My Feather Girl Ch. 02a

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Female Ejaculation

My Feather Girl 02a – Polishing the stone

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction.

All sexually active characters are above the age of consent on their planet of origin.

Many thanks go to RF-Fast and thor_pf for editing and polishing. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style… and a strong reliance on spell check.

Copyright (c) 2018 by Acup

A word of warning, I write good stories, I hope, with some decent sex in them. If you’re looking for a stroker look somewhere else.

The disclaimers have been moved to the end of the story for my ADD readers.

This is the story of a young woman who has been keeping company with a rather pathetic guy who has succeeded in warping her sense of what a ‘normal’ relationship and sex should be. It’s about her finding an average young man and her learning that what she thought she knew really isn’t so, then slowly working through to what should be a normal relationship and coming to terms with it. Finally coming to be a lovely woman who doesn’t hide her body and eventually begins to enjoy and even revel in being looked at.


I thought I heard knocking, but I must be dreaming. Then as I woke I realized I was alone. It had all been a dream. Betty was down the hall and it had all been a fantasy.

But as I raised my head I grinned, realizing it was real. Betty’s dress was still on the floor. And here she came through the connecting door in a robe with, pushing a cart with breakfast.

Betty let her robe gap open showing her nakedness underneath. I looked from her feet to her face taking her in. She sat beside me on the bed letting her robe fall off her shoulder baring that delicious tit, then leaned across me for a kiss, “Morning.”

I put a hand on her waist as she did, then brought it up to cup her tit, “Morning.”

I’m yours for the taking Hank. Any time, anywhere. I want you, I think I’m falling… NO, I can’t be can I? It’s only been a week… but I can’t stop thinking about him.

“I tried to let you sleep. I had them deliver breakfast to my door.”

“You scared me there, I thought this weekend was a dream and you were in your room down the hall.”

Hank is… he’s scared of losing… ME?

Betty looked at me, not saying anything for a few seconds, then leaned forward and gave me another kiss, long and soft. “If there wasn’t hot biscuits and gravy over there I’d jump your bones mister.” She leaned over for another nice kiss, “That and we have to check out in a little over an hour,” Grinning as she stood and dropped her robe walking back to the cart shaking her ass with every step.

I groaned, Betty giggled.

Maybe I am…

Naked breakfast is wonderful, but Betty was in an ornery mood. About half way through the meal she just happened to let a little gravy dribble on her tit… and left it there for a bit until she finally noticed I was staring at her tit and wiped it up and licked it off her finger.

Well most of it, when I finished my meal she came over and sat on my lap putting her nipple in my face. “Honey, would you mind making sure I got all the gravy?”

I think Betty was just going to tease a bit, but I put my arm around her and took her nipple and tit into my mouth and enjoyed myself.

I wish we had time to try the blueberry…

Betty was a bit flushed but grinning when I let her up.

We packed up the last of our stuff, and Betty was setting out her top and jeans, “Hey babe?”

Oh god, why does it make me quiver when he calls me that?


I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her back to my firm cock. “How difficult would it be for me to get you to wear your other dress for the trip?”


“You mean beside keeping you as naked and accessible as possible?” bringing my hands up to cup her tits.

OH GOD YES! Play with me, take me, make me yours!

Betty wiggled her butt against me, “Yeah, besides that.”

“Well, you look absolutely ravishing in it, and I was thinking about wearing my sports coat and we could look good together.”

Betty reached back between us to grip my cock, “Does that mean you’ll be packing your shorts instead of wearing them?”

And maybe fuck me over a bench a few times? GOD what kind of slut am I turning into?

I kissed her neck, “I guess I could do that.”


I like being naked for Hank, the way he devours me with his eyes, not making me cover up like… HIM!

Now we packed, but Betty draped her dress over her suitcase, staying naked even as she helped me with my jacket. It wasn’t until we’d made the rounds in both rooms and were ready to leave, that she slipped her dress on.

In an almost repeat of last night, Betty lifted her dress to sit in the car, and let her strap fall from her shoulder to just above her nipple on my side. Betty was at my side bahis firmaları all the way through dropping the car off and checking in at the boarding gate. If I wasn’t signing or carrying something, she had her arm in mine pressing that barely covered tit into it, or was pulling mine around her waist. Even occasionally letting her strap drop from her nipple momentarily and blushing and sighing as she let go of my arm to pull it back up.

