Mistis’ Adventures Part 160 (LONG-winded O


Mistis’ Adventures Part 160 (LONG-winded OZane, was looking at Falina, his brow wrinkled with worry. She was looking at him, but was STILL weak, and unable to rise and go to him, or speak. Francis had fulfilled every dream she had had about other men. She sucked in a DEEP breath, and sighed it out. She was tingling, from the experience, from the top of her head, to the tips of her toes. She hadn’t felt like this, except for the other day, with Zane, while all the others were watching them, since their honeymoon. Could it be that having other people watch her, in her most vulnerable moments, be the trick that made her so wanton? She would see how it went with Zane, now, AND tonight.Finally, she was able to sit up, and gain her feet. She went over and put her arms around her husband. Was he shedding tears? She kissed him with all her heart, and held him as close as she could hold him. “Don’t worry, MY DARLING! NEVER!!! You stole my heart on our second date. I told my family that YOU had touched my heart, and I was going to win YOUR heart, or die trying, when you brought me home that night. I knelt down and begged God, Jesus, and the Holy Mother, to make you fall in love with me, as you had made ME fall in love with YOU. They answered my prayer. THEN, the night we made love for the first time, along with my virginity, I gave you my soul. I was YOURS to do with as you wished. I only prayed that you would love me, like I loved YOU! You have been such a wonderful husband, that I could NEVER betray, or abandon you. I feel even MORE in love with you, now that your c***d is inside me. I am so VERY happy. I will NEVER leave you, and will only submit to another man, if YOU tell me you don’t mind. AFTER ALL, I don’t mind if you have another woman from time to time. IN FACT, I EXPECT you to possess another woman when you get the opportunity. I will tell you, now. Mi hermana has asked me if you will make love with her. She has not had a man since her Juan was killed. HE has been gone for 4 years, now.”Her words to him, touched him so deeply, that he couldn’t stop the tears. He held her, and kissed her, the same way as he had the night he had asked her to marry him, and she accepted. Their bonds became even stronger, and tighter. Soon, now, there would be 3 of them, and hopefully, even more in time. Both wanted at least 4 c***dren, preferably 2 of each. He knew Falina would teach their daughters to be ladies, and he could teach their sons to be gentlemen, and MEN. They would be unstoppable. His fears were put to rest.They turned to other matters, at hand. He thanked Francis for taking such good care of his wife, and treating her with such kindness, and was hugged by Francis. He had lost all inhibitions about that kind of contact with other men, since living in the Kelly home. He was constantly being hugged, and kissed by them. The men kissed his cheeks, or his forehead, and the women kissed him as they would. ANY and EVERY WHERE!!! It was ALL good. He was grateful to them for the love they had shown him. He had, soon after going to live with Essie, and within a few days, one of the days he spent on the weekends, at the house, been approached by Doris. He had been sitting at the table, talking to Pete and Royce. Bruce and Essie had gone to town for something, and Doris had come over and leaned down to kiss his cheek. She had told them that SHE wanted to spend some time with HIM. PETE had laughed, and Royce had smiled. “GO GET ‘IM, MOM!!!” he had admonished. “GIVE ‘IM WHAT FOR!!!” Doris had smile back at them. “I’m not gonna give ‘im what for. I’m gonna give ‘im some pussy. It may be a little more grey, and have a few wrinkles, but it’s still pink inside, and tight enough for ANY man.”They had made love twice, right then, and, a little later, twice more. She had been just as good, and in SOME ways, BETTER, than the much younger girls. SHE had done things to him, that only the more experienced partners had done. SHE was FANTASTIC!!! She had, also, reminded him, that SHE was just as available, to him, as ANY of the girls, and MAYBE even MORE available, since SHE had already gone through the “change of life.” Her last period had been 5 months ago.His attention turned to Chloe. He was amazed at what he was seeing, It had looked like she had a very SMALL Mons. Now, the way he was seeing her, leaning back, with her back against a tree, her legs slightly spread, he was VERY wrong. Her Mons was as big, or maybe bigger, than any of the girls except for Mist, her Mom, and Carol. They ALL had beautiful, puffy pussies. He had seen, but not yet FUCKED Cathy, and she, except for Irene, and Lorene, had the smallest Mons. Lorene and Irene had got him within the first week he was living there. So far, he had had Lorene twice, and Irene three times. Both were MUCH better than he had imagined. BOTH had told him, “DON’T underestimate us old broads. We got more than wet holes between our legs. WE got TRICKS up our SLEEVES!!! Ya better watch us, or we’ll make ya’ stutter.”He went over and smiled