Ms. Marca Ch. 43

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Marca walked over to her closet and picked out something sexy to wear. With her tall 5’10” and thin 140-lb. figure, Marca had an assortment of clothes that showed off her legs and ass. Her breasts were the thing that made men turn and look at her a pair of 40DD and her nipples were large and sensitive enough to make her cum just by sucking on them. Marca picked out a long black skirt, with a thigh-high slit up one side and a black blouse to wear over her matching black bra and thong. Once finished getting dressed, Marca again appraised herself in the mirror. ‘No, not too bad at all,’ she again thought to herself, grabbed her keys and headed out to meet with Ted.

Ted was the new hunk she had a date with and as popular as she was with the boys she had a different date any night she wanted. At 18 she had any man she wanted and she was getting to make it more with older men than she was with boys her age. Ted had picked her up and they went to the movies and to a friend of Ted’s who had an apartment that they could use for an hour or so. It was a school night and she had to be home by 11 PM. It seems that one of Ted’s friends had the same idea and first come first serve for the apartment. So much for a good fuck in a bed have to do it in my driveway and besides it is getting late got to get home.

When we drove up the front porch light was on and she and her mother had a deal no light on unless something was wrong. “Ted I better go in something is not right inside!” When she got inside her mother explained that Linda Johnson who lived across the street from us had got a call that her father had a heart attack and that she had to go to him. The Johnson’s had twin boy’s 6 years old and I had baby-sat for them many times since the boys were a few weeks old. Mr. Johnson was on his way home from a business trip and did not know about her having to go to her father. She had a 4-hour drive and my mother agreed to keep the boys and let her husband know what was going on.

It was about 10:30 and she had not been gone more than 30 minutes and had to wake the boys and bring them over to our place. I told my mother I’ll take them home let them sleep in there bed and I’ll wait up for Mr. Johnson and tell him what happen. If he is real late getting in I’ll spend the night with the twins, which I had many times over the years when I did set for them. It was after 11 when I got the boys to bed and they had school the next day and so did I and I was ready for bed and went to the guest bedroom to sleep.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson were a young couple who were making it big time in the world, the All-American family. Linda Johnson was a short blond with a nice body and had a smile on her face all the time. At 28/30 she had made a home for her 2 boys and they were the center of her world. She went back to work for a CPA firm when the boys turned 5 and started to grade K. Mr. Johnson was 35/38 and a Vice President of a Fortune 500 company and was on his way to big things. He was always gone from home but when he was home he spent all his time with the family and he never gave me that look of lust and sex, that was not what made his world go around. He was not a dirty old man. At 35/38 he was a hunk, tall will built like a football player and had eyes to die for.

His wife had left a note telling him about the problem with her father and that the boys were at our house and she would call him when she got to her fathers place. I had put a second note down telling Mr. Johnson that I had brought the boys home so that they would feel better being in their on bed and that I was staying over and I would get them ready for school. Everything was under control if I could not handle it my mother could. If you need me I’m in the guest bedroom. It was after 1 AM when he pulled into the drive, later I found out he had been delayed due to weather coming out of New York and so what is new, happens all the time.

I had gone to bed wearing my baby doll white night thing; this was a pair of cotton white bikini panties and a white with pink flowers low cut top. The top just did cover my panties, but when I was lying in bed the top would ride up and expose my panties and my lower stomach and my full breast showed though the lightweight material. My nipples were coming though as if nothing was hiding them. I had pulled the sheet up over my lower body and had fallen a sleep when I heard the backdoor open and I sat up to listen to make sure it was Mr. Johnson. You can always tell if someone is in a house konyaaltı escort that they know by the way they are move around in it. It did not take but a minute to know it was he.

I laid my head back down and not thinking I had kicked the sheet off me to where it was just covering my feet. I could hear him coming up the stairs and I lay in the darkness to see if he would stop at my room knowing he would look in on the boys. I had open the curtains in the room to where the moonlight was coming in and it was falling on the bed to where only my head was in darkness, the rest of my body was bathed in moonlight. I was on my back and looking up at the door and I heard him walk by, but than he stop and came back and I heard the doorknob turn. A gentle smile played across my lips as I kept my eyes half-closed and heard him enter looking into the room at me.

My left legs was straight and my right legs was cocked and bent under my left, but my panties and crouch area was exposed. My breast were covered but with my size they were like mounds covered with a white cloth and my nipples went hard and I knew the light of the moon made them visible. He could not see my eyes since my face was in darkness and I could see him looking at me and I saw him put his hand to his face and wipe his chin as if he was wiping sweat off. Acting as if I were asleep I moved my right hand from my midsection to the top of my panties and rubbed/scratched as if I had an itch while I was asleep. I heard him mumble in a low voice as if not to wake anyone “Oh shit!” With that he turned closed the door and went toward the boy’s room to see about them.

