Mistis’ Adventures Part 94


Mistis’ Adventures Part 94Rick had spent a strenuous night with the Kelly family. After Pete had fucked Sue the second time, and proved in her mind that she had been ENTIRELY right, that her Daddy would be her favorite sex partner, they looked in to see if Doris and Rick were still fucking. They weren’t fucking. They were laying there cuddling like a pair of lovers should. Doris had a leg over Rick, holding him near to her, and he had a nipple in his mouth sucking it, while the hand not under her neck was stroking her clit. Her head was back, her mouth was open, and it sounded like she was coming yet again. Sue giggled at her Mom. She had seen her like this with her Dad and brothers for nearly as long as she could remember. The first time had been when she was only 8. Mom told her that after she had been fucked a few times, she enjoyed someone diddling her clit to make her cum a few more times. She also stated that she wanted to be held close, and kissed HARD when she came. Rick used the arm under her neck to pull her over and kiss her for at least a couple of minutes.She had put her arm around his neck to hold him to return the kiss, and the other was squeezing his butt cheek.The lovers broke from the kiss, and saw the other pair watching them. “Yore gonna have to watch out fer ya sisters, Baby. They find out how good ‘e is in the sack, they’ll do their level best to take ‘im over from ya. He’s gooood!!! Made me cum like a string o’ firecrackers. Is anybody else hungry after all the funnin’? I could use a piece of cake an’ a cold glass o’ milk right now.” All three agreed with her. Clothes were out of the question, so they trouped into the kitchen, where Doris and Sue cut and server the cake, and glasses of ice cold, fresh from the cow, milk. The cows had been milked when Doris and Pete had returned from the mall. It was a little late, the cows had been voicing their displeasure, but the milk had gone straight to the pasteurizer, then cooled, and put in the holding vat, until the truck came to pick it up. They dipped a gallon in the morning, and again in the evening. That way they had milk for breakfast that was less than 24 hours from the cow at all times. It was very rich due to its NOT being separated yet. Once a week, Doris or Sue would put enough in a separator, take out the cream and return the skimmed milk to the vat, using the cream to make butter. Doris had learned from her Mother, and had taught her daughters in turn. It had been handed down from Mother to Daughters for many generations, and had been taught the same way. The Mothers taught the daughters, and the Fathers taught the sons. For some of the things, they swapped out with the Mothers teaching the sons, and the Fathers teaching the daughters sivas escort The daughters could run the farm as well as the boys, and the boys could keep house as good as the girls. It hadn’t been unusual in the early days to see Doris side-by-side with Pete, out tending the chores. The only thing he hadn’t allowed her to do was rope and brand cattle, or castrate the bulls. He was afraid she would get hurt, and had built a squeeze pen for those things. When castrating time came, she stood near with a pan to collect the testes as they were removed. Mountain Oysters, or calf fries, were a special treat. , When they butchered, the brains, and the pancreas of the cow was saved, tocook with scrambled eggs, or to make sweet breads.Rick discovered quickly why Pete loved Doris’ spice cake. It was one of the best he had EVER tasted. When he asked, she promised not only to give him the recipe, but to SHOW how she did it. He told her that the ladies in the family would go NUTS for this. They talked, and ate two pieces of cake each, and several glasses of milk. Pete looked up at the clock on the wall. It was just about time to get a good nights sleep so they could do what the had to do in the morning, which, at the Kelly place, started at 4:30 in the morning. Pete would start milking the 200 cows, and Doris would start cooking breakfast. Pete would finish the milking and feeding at around 5:30 or 6:00, and the dog would herd them to the pasture. They put the machines on 25 cows at a time, and it took about 10 to 15 minutes for each cow. They had Golden Gurnsey, which gave very rich milk. They had to wash their teats before putting the machines on them. That took time. Dog, which was all the name he had, a big bowl of the warm from the cow, and two scoops of dog food every morning for his meal. He was paid in love and kind treatment. He was now 14 years old, and his son was learning from him. He, soon, would be brought to the house to live the rest of his life as a pet.They tuned in to get some sleep. Doris and Pete in their bed, and Sue and Rick in her bed. They all cuddled their partners to sleep. Sue dreamed of being Mrs. Richard Breen someday. She would do her best to give him the best life, and NEVER to regret marrying her. If.The next morning, Rick was up and went to help, and learn from Pete. Sue and Doris started breakfast. The Kellys ate the same as the Breens and the Campbells. A large breakfast to carry them through the mornings labors. This morning, Sue made the biscuits while Doris set out what she planned to fix for lunch and dinner. They made sausage gravy, hash browns, and waffles. Then cooked bacon. The eggs would be cooked when the men came in, while the were eating them, the waffle iron was on escort sivas a rolling table with a bowl of batter, ready when they were.Doris set out 2 chickens to