at Chloe. “WELL? aydın escort WHAT’S YOUR VERDICT? AM I WORTH YOUR TIME?” She feigned disinterest in him, looking him over, much as he had Falina a little while ago. She straightened up, and looked him in the eyes. “I’m putting conditions on ya!” she stated. First, and foremost! Ya gotta keep shut about what we do. I don’t want ta go through what I went through those years ago. I don’t want every horn ball on the site trying to get in my panties I don’t like some of ’em, and wouldn’t give ’em my pussy, if’n I DID. Second, and almost as much as the first, Ya gotta clean the box, AFTER ya fuck me. I don’t wanna get knocked up, and I want as much OUT of me as I can get, as soon as possible. Is it a DEAL?” He leaned in and kissed her on the forehead, smiling at her surprise that he would do such a thing. “I would love to follow your instructions. For the first, I haven’t been a “kiss and tell” guy since I went out on my own, and second, I LOVE to clean out hot, creamy slits. I have NEVER been treated to better eating, than I have since I ate my first cream pie. I ESPECIALLY enjoy watching a girl wiggle and squirm when I’m cleaning her.” “Looks like we got a deal, then. Ya wanna do it now, or wait a bit?” She looked past him to Zane and Falina. “You two are part of the bargain!!! Ya gotta keep quiet. I got a reputation to think about. My girlfriend would pitch a fit if SHE found out, and fuck me up in bed some night while I was sleeping. She’s got a mean streak in ‘er a mile wide. She’s all “honey an’ roses” when she’s happy, but worse than anything, when she gets pissed.” Both raised their hands, and crossed their hearts with the other hand. “We promise!” they answered.Francis reached out and took Chloe’s hand. “Let’s all go and take a swim to cool off first. I’m sweaty as a Missouri mule, now. I need to wash off a little bit.” Zane consulted his watch. “It’s just a little after 3, so we got time. Mad, the boss under Dave, didn’t expect me to finish that crane ’till at least 4:30, or 5. If he comes back, he’ll see it, and be satisfied.” They waded out in the same place as Francis had gone, before, and splashed around, scooping up hands full of the sand from the bottom, as they had seen Francis do, and cleaned themselves. Falina, never having the opportunity to go skinny-dipping, before was loving it. She was finding out that she loved to have other people look at her naked body. She was NOT going to worry so much about the curtains being closed, at home, again. If they were open, “by accident,” of course, and someone got a look at her naked body, again, “by accident,” it would be too bad, but, accidents DID HAPPEN!!! If it happened to be one of the neighborhood husbands, then his wife should have taught him NOT to go around looking in open windows. She giggled to herself. Mr. Sullivan, next door, was ALWAYS trying to look under her dresses, or down her blouses. If she let her back door slam, or sat under the tree in the backyard to read or listen to the radio, he would be outside watching her like a hawk. Once she had gone out and sat in the sun, wearing a string bikini, and he had fixed the same board on his fence at least 5 times, and was there for almost 3 hours. She had, “accidentally” of course, broke the string holding her top up. It had fallen, revealing her breasts to him, and he had smashed his thumb with a hammer, and had to go to the doctor.Zane had looked at her, puzzled, when she giggled. She had NEVER told him about that, or the time Mr. Blankenship, AND Mr. Vincent, were in the alley, and she was doing her exercises in the living room. The window was open, and a gust of wind had opened the curtains, and made the rod holding them break. She had rushed to put them back, before she knew the rod was broken, and was standing on a chair, trying to fix then, and they had seen her from the top of her head, to her knees, completely naked. She had been there for almost half an hour when she had seen THEM looking at her. They had both clapped their hands, gently, so as to make no noise, and tipped their hats to her. She HAD given them her biggest smile, in return. She went in the bathroom to pee, and discovered that she was WET!She promised herself that she would tell him about the 2 incidents, tonight. He MIGHT be turned on enough to make love to her from hearing it. SHE COULD ONLY HOPE. Her Mother had taught her that the fastest, best, and easiest way to get something from a man, ANY MAN, was with sex. VERY few men could say “no” after a woman letting him have his way with her. SHE, unknown to her Father, had taken care of the rent, when they were nearly broke, by letting the landlord play with, and mount her. He had been good enough that she offered to pay the rent for a whole year with her body. SHE had enjoyed it almost as much as HE had. Falina had only been 8 years old, and hadn’t understood the way the world worked, THEN!!! She had watched her Mama roll around and grunt, with El Patron on top of her, or behind escort aydın her, doing like a dog, or El Toro. Her Mother had smiled at her. After