While we were waiting for the plane Betty turned a bit and leaned back against me, the arm rest pulling my arm up under her tits and making her dress billow open a bit to let me look. After a bit she actually turned sideways in her seat putting her knees over the next arm rest to cuddle against me, letting her dress come waaay up her thighs and making no effort to cover up. If she hadn’t turned to the seatback a bit, anybody walking by would have been able to look up her dress.

Mmmmmm, Hank pushing my boobs up, letting him look down my dress, a little more movement and he might even get a glimpse of my puss… IN THE DAYLIGHT!

“Do I need to pull my dress down?” Betty asked quietly against my chest.

“Not for me you don’t.” I whispered back to her.

I could almost hear her smile, “Good, I like the way you look at me.”

“Mmmm, but you’re giving the guy at the magazine rack a complex.”

“Am I?”

“Yeah, he’s trying to find the right place to look up your dress. You move much and he’s going to lose it.”

“Should I?”


“If you want.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Who are you going home with?”

Hank’s going to let me do it, he’s going to let me flash my puss! I can see the guy through my lashes, he is kinda cute. And he looks like he has a decent dick, now that I know what a real one is like! And if I, oh fuck I can feel the sun on my puss! That guy is staring right at me, he’s looking right between my legs seeing my dribbling puss. How far do I need to move my leg before I open for him to look in me?

“Mmmmm.” Betty spread her knees enough to reach down and scratch at the inside of her thigh. The guy went wide eyed and grunted. Betty scratched a bit more then let her hand fall to her mound kinda tucking her dress in her crotch since it had now fallen to almost her hip.

I had to stop myself, I almost reached down and diddled myself… almost.

I kissed her forehead, “Oh you naughty girl, making that poor guy dirty his shorts. And he looked like he hadn’t gotten off in months from the grunt when he did.”

Betty giggled and cuddled in. As it got closer to boarding time for our flight and several others, the lounge was getting full and Betty had to turn and sit up. The guy that sat next to her didn’t mind when she didn’t pull her dress down much. His girl on the other side of him didn’t seem to appreciate it much though.

I can’t believe all these guys wanting to look at flat chested little me. I like them looking… but DAMN!

Our boarding was called and we made our way to the plane. For as crowded as the waiting area had been, our plane was relatively empty. But then we had to go to Salt Lake with a two hour layover to get home. Gotta love the business office saving a few pennies.

We had gotten to our seats when Betty snagged a flight attendant, “Miss?”

“Yes Ma’am?”

“Would it be possible to get a couple of pillows and blankets? We work nights and it’s past our bedtime.”

The attendant grinned, “I understand completely. We’re waiting on two more passengers, and I don’t think we have anyone reserved for the back. If you wait until after take off you can move to the back and stretch out.”

“That would be wonderful, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, and I’ll let the other attendants know so you’re not disturbed.”

She also told arriving passengers that we were practically empty so most of them moved to the front to be able to get out quickly, and luckily there weren’t any screaming kids.

As soon as the seat belt sign was off we moved to the back, dropping the window shades in the last eight rows as we went by. Betty pushed me to the window seat and handed me a blanket and pillow while she flipped the arm rests up.

I kicked back and got comfortable, then Betty surprised me by putting her pillow on my lap and lying across the seats. My hand got pulled down under her blanket to her tit, and for some reason her keeping her pillow in place involved her hand under it on my cock. Not a bad way to take a nap.

I’d rather be naked, but Hank’s hand on my boob and his dick in my hand is almost as good.

Mmmmm, I was dreaming Hank took me in the middle of the aisle, boobs up with my arms and knees hooked on the seat backs spread for him! And he’s getting hard. As soon as the attendant disappears I’m going to…

We woke to the attendant letting us know we were about fifteen minutes from touchdown. As soon as the attendant left Betty dived under my blanket and my zipper was down. How I managed not to scream as she engulfed my cock I’ll never kaçak iddaa know.

Betty was on a mission and I went from firm to rock hard watching the bobbing blanket in front of me. I had to grab the pillow from behind my head and put over my face as Betty sucked me dry, my legs jerking when she had to get the last little bit from me. When I pulled the pillow from my face I saw the attendant a few aisles up grinning at me as she talked to another passenger, and Betty got red faced when she came up to the same sight.

