Mother in law


Mother in lawOk, I have to finally tell this story. Twenty years into my first marriage I developed a strong attraction for my mother in law. My wife’s parents went through a nasty prolonged divorce 5 years earlier. She was a very attractive sexy woman in her late 50’s. Great set of tits, and fantastic ass. And damn do I love those big full hips on a woman. My wife noticed and gave me a lot of shit about flirting with her mom. However it seemed her mom never even paid attention to me so I didn’t think about it much. She also never paid attention to any man. She did not date at all. My wife prodded her and tried to set her up with different men but she had no interest. One cold day my wife called me at work and asked me to swing by her mom’s before coming home and check out her hot water heater. She had no hot water and couldn’t get a repairman until the next day. I arrived at her mom’s and proceeded to see what was up. It was simple, the pilot had gone out. So there I was laying on the utility room floor, relighting the hot water heater and her mom, Brit, came in to see if she could assist. She stood almost over me and when I looked up from the heater, I could see all the way up to her very skimpy panties. Holy fuck! Her fine big meaty camel toe was looking right down at me. And those ass cheeks looked delicious. I have to say it made me a little nervous. So I let the pilot go out several times, and kept asking her sincan escort questions so she wouldn’t leave. I could feel my cock growing in my trousers. Finally the pilot was lit and the heater kicked on. She was very pleased and helped me get up. She said “thank you, thank you, thank you” and hugged my neck and gave me a little kiss, on the lips. That was new. Back in the kitchen she got me a beer and poured it into a frozen mug. I told her I needed to stay a while and make sure it stays on and the water gets hot. She nodded at my dick bulge and said “looks like something got you hot already”. I said “well, I’ll have to admit, I was kind of looking up your skirt in there”. She replied “and you like what you saw?”. I answered “oh yeah! very much!” She chuckled and walked over to the sink and began washing dishes. I was staring at her ass wiggling under that skirt and something hit me. I walked over to her, put my arms around her waist, pressed my hard dick up against her butt and kissed her neck. She stopped and dried her hands off and let out a gentle moan. Leaning her head back to allow me to bite and suck her neck. I was pushing my cock against her ass and she was pushing back against me. We both started breathing hard and while one hand found its way to her tits, the other ran up under that skirt and around to her pussy. Her hands had come around to grab my cock and squeeze it. She tugged at my belt and got escort sincan it loose, I unzipped my pants and they fell to the floor. She dug her hand down my shorts and grabbed my swollen cock and squeezed it hard. She let out a little “oh my God”. I bent her over the sink, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and there was one of the most beautiful ripe pawg asses I had ever seen. I wanted to go down on her but felt the need to get my dick in there before she came to her senses. So I spit on my hand and wet my cockhead, pushed it up against her wet pussy lips and shoved it in. She let out a loud moan and said “oh baby, fuck mama, fuck mama good”. I kept pushing until most of my cock was inside her hot box. To my surprise she was very tight. I started stroking my cock in her hot pussy and she had an orgasm almost immediately. I could feel her inside snapping on my cock and she was moaning “oh God, oh God!” She went limp as I slammed that pussy hard and deep. Then she tensed up and started humping back at me saying “give it to me Tom, fuck that pussy, give me that dick, fuck mama baby. Oh yes fuck mama hard!!!” I loved her dirty talk. It made me fuck even harder. I felt her clamp down on my cock and then squirted and moaned out loud. She had a major orgasm just as I busted my nut inside her. I held my cock deep in her pussy, enjoying the spasms going on inside. Massaging her ass cheeks as we caught our breath sincan escort bayan and deflated. Finally my cock flopped out of her cunt and a flood of juice and cum gushed out and landed right down on my trousers. We were giggling and laughing like high school k**s. We were both high on sex. We had to clean up with lukewarm water, she wiped my pants down. Brit helped me make up a story of how my pants got wet and said we would discuss this another time. Right now she wanted to savor the moment. After kissing me deeply several times, she sent me home. I could not get her off my mind that night. She was a much better fuck than my wife and I damn sure wanted more of it. We ended up fucking many many times after that. Then 2 years later my wife divorced me, she was in love with her boss. Turned out she had been fucking him for 7 years. No wonder our sex life sucked. I continued to see Brit for several years. She was diagnosed with esophagus cancer and passed away at the young age of 63. Brit was a beautiful woman and I was deeply in love with her. As far as I know, my ex wife never knew we were lovers. I actually proposed to her after my divorce. She was flattered and admitted she loved me deeply but could not marry me. She knew it would devastate her daughter to find out about us. It’s funny, everyone looks for a soul mate. But few find them. She was the only woman I ever felt totally at ease with and could be totally open and honest with. I hid nothing from her nor her from me. She was gentle, fun, sexy, patient, understanding and very sexy. Her only regret was cheating on her daughter. I miss her deeply. Brit was my one and only soulmate.

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