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Somewhere along the line, I made a discovery about being a female and being able to be stimulated to such a peak that I experienced ejaculation. I’ve been encouraged to share my learning experience on here. Who knows, maybe in sharing what I’ve learned about how my own body reacts, more woman will realize they have the potential and just need to learn what the feelings are and how to make it happen. For that matter, maybe the gentlemen reading this will find the right buttons to assist their partners in reaching that peak. I’m only going to be able to give you a personal perspective. I hope in reading this, you’ll find some spark of recognition, something you’ve experienced already, and realize it is not a freakish thing to have happen. It might save you years of thinking that it’s a strange thing to be able to do. It took me too long to realize that the way I respond is not abnormal, unusual maybe, because I allow it to happen. Hundreds of years of Western Society’s way of thinking have clouded the fact that the woman can and should enjoy sexual orgasms as much as their male or female partners. Having spent some time talking to other ladies online, I know I’m not the only one out there that can flow like an artesian well.

When my husband and I first started dating, and experimenting with sex, I found I was always getting wet. I’m talking the kind of wet that comes with a long slow kiss leaving my panties more than damp. When we got around to touching more intimately, he would have a soaked hand. Now I knew I wasn’t emptying my bladder, it just didn’t feel the same. I had no idea where it was coming from. I’ll never forget the first time we were at my parent’s house after we’d gone out to see a movie. We’d been necking all the way home and by the time we got into the house where everyone was in bed asleep, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We’d been sitting on the couch, slowly undressing each other, opening shirts, undoing jean buttons, rubbing hands over skin as it was becoming more exposed and getting hotter than hell. He finally pulled my jeans off and kneeled in front of me as I sat on the couch, enabling him to fondle my sensitive breasts while fingering my pussy. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it down between my legs. Getting no resistance from him at this point, I spread my legs a bit wider and enjoyed my first session of pussy licking. When his tongue contacted my clit for the first time, I squirted, he jumped, licked his lips and dove back down for more. I didn’t know what happened within me. I was so hot at that particular moment that I didn’t care, it felt good and he seemed to enjoy it. I lost control over what my mind and body were doing and experiencing. They seemed to know all by their selves what to do and who was I to argue with them when I was climbing a peak and jumping off the top?

From that point on, I waited for the same thing to happen whenever he got close to me. Those first tingles preceding any serious sexual contact, would set my mind to wandering into it’s own world. I would anticipate his touch and start to flow. I had more wet jeans and shorts that summer, and I learned to wash a lot of laundry before anyone found them. We were both a little more than fascinated with what was going on, and decided to keep experimenting to see what got things started. My clit seemed to be a trigger. Now considering bahis firmaları I was studying in the medical field at the time, I started doing some research, but to no avail. Nothing in the medical field even attempted to explain where the female’s natural lubrication came from. All they ever said was it ‘seemed’ to come from the lining of her canal, in other words, they didn’t have a clue. I quit reading the books. I knew better. There was no way I could be squirting out streams of fluid from one location internally if it was supposedly from the entire internal lining. So much for science!!!! Research began on a more personal level and was more fun for the two of us I should mention.

Quite by accident one night, I was …..well for lack of a more tactful way of putting it….sitting on his face, when he started to lick around my clit. Now that hooded little fellow got very hard and extended quite nicely so he had something to suck on while he inserted two fingers slowly inside my wet pussy. Being the gentleman that he is, he started a slow in and out motion with those fingers and rubbed up against the top of my canal. Breaking away from the clit kissing for a moment, he commented on the ridges he could always feel at that spot and to prove the point to me, he took my hand and had me place my fingers inside instead. I started to concentrate a bit more on what my hand was feeling and agreed, it was ‘different’ textured there. Pulling my own hand free so I could lick my fingers, he got back to business and stared nibbling my clit and stroking my insides again. When I felt those now familiar tingles coming on, I rolled my hips forward and back as he curled his fingertips just so they rubbed that spot lightly. With the sensation of having my clit pulled and tugged at, and my spot rubbed, I started to flow. When he swallowed and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’d in contentment, I was turned on by his reaction and I let my mind escape. I knew this feeling was coming again and with it, the rush of fluids out of my body. He drank till I settled down a little, then leaned his head back and looked at me.

“Do that again baby, I want to watch it come out”. What a turn on for my brain. Taking my own hand on my clit, I started to roll it between my fingers. With the other hand I reached down and inserted two then three fingers inside. I closed my eyes, thought of nothing except how good I was feeling, how intense my stomach was clenching. When he started talking to me and encouraging me with the simple words of ‘cum on baby’ once again I started to do more than leak. He reached up with both his hands and opened up the lips of my pussy as I pulled my fingers out and continued to stroke my clit. I opened my eyes to see his fixed on the place between my legs. He was grinning like a kid with a new toy. Again, I squirted when my mind took over thinking about how erotic it was that he was watching. I caught him full in the face with the first gush, the second he caught in his mouth. By that time I needed some cock, so I slid down his chest, soaking him along the way because his chest hair felt so wonderful under my thighs. I slid over his stiff cock and rode a bronco that didn’t get a chance to buck me off.

