more for a frend


more for a frendWe went out with some of Sara’s friends after work. The girls was there a hour or so before I got there so they had a little buzz already. When I walked in I ordered a round for the table. It was Sara and her two friends Kara and Jean. By the time I got to the table Kara and Jean was on the floor dancing. Kara is behind Jean. She starts backing up into Kara her skirt is starting to rise up showing her sexy panties. Kara slides her leg between Jean’s leg she starts to grind up and down on her. After the song ends they come back to the table Kara has her arm around Jean and her hand under the table on her leg. every once in a while we would see Jean smile and squirm away. I was imagining Kara is run her hand between her legs rubbing her panties making them wet. I feel Sara’s hand on my knee this is something she does So now Im thinking about Jean’s panties and what Sara may want to do. Kara and Jean say we will be back we are going to the restroom. After about 15 minutes Sara says I’ll be back I’m going to see where they are.When she walks uşak escort bayan in she can hear them she looks in the mirror and see that they kissing they both have their hands down their panties so she watches for a few she is getting excited watching. She came back to the table and said we have to leave. She said yes but we have to leave. I down my drink and we leave. When we got to the car she said tonight brought back some great memories. My panties are wet and that dont happen to me to often. She said being with these girls tonight I was remembering my school days. when we got home she said do you want me to tell you hat I was thinking about. I said hell yeah I remember our last night she told me about her school days. She continued One night I was in mine and Nichole’s room with m boyfriend he didn’t know hat i was confused. we was laying in bed he was nude and I had my panties and a shirt on we was kissing and petting each other. I felt his cock between my legs rubbing my pussy. Then Nichole opens the door and walks in. I was escort uşak scared I didn’t want her to be mad I wasn’t sure how she would feel about me being with a man. She said how are you two tonight? e didn’t know how to answer she said come on you two can continue I hope you don;t mind if I stay here. My boyfriend said I’m ok she can join in when Nicole said I don’t mess with boys only girls. e start to kiss some more then I feel my panties come off. He slips a finger in me and I’m starting to stroke im. I feel him getting hard so I slid down the bed and started to suck on him My pussy was showing under the blanket. My boyfriend tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at Nichole she had her legs spread and was playing with herself. Then she stood up and walked over to where we was. My boyfriend said I thought you don’t like boys lol. I feel her start to rub my pussy she is kissing my neck. I can feel her naked body pressing against mine I felt her take my hand and put it on her pussy as she grinded against. I feel her getting wet She said slid uşak escort up put him inside you front of me giving my boyfriend a excellent view of me licking her pussy Nichole is starting to get real wet its starting t drip out on my boyfriends face. Nichole gets down off my bed she takes me by my hand and leads me to her bed where she lays down and tells e to knell in front of her My boyfriend sets up and said what just happened. Nichole looked at him and said she is mine I just let you play now I’ll finish with her you can watch or leave I don’t care. She pulls me up and she starts to kiss me i to grind her . She laid back and I climbed on top of her. I start t suck on her tits as she slides her finger in me after a few mintues she grabs me by my legs and pulls me up so I can sit on her face. After a while I feel her pushing me off her and she stands up waves for my boyfriend to cum over to the bed. She has him lay down and tells me to get in and start to suck on him while she reaches in the draw and gets a strap on out of it. She puts it on and climbs in behind me and she starts to penetrate me so in rhythm. She is going deep in my pussy while he is going deep in my throat after he came nichole push me deep I started to cum so Nichole keep going harder We collapse on top of him.15:19

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