Morning Birds

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It is that almost morning time, the sun is not up but there is a hint of lightness breaking into the dark of the night. The earliest birds have begun their morning song: “is it light yet? Is it light yet” they chirp. I stand at the foot of the bed, I must leave early, and you are still slumbering. You lie there, diagonally across the bed, asleep, but perhaps not quite. Your dark hair splayed out above you provides contrast to the crisp whiteness of the sheets. My rising earlier must have brought you nearly up and in your dreamy twilight you have thrown off the covers looking for my warmth and my arms. You lie on your back now, with your sheer nightie not quite covering the patch of neatly trimmed dark hair just above your lovely vagina. My eyes slowly wander up your curves, drinking in your womanly hips and slender waist. I can see the rise and fall of your breathing in your breasts. They are nearly perfect globes under the sheer fabric, and I can just make out the darker area of your areola in the dim light. I can smell you too. Your scent is one of gentle soap, not overpowering perfume. It is clean and warm with a hint of your sex’s muskiness. Your soft breathing is like the whispering of the wind through the trees, and I relish the comfort you experience in slumber.

Watching you is extremely arousing and I’m hard, straining at the towel wrapped around my waist. I drop the towel and gently move onto the bed between your slightly akimbo legs. My hands find your knees and begin to softly caress the outside of your smooth legs. You must have shaved last bahis firmaları night, because they are as soft and supple as the skin on a newborn. My touch is somewhat light, but my hands experience the warmth of your skin as they slowly move up your legs until they cup your hips. On their return journey toward you knees they move to the inside of your thighs. I love that part of your body, just below your hips on the inside. The skin is so delicate and soft and yet it is the part that grips me with such force at times.

My head bends now and my lips find the inside of your thighs. My lips kiss and nibble at the soft skin, tickling and yet almost devouring it. Slowly I move up your legs. The sound of your breathing has changed. It is sharper now, and the change signals that you are awake and my touch has begun your arousal. Soon I find myself at the junction of your leg and your hip. There is a tendon there which defines a small hollow above it; my lips trail across the tendon and as I move toward your most sensitive spot. Although I should be leaving, I take my time. Soon I am at the edge of your lips. I begin soft kisses with gentle flicks of the tongue around the shaved area between your leg and your lips. I love this part. I think of how I spread the shaving cream here when you let me shave you. My lips tease and my tongue tastes. The scent of your womanhood surrounds me, infusing my senses and heightening my arousal. I can feel myself throb as I sense your lips beginning to fill and open, waiting for me, almost beckoning me like a flower calls a bee.

Then, kaçak iddaa my tongue finds your lips and begins a long slow tracing up the very edge, not really even inside, but skirting the edge. I can feel your arousal building, as my tongue reaches the top of your slit. Your clit is still mostly hidden, but I hear a low moaning as my tongue passes the spot and retreats. I begin again, as far back as my tongue can reach, almost, but not quite reaching your anus. My tongue slowly wanders up your lips, delving slightly deeper this time, parting them and tasting your wetness. At the top I find your little nub and my tongue swirls gently around it before again retreating. My teasing is getting to you, and you bring your knees up to open yourself more. Your hands find my head, and gently suggest that I tease less and kiss more.

My tongue darts into your hole, testing, searching, delving deeper with each thrust. You are getting wet and I love the taste, almost lapping it up. Tracing inside you deeply, my tongue slides up searching for your clit. When I find it again, it is hard, standing there demanding my attention. My tongue swirls around it and then my lips find yours and begin to kiss. Your hands encouraging me, I’m gently sucking while my tongue plays with your clit. My hands have cupped the globes of your ass and I’m pulling you into me as though I’m drinking from a goblet. I love the feel of your round ass in my hands.

I move one of my hands and my finger slides easily into your wet waiting tunnel. My palm is up and I curl my finger, searching kaçak bahis for the g-spot I know is there. With practiced fingers, I gently push and caress the thickening tissue. Your breath is coming in ragged gasps now and I can tell your climax is approaching. I slip a second finger inside you and the filling sensation sends you over the top. You gush all down my fingers and hand. My face is thrown from your bucking hips and it is all I can do to keep my tongue licking at your wetness so that I may drink of your passion.

As your climax begins to fade, I move to lie beside you. My wet fingers begin to trace the edges of your hips, your waist, and soon they find the gentle outer curve of your breast. Gently exploring, I find your nipples hard and sensitive to my light touches. My face finds one breast and I begin to suck at the nipple, alternating between sucking and swirling my tongue around the edge of your areola. My fingers caress and tease your other breast and you moan at the sensation.

I am no longer able to wait and I position myself above you. Sinking deeply into you in one firm stroke you gasp at the feeling of fullness. I have little patience left; I find your body so arousing that my thrusts are firm, deep and quick. Your legs come up and encircle my hips, your arms pull me close to you and we can feel each others breath upon our cheeks. I thrust a few more times and then I’m cuming, filling you, thrust after thrust. You cum almost immediately, bucking against my ferocious thrusts and trying to pull me completely inside you.

I lie spent upon you for few moments, catching my breath. The birds outside the window have become loud, almost as if cheering our performance. I look into your eyes and then say “gosh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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