Mt Daily Walk


Mt Daily WalkMy Daily WalkI try to get out of the house daily for a walk. I have several routes, depending on how the weather is, and how I feel, I am out for about an hour to two hours. To make things better for me I carry some dog biscuits. I would rather have a dog as a friend, than one that would like to bite my balls off for a snack. Also I always ask if I can give a treat to the dog, and this usually starts a small conversation, and I like that. I know almost every dog owner, men and women, and a couple of k**s, and their dogs know me as the treat man.There is a lady that walks her dogs daily, and we have become acquainted over the past 5 or so years, enough to chat for half hour, or so. I have learned a lot about her, and she has learned a lot about me. As I am in my 70’s, and retired, people seem comfortable with me, and I am ok with that. This particular lady is close to 60, I would guess. Her husband does not walk the dogs, that seems to be her job. She used to run, a lot, but doesn’t seem to do that anymore, just walks the dogs. She has a decent figure, nice big breasts kinda of a waist, and wide hips, he has had 2 c***dren, but has somewhat thick thighs, in other words, like almost every other woman in the early 60’s age group. So after all the time has passed, we seem to be very comfortable with our relationship.So one day in the summer, I was in the front yard raking the flower bed, and her she comes with the dogs, I asked her to wait, and got some treats for the dogs. We started chatting, when I could not keep my eyes off her crotch. There it was a nice plump camel toe!, She had on a pair of yoga pants that were really tight, I mean skin tight! The vee of her pubic mound, and it was big, was so divided by the slit in the middle, it just captured my eyes. So here I am, eyes glued to the crotch, trying to keep some sort of eye contact, but failing miserable. After about 5 minuets of this embarrassment, we parted. So I did have to watch her walk away, paying attention to the plump cheeks of her butt, My cock liked it! And my imagination had a field day! I did feel a bit like a dirty old man, but what the hell, I saw what I liked, and I liked what I saw, no problem.A couple of days later, I saw her while I was walking, and as we neared, I saw she had on the same type of pants, only these were a yellow color, and she did not have on a bra. Her nipples looked to be the size of a dime, and sticking out against the fabric, leaving little to the imagination, and the breasts were swaying back and forth, it was quite the sight! As we got close enough to speak, she said “hi, good to see you, the dogs have been in a rush to get to your house”. I replied “hi, bilecik escort is it ok to give them a snack”? “Of course, they look like they are starving”, “yea, like they are starving for cookies”! As I bent down to give a treat to each one of them, she was talking on an on, she was so lonely, or so it seemed. Thats when I got a good look at the new camel toe, and it was spectacular. Something about yellow, it seemed as though I could see right through the material, and see the slit in the vagina, wow it was really visible. Could have just been my imagination, but the lips looked swollen. Had to be my imagination.After I finished with the dogs, I stood, and said “what a nice day for a walk, everyone should have days like this all the time”. “Yes”, she said, “and every good dog deserves a treat from you”. We both laughed at that one, but here I go, again, not making good eye contact, and who could blame me. Big ole bra less tits, and a camel toe to die for, sunny day, and a dirty old man…..We talked a lot that day, and for what ever reason, I said “yellow looks good on you, and I like your shirt, yellow and light blue are your colors”. Why would I say that, I am not a pervert, but something just got the better of me at that time. She replied, in a curious voice “why do you like my blouse and yoga pants”?Busted was all I could think, busted and soon to be labeled as a perverted old man to be kept away from at all costs. I replied “Sorry, I don’t mean anything by that comment, it just came out wrong, I apologize for any misunderstanding”. “No offense taken, but please just say what is on your mind, I mean what ever is ok with me, I’m a big girl, so please tell me what you like about my colors”. “Are you sure I wont offend you”? “No”, she said “it’s kinds flattering to have a man say, those colors look good on me, so please speak what is on your mind”. I replied “ok, but just don’t slap me”, “the pants are really snug, snug enough to make me want to stare, and your shirt is really loose, making my mind wander, and exciting me all over”. “So now I guess you will just walk away and tell everyone I am just a dirty old man, and I guess I may very well be, but in any event you look lovely”. She replied “Thats the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a very long time, thanks you just made my day”. I replies “whew I thought you would slap me and walk away and I’d never get to talk with you or feed the dogs again, and I do like both opportunities, thanks”.She then said, “ok tomorrow I will be in your neighborhood around 1:00 pm, see you then”? I replied “yes see you tomorrow”. Well, tomorrow came, and went, no lady with the dogs, as did the next, and next, and escort bilecik the next several days, no lady with dogs. I had thought I must have really pissed her