My daughter didn’t come to my wedding


My daughter didn’t come to my weddingMy daughter thinks I’m a bad person, cause my new wife is only 7 months older then she is, and was her best friend growing up. Sure I had seen Teri when she was younger, maybe in her early teens but, who really pays much attention to their daughter’s girlfriends, I know I didn’t.All I remember of those days were screaming teenage girls running through the house, making enough noise to wake the dead. After my daughter grew up she moved to the west coast to attend university leaving me with a empty house. See my wife has been gone for the last 4 years now. I was left living in a 4 bedroom 3 bath home by myself. Sure I thought about selling it and down sizing, but with all those memories of raising our family, then my son joining the military, then nursing my wife as she slowly slipped away from cancer and my daughter helping me and herself too through our grief, I just couldn’t sell the place.Last year my daughter called me asking if Teri could have her old room to live in cause she needed a place to live. It was going to be only for a week or two but you know how that goes. Teri moved in and I found I like having someone else in the house again. I guess I was getting a little lonely even thou my wife’s old women friends were always coming to see me. Most were single, one way or the other but one was married and wanted something to lite her fire again, that’s the way she put it. I just wasn’t interested in any of them.When Teri moved in, it was different. She was always getting me yalova escort bayan to do things with her, and never said a thing about our difference in our age. I remember the first time we kissed. She had clean the whole house from top to bottom without being asked, unlike my daughter who would acted like you were killing her to do the dishes. So anyway to show Teri how much I appreciated her doing all that work, I took her out to a nice diner and a movie. I found that I just liked being around her and she seemed to enjoy being with me as well. I remember walking into the movie theater and she had taken a hold of my hand as if we were on a date. I loved the looks I got from some of the older women and it made me proud to have Teri beside me hand in hand.Teri put her head on my shoulder on the way home and I found I was enjoying that as well. We walked in the house and Teri stopped in front of me, turned around and said “I want to thank you for a perfect evening.” She put me arms around my neck and give me a very nice kiss on my lips. Then pulled back looking into my eyes kissed me again but this time with a lot of passion. My body started to respond to her kiss, and I was feeling something I hadn’t felt in what, 5 or was it 6 years. I felt a need to be with a woman again. I knew I had to stop her cause hell she is the same age as my daughter for fuck sakes. I pulled back saying that she didn’t have to thank me, cause it was me who should be thanking her for all the work she did around the house. I kissed escort yalova her forehead and said that I was tried and was going to bed. I wasn’t sure but I thought I saw a bit of hurt in her eyes but she smiled and said for me to sleep well and she would see me in the morning.I have always slept in the nude for as long as I remember, but what I didn’t remember was morning coming at 3 am. I thought I was having a wet dream then I realize that it wasn’t a dream but Teri give me what I still believe to be the best blow job I have ever had in my life. Ok I know I should’ve stopped her, but I ask you, could you stop the first sexual contact that you have had in a lot of years? Well I couldn’t, and when my release hit, Teri never slowed down at all, not losing I single drop. No one had ever done that to me in my life.After she had swallowed all I had to give she looked into my eyes and said “I wasn’t willing to let the night end the way it did. I need you to make love to me.” I tried to say something about our age different, but before a single word come out she stopped me by placing one of her long slim fingers to my lips. She rose up taking my face in her hands and began kissing with a need and a hunger that I have not felt since the early years of my previous marriage. I could taste myself on her lips and mouth which is something I had never tasted before, and without breaking our kiss she moved on top of me sinking her tight wet pussy over my newly harden cock. She fucked me with more passion then I had ever felt. yalova escort She only broke our kiss as her orgasm neared and she sat straight up taking all of my 9 inches in her. She screamed that she loved me as her first of 4 orgasms that night hit her. I thought it was just her being in the moment, but I was soon to learn that she is in love with me, and I soon fell deeply in love with her as well.We didn’t tell my daughter for a few months but when Teri told me she has our c***d growing inside of her, I decided that it was time for us to get married. I had no idea how I was going to break this news to my little girl. My daughter came home a couple months back, and I still wasn’t to sure just how to break it to her, but by then Teri was starting to show and when Teri sat on my lap, my daughter went off on both of us calling us names that made me feel sick, and when she made to grab Teri, I had to ask her, my own daughter to leave. If for anything, the safety of our baby.Teri to say the least was so upset that she didn’t eat for two days until I told her she had to eat for the baby. My daughter called my son who is in Germany and told him about me fucking her friend and how I was some kind of p*******e for fucking her 23 year old friend and getting her pregnant. Ok so I’m 47 and about to be a father again and I’m deeply in love with a 23 year old woman. I’m I crazy? Cause it doesn’t feel crazy to me. Teri and me got married in Vegas two weeks ago, and I have to say I never knew sex could be like this with any woman. My son seems to be cool with it, and says he can’t wait to see Teri again and that he wishes us all the happiness in the world. I guess I only wrote this to get my feelings out in the open. I think Teri will like reading even if others don’t.

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