My Grandmother Teaches Me About “Life” Ch. 03

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This is the third in a series of chapters of how my grandmother and her friend instructed me on the ways of PLEASURING ladies. All people / charters in these stories are older than 18 and younger than 75. Any resemblance between real people and ones in these stories is just a coincidence.

List of charters for this chapter;

Grandmother Dee, age 63 (average build for a 62 year old lady with 42DD breasts) 5′ 3″, always horny with a hairy pussy and arm pits. (Love those “hairy areas” on her and her friends).

Grandson Larry (Dee call him Herman – get it her “man”), age 21 (for the time of this chapter is 1983) 5′ 11″ in tall and 195 pound. Penis = 10 ¾” long {8 ½”hanging when soft} and 6 ¾” in circumference.

Sally, age 54 slim build with pleasant sized breasts, 5′ 5″ tall an

“ALL OVER” tan and unshaven.

Judy (Sally’s daughter) age 33, 38F-34-36. (She was back in the states recovering from a miscarriage and staying with Sally for the next six months.)

As a reminder, Granny and her friends are “casual” NUDISTS and when they are in each other’s house, they run around naked and “letting it all hang down” as the wording goes about sexy old ladies and their pendulous breasts. Being in this WARM area of the country they could get away this romping around NUDE and not get their “older” bodies cold. (I do like to see them “CHILLED” as their nipples stood out and looked so suck able)

Chapter Four

We showed up at the party and only then did I find out this was Sally’s house.

I had never been here before and was surprised when she opened the door and gave me a big kiss while grabbing my crotch. Her daughter Judy was standing behind her and looked at us with this “what the heck is going on” look on her face.

Sally turned around and introduced Dee and myself to her and explained that Dee and her were “more” then friends and she had not seen me since last summer when we three “enjoyed” each other more than once as she had mentioned when telling her who was “CUMMING” over for the zeytinburnu escort afternoon.

Judy smiled, as she know her mother was a “horny old gals and with her father being killed in a very bad car accident three years ago, and her mother had to “satisfy her itch somehow.”

Judy walked over to me and shook my hand and gave me a “peck” on the cheek. She hugged Dee and as she was walking back past me, slapped me on the butt.

Granny said, “That she had mentioned that things had gotten wild and then she told me that Sally had told Judy about my “rather large size penis.”

I looked at Sally and she said, “Judy wants to check you out for herself as she does not believe me.”

I said, “Hell I am no different than anyone else.”

Sally looked at me and ran her hand down between my waistband in my shorts and my stomach into crotch area and said, “98 % of the guys out there are not this well hung.” She then smiled removed her hand after grabbing my cock and walked into the kitchen with Dee.

Sally and granny Dee suggest that Judy and myself go out to the patio and set up the table and chairs, and put up the table umbrella so we could have a late lunch.

They started getting the food ready while we went out to the patio.

Judy looked so sexy in that bikini and when she bent over to move a couple of chairs her tits swung so freely.

As Judy and I walked around the patio adjusting the chairs and taking the cover off the pool, I asked why she had a smile on her face. Judy looked at me and asked if I have ever tasted “breast milk” before.

I looked at her and then at her breasts and noticed the tops material was wet in the center. I answered, “NO I never have, WHY?”

She said since she had lost the baby her breasts were so full of milk that she had to pump three times a day and wondered if I wanted to be “her pump” before lunch.

I looked at her and licked my lips giving her a silent answer.

Judy pointed to one of the chase lounges and suggested that I sit there. As I sat down she moved hers right alongside my aksaray escort lounge and leaning over displayed a nice set of breasts.

Judy told me to sit down and as I did I noticed that her bikini top had larger wet spots around the nipples.

Dee saw her problem and spoke up with the idea that I suck on Judies nipple and empty her breast of the milk that was leaking out.

Judy answered back, “I have already suggested that to him and he is willing.”

Judy smiled and walked around to the other side of my lounge chair and leaned over placing one of her nipple directly into my waiting open mouth.

I started to suck on her nipple and the milk tasted sweet and warm. Judy moaned and took my hand and placed it on her other breast so I could feel the milk oozing from its nipple.

After a couple of minutes of sucking she stood up and then went around to the other side so I could get at the other nipple. As I started to place my hand on her now empty breast, she took it and placed it in her crotch, which was as wet as if she had just gotten out of the pool.

I traced my finer over the material and along her slit and felt her hairy pussy on each side of the soaking wet bikini material.

All the time this was going on Sally was videoing taping this on her camcorder that sat on a tripod near us. She would adjust it so we were always in the view finder and did a lot of ZOOMING in and out to get the best shots.

Granny Dee had been playing with my cock all the time I had been sucking and by now it was so rock hard it felt like granite.

Judy noticed the length and girth of it and stated, “that is bigger than 10 ¾’ and I am going to have to check it out after lunch.

Sally looked at me and then my cock and she stated the same thing.

Granny took one look and ran into the house to find a tape.

Granny came back out with a tape, but by them Judy had her cunt wrapped around my cock and was bouncing up and down like she was on a trampoline.

Dee asked, “What happened to waiting till AFTER LUNCH?”

Judy just smiled and answered, ataköy escort “I could not wait that long for something this hard and willing.

Her “tunnel of love” felt tight and oh so wet. She pushed down one time and I could feel her climaxing all over my cock. She leaded back and screamed, “OH that feel so good.” “It has been too long for this moment to happen” she screamed.

Sally was getting this all on tape and while the camcorder was running and fixed on Judy sliding up and down on my pole, she removed her t-shirt and panties as also granny did so we could all enjoy the afternoon sun.

Judy fell forward on to mu chest after we both filled her womb with our cum.

She lay there for almost ten minutes before standing up, and all the “love juice” started running down her legs. She reached down and got a lot on her finger and licked it and then offers me some.

Dee ran over and dipped her finger in to Judy’s crotch and said,” she wanted to taste of our “love.”

After lunch I suggested that I apply sun tan lotion to all three of the gals so they would not get burned with the hot afternoon sun.

They all agreed and turned over on their backs in unison for me to start.

Granny was the first that got my lotion application attention.

She was enjoying it so much, she wiggled her ass at me as I applied the lotion and then she rolled over and took my hand and pressed it directly into her “spread leg” crotch. I rubbed her “lips” and dragged my finger into her pussy as she just smiled and grbbed hold of my cock that was pointed straight off my hips. She slid her hand back and forth along it length and within ten strokes I shot a load of cum all over her breasts.

She released my cock and started to rub the cum all over her breasts saying, “This is the best sun tan lotion ever.”

Sally reached over and wiped some cum off grannies breast and applied it to her saying, “Theses old saggies need all the help they can get now days.”

Just them the phone rang and Sally asked Judy to run and get it.

Judy called out after answering the phone, “it is Aunt Mary and she wants to know when you are going to stop down to see her new “toy” she bought yesterday?”

Sally told Judy to tell her she would be down sometime early next week and would bring THEIR new toy with her for pleasure times.

MORE excitement in the next chapter.

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