off, and that was too bad, as she was a lot of fun to chat with, and her dogs really liked me. The dogs were small, mixed breed, but really nice, I would miss them, but thats the way it goes, sometimes.About 10 days later, as I was wheeling the yard wast bin out for pick-up, there she is, and the dogs tails were wagging furiously. “Hi”, she says, I replied “hi yourself, how are you doing”? “Fine” she said and then “sorry I missed you had to go out of town and just got back yesterday, hope I didn’t offend you”, “no I figured it was something that came up, but good to see you and the furry friends”. I said “I’ll be right back gotta get some treats for my buddies”, I was wearing some old athletic shorts, about the size of boxers without the fly in front, and an old pullover shirt, socks and sandals, my usual dress for yard work, but this day I was not wearing under pants, I like to do that on occasion, makes me feel loose and sexy in the 80 degree weather, after getting back I broke the biscuits and fed each dog, and upon standing I caught her eyes on my crotch. Sometimes my penis, in the flaccid state pokes out the front of my shorts, hmmm what was she seeing?She said “what a nice back yard, the tree looks beautiful”, I asked “if you have some time would you like to take a closer look”? “yes I have lots of time and would love a tour”. So we walked around, and my gardens are really nice, a lot of variety, and a lot in bloom, the dogs loved the new smells and all. And she had on the tight yoga pants, only these were white, and was bra less, as before only now the nipples were stiff and pointed out, all the more erotic. When she saw the greenhouse, she asked if that was where I started all these plants, and asked if we could go inside. “Of course we can, it is a bit warmer in there but I can turn on the fan, that usually cools it down a bit, and if you want, let the dogs loose, there is nothing they can hurt’.Once in the greenhouse she said “this is really nice, I bet you are out here all winter”, “yes I do spend a lot of time here, and am glad you like it”, then she said “mind if I make a comment about what you said at out last chat”? “No go ahead”. I thought this was the end, but she said “I don’t get many compliments anymore, and I had thought age had caught up to me and I was un-attractive, but you mad me feel really good, so thank you, and if I may, your shorts look a bit tight, but thats ok with me, please don’t be offended”. “Not at all, like you I like to be noticed as well, and you look really bilecik escort bayan hot today, thanks ofr not wearing a bra, and the white pants are exceptionally sexy”. My cock began to grow, in spite of my efforts to stop the growth, her eyes dropped to my crotch, and a smile began to grow on her lips, she said “I see you do like my clothing, or is it whats under neath”? “Both and thanks this is almost too much, but I cant control my little man, as you can see”.With that she reached my waistband and pulled the elastic band open, revealing my now growing, uncircumcised old cock. Wow she was really looking at my old 70 year plus cock! With that I asked “do you mind”? And I reached both hands to her tits, each hand cupping those softball sized beauties. She said “no, please help your self”, and then she pulled the top over her head revealing those beauties, and I gripped them ever so softly. And I got the nerve to lean over and suckle the nipples, her hand gripped my cock and began to squeeze by now fully erect cock. A quick wiggle and my shorts were around my ankles, and her other had was cupping my balls. I raised up after suckling each nipple, faced her and we kissed, her tongue probing my mouth, my tongue probing back, and her hand was stroking my cock, raising that old familiar feeling of cumming soon! We parted, and with a smile she said “thats a nice penis, it feels so silky and hard, and I feel some wetness at the tip”! She then stepped very close and holding my cock to her crotch, spread the legs and slid my cock between them and squeezed it next to her vagina. She humped my cock, as we kissed again, her tongue darting in, fully to the back if my throat, her hips humping my cock, I shot my load of old watery cum, 2 squirts then it just oozes out and she kept on humping, draining the entire load in her crotch. That yoga pant material is really slick, almost like a good fuck or blow job, we just stayed in that embrace while she got her orgasm over.It was a bit awkward, me saying “sorry I didn’t mean for this to happen, but I really did like it, I hope you did also”, “yes I did like it, but please don’t say anything to anyone, I don’t want this to get back to my husband”. “No problem here, and I didn’t mean to cum so quickly, you really are a lovely creature, and deserve a better treatment”. With that I found an old towel I use for drying my hands, and gave it to her to wipe the cum off her crotch, which she did. Then pulling her top on, and I pulled up my shorts, she said “I guess we should get the dogs, so I can continue the walk”. I replied “yes of course, and I want you to know discretion is best, but I did like that, and perhaps we can try this again, at least I would like that”. She said “yes, and next time it should be better, at least I hope so”. With that she left with the dogs and a small wet spot on the back of her butt.This lady and I continued our trysts for several years…….

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