Earlier I alluded to Western Civilization’s attempt to thwart the females ability to have orgasms. Our generation has learned to even talk about it, (some things from the age kaçak iddaa of the flower children have benefited us all haven’t they?), and in that talking we’ve changed our way of thinking. Over the years I’ve constantly been seeking anything in print that discussed my ability to flow so much. Finally in the last few years, thanks to the Internet, I’ve located references. Like all search engine results here you need to shift through the wheat and chaff. I can not condone those sites that say the only way a woman ‘finds’ her G -spot is through fisting. That’s not the case for all women by any means. I found mine through soft caresses and a willing partner. After locating it, I practiced alone till I’m now fully aware of where it is and how it works. The lasting reward is the fact where I required tactile stimulation years ago, I can get into contractions and orgasms with words whispered to me, holding off the touching and just enjoying the mind’s ability to drive me over the top and gush.

Ok, I suppose by now I’m sounding like I’m a braggart. Please don’t think that, I’m not. I feel I’m blessed. For many years I was so embarrassed by it that I wouldn’t allow myself to let go and really have a strong, intense orgasm. Needless to say, those years were pretty dry and dull in the bedroom. Once I found information online about this ‘ability’ and realized it’s available by every woman to whatever degree she allows it, I knew I had something special to offer my partner. It also took talking to other guys that found it as exciting as my husband did. So now on to the slightly clinical explanation of how the female body really is designed. The part the books in school fail to talk about because it’s ‘not polite’.

Maybe it all stems from the fact that on the male body, the sexual organs are exposed and it’s more than obvious when arousal is taking place, but females and males, before birth, share a lot of the same features. Early in the pregnancy, it’s difficult to tell the sex of a child, even by ultrasound. Technology has at least allowed us to visually see and accept this fact. I’m sure most of you have read that the clitoris is ‘like’ a small penis, in shape and location. We know on the male, below the penis is the scrotum and testicles, what we weren’t taught is, that with the female, the tissue behind the clit, within the vaginal canal where those ridges are, is of the same makeup as the scrotal sac. Buried within the tissue is a sponge like area, connected to the clitoris, that the urethra or tube from the lady’s bladder runs through. The bladder’s urine never mixes with the fluids that this sponge collects when females are stimulated. (Science has finally analyzed the two fluids and they are very much different). When this area, or as many refer to it, the G-spot is rubbed and stimulated, the sponge swells with body fluids and actually contracts around the urethra cutting off the bladder flow. (Think of it this way, do you know of any guys that can cum and go pee at the same time? Nope. Can’t be done can it? Same thing with the ladies…smile). The two tiny openings that my ‘squirting’ comes through is not the opening from the bladder, it is smaller and below the urethra, toward the clit. The amount of fluid collected varies according to how ‘hot and turned on’ I am. Sometimes the first contractions bring a few teaspoons full, and other times it can be a lot kaçak bahis heavier. During the exceptional occasions, I’ve been known to fill a cup. (Yeah that was my research partner’s idea…smile) My theory is that each woman’s volume is individual. I’ve always been the kind of female that retains fluids (swollen ankles during pregnancies etc), so maybe I do have more than some ladies. I still maintain that all woman have the sponge within them and that’s where her natural lubrication comes from.

What I’ve found to be the major difference is the fact that for the female to get to the point of vaginal, G-spot orgasm, she has to be stroked longer until she learns the feelings and what will happen. The G-spot isn’t the sponge, it’s the area that stimulates the sponge to collect fluids and contract and squeeze them out. So often the first time it occurs, she thinks she’s peed on the guy, and she gets turned off from allowing that much loss of control over her body, when in reality, she’s just had her first truly hard orgasm and ejaculated.

The sponge like area has finally been given a name, the Skenes gland. The gland is similar to the prostate in the male and the fluid’s makeup is like prostatic fluid. Ancient cultures in the East, revered the female body and it’s ability to respond sexually. Somewhere along the line of ‘civilization’ the attitude came along that female’s were seductress and when they allowed themselves to enjoy sex it was wrong in doing so. Thank god that attitude is leaving us. There are many web sites out there that talk of Tantra sex, a sort of mystical union at times, sex that goes beyond physical satisfaction and stimulation. I only want to warn you to read carefully and search for accurate sites. Anyone can publish on the web…(heck they even publish my stuff!!)

Check it out for yourself if you want. There are others I’m sure. I’m not selling anything. They might be. That’s their choice. Their sites do contain better explanations than I can probably write.

In closing, I have just a couple of suggestions. Don’t close your mind to the possibilities ladies. With some exploration of your own sensuality, you can discover the peaks of orgasms the novels talk about. If you have a willing partner to help in the exploration it’s all the more fun. If not, do like I do. Put on some soft music, lie down somewhere comfortable with a towel under your butt in case you leak, start by slowly touching your nude body, touch lightly if that’s a turn on to you. Refrain from coming into contact with your center most area for as long as possible, giving your body time to become excited with the anticipation, then slowly trace the folds of your flower, teasing yourself. Circle your clit lightly, then run your fingertips up and down the lips of your pussy, eventually opening it a little. Rub the inner part of your thighs and come back to your moist pussy again, teasing touches. Insert one or two fingers and feel the changes in the texture inside. Finger the top of your pussy behind the clit, rubbing back and forth, feeling the swelling start. Ever have a guy tell you he can ‘feel’ your pussy swell when you’re getting hot? With two fingers separated a little apart rub up and down again. If you start to feel the moisture come, don’t fight the feeling. It’s not an urge to pee, it’s an urge to have an orgasm. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using toys either. Vibrators can help and there’s always the ever comforting dildo. Of course, nothing replaces a warm cock ….WEG…(wicked evil grin)

Go with the flow ladies…..go with the flow!!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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