Mustus’ Adventures Part 96


Mustus’ Adventures Part 96The days seemed, to most of them, to roll by so quickly. The only dissenting opinion was from Sue. She was anxious to graduate, and move to the next stage in her life. She had been unsure of which direction she wanted to go, but, once she DID decide, she went at it with all her abilities. She had made her decision in the days after their initial meeting at William and Sharon’s home. She had talked extensively with Billy, and had reached a decision that would satisfy her curiosity, AND her love of a****ls. She had, in the days following, come close, in HER mind, to becoming a nuisance, to what she hoped would be, her new Brother-in-Law. She was admittedly, deeply in love with Ricky, as she had started calling him, when she WASN’T calling him by the myriad of endearing terms, but, she also wanted to know all about HIS chosen path, of Veterinary Medicine. She peppered him with questions about where he had studied, how long it had taken, and what were the required subjects. He patiently answered them all to the best of his ability. Rick and he, being so close, and together nearly all the time, listened to her questions, and Billy’s answers, which gave him a little insight to the point of her inquiries.She spent nearly every moment with Billy and Ricky. Especially when he went on calls to the surrounding farms and ranches, to see after the livestock. No task was too dirty, or distasteful, to her. She, especially, seemed fascinated by them giving birth, and showed great interest in the process, even willingly reaching INSIDE cattle or horses to “pull’ calves or foals, when it was needed. She, worried that Ricky might misunderstand, made her announcement a few days before she was to graduate High School. He Mom and Dad had been over to visit Billy and Cathy, and the 4 ladies were getting ready to put supper on the table. She had been distracted, and a bit “antsy,” for a good part of the day. Instead of her usual animated and cheerful demeanor, she had been largely silent, as if her mind was elsewhere. So much so that Doris, Cathy, and even Robbi, had checked to see if she had a fever, and asking her how she felt. Several times they had to call her name when they spoke to her. When they asked how she felt, she would simply reply, “Okay.”Doris had seen her like this a few times, but, never to this extent. Pete, Billy, and Rick had gone to take care of dropping off some medicine to a rancher, that was Billy’s newest client. She hadn’t even greeted THEM when they returned. They all were worried about Sue’s self-enforced silence.The family sat down to eat, and Sue looked up at the assembled group. “PLEASE! FORGIVE ME! I have been doing some hard thinking, and it took over for me. I had so much on my mind, that it shut everything else out. I’m VERY sorry I worried you all.” Rick placed his arm around her. “What’s eatin’ ya, Honey?”She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “I want to thank Billy for being so patient with me. You helped me to make up my mind more than you will ever know. I’ve decided to study Veterinary Medicine at college. I can graduate in 6 or so years, and partner with Billy, and have my family all around me. You all know how I love a****ls, and worry over them. Helping them to be healthy will be the best way to show that love. I’m NOT one of these “BOZOS” that think them and people are equals. They have their place, and we have ours. It’s OUR job to take care of them, and NOT let them, OR make them, suffer. Cattle are food on the hoof. Sick a****ls need taken care of, or in some cases, to be put out of their misery. The same with injured critters. I’ve seen livestock, and pets, put down because they were suffering, with no hope of getting better. I’ll have to learn to deal with THAT on my own, so be patient with me.”Pete and Doris were visibly relieved. Cathy and Robbi were smiling yozgat escort at her. “How does it feel to find something that you feel this strong about, Sis?” Robbi asked. Sue quickly answered. “GREAT!!! It feels GREAT!!! I feel like a weight is off of me. Now I got it to do. I know I’ll need loads of help, and I know that YOU are the ones that’ll be there when the shit hits the fan, to keep me on track. That’s just ONE of the reasons I LOVE you all so much.” It suddenly dawned on her, the full truth of what Robbi had said a second ago. “What did you call me a second ago, Robbi?” Robbi and Cathy were both smiling at the girl’s question. Robbi smiled even bigger. “I called you, SIS!!! That’s okay with YOU, ain’t it. After all. You ARE my sister, now, aren’t you?” Sue sprang up and went to hug the girl. “I’m SO happy to have you call me that. I’ve loved you all since I met ya. I thought I knew some great people all my life, but you all are so much more to me. You’ve opened your doors, your lives, and your love to me, and MY family since the first time. We’re proud to call ya kinfolk.”Pete and Doris looked dumbfounded in the first instant. Then tears rolled down both of the older couples cheeks. They were feeling as a part of another family. It warmed them both. Cathy reached over to hug, then kiss Doris, and Billy did the same with