Mistis’ Adventures Part 95


Mistis’ Adventures Part 95Not too long after returning to William and Sharon’s home, Clara and Pete returned, appearing more than a little disheveled. Clara’s hair was a mess, and when she started to put away some of the things she had brought back, it was discovered that she had misplaced her panties. She also showed the tell-tale signs of being well fucked. ONE of which, was the glisten of fresh semen on her inner thighs. The second sign, was, when James reached out and rubbed her breast, she had an immediate orgasm, that almost made her knees give way on her. Pete, however showed different signs. His neatly combed hair was all over the place, looking as if he had never combed it in his life. His face was beet red, as if he had a sunburn, and he was STILL breathing hard. He was having to hold anything near to keep his balance. The others of the party, seizing the opportunity, teased them relentlessly. They simply replied to the comments with, “What’s the matter? You jealous?” This made them all laugh even more. Clara, never one to be shy about some things, reached out and pulled Pete to her and giving him a looong, hot kiss. She turned to face the group. “THIS man just fucked me bow-legged, came in me 4 times, and had me sucking his dick on Main Street. He convinced me to go into the supermarket, and lift my skirt, and pull off my NEW panties, and tuck the hem into the waistband, and walk all around the store like that, with my pussy out where ever’ Tom, Dick, and Harry could look it over. A couple of BRAVE souls even stuck their fingers in my pussy. ONE BESIDE HIS OWN WIFE!!! SHE THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY!!! At least, she licked his fingers clean, and complimented me on having a right tasty pussy. I kissed HER and thanked her. SHE gave me her address, and invited me to come for a visit.”Sue was enjoying all the back and forth, and was wondering how to get into the spirit of things. It wasn’t long until this thought was noticed by Michael. He had been largely silent, mulling his own thoughts. He had noticed Sue the other day, at the farm, when she was helping take care of Cathy, after her bout with Ben. She was, in his estimate, a real doll. He had, for the first time in their memory, asked Misti if SHE minded him getting some of her pussy. MIsti had giggled, hugging and kissing her beloved husband. “Honey.” You have NEVER had to ask me for permission to fuck another woman. WHY should it bother me, NOW? I love watching you fuck other women, because I know full well what they are feeling, and enjoy watching you make THEM feel so good. Now I am largely out of the picture for a while, and know you are trying to make me feel better, because I can’t have sex that much. Go ahead and fuck her as good as you can. We’ll ALL enjoy it. You and her from the fucking, and me from watching you giving her her REAL jollies. Let me help you get it started. SUE, Darling. Would you be interested in going over to our house, and letting Mike fuck you? I think you will enjoy the way he treats ladies he has sex with. I enjoy watching, because I know what you will be feeling.” Sue’s answer was to go around the table and kiss first Misti, then Mike. “THANK YOU, for inviting me. I’ve heard the others talk about what a great lover Mike is. Today, I see him for the first time, and you invite me to make love with him. I consider it a GREAT HONOR to share time with him and you.”The trio excused themselves, and went out the back door, to Misti and Mike’s house. Mike opened the door for the 2 ladies, and offered Sue refreshments. “Maybe later.” she answered. “But, for now, I just want to see whats going to get inside of me. I heard about the 2 of you. The others tell me that you are a pair of the most cordial and loving people in this town. NOW I get to find out for myself. As the bard said, “Lay on, McDuff, and damned to him that say hold!” Mike knew exactly zonguldak escort what she was referring to. He also loved to read Shakespeare.They led Sue into their bedroom, and Misti sat in the easy chair, near the foot of the bed, while Mike took Sue into his arms to cuddle with, before he started undressing her. He held her tightly, his arms around her, one hand lowering to squeeze that delectable ass he had seen first off. It had been absolutely beautiful. She responded by grinding her pubis into his groin, making it swell upon contact. They broke their first kiss, and he reached out to pull her shirt over her head, revealing her magnificent breasts. The nipples were fully extended in anticipation. Sue started unbuttoning his shirt, slowly, so as to build the tempo of their joining to a fever pitch. She ALWAYS enjoyed undressing her lover. He reached out and unsnapped the waistband of the shorts she was wearing. VERY NICE!!! She WASN’T wearing panties, nor had she worn a bra. She was open to his gaze and admiration. She had a beautiful mons between her legs.Sue, in turn, unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and pulled them down. Mike lifted each foot so she could pull them all the way off, handing them to Misti, who sat watching, her eyes sparkling with pleasure. The only thing she loved as much as watching Mike with another woman, was BEING the woman he was