The attendant came back grinning with a bottle of Sprite, she handed it to me, “You look like you’re a little…dehydrated…thought you could use a little something to drink.” She winked at Betty and turned to go back up front. There’s that lovely shade of red again.

She knows what I was doing, and she’s grinning at me for doing it. Should I lick the dribble of Hanks cum from the corner of my mouth now or wait until she’s turned away. Fuck it, oh he tastes sooo good. She’s blushing watching me, bet she wishes she was the one with a delicious dick in her mouth!

We shuffled off the plane, with the attendant grinning and Betty blushing. With the time spent getting off the plane, and what we could expect in pre-boarding, our two hour layover would probably be more like one, or less.

We wandered a bit hand in hand, and sometimes with Betty clinging to my arm. We stopped at a little food place and grabbed some lunch, and when I went up for some extra napkins I had to stop and stare at Betty. Sitting there next to the window on the stool was the perfect silhouette. Betty in her white gauzy dress with the sun outside.

I finally came out of my stupor and sat down across from her, “I think that just became my favorite dress.”

“I thought you liked the red one the way it clung to me?”

“Oh I do, but this one is better.”


“Because with the light behind you I can see a perfect silhouette of your figure.”

“WHAT!” Betty responded looking down at her dress, “Uh uhhh.”

I smiled back at her, “Oh most definitely. Walking back here I could see the outline of your delicious nipples. And I bet if you stood with your back to the window I could see the outline of your pussy sooooo nicely.”

Betty pulled the top of her dress open a bit and looked down and sideways, “You can’t see through it.”

“No, not through it. a nice sharp outline, like shadow puppets. Every delicious detail outlined but not actually visible.”


“Oh, well, Ummm, should I… I mean… is that okay?” Betty looked a bit worried.

I wanted to shake my head and then go kill Zack again, “Betty, did your suit yesterday bother me?”

Betty grinned, “More like hot and bothered.”

“So why would a dress that only shows your lovely outline bother me?”

“So you don’t mind me wearing this more often?”

“Well, I don’t but I don’t think you’ll be able to wear it to work, do you?”

Betty grinned, “Well, not and keep my job.”

But that would be almost as good as being a feather girl, I keep thinking about that, walking around amongst all those people in a bra and thong clinging to my puss. With that much skin they might not even notice my small boobs… but here’s all these people seeing me and yet not seeing me, the outline of my little boobs. Could they see the outline of my puss, could they tell I’m dripping for wanting Hank?

I chuckled at that, “No, and there will be times when we have to dress as others say we should and not like we would want to. But when it’s appropriate, and maybe even when it’s not but you can get away with it, I have no problem in showing you off.”

Betty snickered, “You mean like wearing a thin bra and top and sweating enough to make them see through.”

I chuckled at that, “Or like going on a water ride in only a white t-shirt and shorts.”

Oh fuck, out in the water in wet clothes, or maybe even in that little white sheer when wet bikini… With others around looking at me again!

“Damn, now I wish we had a room to go back to.”

“Yeah, you’ll just have to imagine me putting my head up your dress and licking you until you scream.”

Standing here in the middle of all these people with Hank licking my puss until I scream his name as I cum all over his face! I’m CUMMMMMMMMING!

Betty’s eyes flashed and then she gripped the edge of the table and clamped her eyes shut, “Damn Hank, now I’m going to leave a wet spot on my dress.”

I made like I was licking her, “And?”


We finished our sandwiches and began walking around some more to let her dress dry a little, but Betty wanted to go walking and I was in the mood to sit a bit, and it was getting close enough to boarding to get some seats close to the gate. So we divided our efforts, I sat and babysat our chairs while Betty had her retail therapy.

I had only been there about fifteen minutes when I got a text from Betty, ‘WHEN I GET THERE BE GLAD TO SEE ME, GRAB MY ASS AND PICK kaçak bahis ME UP AND TWIRL ME AROUND.’

Okay, something’s up. I was watching for Betty, and she came around the corner with three guys following her… I’m not the only one that likes her thin dress.

When she got close I stood up, “Well there you are!”

