My holiday to Remember


My holiday to RememberI got back from a holiday in Spain two months ago that I went on by myself’ It was one that I wont forget in a hurry or want too as I got the fucking of my life! I’m a School head mistress & have been now for 6 years’ 51 years old but still quite fit as go to the gym quite a lot & run lots’It was on the second day of my holiday that I had gone on all by myself that I noticed a group of young looking lads that seemed to be getting a good eye full of me as I was lying on the beach !I had on my red bikini that show off my quite big boobs so thought that must be it & carried on sunbathing’ Around 15 mins later I looked up to see that they were still there but now taking photo’s on their phones! The cheeky fuckers I said to myself but secretly got quite turned by it so didn’t do or say anything’Around 5 mins later a shadow fell over me so looked up to see who it was only to hear…Hello Miss Ross!…we thought it was you.After a couple moments I could see it was one of my old School pupils from a couple of years back’ I was their School Head Mistress so was a bit taken aback at first half naked in front of now 7 of them as he waved them over’ Yeahh it is Miss Ross’ We didn’t know if we should come over or not at first’ Ohh that’s ok.. its nice to see you all’They were all 18ish now & all had been at my School’ I remembered most of their names too’ So what are you all doing here together for then’ We said once we had finished our exams & such that we would all go on holl together’ Ha ha so the last thing you wanted to see was me then! As we got talking I could see their eyes were fixed on my tits & bikini bottoms’ So you’re here on your own then are you? Yes all by myself’ After around 10 mins of chatting one said.. If ya like we could meet up later for a drink if ya like? Err yes ok…we can meet in the bar at my hotel’Later I started wondering if I was doing the right thing meeting 7 young lads I was teaching only a couple of years back plus the fact I am old enough to be there mum (51). What were they expecting from me I wondered & would I go along with it if they tried it on! Not long before I set off to meet them I took a shower as it was roasting but found myself rubbing my clit like crazy & came in no time at all’I was saying to myself what the hell are you doing you silly cow as I was getting dressed but then thinking they probably just want a drink & that’s it! I put on a small top & short skirt then headed off to the bar’ When I walked in they were already waiting & had got me a drink’Hello Miss Ross’ Ohh none of that please call me Elaine’Must say it dose seem odd with me being your head teacher now having drinks with you don’t you think! Ha ha yeahh it does a bit’We kept chatting away & they kept getting me more drinks so I was now getting a bit pissed & more open in what I was saying etc’In the end it got on to sex with me asking if they had got off with any girls since they got here’ Ha ha not yet as we only got here the day before you’ Are you hoping to cop off with anyone then Elaine..if ya don’t mind us asking! No not at all ask anything ya like’ but yes I would like a good shagging session lol’ Bet there’s lots of girls here up for it with you young fit lads’But I will prob just end up watching the porn channel in my room lol’Ohh so do you watch porn then Elaine? I have done yes on my laptop at home a bit’ Ohh what type of stuff you in too then’ Well it sounds bad I know at my age but I keep watching gangbang & black guys lol’Wow so our head teacher is in to gangbang..& blackcock! Ha ha well I’ve never been in one or had a blackcock before but would like to one day before I’m to past it lolJake & Dan are black bayraklı escort Elaine! Ha ha yes I know’ Both Jake & Dan said almost at the same time words to the effect of….well you know what they say Elaine lol’ Yes but is it true lol’ Well if ya like we can show you if your up for it! OMG I don’t know…really…you mean it?Yeah really’ If your in too big black cocks Elaine then this could be for you’ Do you like to see them fucking girls arse holes as well Elaine’Yeahhh love to see that & really going in fully hard to the hilt’Have you ever taken it up ya ass then’ Ha ha I have yes &…god I can’t believe I’m even saying this but I can take a big cucumber over 10 inch’s up my arse! Fuck that’s mega Elaine….yes I can quite slam the thing in & out really fast lol’ I could see eyes fixed on my tits so looked down & saw my nipples were sticking out like bullets’ OHH look what you’ve done to them lol So you up for it then Elaine’ To take a look at them? OMG…yes ok then’ Your place or ours then? Err…mine I think’ We set off to my room& I don’t think I had ever felt this turned on before’ On the way I kept thinking people were giving us a knowing look as if to say…Yeah we know what your up too! As we got in I could see some of them had rock hard boners & could feel my cunt was very juiced up’ I was