my fantasy…11


my fantasy…11i am almost done showering rinsing all of the soap off my body when u walk in2 the showers pulling your towel off & flipping it over the wall… your whole body is hairy except 4 your crotch which is shaved smooth like mine… your flaccid cock is longer than mine & it looks alot thicker… i think that u notice me checking u out but u don’t say anything as u turn on a shower-head & then start 2 lather your body…i am done showering but i stay under the water just letting it wash over my body as i carefully watch u trying not 2 be 2 obvious… your hands slide all over your soapy & slippery body as u stand just out of the spray covering yourself with white suds… as i glance from the corner of my eye both your hands slide 2 your crotch one hand cradling your balls & the other one slowly slides up & down your slick shaft… as your elongating cock grows even harder i stop trying 2 act like i’m not watching u… your fully-hard cock is nice & long & thick & it curves so deliciously upward from your smooth & soapy crotch… i can plainly see your thick cock-head as u slide your hand slowly backward & when my eyes finally leave your crotch & slide from belly 2 chest 2 your face u are looking right in2 my eyeswith an expression of lust on your face…as i try 2 think of sumthing 2 sayu look down at yourself & say” your mouth would look good on my cock !! “it only takes me a split-second 2 decide what i am gonna do & as u step back in2 the spray i quickly move closer 2 u… when i reach u u are under the water your head tilted back hands on your head rinsing your hair… without a single word i drop 2 my knees in front of u on the wet tile floor… my hand grabs your cock close 2 the swollen head gripping your shaft tightly as i pull 2wards the base of your cock cleaning off all the soap & revealing the large pulsing knob… my mouth opens wide & engulfs your whole fat cock in one smooth stroke… your eyes fly wide open & u look down at me as i stare up in2 your eyes… u smile again & moan” oh yeah !! suck my cock !! suck it deep !! i knew u wanted 2 mersin escort suck my fucking cock !!! ” as my hands slide slowly up the outsides of your thighs then back 2 grip your ass & pull u tight against me as i take your thick cock even deeper in2 the taut opening of my throat… your hips start 2 rock slightly as your length presses further in2 me & the upward curve of your cock makes your girthy glans sc**** against the roof of my mouth & then down in2 my throat so smoothly & so very easily… your long & thick & pulsing shaft slides back & 4th on my lashing tongue as u stroke yourself in & out of my hot cock-sucking mouth filling the opening of my throat with your drooling cock-head…i am still looking up in2 your eyes when u suddenly pull your tasty cock cumpletely out of my drooling mouth & then growl ” get up off the floor so i can fuck u !! i’m gonna fuck your ass till u scream !!! ” then u take hold of my hands & pull me up on2 my feet & push me over 2 the wall that separates the showers from the rest of the locker room… the wall is a little less than chest high & about a foot thick & when i reach the wide door-way i grip the top sides of the wall & spread my feet out as wide as possible as i press my chest against the door-way & arch my back as far as i can making my ass stretch open in front of u… then i turn my head & look back at u as u pour shampoo in2 your hand & lubricate your swollen cock with it making your erection shiny & slippery… i wriggle my ass back & 4th slowlyaching 2 feel your big cock inside me as u twist a shampoo-slippery finger in2 the tight pucker of my ass-hole…” fuck me !! fuck me !! oh god !! fuck me !! ” i groan ” fuck me deep !! fuck my ass full of cum !! ” with my chest still pressed against the wall i reach back behind me & grip my own ass & pull my butt-cheeks as wide apart as i can as present my puckered ass-hole 2 u… u move up closer behind 2 me pressing the slippery head of your fat cock against my hot & tight little fuck-hole as i push myself up on2 the tips of my toes lining my cock-craving anal escort mersin canal up with your deliciously up-curved erection… when your cock-head forces it’s way past my futilely resisting sphincter & slides in2 my tightly clutching ass-holei reach back up & grip the wall tighterpressing myself backwards on2 your cock until i feel your hips press up against my ass & i cumpletely engulf u in my gripping hole…i moan & whimper” oh god !! your cock feels so fucking good !! “when your entire cock is buried inside me i drop back down flat on my feet & your cock-curve stretches me even wider making me gasp with wanton & wicked elation…” damn !! your ass is so fucking tight !! ” u groan as your hands grip my hips tightly & u slowly drag your pulsating prong back out of my tightly clenching hole then press insistently 4ward again stretching my straining insides so wide around your wonderfully firm thickness as u force your invading appendage back in2 the depths of my anal opening… my ass feels like it is being pried wide open as the curve of your elongated shaft slips in & out of my constricted channel slowly 4 the first few fantastic strokes then faster & faster & deeper & deeperas my sphincter starts 2 loosen a little & u find a smooth sodomizing rhythm…i am groaning with every ass-stretching stroke as your cock pounds deep up in2 my dark hole & the top of your thick glans slides back & 4th over my swollen & achingly throbbing prostate with every deep-delving thrust & withdrawl… ” oh god !! fuck my ass !! fuck my tight ass !! ” i groan breathlessly” shove your fat cock all the way inside me !! fill my hot ass with cock !! stretch me wide !! cum all the way inside me !! fuck me deep !!! “u start 2 slam your cock in2 me even harder as i grind my quivering ass back against u trying 2 take your delicious dick even deeper in2 my wide-stretched cum-craving ass-hole… u are gripping my hips even tighter pulling backwards hard on them each time your hips slam 4ward our flesh wetly colliding each time with a loud fleshy slapping sound… i can feel your balls mersin escort bayan swinging 4ward & smacking in2 my own aching nuts each time u power your cock in2 my ass… my cock throbs & pulses & twitches as hard as velvet-covered steel dripping sticky strings of pre-cum all over the floor with each stroke…my orgasm washes over me so suddenlythat i am almost cumpletely breathless as i shake violently with sexual release… i suddenly stand upright & arch my back & my hands reach & grip your hips tightly& pull u as tightly against me as i can with your throbbing cock still burrowing deep in2 my tightly gripping clenching ass… my steaming cum arches upward & away from my obesely swollen & pulsing cock & splashes against the wall of the shower… i throw back my head & scream” oh god !! i’m cumming on your cock !!i’m cumming on your fat fucking cock !!! “grunting loudly with each savage stroke u start 2 hammer in2 me harder & faster making my butt jiggle with each stroke & your erection throbs inside the tight confines of my shampoo-slicked anal orifice… as u groan again even louder than be4 u pull my hips back vigorously one last time your cock delving deep & swelling even thicker & u suddenly scream ” oh god !! i’m cumming !! i’m cumming !! i’m cumming in your tight fucking ass !!! ” then your pulsating erection erupts sending long spurts deep in2 my rectum filling my entire quivering body with heat… i can feel each splash of your sweet seed gushing & splattering so deep in2 my ass coating the insides of my abused rectum filling me 2 the point of over-flowing then oozing back out around your thick shaft & sliding slowly down the insides of my thighs… i grind my ass back against your crotch moaning ” cum in my ass !! cum deep in my ass !! fuck me full of cum !! shoot deep in me !! deep in me !! deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !!! “u pour what seems like gallons of heat in2 me your girthy cock throbbing & twitching as it empties itself in2 my gripping hole… when u are finally cumpletely drained & your juicy cock finally starts 2 soften u slowly drag your tool out of my ass with a squishing & slurping sound & oozing strings of cum slither from my ass & splatter down on2 the tiles on the floor as u release your grip on my trembling hips & step back under the spray of the shower…( do u wanna ??? )

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