undressing. That morning, so long ago, and so FAR away, in Thailand, she had known it would be fun to have Mike, she hadn’t even heard his name, yet, make love to her. After a little small talk, a drink of beer, and a shower together, when he WAS making love to her, she had felt a spark that she had NEVER felt before. It had left her breathless, and wanting so much more. She had begged him not to go. It had been almost 3 months before he had returned to visit her. She almost dragged him into the house, and almost torn his clothes off of him in her haste to get him into her bed, again. That time he had made love to her thrice. She had responded harder than she EVER had with anyone else. It had left her breathless. When, a few months later, he had asked her to marry him, she had cried with joy. She had been the happiest of her LIFE. When they had had the Thai ceremony, her Mother and Father had been there, and, later, when they had been married in the American ceremony, by the Air Force Chaplain, she knew, that he was hers, forever. The only dark spot in their lives had been when he took her to meet his family. They had intentionally tried to hurt them both. She wished that they could, someday, get back together. She had said this to Mike, and he had answered her, “When HELL freezes over!!!”Misti stood and went to the linen cupboard to get towels for them. While they were taking their shower, she, after peeking in at them, had turned down the bed for them, and given them another pillow. She knew that Mike would soon have it under her bottom, to lift her up, so he could fuck her senseless. He did it EVERY time. First, though, he would hold and cuddle with her. He was a VERY romantic lover. He enjoyed the foreplay almost as much as the sex.She watched as they dried each other off, hung the towels, and he led her to the bed, making sure she was comfortable. He laid down beside her and pulled her to him, simply holding her close, then kissing her very gently on the lips, then all over her face. He held her some more, and felt of her breasts and tickled her back, by dragging his fingers down to her butt-cheeks, and caressing his way back to her shoulders. He kissed her some more, and more forcefully, going from her scalp, to her eyelids, to her ears, and cheeks, then to her lips, again. THIS time he opened her lips with his tongue, inserting it into her mouth. SHE was breathing so hard and so FAST. NOW he kissed her chin, her neck, and took each of her nipples escort zonguldak into his mouth and tongued them, while softly kneading her breasts, and dragging his fingertips down her tummy, causing the muscles to flutter. His lips followed his fingers, kissing her belly button and licking it, then her Mons Pubis, kissing it and parting her legs with his hand. He had her on her back now, and was licking her pudendum, she was squirming uncontrollably. She gasped out loud as she had her orgasm. He had her legs open, and was licking all around her vagina, but not touching her pussy lips, yet. He kissed her mons, It WAS very PRETTY, and she had cum one more time. He parted her fold with his tongue, and put his lips over her clitoris, sucking it until it was standing, and holding it with his lips, licked it with the tip of his tongue. She was bouncing up and down, bucking like the horses and bulls in he rodeo they had gone to. She was moaning like she was in pain, but held the back of his head so her couldn’t leave her. NOW. His tongue shot out, and went inside of her pussy, making her scream and jump even HIGHER. “OH MY GOD!!!” she cried. “DO ME MORE!!! I LOVE IT!!! EAT ME UP!!! If it hadn’t been so erotic, Misti would have laughed at her, but SHE knew what the girl was feeling, and it was NO laughing matter. Mike was completely hard, now. She would soon be feeling his dick work its magic on her.Mike licked her to many more orgasms, making her beg him to go ahead and fuck her. She had managed to get her hand down to grasp his dick tightly, and was jacking him. “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE FUCK ME. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR DICK INSIDE OF ME!!! FUCK ME ‘TILL I CREAM AND SCREAM!!! THAT BEAUTIFUL TOOL NEEDS TO BE INSIDE MY PUSSY!!! OH MY GOD!!! YOU’RE BETTER THAN I WAS TOLD!!! FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!! JAM THAT COCK INSIDE MY HOLE AN’ REAM ME OUT GOOD!!! I WANT YOU, PLEASE!!!Mike took the pillow and placed it under her hips. Her legs flew open. “YES, MY DARLING!!! LOVE ME ALL YOU CAN!!! FILL ME WITH THAT MEAT!!! THAT MAGIC WAND OF LOVE!!! I’M SO READY TO HAVE YOU IN ME!!! GIVE IT TO ME, MY LOVE!!!He placed his fists on the bed, to either side of her, pinning her legs open wide, her feet pointed at the ceiling. She was quivering in anticipation of his entering her. he placed his dick at the bottom of the milky white mons, and pushed, gently at first, and, as she opened to receive him, a little harder, sliding inside of her, his full length. He stopped when he was all the way inside her pink pussy, and let her adjust to his size. She was hunching HIM! He began to pump in and out, thrusting in hard, and pulling out slowly. She was coming over and over. She was HIS bitch. She would do ANYTHING to please him. SHE told HIM so. Over and over. He