Pete. Pete looked at him, surprised. “I never thought going to a Vet over a mare would lead this far. New friends, that become family, and, I STILL hope, a new Son-in-Law. The Lord DOES move in mysterious ways. He looked up to the ceiling, and beyond. “THANK YOU, MASTER, for BLESSING us so MUCH!!! THY WILL BE DONE!!!”Pete asked for, and received permission to say Grace before they ate. He asked forgiveness, and mercy for all that lived, and visited, in this house, and asked that they be watched over, and protected, and shown the paths in their lives. Around the table, every one of them echoed with “AMEN.”They ate lunch and talked, laughing at each other, and themselves, happy to be in a group of people like this. The men went out on the porch, and the women cleaned up the kitchen, done in a few short minutes. They went over to the new house for David and Liz. James and Clara had moved into the Goodrich house, Tod, Betty, and the three k**s, living with them until THEIR house was finished. David and Liz had moved into their new house only last week, and the new house for Tod and Betty, and their family was very near completed. It would be ready in another week to 10 days. A week after the meeting, when Sharon and Betty came home with their new babies, William had dressed and bundled George, and gruffly told Sharon to get dressed. He acted like he was upset with her. She had pondered what she might have done to make him angry. William had loaded them in her car, and drove over, first to the Kelly home, and then to Billy and Cathy’s home. Every time they had the occupants following them, furthering the mystery. The entourage pulled in front of James and Clara’s house. Jerry and Mary’s car was out front, as were Mike and Misti’s pickup. There was one other car that Sharon didn’t recognize. They went and the door opened, Jerry looking stern, was inside. “Come on in. We’ve been waiting for ya. They heard a familiar rumble behind them. It was Bruce’s truck with him and Robbi inside. Even Robbi’s usually happy smile had been replaced with a frown. Sharon was beside herself with worry over what might have happened. They sat her down in a chair at the kitchen table. William went to the head of the table and cleared his throat for attention.”SHARON!!! We have all decided to bring you here to give you a chance to explain yourself. You have failed to fulfill one of the most important things you SHOULD have done, already, but haven’t. WE WANT AN EXPLANATION!!!” Sharon searched her mind escort yozgat for what it might be, coming up cold at every turn. She was nearly in tears. She looked at Liz, then at David, hoping to see something to give her a clue to what was happening to her. The only thing she saw, past the frowns, was her Dad had a tell-tale twinkle in his eye. She looked down. “I..I…I don’t know why you are all so upset with me. WHAT HAVE I DONE or NOT DONE? SOMEBODY. PLEASE TELL ME.” She heard a sound from behind her. There was a man in a Judges robe standing there, smiling back at her. William stepped around to her side. “YOU have failed to keep a promise to me. NOW you have a chance to redeem yourself, and keep that promise. YOU told ME that you would MARRY me. Don’t you think it’s about time to keep that promise?”Relief seemed to pour out of her. She jumped to her feet, first slapping him, then throwing her arms around his neck to hold him with all her strength, and kissing him. “YES! YES! YES!!! I’M READY MY DARLING!!! Dave stepped to their side. “Judge Wilcox is here to take care of my absent-minded little sister. “YOUR HONOR. IF IT PLEASES THE COURT, WOULD YOU COME OVER HERE, PLEASE?”The judge came over, and they all gathered around. The c***dren stood quietly with their parents, listening, sensing that something big was happening. The ceremony was conducted, and the ring that she had put away the night George was born, was produced, and placed on the third finger of her left hand. The judge told William, “You may kiss the bride. What God hath ordained, let no man put asunder. He waited for William to kiss Sharon, then pulled her to him to give her a kiss, also. “It’s been a long time since I kissed such a lovely bride. May you both be forever as happy as you are right now.” He turned to Dave. “Thanks for thinking of me. I appreciate doing this task, instead of the usual tasks. It’s MUCH happier.” He hugged Dave. “See ya at the meeting next week.”The judge was hugged and or kissed by everyone there, and thanked by them for helping them. It was official, now they were Mr. and Mrs. William Kerr. Sharon had laughed at the way they had brought her here. NOW, it was FUNNY! BEFORE, it WASN’T! She had been worried to death. They all admitted that it had been a supreme task NOT to let her know what was going on. It had been planned since the day of George’s birth.Clara shooed the men out of HER kitchen. Liz, Betty, Robbi, and Sue had to finish fixing supper, and Doris and Misti were putting the finishing touches on the spice cake. Misti was giving her her full attention. She had nearly swooned over her first taste of one. Doris had promised to teach her, as long as she used a stool to sit on DURING the lessons, to make several of her