MISS RYN: A LIFE EVOLVING – CHAPTER 2CHAPTER 2The men moved into the guesthouse and Dori into the house and got themselves settled in. That was enough of a change for them to focus on for the time being. They still had their jobs to attend to, by the time they were just partially moved in, getting the boxes into their respective rooms, and some things put into the proper location, the morning will have been lost. Albert and Jesse would also have to return the rental truck and retrieve Albert’s pickup from the rental facility. I made a few calls, and then informed them that I was going to be away from the estate for much of the day but I would be back for dinner.I showered, dressed, and took the car into town. I had called one of the girls I knew pretty well from the Baldwin County Humane Society. She worked there but was going to the Community College in the Veterinary Technician program. A similar program to the one that I didn’t quite finish so many years ago. She got me referred to a spa she uses for special treatments and that was what I needed, especially a discrete one. She assured me that her friend would hold my appointment and treatment with the highest confidence.I arrive at Sherrie’s Day Spa for my appointment. The shop was in a small strip mall on the main road in the closest little town. I had to admit to an initial hesitation on seeing the place, but I had a lot of trust in Mary who had recommended this shop. I parked right in front of the shop. The building was in nice enough shape, there was just something about little strip malls that brought back small town South. But, that where we were, small town South. I enter and announced to the receptionist that I had an appointment. She was extremely pleasant and I was taken directly to the room where Sherrie was waiting me. “Miss Lauryn Hill, it is an honor to meet you, finally.” I hadn’t even given my name to her.I was surprised. She was young, maybe 24 years old. “You know me? Did we cross paths sometime?”She smiled. “No, Ma’am. I know Mary Wilson very well.” Mary was the woman I called and who set me up with this appointment. “Mary has told me all about the things you have done for her, encouraging her to advance her education, to get her certificate as a Vet Tech to enhance her ability for employment in working with a****ls, smoothing her application into the Community College, and even ‘anonymously’ providing a scholarship for her.”“She found out about all that, huh? That was supposed to be private and confidential. I wanted her to feel she earned her way through her achievement.”“She developed a friendship with a woman in the offices while helping with the woman’s k**s. It was completely by happenstance that it happened. The woman was so grateful; she let some information slip and then the rest over time.” She looked at me intently, “Miss Hill, Mary told me this only so I would know you and why she was asking for my strict confidence when you came in. I would really appreciate it if you didn’t let Mary know we had this conversation. She understands your motivation and she wants you to have pride in her. She has not wasted the opportunities you opened for her, Miss Hill. In fact, finding out how much you did for her, only motivated her more. She is the best in her class and the work she does at the Humane Society is touted by all the managers there.”“I know that. I have been associated with them for a long time. I hear the same things.” I looked at her a little tentatively, “Sherrie, I am something of a hugger kind of woman, and if you are that close to Mary, I feel I need to hug you, too.” We did and she seemed a little embarrassed but became very comfortable. “Thank you, dear, for sharing that with me.”“Mary only told me that this visit should be very discrete and highly confidential, but she didn’t tell me what you wanted done.”I smiled, “What I want is a complete hair removal below my neck. I understand there might be some stinging, but I don’t think I am a very hairy person. Can you do that?”She immediately went to the door and locked it. “Mary has that done here. I think it looks so sexy. Some people disagree, that hair was meant to be where it grows, but obviously not everyone agrees with that.”“Well, obviously, I want to try without it now.”When I arrived back home, my skin never felt so alive. The removal of the wax did sting, but Sherrie’s massage of healing aloe cream into my entire body was worth every stripping of the waxing from my body. I promised her I would be back in the 6 to 8 weeks that this treatment should last. She was right, too, my body belt as smooth as a baby. Now, if Jesse is as pleased. As I was pulling into the drive, I noticed that the afternoon had gotten away from me. I didn’t want to be late and ruin the effect of our first day in this new arrangement. As it was, my being gone all day might have seemed like a letdown or it might have been welcomed to allow more time to ease into this new situation. I was hoping for the latter.I parked my car in the garage and as I rushed toward the door to the house, passing the two cars that had belonged to George and Helen (yes, we still had even George’s car); I again for the umpteenth time wonder what should be done with all these vehicles. I pushed that out of my mind for the moment and concentrated on the next moments in front of me. Entering the house, I rushed to the kitchen and set down the two bottles of wine I had purchased for tonight. Dori was in the kitchen and appeared to be putting the final touches on the dinner.“Miss Ryn, I was beginning to worry about you. Dinner is almost ready. Albert and Jesse are showering now. I will be shortly.” She turned around and stared, “What is it Miss Ryn? You look almost like you are glowing.” She shook her head to refocus, “Anyway, this is all new to us, and I mean us sharing the house. Where will we be eating?”