Betty skipped the last steps and almost jumped into my arms, I grabbed her ass as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me like she hadn’t seen me in years while I spun her. The reflection in the glass showed she lifted her foot, and my swirling her around was letting a LOT of leg show.

Betty broke the kiss and whispered ‘thanks’.

“Want to moon them?”

Betty snorted, “Hell yes.”

“Slide down.”

I let Betty slide down, but held her dress, momentarily letting it ride up her ass before letting go, and then putting my hands on her side, my thumbs resting on the outside of her tits.

Can I jump back up and slide down on your dick?

The three amigos following her were bug eyed like they had just been kicked in the nuts. The babe they had been chasing was with someone, and he flashed her bare ass at them with no response from her. I could just hear it echoing in their minds, ‘FUUUUCK!’

“You know I’m going to have to take you to the doctor when we get home,” I said a bit loud. “You went shopping and didn’t come back with a single bag.”

Betty giggled and kissed me. The guy to one side enjoyed the partial moon and chuckled at the comment. His wife next to him with four overflowing bags in front of her didn’t seem to appreciate either one.

OH WOW! The guy across from us is checking me out, while he’s got this big boobed babe next to him. I mean look at those monsters, they have to be DD’s at least. Kinda hard to tell in that lacy top, but they’re huge. And he’s checking ME out!.

We sat and cuddled and hugged, much to the chagrin of said woman. Her man just enjoyed Betty’s lovely legs.

We had a nice surprise during boarding, we got bumped to first class! A decent drink and more than one bag of peanuts! Betty took the window seat, I objected strenuously to seeing her outline in her dress… and we had to settle for just cuddling and groping instead of a nice blow job… that really sucks you know? I grinned and chuckled, or didn’t actually.

The flight was fun, we talked ‘what if?’

I brought her hand to my lips, “So Betty, where do you want to go from here, us I mean?”

“Besides going home with you?”

I grinned, “That is a wonderful thought, but you have someone at home waiting on you.”

FUCK ZACK! He’s not waiting on me, he had me waiting on him… NO MORE!

Betty stiffened, then relaxed. “He may be waiting, but the woman coming home is not the one that left.”

“But you still have an apartment full of your things, you have obligations there. I’m pretty sure the girls wouldn’t object to you staying over a bit, but are you sure we can make it together?”

Betty sat up quick and turned to me wide eyed, “You don’t…”

I put a finger to her lips, “I do like you… a lot. But we’ve just been thrown together for the last week.” Betty started to say something, but I continued. “Yes we’ve known each other for several years, but at work, not socially, and certainly not intimately.”

“So what are you saying…”

“I’m saying that we need to take it slow. I mean you could snore like a grizzly bear,” Betty giggled. “Or I could be a serial killer.”

That made her chuckle, “I could believe that,” my turn to look surprised. “Well, there was a few times I thought I’d died and went to heaven…” she couldn’t hold it in and had to laugh at her own joke.

“I’m serious Betty. I want this to work… for the long term. We need to take it slow.” Betty ran her hand up my thigh, “Well not toooo slow anyway.” I leaned over and gave her a nice kiss.

“So what are we doing this afternoon?”

“I’m going to try and get some sleep. I have to work tonight, my weekend is Sunday Monday.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize, mine is Monday Tuesday.”

But I could come home with you and curl up for a few years…

“See, there we go, having our first disagreement.”

Betty gasped, grinned, and swatted at me.

In reality I probably was going to need a lot of caffeine tonight. The nap on the first flight was okay, but there was a good chance Tarra and Ebi were going to be home when I got there and you can’t sleep when there are two hot babes getting it on in the next room.

Betty wasn’t happy about it, but eventually she agreed to wait until Thursday afternoon before we had a ‘date’.

So Hank was taking me out before we went to work Thursday. I tried to get him to let me come over and cook something. Maybe even give me a good fucking before we went in. I think he knew that so we were going out, not eating in. But I could be his dessert… I better pack extra panties in my purse, maybe even a pad or two…

That was after our second disagreement. We both worked nights, but I slept when I got home and was up in the afternoon while the girls romped. Betty on the other hand stayed up in the morning and slept afternoons and evenings using an ALARM CLOCK to make it into work, UGH!

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