cakes. She would teach her other things after the babies were born. She had made Mike promise to bring her to THEIR house after she got out of the hospital. Between Sam, Ben, Pete, Sue, and HER, she, and the babies would be pampered and spoiled to within an inch of their lives. She intended to teach all of them how to properly hen-peck a husband, Dad, and Son-in-Law. Mike had pulled her over and kissed her, and told her that He would be honored to have such a lovely, gracious, and sexy lady teach them. Mike, also that day, had made love with Doris for the first time. It had been earth-shattering for both of them.Sharon had, also, that day, revealed to William that HE was a Father, for his SECOND time. The DNA test had shown that it had been HIM that had made Sharon pregnant. He had been overjoyed. She had been, also, but a bit surprised. During that time, she had been with nearly all of their friends and relatives, NUMEROUS times. Dave most of all, when Carol had been sick. She had offered to be totally faithful to him, and him, alone. He had told her that he wanted NOTHING to change. yozgat escort bayan He enjoyed watching her make love to the others, and hearing her cry out when they made her happy. It was the spice that made it so good with her.The new house for Liz and David had turned out even better than had been hoped for. They had moved in and, with aid from all their friends, had been ready to be occupied on the very first day. All the furniture had come up from Texas, without any mishaps, Not even a scratch. The people that Dave had hired had shown up the next morning, and told the ladies to tell them where each piece of furniture was to be placed, and to otherwise just watch. It had come off like a well-oiled machine. The only thing that had happened, was one of the men had eaten too much, and been sick at his stomach. The women had offered them all treats all during their stay. One couple, had stayed the night with them. All had been invited to stay. The wife was a beautiful Hispanic girl, who was 24, but looked like 15 or 16, and her husband, who looked like a young Fernando Llamas. They had been married a little over a year. She had loved to bend over, giving peeks down her loose peasant blouse, to a pair of beautiful tan breast, unfettered by anything resembling a bra. She had also loved to caress all the men that were around. HE had openly admired all the ladies. Sue, Robbi, and Carol had given him plenty to look at. Carol had worn her short shorts and a halter, and Robbi and Sue had been wearing their bikinis. The strings had been giving them all “trouble” all day. They kept coming untied. All the tops had come untied several times, leaving the wearer nearly topless many times, so they had to ask for assistance in retying them. Robbi and Sue had the same trouble with their bottoms. They would just, for no reason, come untied, giving any who were close, a full, and close-up view of one bald, and one red bushed pussy, and help would be needed to get them retied. Of course, it would have to be held by the hand of the “helper” to keep it in the “proper place” WHILE it was retied. Every one of them got a feel of the two delectable, and VERY wet pussies, and many feels of 3 sets of beautiful boobs. All 3 disappeared several times during the day, escorted by whoever had “helped” them. Carol had worn a pair that had a weak zipper in them. The zipper, in the back, had come down several times, and fallen to her ankles. She also had failed to wear any panties. After Sarah was born, she had let her pubies grow bak, and shaped them to a heart, again. Everyone who saw it thought it was very beautiful, and had to examine it closer. Carol had discovered that the attic was a good place for the “examinations.”NOT to be undone, Clara and Liz had to consult with the men several times over which furniture, or other items needed to be paced, and where. Some times, the consultation lasted for 20 to 30 minutes, leaving both parties red-faced, and out of breath. THEY had been “dressed” as usual. Liz completely naked, and Clara in see-through panties. That night the husband spent the night in Carol’s arms, and the wife was kept busy by Dave. She also took time to visit Tod, and Billy, and Cathy and Sue both enjoyed the company of the husband. They were given the next day off with pay. The others didn’t do much except talk with their employers. At the end, all agreed that this had been their most enjoyable job that they could remember, and were given invitations to return for visits.Graduation Day was Thursday, and Dave figured that the house for Tod and Betty would be ready for them the week after. The women planned a shopping trip with Betty to buy the furniture they would need, along with dishes, pots and pans, and all the other things they would need. The money for the old farm was deposited in a new bank, and their accounts in Texas were transferred to the new account. A check was cut to pay William back for all but a small amount of the loan he had made to them, which he told them was a House-warming gift. The ranch was renamed the Rocking CB Ranch. They were home once again.

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