about to ask if they wanted a drink or such when Sam one of the black lads just lay down on the bed & started undoing his trousers’ Ohh lol so you really are going so show me then! Ohh yeahh & the rest started laughing’ I could see he had a really huge bulge in there & said OMG that’s huge! Come on then you are going to have to get it out your self Elaine! Ohh god ok & kneeled down in front of him’ As I slowly pulled his trousers down to reveal his underpants I felt my mouth fall wide open as his cock was sticking out the top of them….. Fuckkk you are a big boy aren’t you! I just yanked them down & stared in amazement as I had never seen anything like it before….Fucking Wow Sam….is it real lolThe end of it was past his belly button by over an inch’So you like it then Elaine? We said they were big lolErr yeah ya could say that yes’ Go on you can hold it ya know’I just grabbed it with both hands & pulled it up as it was tight flat to his belly’ First thing I noticed was how heavy it was & that it was really solid rock hard’ Second was my fingers were nowhere near reaching around it as it was so thick’ I had both my hands around it just holding it tight & kept saying ..fucking wow & such like over & over’ I reached down to feel his balls & they were like no balls on a cock I had seen before’ They really filled my hand & could roll them around’ My hands were now wanking his shaft quite fast & I knew I had a huge grin on my faceI then just let myself go & said…Ya know I think I’m going to ride the crap out of this fucker!…if that’s ok with you of course? We were hoping you would say that lolAnd what about this fucker then! As I started look around my face got walloped by Kev’s black cock…..Holy fuck another one! I hadn’t noticed that behind me he had got totally striped off’OMG its as big as Sam’s ffs’ It was just as long but not quite as thick but still way bigger than any cock I had seen before’ I just grabbed the thing & started slapping my self around the face with it’ The two cocks were now rubbing up & down my face & in to my mouth’ I was going from each one back & forth with my mouth fully wide as poss to get their huge bulbous bell ends in it’ Come on the rest of you get them all out I found myself yelling loudly’Lets just say they didn’t need telling twice’ They started stripping off as soon as I had said it & surrounded me in seconds’ escort bayraklı I just went mad going from cock to cock sucking each one like my life depended on it’ They were more ‘normal’ size cocks from 7 to 8 inch or so but still looked small when at the side of Sam’s & kev’s monsters’ As I was doing this I twigged on to the fact that they were videoing it & taking pics but I was so turned on I was even looking right in to the lens a lot & didn’t mind it one little bit & saying something like…Fuck yeah expose the crap out your Head Teacher! I must have been going around each one over & over for 20 mins or so when I felt hands starting to feel my tits from behind me’Fuck Elaine your nipples are like bullets! More hands started to feel all over with most going to my cunt & assholes’ One felt down to my ass hole & pressed right in fully…..OHHH Fuckk yeahhh you perv bastard! As he was doing this it got to much for Andy as a huge hot load suddenlyhit my face with around 4 thick jets of the stuff! Fucking hell Andy that was a load & half lol’ Turned out I was the first one he had done anything with like this before bless him’ I made sure I got as much of it as I could in my mouth & gulped it down’ Wow that was hot & tasty lol’ As I was saying this I was lifted up then basically got my clothes ripped off me in seconds so I was totally butt naked’ There was no going back now as I knew I was going to get totally pounded to shitMy legs were pulled wide & held back by some why the rest were going mad running their hands all over my body’ My tits were being pushed & pulled in all directions non stop why my cunt felt like hundreds of fingers were all going in & out at once’ This went on for 10 mins or so before I got lifted up a bit so one could get underneath me’ I felt a cock head run over my cunt before finding its way to my arse hole’ We all goner fuck your ass like crazy you fucking slut! (I told them a bit earlier to talk as nasty as they liked to me) As my ass had been finger fucked non-stop his cock went in very easy’ My legs got jerked backHard over my head then pinned down by one lad each side’ I got a quick look up before my head was forced down by a cock in my mouth to see one of the black lads was getting over me to fuck my cunt’ He kept slapping his heavy shaft on my clit & running its length over it’ This was sending me crazy making my hips jerk up & down non-stop’Go on get in in the fucker one said’ As he said it my breath was taken away as my cunt lips got spread wide open by his huge bell end pushing in’ Holy Fuckkk I managed to blurb out as he went in around 4 inch then held it there for a bit teasing