Mounted Up

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Another month had gone by and I found myself laying in bed next to you inside the small cabin that we had gotten used to sharing. You were laying on your back, I was laying on my side. As usual I was tracing my fingers along your soft tan arm from your elbow up to your collar bone and back down. Occasionally I would circle up past your ear. We talked about this and that for a while and just enjoyed each others company. Slowly over time I moved closer and closer to you. Eventually you turned on your side also and pressed your back against me. Touching your body had made me aroused and my cock hard pressed firmly against your ass.

Our small talk eventually became less and less while my fingers traced more and more of your body. A few times I grabbed your hips and pulled your ass towards me. My hands were under the sheets but occasionally they would be lifted just enough that I’d get a view of your pert ass and sexy hips. I ran my fingers back up your body to your arms and then bravely across your breasts. I stopped briefly to cup each one in my large warm hands and to gently pinch your nipples. With my hands on your assets I gently kissed your shoulder and worked my way to your neck and back. I love the way you smell and feel against me.

Without warning you roll over onto your stomach. I continue running my hands over your body from your ass up to your neck. That’s when I noticed you looking into my eyes. You didn’t say anything but I could tell by the way you looked at me and then looked down, you wanted me to climb on top of you. I moved the sheets out of the way and quickly mounted you. My firm penis lay directly on your ass between your gorgeous checks. I massaged you for a bit, working on your lower back and then your shoulders but all I could think about bahis firmaları the whole time was fucking you. I know you felt the same way cause you kept forcing your ass up and at me.

Eventually, I reached down and grab my cock in my hand. You arched your back a bit as if to beg me to put it inside you. Your ass looked incredible and between your ass I could see your sweet pussy lips just looking to be spread apart. I placed the tip between them and coated it in your warm wet juices. Back and forth, up and down over your hole. Then with one hand I held onto your hips and with the other I guided myself inside. One pump and then I forced myself all the way in. I bent forward and gently kissed your neck while I crammed all of my cock into you. Slowly I built up a pace, you felt incredible.

Both of my hands were now at your hips and our pace had slowed a bit but my thrusts were crashing over you like waves. I forcefully grabbed you and rammed into your behind as hard as I could. Over and over again. I could hear soft moans coming from your mouth. Momentarily, I released my grip from your right hip and with more force than usual I gave your ass a firm spanking. Quietly you let out “Is that all?” Undeterred, again I slapped your ass even harder this time. I could see the red outline of my hand on your ass now.

I put my hand back down on the small of your back forcing you against the bed while my cock penetrated you again and again. My other hand let go of your hips and found a large handful of hair and pulled your head back while you took your fucking. I thought about cumming inside you right then and there but I had other ideas as well. I was enjoying you being my little sex slave though. You felt so tight when I drove my shaft into you. Eventually though, I kaçak iddaa let go of your hair and with one finally firm thrust into you I rolled off and onto my back.

You lay there for a moment as if to collect your thoughts after being fucked so hard before rolling onto your side facing me. We still didn’t speak. This time it was me catching your eye and looking downward. You rolled over again, only this time it was to straddle me. Your wet pussy pressed against my cock which spread your lips open. You lay down against me, chest to chest. My hands ran over your back and pressed you into me. We both caught our breath and then you sat up slightly. You reached between your legs and grabbed my penis to place the tip into you again. Then you preceded to sit down on it, taking it all back into you. By this time my hands were on your hips as you started to gradually grind into me.

There is nothing as sexy as watching you grind your clit against my pelvis and your breasts heaving up and down. Mentally, the thought of my cock being buried inside you is such a turn on. Gradually your pace quickens and I can tell my hands on your hips don’t need to be there so I reach up and cup your breasts again. My fingers pinch your nipples with a bit more force than they were earlier. You ride me back and forth, over and over again. I can feel your juices on my balls and between your legs and I love every second of it.

You lean forward again and I have a little room to thrust so my hands naturally move back to your hips. I hold your hips and pump in and out of you. Even when I ram firmly into you, you never complain. After a minute or so of that I let go of your hips and without warning give you a very firm slap on the ass. It seems to catch you off guard but you quickly sit back kaçak bahis up and start to ride my dick again. I can tell your pace has picked up. My hands are above your hips and you move faster and faster. Suddenly you stop and fall onto my chest. I can feel your body shudder and your pussy drench my cock in your juices. I hold still and wrap my arms around you to pull you against me until your orgasm subsides.

We lay there for a few, my firm shaft still buried between your legs. Eventually you roll over onto your back and manage to mutter, “just give me a minute”. But I have an idea… Your eyes are closed and you’re still catching your breath when I get up onto my knees. You still don’t open your eyes though, even with the movement of the bed. I climb to your head and grab my wet cock in my right hand and place it over your lips. A small bead of pre-cum glistens as I dab it onto your lips. I begin to stroke my cock in my hand. The tip just barely touches your lips. You still don’t open your eyes even as I reach down with my other hand to cup your breast. I can tell what you want though. The exhausted look on your face hides a very slight smirk and your enjoyment at what’s about to happen. The site of you laying there is too much for me.

My pace quickens and I can feel the cum start to build at the base of my cock. I stroke it a few more times and the warm, wet, white stream comes flying out. Half of it coats your lips and the other half flies onto the sheets. The second shot is a bit slower but there is more of it and it completely glues your mouth shot. By the third you’ve opened your lips and taken the tip in your mouth. Your cum covered lips suck the rest down quickly. The look on your face almost makes me come again.

Finally I collapse back on the bed. You lay there, cum still on your lips and drizzling down your check. Incredible, I think to myself… But I’m a insatiable man and I know that when I catch my breath I’m going to make it a point to fill your pussy too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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