not much sleep, but a least I know you are not running a mile, even though you probably should,” I wrote, feeling much better now.

“I only want to run into your arms again, to kiss you again. I don’t have a husband anymore. He left a few years ago, ‘I was not enough for him’ he said, I have never told that to anyone. That’s hard to hear from someone that swears they would love you ’till death do us part’. Well, he is dead to me now. You fill me with hope, hope that someone can love me, that I might be someone’s fantasy. That’s a beautiful hope,” Fran wrote, pouring her heart out in a way we had never done before.

“I will hold on to that hope and love you until you banish me for that lucky bastard of a son of yours, I love you,” I wrote back, and signed off.

As predicted school was a drag, as I was tired all day, I even skipped classes after lunch to sleep, I will catch the video of the lecture another day. I did get some beautiful sexy photos of a nipple and pussy during the day, and I sent back a dick pic for each. I messaged her on the app a few times, and we talked for real like a couple not roleplaying today. More like boyfriend and girlfriend. Our relationship had shifted. We didn’t roleplay as much over the next few weeks, but we did masturbate watching each other at least every other night.

“I want to give you a blow job,” Mom wrote, stopping out conversation about cooking pasta in its tracks.

“How do we do it?” I answered, after I deleted my question about how long to cook the pasta.

“It’s up to you, Baby boy, I will be in town this Friday night, just for the night,”

“I will have to do a lot of thinking if I was going to organize it without halkalı escort giving away your or my identity. How did this fantasy come about?” I asked, wondering how she came to have all the vivid fantasies.

“It’s the videos I find online, I search for incest ones and then other ones like dogging, or gangbang and Gloryhole videos. They are the ones that turn me on the most,” She answered.

I pulled down my pants and took a photo of my hard cock and sent it to her. “Look what the idea of having your lips wrapped around my cock did to me.”

“Oh God, I am looking forward to drinking all your cum,”

I had some work to do. I was stuck for a few days on how to pull this off, without us being in the room together. Then something she said struck a chord, Gloryhole. I searched the city’s seedy online directories for a place that had Gloryhole booths, and I found a few, I visited the first one, and it was a dive, surrounded by homeless people in the worst part of town. The second looked more promising, it was in a better part of town and looked clean, and when I went in the man behind the counter asked me if I wanted a job. It was then that I realized it was a gay service, strike two.

“I am not looking for a job, but I am in an online relationship with a lady who can’t give her identity away, one of her fantasies is to be in a Gloryhole booth giving me a blowjob. I know this is a stretch, but could I bring her in here to a booth and then be the only one to enter the other one?” I asked, “I love this lady, but she can’t see me and break the spell we have going.”

“Look, honey, you don’t have to be gay to come in here, but we don’t usually hire the booths out. Although I’m a sucker for a love story, especially a forbidden one. I’ll close two booths for an hour, and you can get her to come in and go in the end booth over there, and it will only have one side with a hole, and you can have the other,” The man said, dressed in mostly leather.

“You’re a lifesaver,” I said, surprising him with a bear hug that brought a huge smile to his face.

He gave me his number and told me to confirm the time when I had it set. I relayed the plan to Fran, and we agreed to a time, I was so nervous the next two days waiting for our next randevu. On Saturday afternoon Fran messaged me to let me know she was in town and getting dressed for the night. I took the two buses I needed to get to the bookshop. I texted Neil and let him know she was on the way.

“Good luck, young man, an exquisite lady just entered the end booth,” Neil sent back.

I crossed the road and nodded and smiled at Neil as I headed for the second booth with ‘out of service’ on the door. I knocked on the wall, the Gloryhole code for ‘are you ready’. And she stuck two fingers through the hole, ‘yes’.

“Can I feel your tits lady?” I asked in a gravelly voice, to put her off, that it was me.

She stammered for a bit but finally said ‘Ok.” and I heard the rustle of her dress.

I had a big gold watch on my left arm and had my sleeve pulled up above my elbow before I stuck my hand through the hole and found her soft breasts. I roughly grouped them and pinched her nipples. I could feel her nipples getting hard, and I pulled them out from her chest and heard her gasp as I let them go. I then faked an orgasm and thanked her in the same voice and pushed ted dollars through the hole and left the booth. Neil looked at me funny as I stood outside the booth guarding the entrance and looked at my phone.

“Sorry I am a bit late. I am almost there, hold tight,” I said, and entered the booth again.

I knocked on the wall and waited, after a bit of shuffling on the other side of the wall she put her two beautifully manicured fingers through the hole.

“I wanna feel ya pussy,” I said in a bit of a southern drawl.

‘Oh, O, Ok,” she said, and I heard more movement from the other side of the wall.