thaw, and be fried for lunch, and a package of hamburger to be made into a meat loaf. Vegetables were in the cellar, canned by her and the girls in season, She was thinking about a cherry, and a peach, pies for dessert tonight. The men came in and they ate breakfast, after Pete washed out the thermos jugs he had taken coffee in. He always drank a quart while he was milking. This morning Rick had drank nearly as much as Pete.Pete suggested that Rick go and get his clothes changed and they would go see the new pair of the family. He and Doris hadn’t seen the babies yet, or the Mothers. They had got to know the others. The only thing else Pete had to do today was to meet with the contractor. He was going to expand the smaller of the 3 ponds to make 2 out of the 3. The large one was 15 acres, and, when expanded, the other would be 26 acres. He also meant to check to see if the corn field needed to be fenced better to keep the critters out. Deer, and sometimes elk would get into them. Pigs were, for now, only a nuisance. He would set traps if they got any worse.Rick returned in a little over an hour. He had showered, shaved, and put on clean clothes. He smelled of Right Guard, and Bay Rum. Sue threatened to “eat him up” because he smelled so good. Then she whispered in a stage whisper, that she had used her strawberry flavored douche, just for him. She was partial to Chanel No.5 perfume. They climbed into Ricks pickup to go visiting. Pete was wearing a fresh laundered, and starched set of khakis, and Wellington boots, that were nearly spit-shined. Doris was wearing a pleated tan skirt that fell just to the top of her knees, and a frilly white blouse that buttoned in the front. To Rick, she looked almost as good as she did stark naked. Which was nothing short of beautiful. Pete, when he dressed up, was quite good looking. He had shaved, and combed his hair, which was showing a bit of grey in a neat part. It was dark brown nearer the top.They arrived at William and Sharon’s house, where the two new mothers would be staying, and given a royal welcome. Doris had gone wild over the 2 newborns. She thought they were absolutely beautiful. The Mothers and Fathers were kissed,hugged, and congratulated. Both were proud as could be. They went into the kitchen so the Mothers and babes could rest, and began getting to know each other better. Before long it was noticed that David and Doris were not there any longer, then Clara asked if Pete would accompany her to the market to get some things. They were all gone for about an hour. EVERYBODY knew what they were doing. sivas escort bayan Getting to know each other in the most intimate way. Clara had taken her station wagon to go to the market, and, they figured, David and Doris were, most likely over at Dave and Carol’s house. The only comment was from James, stating he hoped David didn’t wear her out too much. James couldn’t nderstand why Sue started snickering until she explained, “Mama could take on the whole lot of ya’, wear ya’ to a frazzle, and still go dancin’. Ya may have ta go help Mr. Campbell ta git back over here. He may not be steady on ‘is legs.” Liz told them flatly, “I’m goin’ over to see this. My man can fuck like a machine. He wears me out reg’lar. He is somthin’ else in bed.” Everybody except Sue had been with him more than once, so they were curious. They all went over next door. Sure enough, the back door was ajar. They quietly made their way upstairs. In the bedroom that he and Liz used, Doris, completely naked was on her knees, and David was humping her from the rear. He was pouring the coals to her. He was bent over her enough to have her lovely breasts in his hands, as he fucked her, her ass going to and fro. “Pour it to me, Honey. Give me another load of ya’ juice. 4 is my lucky number. Ya got a sweet dick. It’s gonna be fun havin’ ya fer a neighbor. I hope ya pardner can fuck half as good as you do. My puss will be singin’ like a meddalark.” I’m almost there!!! Slam that pecker to me, Hon. Fuck me hard as ya can’.” They were trying not to bust out laughing. They didn’t want to disturb the lovers at the crucial time. It was apparent, from the stream of cum running down Doris’s legs that this WASN’T their first time. Doris flipped over on her back, legs outstretched, and David fell right on the mark, his cock disappearing inside her frothy cunt. Herlegs wrapped around his waist and her hands were on his ass, trying to pull him deeper. She yelled and he groaned, pushing inside of her. They kissed and held each other basking in the glow of sex. “Sweetie. You sure can give a girl a good fuckin’. We gotta do this more often. No better way to get ta know neighbors.”Liz went silently into the bathroom across the hall, and emerged with a wet towel. “Here ya go, Honey. Clean yer pussy, but give it a second. He likes ta eat cream pies. He also likes ta be sucked clean. We allus go 69 ta clean up. It’s more fun that way. Doris acted not at all surprised. Me an’ Pete like ta do the same thing. We both love the taste of juices mixed together. I see yer here. Where’s Clara. Is Pete out splittin ‘er. I hope she has somthin’ ta wipe ‘erself clean. Pete was hopin ta git one of ya off in a corner ta split ya slit, today. Let us clean up a little, unless one of you guys want some sloppy seconds, and we’ll be right back over. It was apparent to all the men that she WASN’T joking. She was ready to fuck one or all of them. They knew she would be a welcome part of their extended family.

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