me before starting to pump me’ The two cocks in me now started to really go for it with the one up my arse going hard to the balls with each stroke & it was only moments before I could feel a huge pair of black balls slapping against my cunt lips’ I’d never had anything in me like this before but I was taking it quite easy & seeing that I was they were really making the most of it pounding me as hard & fast as they could go lol’ They were getting non-stop advice from the rest why they waited their turn as in…Yeahhh go on really slam in to the bitch…Push her legs down harder….lol you can see the fucking bulge of his cock in her belly ffs’ I tried to take a look but stood no chance as I was getting face fucked non-stop’ Come on let us have a fucking go ffs’ In seconds the 3 cocks in me were replaced by new ones filling all 3 holes again’ For some of them it was to much & they emptied their balls in me’ One load hit the top of my cunt so hard I really felt it as it was jet after jetFor over 3 hours they had me in there doing bayraklı escort bayan everything they could think of to my 3 fuck holes’ Don’t know how many times I came but on around 3 of them I came so hard I passed out for around 10 seconds each time they said’ Each time I came around they were still pounding me like crazy’ I had no say in what we did as such as I was just flung around like a rag doll in to fuck knows how many different positions but for the most part I always had all 3 holes stuffed full the whole time’My wrists were aching from the non-stop wanking of the cocks around me the whole time lol’ I’ve taken quite a number of cocks up my arse before but this was something else’ It was fucking non-stop from when we first started & for around an hour I was being double ass fucked too! In the end my ass was so gaped out the 2 black lads were able to both grind their balls tight up to my ass hole at once! I did tell them I wanted it like a nasty fuckpig porn star so they sure made the most of it lolI got choked a hell of a lot’ Spat on’ Cunt fist fucked like a punch bag & they really liked the way my cunt was able to take a coke can totally inside why I was still being ass fucked lol’I remember thinking to myself when both black cocks pulled out of my cunt at once that ..Fuck had I really just been taking both of them fuckers tight balls deep at the same time! My pussy slime was shining on them from the tip to the balls as It was making so much of the stuff in huge amounts plus the non-stop supply of spunk lol’Think each lad came around 3 times each with some loads hitting my face so fucking hard it really knocked it back lol’ My eyes were full of the stuff too which I quite liked oddly enough lol’ I made sure I took a picture of each cock to keep so I could remind myself this really happed lol’ After they had totally drained their balls fully they got me to pose for them with cum oozing out my holes’ Pulling my cunt wide open etc why they all took endless pictures of it’ The whole time it turned out it had all been filmed by different phones in HD then some of it posted to their mates back in the UK who then resent it on etc!I found myself on quite a number of porn sites now like Pornhub’ Milf sites’ Xhamster etc with the whole video or clips’ On the pictures page I have my own section with hundreds of pics that were taken plus the ones I posed for at the end with many of close ups of my face covered in spunk’ I slept like a log that night as I was totally fucked lol’ The next day I ran in to them on the beach again & chatted for a bit’ I asked if they had had a good time etc & being told loads of the lads back home want to gang fuck me too as they have seen the pic’s of last night lolJake (one of the black lads) said he could get a huge group of blacks to gang me if I was up for it! (I made sure I did take his number) in case I got the urge lol’ For the next couple of days all I could think of was what I had done with the boys as was still a tad shocked with myself for doing it’When back home & back at School I could tell most if not all the boys had vid & pic’s of me on their phones as kept looking at them then me at brake time! I’ve been getting lots of text’s from Jake & some of his mates asking to see me & have been chatting to some but last night I got back to Jake to say…Yeah go on then lets do it’ I asked how many did he think would come over & would they all be black? Well my nipples were sure sticking out when he got back to say…I can get 15 or more easy if you like? & yeah all blacks with huge dongs that love to ass pound white milf’s’All being well its on in a couple of weeks time’ Pretty sure some of the lads from here at school will be coming to it as they all know Jake & Dan! I think this time it might be live streamed to a porn site or such he said but we will see’ I never thought going on holiday to Spain would lead to this much fun at my age lol.

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