My College Education Pt. 02

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The weekend after I had my experience with Barb I had to attend an engineering program seminar, but two weeks after I was back to see Abby. Friday was a low keyed pizza dinner in front of the TV night for all four of us. On Saturday night, Abby and I went to a party thrown by a friend of hers. We stayed out too late and probably had too much to drink, the result being the we didn’t have sex that night, but deferred until Sunday morning. When the sun came streaming through the bedroom window, we both stirred, I rolled over and fondled her breasts and shortly thereafter she reached for my manhood, which by that point was in its morning woody state.

“I want to do it, but let me go pee first,” she said. Abby was back in no time and peeled off the oversized tee shirt that she was using for a nightie. I slipped off the briefs that I had been sleeping in and laying on my back my manhood standing straight up. Abby straddled me and in no time had slipped me inside. No matter what position we use, she is one terrific fuck and this occasion was no exception my having deposited my seed inside Abby’s vagina. A few moments later what goes up must come down and cum began draining from her.

“I think you are going to need to get cleaned up because otherwise you’ll be leaking for some time,” I told her.

“Yeah, I’ll go shower, but tell you what, why don’t you go downstairs and start to make breakfast for everyone. I know how much you like cooking on Sunday mornings.”

“Deal,” I said pulling my briefs back on and finding a clean tee shirt and my jeans. I was the first to get downstairs and the first task was to make some coffee. After turning on the coffeemaker my attention turned to what to cook for breakfast. Checking the fridge, I saw that we had eggs, a package of sausage, and bread for toast. The perfect feast.

I had no sooner put the sausage on to cook when Carla came into the kitchen. She was dressed in a red nightshirt whose material wasn’t so thick as to not reveal her ample D cup tits that wobbled nicely with each step that she took. A petite girl for sure, but Carla’s tits were her outstanding attribute. Abby had told me that they were not enhanced, but totally natural, which makes them all the more impressive.

A few minutes later Barb came in. I had to do a doubletake because she was wearing a sheer white knee length nightgown. She was bahis firmaları not particularly well-endowed, but the nightgown allowed for her cute little pointy nipples to show nicely. Checking Barb out there was also no panty line showing, but I thought I could detect the shadow of her perfectly trimmed strawberry blonde bush. Having had first hand experience with that bush two weeks prior, my manhood twitched more than once.

“OK, guys, Abby is in the shower and will hopefully be down soon. Sausage is cooking and I’ll make eggs to order. So how do you like your eggs?” I asked.

“I’ll have mine scrambled,” replied Carla.

“I prefer mine unfertilized,” quipped Barb at which point Carla nearly choked on a mouthful of coffee.

After cooking the eggs I plated each girl’s order and added a link of sausage. “Isn’t this sausage kind of short?” teased Barb.

Now it was my turn to nearly choke on my coffee, but I didn’t dare comment.

Clearly, Barb had gone through a metamorphosis since the day that she walked in on Abby and me having oral sex in the living room. At first it was her deciding to start douching, followed by approaching me about demonstrating oral on her, then this morning’s revealing nightie, and now these comments. It certainly was not the quiet and reserved Barb that I first met in September.

Moments later Abby joined us, I served breakfast, and the conversation was lighthearted. We all had homework to attend to and that occupied the afternoon. Monday morning I had to shower and leave by 10:00 in order to get to my campus by noon. Carla and Abby both had an 8:00 o’clock class and had already left.

I got up and went to the bathroom where I ran the shower and got in. Having no sooner lathered up when there came a knock on the door.

“Wes, can I come in? I have to pee really bad.”

“OK, but I’m in the shower,” I replied.

Barb came in, went to the toilet, and peed. Such events were common when living with three women and I didn’t think another thing about it. But the next thing I knew Barb, now naked, got into the shower with me.

“Hi!” she said. “Need your back washed?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Well, it looks like some other parts need attention, too,” she said looking at my penis. “We cannot keep that too clean because you never know when it might have to be used.”

