Movie Night

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You’re so happy I’m finally 18 and have my own car. Even though we are only 3 months apart, now things are different. I pick you up but then I decide to blindfold you. You oblige, figuring that I have a surprise in store. Oh, how right you are. I drive to the theater at a time I know it’ll be relatively empty. When we park, you ask if you can take off the blindfold. I giggle n say not quite yet. We enter the theater n get to the ticket counter. I ask the guy at the counter for two tickets and he just grins at us.

You’re still blindfolded as I lead you to the show room and find seats in the back. I was correct in guessing no one would be here this time of day. You’ve been holding on to me as I guide you but now you hold my arm, stop me, smack my ass then sit with a satisfied smile, though you’re still blindfolded. I straddle you in the seat n remove your blindfold. You have a panicked look and say, “Babe you can’t do that in a theater.”

I reply, “In this kinda theater I can.” Then I kiss you before you can process what I just said. We kiss ravenously for a few mins and then u pull away n ask,

“What kinda theater are we at…?” To which I reply, “A fun one…” You look at me with amazement in your eyes and ask,

“How did I manage to get such a naughty girl?” The gleam in your eye turns wicked at the word naughty.

“Idk babe, it’s your fault”, I say back and stick out my tongue at you. You chuckle and hold me close but say, “Well then shouldn’t we appreciate the show?”

“Nope!” I say and then kiss you again.

This time, knowing we are safe, you let your hands make their way up to and under my tshirt to play with my boobs through my bra. I wiggle on you, already feeling your cock begin to stiffen and I love knowing that I caused it. You let out a low growl in my ear and rip my shirt off me, then unsnap my bra, quickly and efficiently so I don’t even realize it just happened.

“Babe!! We’re in public!!” I say to you while trying to cover bahis firmaları my huge breasts. You shake your head and say,

“This was your idea. My rules now. Cuz I know you want me to play with you don’t you? That’s why you brought me here, isn’t it, my little sub? You wanted me to take you in a public place, didn’t you, you little slut?” Then you kiss me and yank my nipples and I moan. You smile and say, “That’s what I thought.”

U lean me down so I’m basically laying on the two theater chairs with you leaning above me. kissing me and playing with me. I arch my body, letting you know that I need attention lower too. You shake your head, not quite yet. I pout and you softly bite my bottom lip.

“Mmmm” I say. You move your lips down to my neck, nibbling here and there. You get to my boobs and begin suckling one and twisting the nipple of the other in between your thumb and pointer finger. I lean into you as you alternate between breasts. I try to grip your head to my breasts but you say menacingly,

“No. I’m in control. You don’t get to decide.”

I whimper as u remove your mouth from me chest. “Get on your knees”, you say. I do so, kneeling in front of you. You say, “Now to put all those hours on church kneelers to use, shall we?” You remove your prick from your pants and put it in front of me. It’s erect and must be at least 8 inches. I stare at it a second before popping the head into my mouth. Gently sucking and jacking off the part closer to your balls. I take it out of my mouth and slowly, languidly, run my tongue along the length of your shaft.

You let out a moan as my tongue flicks the underside of your head. You grab the back of my head and push your head against my lips, which I open to accept you. My tongue laps at your dick in my mouth as you thrust into my face. I try and keep jacking you off while I suck as much as I can, but the feeling takes over you and you shove more of your length into my mouth, down my wet tight throat. I gag a bit at kaçak iddaa first but you don’t let up and I get used to breathing through my nose. You fuck my face and reach down to pinch my tits once or twice. When you do this, I moan around your cock in my mouth and you love how the vibrations feel. I notice your cock twitched when I moaned, so I began to hum lightly as I sucked on u.

This continued feeling made you feel your balls about to burst. You jam it as far down my throat as you can and let loose your load into my throat. I try to swallow it all, but am having a hard time because of the lack of space in my throat, so some cum dribbles out the corners of my mouth and down my face. You’re still spewing when you pull out from my mouth, so the last bits of cum spurt on my face, neck, hair, and then dribble down to my tits. You wipe the tip of your head all around each breast, coating them in your juices till they glisten. You smooth my hair and say, “That was great babe.”

I smile at you and stand up, prepared to take my seat next to you. Instead, you pull down my skirt and panties in one swift movement, so I have no choice but to either trip or step out of them. I step out of them then you pat your lap, ready for me to sit on. I figure it’s relatively safe, seeing as your mostly limp now from the load you just blew, so I take a seat in your lap. You kiss the side of my neck and nibble my earlobes while playing with my moistened and now rehardening tits.

I lean back into you as your hand snakes down my body to reach my waiting pussy. You trace the outside of my thighs close to my crotch, ever so lightly, as you know I’m sensitive there. I wiggle, trying to make you satisfy me. For once, you’re merciful and you stick one finger in, your thumb seeking and circling my clit. I gasp at the contact and you shove first one then another finger inside my now soaked pussy. You kiss my neck and shush me. I wiggle, trying to get your fingers deeper in me and u oblige.

I’m so kaçak bahis lost in feeling my pleasure I don’t notice my wiggling has started to harden your dick again. You however, notice only too well what’s happening and also how I’m in that lost, blissful state by now. You pinch my butt and it causes me to jump a little in your lap, and as it does, your cock readjusts itself so that it’s poised against my pussy lips. You’re still fingering me, so I don’t notice anything amiss till you take your fingers out and shove them in my mouth. I suck my juices off you and you then pinch both my nipples in each hand and bring them up. I raise myself to try and ease the pain, just as you knew I would.

My movement has you perfectly positioned to enter me and when I sit back down I feel your head go in me. I turn to look at you in shock and you just smile and say, “Surprise!” The feeling of you filling me up is amazing and as you tease my tits again I get lost in feeling and start to rock on your dick, back and forth. Once you see that I’m used to you in me, you begin to thrust into me, wanting to get your now hard cock off in my sweet tight pussy. You tell me to grab the seat in front of us so I do and it gives you better leverage to plunge into me. I moan as you fuck me harder and play with my nipples and clit at the same time. I feel myself approaching an orgasm and you know it, as my pussy walls clench ur cock.

As I scream and spill my juices onto your cock, your balls let loose again, and my pussy milks you for all you’re worth. You continue to thrust until you’re sure every last drop is out. I then, knowing what you want, kneel again and clean our cum off ur dick. When I finish, you kiss me for a minute then whisper, “That’s a good little cum slut. Doesn’t even have to be told to suck cock anymore.”

U kiss my forehead and tell me to get dressed, which I do as you tuck your limp member away. You pat your lap again and I sit, fully clothed, so we can watch the remainder of this movie, and though some parts make us get a little hot again, clothes remain on until the movie’s over. We walk out of the theater hand in hand as I drive you back to your place so we can discuss the movie more in depth…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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