fucked her as rough as he sensed she wanted. She begged him to fuck her HARDER. He was rocking the bed with the force of his thrusts. Misti’s eyes grew wide with surprise. She had NEVER seen Mike fuck a woman like this. It looked like he was TRYING to hurt her, but each thrust made her beg for MORE! He hammered into her. She had worked her legs from his elbows, and had her legs locked around his SHOULDERS!!! SHE was MUCH more limber than she LOOKED to be. Her fingers were like claws, digging into his butt, trying to pull him DEEPER. She would suck in enormous lungs full of air and would scream as she exhaled. HER butt was almost a blur as she tried to keep pace with him.Apparently, curiosity had taken their friends. They had, unnoticed, stepped into the bedroom to watch the youngest of their number, and Mike take care of each other. Doris’ eyes were sparkling, watching her daughter fucked so well. Her Dad was looking proud of his daughter. Sam was almost drooling from HER memory of being underneath Mike, and having him fuck HER. The other women, all of which, except Doris, had been with zonguldak escort bayan Mike, knew what the girl was having done to her. Doris was promising herself to soon find out for HERSELF what it felt like to be fucked by this man. She had watched Sue numerous times while some boy, or man, was fucking her, and had NEVER seen her respond like this. Even Mr. Morris hadn’t made her scream and yell like THIS. He had had the biggest dick she had seen, and had fucked Sue four times on her 16th birthday. Sue had passed out the last time, but, had not screamed while he was fucking her. Mr. Morris had quietly told her that Sue had the best pussy of all the girls. ALMOST as good as her Mama. Doris had been smart and worldly enough that he was trying to spare her any hurt feelings. She knew that the younger, and tighter, girls had the better pussies of any of them, but it HAD been sweet of him to put it like that. She had net him at the creek a day or so later, and fucked him until he had trouble standing up. They had fucked 4 times. Not bad for a man who was almost 70 years old.Suddenly Sue gave a louder than the others scream, locked her legs even tighter, and pulled Mike even closer, if it were possible, They saw Mike’s butt clinch, and knew he was filling the girl with his seed. Doris watched as it overflowed, and ran down the crack in Sue’s ass. She groaned aloud, and her legs and arms went limply to her side. Dave, who was closest, rolled him from on top of the girl, so they could breathe easier. Both were nearly out of it. Misti, not wanting to be left completely out, was on the bed, sucking the cum out of Mike, and licking him clean. Then she got down and sucked the cream pie from Sue’s pussy, licking her lips. She loved the taste of cum and pussy juice mixed together. Dave had gone and retrieved a wet towel, and handed it to her, so she could wipe her face. Misti smiled and thanked him, promising that, as soon as she could, she was going to fuck HIM senseless. “I’ve missed ALL of my friends fucking me, but you have a knack for making me want you. I’m just glad you’re deeply in love with Carol, and I’m just as deeply in love with Mike, or we could end up acting like a pair of fools.” She stood and wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him. “BUT… I DO LOVE YOU!!!”Mike and Sue were helped to the shower, and washed and dressed. Then they were aided to William’s house to eat supper, and visit with Betty and Sharon some more. Both were just as charming as they always were. Sharon had wisely taken a page from her Mom’s book, and bought a LARGE table for the kitchen. It was the perfect way to have guests. The 3 babies were on the Dining Room table in their johnny boards. They had gone this week to buy a new one for Sarah. She WAS growing like a little weed. She was up to 23 pounds, now. She looked more and more like her Daddy, leaving NO doubt as to who had sired her. He only departure from her Daddy, was her coal black hair, like her Mommy. The house was filled to capacity with the love they had for each other. As much as they had loved each other, before, it had increased with the addition of the Kelly family. THEY were as welcome as a rain shower on a hot summer day. Every one of them were making their own plans for more outings for ALL of them. They didn’t know that Billy and William had talked, and ordered 30 cubic yards of pea gravel, and 40 cubic yards of white beach sand to put around the larger pond. Billy and Rick had gone, also, and ordered two 6o foot lengths of galvanized pipe, bent up at each end, to make runners for a portable picnic pavilion. It could be moved to wherever it was needed with the small tractor. The thick clover where Ben had shoved the blocks to Cathy the other day, would make it perfect. That and the huge shade trees. They were creating their own version of Heaven. A beautiful, sparkling pond full of blue water, a white, sandy beach, and a thick field of lush, green, soft clover, covered by majestic shade trees, would be the perfect setting for fun and fellowship. That and all these BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. They were so proud of them, it defied description.

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