“The dining room. Always, unless someone decides otherwise, I would expect we eat somewhat formally in the dining room.” This time I stopped and watched her, “And, I will be serving the three of you.”“I don’t …”“No discussion, Dori. Listen, dear, on the property in these interactions, I am not Miss Ryn or Miss Hill or Miss Lauryn, I am Ryn, your submissive. As such, my role is to please you and bring you pleasure. A simple thing for me is to serve you. If you want me to eat with you, fine. However, I will sit and join you only after I have served you three. Now, one final detail and I need to get myself ready; how do you think I should be dressed for this first time? I know things will evolve as we live in the situation, but for this first time, since it hasn’t been directed to me, how should I be dressed to please everyone?”She looked at me, then up and down my body. It was weird, she had never looked at me that way before, but she was trying to visualize me dressed in different options that came to mind. “I have no idea, but I think I know what would make the men happy for the first time, you in that same robe and high heels. They will like to see your body. Even if we are going slowly, it is something. It’s not very creative, I know, but …”I walked to her, took her in my arms, and kiss her on the neck several times. I felt her shiver, which pleased me. “We’ll get more creative, Miss Dori.” She pulled back her head and looked at me. I smiled at her, “Thank you for directing me, Miss.” Her smile in return had some tension in it, but not negative tension. Her eyes moved between my eyes and my lips. She was thinking about it, I could tell. The tension was energy, not negative, but sexual. I could see it and feel it and I knew she was, too. Oh, what a strange bunch we are. Four people from poor backgrounds, now finding themselves in a tight, unusual, and challenging relationship. I smiled as I thought about it in that fleeting moment, added with the recognition that previously, my situation was with people of ‘sophistication’, people who pretended a lot, and devised ways to be deviant. These three were real, what they were what I was going to get, no pretending, and no false show.I put my hands to the sides of Dori’s head, watching her lips as they parted and closed and then was licked by her tongue. “Miss Dori, I want to kiss you. Is that alright?”She only nodded. I leaned in and kissed her lips, softly, tentatively to gage her reaction. I looked at her lips, and then her eyes, her eyes moved from my lips to my eyes. She nodded, again. I kissed her harder, more passionately, and held her in the kiss for nearly a minute. She gasped and moaned. I could feel that she was hesitant and timid in the kiss; I suspected that she had never kissed another woman before, not like this. I could also feel her relax in the kiss and return it to me, her tongue meeting mine just outside our lips. She was now enjoying the kiss and her hand moved down my back, pulling me into her. I smiled at her as we broke the kiss and stepped apart. She turned to finish what she had been doing, and then moved to the side door where she stopped and smiled back at me before walking to her room. I watched her the entire time, then turned and ran upstairs to prepare myself.As I entered my room, I was discarding clothes as I moved to the bathroom for a shower. I could feel my heart fluttering in anticipation and a bounce to my step as I went. What does it say that a 44-year-old woman can feel her heart fluttering and her step has an u*********s bounce to it? Especially when the reason for those reactions is the anticipation of initiating a submissive relationship with three varied people who had, until now, been my employees.After a quick shower, fixing my hair into large curls with it hanging loose to my shoulder blades, and the rest of my makeup, I am standing in front of the floor length mirror. I love the look that I see before me and I know that Jesse will be pleased. Although I had shaved my under arms and legs, after the waxing this afternoon, my body is clean of all other hair and smooth to the touch. I couldn’t keep my hands from caressing over my stomach to my mound and between my legs, feeling the smoothness. I had been made to shave before, but the shaving produced a different feeling, the look was similar but this was so much smoother. I could also feel the dampness that was already forming in my pussy and escaping to the lips my fingers softly slid over.I thought of the robe that Dori suggested, the one they had already seen me in, and it just didn’t feel right. I felt like that was now my casually exposed morning outfit. This dinner and future dinners should be more, somehow fancier, giving an impression of sexy, if not even formality. I went to my closet, selected a pair of high heels, and returned to the mirror. Now re-evaluating my appearance. Yes, I knew what I wanted to do. I returned to my closet, made my selection, and carefully hurried down the stairs wearing heels.I passed the dining room and saw the table set for four. I smiled, pleased that I was desired to be with them. I looked in the living room and found nobody, heard noise further in the house and followed it. In the family room were Dori and Albert. They saw me and looked me up and down; Albert smiled. Dori was putting the bottle of wine and glasses on the bar that was in the corner of the large family room. This room opened onto the patio, which contained the pool. The family room on one end contained an entertainment center with a large plasma TV and sound system. On the other end was a regulation pool table sinop escort and bar. The wall opposite the patio sliding doors was bookcases containing books of a wide range of genre in fiction and non-fiction and also videos.The two of them were still looking at me as I made my way to the bar and opened the wine. Dori commented, “I see you made your own choice on what to wear.”