I looked at the kaçak iddaa water hitting her shoulders and then running down her chest, the direction of the rivulets having to bypass her modest tits. Barb used the bar of soap to make a lather and then cleaned my male equipment. Her gentle touch was sensuous and my manhood sprang to attention.

“Now look what you have done,” I said to her.

Then I made a lather and washed her pussy. “You have parts that need to be kept clean, too.”

“I know and I do,” she responded. “I try hard to keep my parts nice and clean inside and out. They will always be fresh smelling and good tasting, too.”

Barb then dropped to her knees. The shower stream was at my back and kept Barb from drowning as she kissed my member, which responded promptly with a hard erection. Barb locked her lips around it and teased its tip with her tongue. It felt great to have her warm moist lips around my penis, perhaps not as awesome as me being in her vagina, but great just the same.

“Keep doing that!” I begged of her. In response Barb began sucking on my penis and I thought I would lose my mind. When she sucked harder I warned her, “Another minute of that and I’m probably going to cum in your mouth.”

Barb removed her lips just long enough to say, “That’s OK, I can’t wait to taste your cum. I bet it is simply delicious.” And at that she went back to sucking on me even harder.

Moments later Barb’s wish had come true and I deposited a load in her mouth. She released her mouth from me, licked her lips, and swallowed. “Oh, my God, but that is good!” she exclaimed.

“This is unreal, but still a great way to start a Monday,” I thought to myself.

“I just hope my pussy juice was as good for you as that cum was for me.”

“Don’t worry, your pussy was delicious,” I said recalling the afternoon that I ate her out. “It was nice and clean and just plain tasty,” I assured her.

“With a pussy and a penis that are both that clean can mean only one thing.”

“What’s that?” I asked curiously.

“That we still need to fuck this morning, of course.”

I turned off the water and we both stepped out of the shower. I handed Barb a towel and grabbed one for myself. After drying ourselves off, I asked her, “My place or yours?”

“We better do it in my room just in case we make a mess.”

“I hope we kaçak bahis don’t make a mess. Besides I don’t have any more rubbers.”

“Don’t worry. I bought a box of a dozen last week. I wanted to buy the extra extra large ones, but learned that they didn’t have your size,” she giggled.

“I think I can make them fit.”

“Well, I did buy the extra thin, lubricated ones. I hope your load isn’t so large that they can’t hold it.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” I said taking Barb by the hand heading towards her bedroom. We were both still naked.

When we got there Barb retrieved the box of rubbers from her nightstand. “Here you go. Don’t keep me in suspense.”

I took one from the box, tore open the wrapper, and unrolled it on my penis.

“Are you ready?”

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been ready since the moment I stepped into the shower with you. So just put it in,” she admonished as she stood by the side of the bed and bent over with her elbows on the mattress.

Rear entry style meant that I was deep inside. Having just been given oral it took a little longer before I was able to cum again. It wasn’t a huge load, but Barb seemed satisfied. When we were done I withdrew from her and peeled off the rubber being certain to wrap it in a tissue so I could dispose of it outside of the apartment lest it be discovered.

“I hate to tell you this, but you’re not done yet,” said Barb.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You have to go down on me before you leave. It will allow me to have fond memories all week,” she replied turning around, sitting on the bed, scooting her butt over to the edge.

I began by licking her pussy which was still incredibly wet from having just been fucked. It didn’t take much for her to have yet another two orgasms. Afterwards we both got dressed.

I had to really hustle to get myself on the road so I wouldn’t be late for my class. As I drove my mind reflected on the weekend. I had gotten laid three times, had my cock sucked a couple of times and eaten some pussy. I’m going to need a week away from these two women just to prepare for next weekend. My biggest problem, however, is going to be how Barb behaves in front of her roommates neither of whom are dummies and will start to wonder why her sudden change.

“It’s going to be a problem for sure,” I said to myself.

Then an awful thought crossed my mind, “What if Carla should want me to satisfy her, too? Three women would be unreal!” Then came the thoughts of Carla and her delightfully cute D cup tits. My manhood started twitching yet again.

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