My boyfriend’s bro


My boyfriend’s broit’s late in the evening on a friday night. I’m 28 years old and I don’t go out much anymore. My boyfriend fell asleep on the couch behind me and the television is still on. I look down to see that, unfortunately, over time, I have gained a little weight. “That’s it…this time it’s serious. I’m going to work out again!” I think to myself. I open Facebook and post a status to ask anyone who’s up for it to join me and become my “Fitness buddy”. To my surprise, I immediately receive a response from one of my boyfriend’s closest friends. It’s on! We’re determined and from now on, we work out twice a week.Luckily for me, my boyfriend’s friend is a work out instructor. I always found him really attractive which is, of course, a great motivation to actually follow through with my plans to lose some weight. Obviously, he has a great body. Muscular upper arms, broad back, average height, beautiful blue eyes and he shaved his head. I kind of dig the entire “bad boy will-fuck-you-up-look”. On top of that, he has a great sense of humor and he’s always genuinely interested in all the bullshit I tell him. I sometimes just go on and on about work, private life, Netflix shows, etc and he just listens, actively joins in and laughs with the things I say to him. Weeks go by and our work outs have become a routine. I can’t wait to see him and I’m burdur escort always “happier” on days we work out together. Lately I even caught myself having fantasies about suddenly kissing him or him touching me inappropriately during gym sessions. The first few weeks we met up, it felt really awkward, but after getting to know each other a little better we knew how far we could go with each other. I always try to hide how I feel about him. Mostly because It confuses me and i really don’t want things to become awkward between us. Especially because we often meet up to have drinks with our other friends and he’s my boyfriend’s “bro”.Lately, things have gotten a little more…friendly, or better yet: more playful. We put extra weights on the appliances while the other one’s not looking, we poke each other, we try to get each other to become distracted or fail at our work out,… Last week I made him laugh so hard, he had to stop mid-work out and when he was done laughing he looked me straight in the eyes and smirked. That goddamn smirk almost made me blush. Sometimes, the things he says to me during our conversations can be a little flirty too, like: “I always love how you start smiling when you’re pushing yourself to the max. That smile always gets to me!” or”If you think you catch me staring at your boobs, it’s because I am. I won’t hide it. escort burdur They look magnificent and I’m still a guy so….see this as a compliment.” Things really started heating up yesterday evening, though. We’ve only just started our work out when he asked me:”Have you ever tried doing pull-ups?” me: “Hah! Are you k**ding me? Have you actually seen me? I could never do that!”him: “I bet you can! Besides, there’s a machine here that helps you do it. Trust me, it’s easier!” me: “Is it a handsome machine, though? Is the machine like (and I used a low manly voice) “Hey girl, let me hold you a little bit like this. Come on, you can do it!”He started laughing and answered: “Haha! Yeah and that machine is me! Better yet, when you finish your work out I’ll totally make out with you.” We both started laughing nervously. But actually…it kinda turned me on. Once we were finished we both took a shower and met back at the entrance of the gym. He obviously sprayed more cologne than he used to, but i loved the smell of it. The past weeks when we said goodbye we fist-bumped or I just gave him a quick peck on the cheek. This time, he kept lingering and stalling. I moved a bit closer to him. Now there were just inches between us. His body towered above mine and I could see his chest burdur escort bayan moving more rapidly. For a few seconds I didn’t dare to look up to him because I could feel he was looking down at the top of my head. Suddenly, he raised his hand, patted me on the head (yes, really) and said: “Well…thanks again.” His hand rested on my head for a bit, then he lowered it, brushed my right cheek, grabbed my chin, pulled my face up towards his and kissed me so intensely and so passionately that I immediately lost all control of my body. I completely surrendered to him and grabbed his jacket so tight that my fingers started to cramp. It felt like all the tension that bottled up between us for the last few weeks unleashed itself all at once. We were grabbing, pushing and pulling each other until I suddenly realised we were still in the parking lot…I stopped at once and looked up to him, panting and suddenly realising what had happened. I noticed the same expression on his face as well. Disbelief, confusion and a little bit of exhaustion.We turned around quickly and started walking in totally different directions. That night he didn’t text me, I didn’t see him pop up online and I didn’t attempt to text him either.I masturbated in bed thinking about what happened and came 3 times. I could still feel his hands all over me and I could swear that the smell of his cologne was still lingering in my nostrils.Suddenly, 2 days later, I received a text:”Gym tonight. Today’s schedule contains lower abdomen and quadriceps. Be there.” if you like me to write part 2 of this story, let me know 😉

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