ALL, she WAS just a c***d. HE had been MUCH bigger than her Papa. It had been, also, the first time that she had not only seen her Mother completely naked in front of anybody, but had seen how much HAIR her Mother had had between her legs. Her own hair had started to grow out when she was 11 years old. By the time she was 13, she had as much as her Mother. Her tetas were almost the same size they were, now. THEY had only grown a little since then. She had been told by some of the other girls to shave at least some of it off. She had used the scissors to cut some of it short, and used her Father’s razor to shave it all the way down, and shape it. She had left a patch that was almost 2 inches, as long as her pinky finger, at he bottom, across, and as wide as her middle finger at the top. She had shave all the hair between her legs. The girls had told her that if the boys took her clothes and used her, they would tell everybody that she was too hairy to bother with, and she would end up as a puta.She waded over and reached down to hold Zane’s cock. “I want you, my husband. I want to feel you inside me like you were just last night. I want you to fuck me in front of our friends. We can watch them fuck, at the same time they watch us fuck. That will make each of you to possess me at the same time, with each of you watching what I am having done to me. WILL YOU, PLEASE?” He nodded to her, and they got out of the water. Francis and Chloe watched her lay down in the grass, again, and spread her legs. Zane’s dick was already hard. They continued to watch as she pulled Zane to stand near her head, and pull him down. She pulled him to take his cock in her moist lips, and suck him into her mouth. She took all he had, while gently massaging his nut sack. She face fucked him, until he grabbed her head and drove deep into her mouth, and emptied his balls down her throat. She took every drop, and opened her mouth to show it to him, and then swallowed every drop. “Give me MORE, my love. Put IT in my pussy, as deep as you put it in my mouth. Put it in me, now, and later we shall watch your new movie, and you can give me as much more as you have. Saturday and Sunday, AFTER Mass, and Confession, I will go outside in the backyard, NAKED, and you can do to me anything you want. And as many times as you want. You won’t hear me tell you no, my love. I don’t care if there are other people watching us. I will do what you want me to.”Zane, after this afternoon, was, in his head, compiling a list of the men he wanted to watch, while they fucked Falina. He would give THEM the choice as to whether they fucked her in the house, in a bed, or outside in the backyard. Either way, HE was going to make movies of it happening. Except while he was worried about whether she would tell him to “get lost”, or not, he had enjoyed watching Francis fuck her 7 ways to Sunday. He had NEVER imagined his wife could be so sexy, AND so hot. Watching her get fucked was SO much better than those porn movies they watched online. He had hooked his computer up to his TV, with some help, so they could see them better. That first time, when his buddy had helped him to hook it all up, he had ALMOST told his buddy to fuck Falina on the spot. A day or 2 later he had gone over to HIS house, and he had been out, running some errands for HIS wife. A little Vietnamese woman he had brought home. SHE was almost 40, but was looking like she was 18 or 19. She had been wearing a T-shirt with nothing under it. She invited him in, and told him her husband had only been gone for a few minutes, and wouldn’t be back for at least 2 or 3 hours. She had gone, and brought him something cold to drink, but was naked when she came back. THAT was how he knew what she looked like. She had puttered around, letting him look at all she had, and came over and sat in his lap, helping herself to a feel of his dick. She had actually purred when she asked him if he was in a hurry, or could he stay, and fuck her a couple of times. He had stayed, and had fucked her 3 times and had eaten her shaved pussy EVERY time. Her husband had come home, and she told him what had happened while he was gone. He laughed and asked Zane if he wanted some more of her. Zane had declined the offer, and had gone home and fucked Falina as soon as he came in the door, and again a little while later.After swallowing his cum, Falina had opened her legs as wide as she could, reached down, and used her fingers to hold her pussy open. Zane had knelt between her legs and leaned down to lick her pussy, finding a little of Francis’s cum still in her. THAT was okay. He liked eating cream pies as much as anybody, He managed to get more as he ate her pussy. Didn’t taste bad, mixed with Falina’s pussy juice. MAYBE some time, later, he would put some more in her. SHE should like THAT!!!He ate her until she begged him to PLEASE fuck her, and he aydın escort bayan did. She let him fuck her for a little bit, and rolled over so she could see Francis and Chloe. HE was eating HER pussy, and was acting like he was doing a GOOD job of it. Zane