I knew he had seen my body and he was aroused by what he saw, I wanted him to see more I wanted to make him get hard or should I say harder. But he had closed the door and gone on about his duties, this was not one of the other guys on the block, will I tried. I had made myself horny thinking about him looking at me and what he might do to my body and I was getting wet with each sexual though I had. I sat up in bed and pulled off my top and slipped my panties off and dropped them on the chair in the corner of the room and felt my wet love hole as I prepared to finger myself.

Suddenly I realized that I was thinking of him or some guy and about to have a climax and the way my fingers were working my pussy. Oh my god, I’m going to go off and in a low voice half whisper I said “Oh God I love masturbating!” How nasty can I get but I was horny. My heart pounded and the excitement spread all over my naked body. And the more excited I became the more my finger slid deeply and slowly in and out of my wet hot pussy. I was getting near a second mini climax and closed my eyes and than I heard a distant sound. I open my eyes, Oh god, he was looking right at me, my pussy and my finger was going inside it! I briefly gained control of myself and removed my hand, but to my amazement my finger traced quickly up to my mouth and inserted itself there.

I froze and did not move only the sound of my heavy breathing could be heard in the moon filled room. As he shut the door, our eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room. Just the light from the moon was falling across my body and I could see my tan golden skin make the room glow as if he had turned on a night-light. “Oh my God Marca you’re so beautiful your body is like a goddess. Only the moon and your skin is lighting the room. ” I held out my hand and said in a whisper tone, “If you touch me I will make the room seem like the 4th of July and I know I can make you see fireworks and we both will feel the explosion within each of us.”

I gently parted my legs so he could get at me and he moaned. His finger slipped inside my pussy, and I let out a soft whimper. I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to eat my pussy before he fucked me. I tingled from my belly to my knees when he replied that ever since he had seem me for the first time he’d wondered what I tasted like. “Oh yes suck them!” I moaned as Johnson’s mouth went to my right hard nipple, sucking it into his mouth, his teeth biting it hard.

I smiled as pain and pleasure raced across my tits. Suddenly my left breasts was being kissed with hot, wet lips. His tongue swirled around the nipple teasingly, doing everything that I wanted an man to do. I tried to push up for him to take more of it into his sucking lips. It seemed as if his mouth was glued to my nipple and his mouth was where it belonged. I writhed in agony beneath him, my fingertips kültür escort digging into his back, my legs spreading wider.

He fondled my breasts, then began kissing his way down to my pussy. While his hands gently caressed my hips and ass, his lips and tongue worked on my thighs and pussy. Moving slowly toward my inner lips. Finally, his tongue opened me, and he began to lick my pussy. I spread my legs farther, offering my entire pussy to his mouth. I never feel so beautiful as when a man’s face is between my legs.

This is what I had wanted, needed, long for not just today, but I wanted this from each man I have.. This is what I need in my life. A man, not a boy, with experience! A man who would not over look my sexual needs, my sexy attitude. My hands quickly went to Johnson’s crotch, rubbing the bulge that I met there. “Oh you are so hard you must need me as bad as I need you!”

“Don’t fucking tease me, take it out now,” Johnson demanded, my hard, wet nipple popping from his mouth as I reached for more of his hard member..

I deftly unbuckled Johnson’s pants and within seconds his giant 10″ cock sprang into the air between their bodies. “Oh my God, Mr. Johnson,” my hand froze on his hard cock as my hand began sliding along his massive shaft. “It’s bigger than Mr. Larson’s ” I grinned at him, as I began lowering myself to the floor on my knees in front of Johnson.

“Bigger than Mr. Larson’s! You fucked him! My God who all have you fucked?”

“Mr. Johnson please keep your voice down you will wake the boys.” I raised up and kissed him on the cheek and whispered to him, “Just a few of the men on the block, not all, not you or old man Harris. Mr. Harris is 72 and I don’t think he can get hard. I read in my biology book that a guy can’t get an erection after they get old and he is old. I haven’t fucked Mr. Wise and I don’t think I want to he is a slim ball. If you ever look real close he has that fat belly and I know his cock can’t be much more than 5 inches and that is not going to do me any good. I don’t fuck unless I’m getting a thrill and he want give any woman a thrill.”

“You can give me a thrill and I know I can make you feel good.” I wasn’t sure if I had hold of his cock or a snake. Whatever it was, it was big and it was moving! I stood up turned around and offered my tan ass to him as I opened my legs nice and wide then bent forward resting my hands on the bed. I looked back at him as he stood up, I said “Put it in me, slide it in” I could feel him behind me. This position was wonderful, he moved himself right up behind me, and I felt his cock sliding around my ass crack as it looked for my love hole in the dark. “Oh God Mr. Johnson, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Damn you’re big! Give it to me, his thick hard member slipped in and went all the way to the full 10 inches he had to fill me like I had not been filled before. Fuuuucccckkkk me, Oh fuuuccckkkk mmmmmeeeee”

I shoved back at him fucking his cock for every inch he had. I was grunting, and moaning, he was huffing and puffing. I kept building and building. “Oh God, Give it to me, Fuuuucccckkkk me, Oh fuuuccckkkk mmmmmeeeee Harder, faster. I love your cock, it is so fucking big, it is so fucking hard, so fucking goooooood, give it to meeeee, give it to meeeee!” I reached back between my legs and with my left hand I took hold of his balls. With my right hand I grabbed my breasts and began pinching my nipples. “Please Oh Yes, Yes This Is So Goooooood!” Johnson began sliding his cock in and out of my wet pussy with hard and fast strokes. His hands gripped my round ass, his fingers digging into my flesh as he pounded and rode my full round ass. “You’re pussy my God it is so tight, I love it oh your good!” Johnson groaned. “Do you like this, Marca?” Johnson asked.