I took off the watch, rolled up my sleeve and stuck my arm through the hole. Feeling around, I found her belly and turned my hand upside down, and I ran my fingers through her curly hair and into her pussy. I glided my fingers over Fran’s clit, getting a moan, and she rocked her hips. I felt her move one leg higher probably onto a chair. I hit send on a pre-prepared message. “Sorry Mom, be there in three minutes, dam bus.”

I heard a ping from the other booth, and I slid two fingers into her pussy so that she couldn’t get cold feet. She didn’t have the opportunity as I was finger banging her, and she was moaning, I thought she might cum, so I made the sounds like I was orgasming on my side and said “Thank you, Darlin,” and pulled my fingers out, and pushed ten dollars through the hole leaving the booth.

I stood outside, and this time Neil just smiled, He guessed what I was up too. I rolled my sleeve down, put my pullover on, put a wristband on and a ring on my finger, and went back into the booth. “Sorry, Mom, I got held up,” I whispered, not knocking.

“I didn’t mind waiting harbiye escort for you,” Mom whispered, and put her two fingers on the bottom of the hole.

I picked up her fingers and slid my hand through the hole, taking her hand in mine. I heard her gasp, and it made me smile to myself. She pulled my hand to her breast, and I cupped her breast and ran my hand around her side being as gentle as I could. It was reinforcing that I was not as rough as the first ‘guy’ that came in the booth tonight. I ran my fingers over one nipple then the other she moaned at my touch.

I traced my hand over her body fumbling on purpose like I was inexperienced. I pumped into her clit by ‘accident’. Then made out I couldn’t find where to insert my finger. “Mom, could you help me find it?” I whispered.

Mom put her hand over the back of mine, lifting her leg and guiding my finger into her pussy. she was very wet, and it extracted a groan from her. “Can I put a second finger in, Mom?” She helped guide the second one in and held my hand as she ground her pussy on me. I could feel her pussy contracting around my fingers. Then she made little yelping sounds as she climaxed on my hand.

Mom pulled my fingers out of her pussy and placed them in her mouth, licking all her juices off them. When I pulled my hand back, she put two fingers on the bottom of the hole again.

“What do we do now, Mom?” I whispered, making out that I had no idea what the fingers meant.

“When a lady puts her fingers through the hole like this, it’s a signal to the man can put his cock through, and she will suck it,” Mom whispered,

I unzipped my pants and dug out my already hard cock. I put it through the hole and could feel her fingers wrap around the shaft. Then I felt the most incredible sensation, having Mom’s lips enclose around the head of my cock. She slid her mouth down the shaft and sucked and licked under the head of my cock. My balls were boiling. I was going to unload four days’ worth of cum in her mouth. She cupped my balls and slid her fingers over the space between my balls and my ass.

I could not hold back anymore and cum into her mouth. I jerked and bucked as I squirted into her sucking mouth, and when I started to wilt, she let it slip from her lips with a pop. “Oh I needed that Baby boy, you tasted wonderful, but you should have knocked on the wall to let the lady know you were cumming, in case the lady didn’t want to swallow,” Mom whispered, and pulled back from the hole in the wall.

“Sorry Mom, I love you, I will remember that for next time,” I whispered, as I zipped up and left the booth.

I held out a fifty to Neil, but he waved my hand away. “I can see why you are in love with her. My payment will be the blushing she will do when she comes out. Quick off you go, before she gets the guts to come out here,” Neil said, smiling from ear to ear.

I headed out and off to my bus. I could have stayed and tried to see her face, I was tempted, but I thought it was disrespectful to hide. One day she might want to meet in person, and that would be better if it were a surprise.

I messaged her, with a photo of me sitting on the bus, “It’s safe to come out. I am on the bus heading back home.”

“I am already in the car, I had the best time tonight, I am travelling for work for the next two days, so I will message you when I can,” Fran wrote.

“Ok, I had a great night too. I didn’t know it could be so good, love you,” I wrote.

I went to bed five minutes after I got home and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.


I heard a knock on the door. I checked the time it was nine, and the sun was already beaming through the window. Then another knock, “I’m coming,” I yelled as I pulled on some shorts over my naked ass.

“Mom what are you doing here,” I said, as I wrapped her in a hug, pulling her into the apartment. She smelled wonderful like always, wearing the perfume that comes in a bottle that looked like a black shoe, whatever that’s called.

“I missed you, and I couldn’t wait for you to call me anymore, so I drove up this morning, ” She said, and hugged me again. But I held my ass back because my loose shorts were not going to hide my morning wood if I pressed into her.

“I am so glad you are here. I was feeling lonely this weekend, I said, and kissed her cheek.

“Breakfast, I’ll buy?” She said. and looked me up and down. “If you change.”

“You don’t like my dress sense,” I said, turning around and laughing.