stuck it in her, doggy, and began to hump away in her. Francis was down low, and his tongue was inside Chloe’s snatch. He was working her over to beat the band. She was squirming and screeching like a barn owl, and begging him to “lick the hell” out of her cunt. If HE hadn’t been feeling so good from Falina’s box, he would have laughed when Francis grabbed Chloe’s clit. She almost jumped out of her skin. SHE fainted, to boot. She was laying there, limp as a cooked noodle, and Francis grabbed a broken tree branch and put a couple of folded shirts over it, and put it under her ass. He locked her legs behind his elbows, just like he did Falina, and waited until he saw her eyes open. He started easing inside of her, almost as slow as he had done with Falina, and had pushed his dick all the way in her. SHE was squalling like a caged bobcat, and trying to crack a rib for him. He was steady humping her. He was hitting her so hard that she was bouncing, but she was holding on as tight as she could. Zane had to stop. Between Falina’s pussy contracting on his dick, and watching Francis fucking the hell out of Chloe, he was ready to bust a nut. Falina had only cum 5 or 6 times, so far, but was building up to a gut shaker, She was squirming around. She was almost there. He began to hump a little slower, but she whimpered and asked him to “fuck me faster.” He started pouring on the coals, and he could feel her biting his dick with her pussy. She ALWAYS did that, just before she had a big orgasm. He reached down, and took her tits in his hands, and hung on. She exploded, jamming herself back to take all the dick she could get and nearly breaking it off of him. He dropped his rocks at the same time. She fell flat on her face and he kept humping until he felt his well go dry. He raised his head enough to see that Francis was STILL fucking Chloe. He was still pounding hell out of her, but she was begging him to “fuck HER harder. He was almost having to hold her in place, he was ramming his cock in her so hard.Falina whispered just loud enough for him to hear. “Raise me up so I can see, too. I want to see how HE fucks HER.” He laid her against his chest and they both were watching the show. Chloe had raised her pussy all the way to Francis’s belly, and was trying to get more of his dick in her. He was shittin’ and gittin’. He was trying to tear her a new ass. She screamed out TWICE, and fell back,legs wide open, and a big smile on her face. he had done what SHE had thought NO man could do. He had made her cum AT LEAST 10 gooder’s. Cum enough was coming out of her twat to make them think he had cum inside her, at LEAST 2 or 3 times. It was running down the crack of her ass, and making a puddle in the grass. He had put at least as much in her, as he had put in Falina. Maybe even MORE. Francis was sweating to beat all, but was wearing a shit-eating grin. DONE ‘ER PROUD, I DID!!! DONE ‘ER PROUD!!! SHE WON’T BE BAD-MOUTHING MEN FOR A WHILE. SHE DOES, I’LL DO HER, AGAIN!!!Falina heard a rustling in the bushes, first from where Zane and Francis had hid, and then another from farther over in the trees. She turned her head to look and heard another noise from behind them. WHAT WAS GOING ON? Then she hard noises from 2 other places. Chloe was laying there, mostly e recovered, but still weak. She turned her head toward another spot, even She heard something that sounded like someone whispering.Chloe raised up on one elbow. “OKAY!!! SHOW’S OVER!!! COME ON OUT WHERE WE CAN SEE YA!!! There were most of Carl’s crew, and all of Daves crew watching them have fun. Wes, the guy that had impressed Cathy on the first foray, was grinning. “I knowed it was an act!! Ain’t met a woman in all my days that didn’t like gettin’ ‘er fuzz split onst in a while. Mebbe not often, but sometimes.” one of the others, from Dave’s crew, piped in. “Hey Honey!!! Ya feel like sharin with th’ boys? WE’D like a little nookie, too.”Chloe knew the jig was up, for her. SHAME, TOO. Granted, she didn’t like ALL the guys, but for the most part, they were good people. She only had 2 choices, now. She could quit her job on the spot, or she could stay, and let as many as wanted, fuck her. She would have to keep it quiet from her girlfriend. SHE would blow her top!!! She couldn’t really afford the first choice, so it would have to be the second option. She could handle 4 or 5 each day, and make it good for THEM! She had no way of guessing how it would be for her, THOUGH. At least it wouldn’t hurt. MAYBE her feelings a bit, or her PRIDE! But not physically. After all, it was a long time ago. At least 10 years, that she had been an out and out SLUT. She had often let 8 to 10 guys a day fuck her. The only part SHE had liked, for the most part, was when they pumped her full of cum. Them busting their balls inside of her had been NICE!!! She would see what happened over the next few days, and, MAYBE, bust lose from her girlfriend. SHE was too prone to temper tantrums.She would have to explore her options. VERT CAREFULLY!!!

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