“Mmmm hmmm,” I moaned in response, my own body now moving back to meet Johnson’s thrusts. “God yes I love sex, I love to fuck!”

“Marca I’m going to cum, Oh baby I’m going to!” I warned him to shoot it deep.

“Do it.. fill up my pussy, I want to feel you’re cum deep in my pussy!” I looked back to see his face tilted back and his eyes closed and the strain on his face told me he was going to pop his nut I groaned as I continued to buck my hips back against him.

“Marca I can’t hold off any longer.”

“Give it to me Fuck me, Do it!” Than he went off it was like a garden hose going off in me, damn! “Oh my god. I can feel you’re cum in me.. it’s incredible. I’m cumming again!! Yeesss!” I had one markantalya escort more major orgasm and pushed my ass back against him trying to get more of that big rod in me to feel it even deeper. Mr. Johnson slipped out of me and fell to the bed on his back as he did his still somewhat stiff cock waved and flopped from side to side as he went down. It was if he had just run a marathon.

I reached over and kissed him on the cheek and said. “That was good, I’ll check the boys to make sure they are a sleep, you get your second wind!” When I got back to the room he was gone and figured he went to Pee, I sure needed to, hell I have to Pee every 2 or 3 hours no matter what I’m doing. When he did not come back I went to his room and saw he was on the phone and he waved me away. I knew he was talking to his wife, so I went back to my room and cleaned my pussy in the bath and was ready to call it a night when he was back at the door.

“Marca we got to talk!” I put my hand up like a stop sign and looked at him with a look of disgust on my face. “Oh Mr. Johnson you married men don’t need to get upset. Your wife is not going to know anything about tonight unless you tell her.”

“If you want me to I’ll go home and come back for the boys in the morning!” As I lifted myself up he looked at me and said “Marca I have never done anything like this with anyone but my wife and I’m still trying to reason why I did what I just did.”

Standing looking at him eye to eye and with my hands on my hips and one leg cocked to give that sexy pose (model thing) I said to him in a stead but firm voice. “Mr. Johnson, I think I had a lot to do with it, if I’m not the main reason why you made love to me, than why is it you can’t keep your eyes off my nipples and oh yes, your cock is getting hard again!”

“Damn you young lady don’t you get smart with me and try and change the subject!”

“It looks like your cock and me are on the same subject, you’re the one that is trying to talk yourself out having more of my ass and don’t go trying to tell me your not thinking how you want me to suck your cock again. I think your cock and I are going to win and I’m going to fuck you this time, my turn to please you.”

“Shit Marca you act like a grown woman how do you know so much?”

“I watch a lot of daytime TV, the soaps teach you how to get a guy in bed, but fucking him, will I think that just comes with practice.”

I laid back down on the bed on my side and pulled one of the pillows up next to me and patted it and looked at him to come lay beside me. He sat down on the bed and looked at me and than said I better look in on the boys. I put my hand on his arm and said, “Iv done that just close the door and come lay next to me we don’t have to make love.”

You hunk if you get in this bed with me again your balls are mine. He just closed the door and came back to the bed and sat down and said, ” all we are going to do is talk young lady.”

“Sure Mr. Johnson anything you say.” My ass, if we don’t fuck the sun want come up in the morning.

“Marca just who all have you been to bed with and how many guys have you dated, I mean how..ahh!” I looked at him and said does it matter that much, if you must know, let me see. “Over the past few months I’ve fucked about 20 or 25 guys here and there, mostly guys from school or guys I meet at the mall when I model. Most of the time I just have one date with them, I guess they call that a one-night stands, but I got to be in by 1 AM on the weekend so it is more like a half a night stand.”

“You know you’re the first man Iv spent the night with, will we still have a few hours to go but I think I can say Mr. Johnson was my first all nighter.” As I said that my hand touched his stomach as I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and held my face near his so that he could react back with a kiss to my lips. I had to let him make that first move, what me trying to get his cock hard, not me. He moved his face to my lips and kissed me open mouth and I felt his hand go to my breast.

Johnson your dead man walking. As he rolled over on me my hand went to his cock and it did not need any help from me to get hard, this man was on his way to round 2. In my mind I remembered that old tune my grandfather would sing when he was happy.

HAPPY DAY’S ARE HERE AGAIN.. Mr. Johnson your going to shot a load again…da da de da…happy days are here againnnnn..

I’ll be damn the sun did come up the next morning.

In fact I was a real good neighbor I spent the next night with the boys, they missed their mother so.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time with them until graduating from high school and moving away to college. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN…

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