Having mom here was a great distraction. We had a wonderful day, and I would have otherwise just sat around waiting for Fran to email me after she got back from her trip. I set up the couch to sleep in while Mom has my bed. She offered to sleep on the sofa, but I was not going to make her sleep on that lumpy thing. I watched as she dried her hair, the wet ends made the top of her tee-shirt transparent, and she leant forward to wrap a towel around her hair ikitelli escort like only a girl knows how to do. I was trying to see if any of her boobs were visible down her top without getting caught.

She said good night and kissed me, and I held the hug for a little longer than I should. It was so lovely to be close to her, to smell her freshly washed hair, and soap on her body. I kissed her cheek close to her mouth and said. “Love you, Mom.”

“Love you too, baby,”

It was an hour later when my phone buzzed. My heart jumped. I felt like I was cheating on Fran.

“How are you going this weekend, have you kept yourself busy,” Fran wrote.

“I feel guilty, my Mom came to visit, and I’m trying to keep my eyes off her body,”

“You should never feel guilty about loving your Mom, I bet she would love you to rip her clothes off and take her now,” She wrote, causing me to become erect.

“Now you have me hard, I wish she would let me see her breasts or bare ass,” I wrote.

“I have a guilty confession too,”

“What’s that Fran,”

“I had two men feel me up before you came in the booth last night,” She wrote, and I smiled to myself.

“Did you like it?” I asked,

“I almost came when the second one had fingered me, that’s why you got me off so quickly on your hand,” Fran wrote, and made me smile more, I had gotten away with it.

“I dare you to walk naked to the bathroom or get a glass of water,” I wrote, almost giggling to myself.

“I will if you go into her bedroom and take a picture up her nightie while she sleeps,” She wrote back.

“I’m about to cum in my sleep shorts if you don’t stop,”

“You have to send me a photo of that,”

“Here is what your dirty mind does to me,” I sent back, with a picture of my stomach with my cum all over it.

“Oh, God, I just orgasmed on my fingers, Look,” she texted, with a picture of her fingers coated with her pussy juice.

Just then, I had to roll over and got my cum all over my spare sheets, because Mom chose that moment to come out of my bedroom to get a drink. She wasn’t naked, but the light coming in the kitchen window did outline her body through the nightie. I stayed still and acted like asleep, looking through my mostly closed eyelids. I could see the gap between her legs, Mom didn’t wear anything under the nightie. I didn’t know that. She looked over at me while she drank and then returned to her room, making no sound with her bare feet. I waited a long while before I cleaned up the mess I made.

The next morning, I quickly showered, and I made coffee and toast for us while Mom packed to go home. I stood at my door and hugged her close and kissed her cheek almost at her neckline. I had a hard time letting her go, and she didn’t seem to want to either. But she broke our embrace and dragged her roller bag to the elevator and headed home.

The next week dragged on forever both Fran, and I were both swamped, and it was Friday before we finally had a chance to play together on the webcam. She had been teasing me all day and had posted me panties to smell and texted pics of pussy or boobs. I was at breaking point by the time we had our webcam date at 8:30. Then just before we were due to start my screen flickered and Mom came into view. She had positioned the cam shooting from her side, showing her boobs and legs. Most of our cam sessions were shot from the front between her legs.

“Are you ready for me, Baby?” she whispered, showing me her vibrator.

“I am about to burst already,” I whispered, positioning the cam between my legs.

“Just be sure you can cum twice tonight if you are going to cum so soon, We are going to be playing for a long while, I have heaps of built-up frustration to get rid of,” Mom whispered, and slid the vibrator over her pussy.

I lubed up my hard cock and lowered my half of the twin set of masturbators over my cock. Mom moaned as the vibrations moved up and down the shaft of her half of the twins. Then she tilted herself away from the camera, giving me a magnificent view of her pussy, and ass. I could see her angle the vibrator down and slide it into her pussy.

“Oh, I am doing to cum,” I whispered, as the sensation of her pushing her vibrator into herself, transferred to my tube and set off my orgasm in a second.

I pulled the tube off, and a fountain of cum erupted from the end of my cock, shooting into the air and landing on my stomach. The next spurt followed and then another, and soon covered my body with strips of cum, that I showed the camera.

“That is so hot baby boy, you came for mommy,” Mom whispered, and pulled the vibrator out, and I could see her fingers playing with her clit.

“I was holding off pulling myself all week, now I think I should have done it yesterday, then I would have lasted longer,” I whispered, as I wiped up the cum with a tissue.

“I would have liked to have that load all over my ass baby,” Mom whispered, and reached a hand into view and fingered her pussy.

All I can see is her pussy, ass, and the bottom of her legs, as she lay on her side with her ass towards the camera. Her hand came back into view from around her back, and she played with her ass leaving some lube on her rosebud. Then her hand came back into view with the vibrator covered in a condom.

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