“I hope this choice is okay, Miss. Your recommendation of high heels was excellent; however, the robe I have been wearing and was modified this morning … well, I thought was too common, too ordinary for dinner. I hope you like this.” What I had chosen was a negligee that was sheer lace in white. It was cut deeply in front so the insides of my breasts were not covered and the nipples showed through the lace clearly. The bottom came just to the bottom of my ass and barely covered my pussy in front if I was standing still. It had two ties, one below my breasts and the other at my waist. They were both tied. The negligee in combination with the white heels looked very coordinated and definitely more erotic. But, Albert commented on it being tied. “Yes, Sir, I know. This morning you made it quite clear that you desired me to be more displayed. I hope you forgive me, Sir, but I have a surprise for Jesse. Will he be joining us soon?”“He should be here in a moment.”I smiled at him and returned to the bar. I made a point of having to bend over to pick up something from the floor that didn’t exist. I bent over from the waist, my back to them and my legs straight, but tightly together. My bare ass was fully exposed to them and I knew it. It sent a thrill through me at the tease when I heard whispered comments behind me.I then heard Jesse enter from the hallway. I turned around after pouring the three glasses. I brought one to Dori, then the other two to the men. I stood in front of them and waited. They sipped the wine. Dori said I should join them, so I did. As they sipped, they were looking me up and down, as if they were waiting for further explanation of my wearing the negligee closed.“Jesse, Sir, this morning you gave me specific instruction indicting how you wanted my body to appear.” He nodded. I untied the two ties and let the garment fall open. I put my glass down, opened both sides, and walked up to him. “I decided, Sir, that shaving wasn’t good enough for you … all of you. I got a full-body waxing today and will keep it like this, if you approve.” His mouth hung open and he was slowly nodding. Inwardly, I was beaming even if outwardly I was maintaining an image of a demure subject. I lowered my eyes; my hands pulling the negligee wide open. “Sirs, Ma’am, I think feeling might be the only way of evaluating whether my efforts at satisfying your instructions have been sufficiently accomplished.”The next moment, I had three hands sliding over my body, and, alternately, between my legs that I spread further and further. Very quickly I wished to be taken by them right there and then rather than serving them dinner. But, I knew I had to be patient. I knew this adventure was going to transition and evolve at its own pace and couldn’t be rushed. The satisfying part was magnified when Albert slipped his thick index finger between my lips and mumbled, “My god, she’s wet!”After dinner, Dori and I joined efforts cleaning up the kitchen and the dishes. Albert and Jesse joined us in the kitchen, sitting at the table and talking with us. The kitchen had normally been Dori’s realm, but the lines of responsibility were blurring as we lived more closely together, even on this first day.I was introducing them to an after-dinner brandy as we talked. The talk wasn’t really going anywhere in particular and had nothing to do with our new relationship, it was just nice together time, sharing our days and laughing as I related some aspects of the waxing. Dori glanced at me repeatedly as I tried to express the feeling of the wax applied in the more sensitive areas and then having Sherrie massage in a soothing Aloe lotion into my body, especially in the sensitive areas. I returned knowing glances back to them with winks to let them know that the sting of taking the hair off was more than made-up for by the touches after.It was during this time that Albert reminded me of my offer to share my history with them in the hopes of giving them some idea what I had already experienced and what had been done in my submission previously. I offered to start at my earliest sexual experiences and add to it in the following few days to bring them up-to-date. This is how my sexual life began:* * *I was the youngest of the Hill family who lived in Attala County, Mississippi. We were poor, small time farmers who failed so miserably that the only a****l remaining was a single dog that Pa occasionally used for hunting, but it wasn’t even of much use for that. All the rest had to be sold for us to survive. We still lived on the farm, but much of the land had also been sold off, leaving us with only 5 acres of unused land. The remaining property had been sold to the surrounding farms, but they were now in little better shape.My Ma died when I was 14 years old. She had become suddenly ill with a form of cancer but it was combined with a lack of any will to live. That last part was something my aunt mentioned to me in passing several years later. She believed, whether it was true or not, that one thing or another was going to take my Ma because she just gave up on life as she experienced it in that region and with my Pa. It was a hard life, and perhaps an unnecessarily hard life. According to my aunt, the cancer was just the first thing to get to her. It could have been something else. Ma just didn’t have the will or the desire to live, anymore.thought about those comments long and hard over the subsequent years. Growing up poor in a land that all of society ignored was difficult. Moreover, the older I became and the more of life that I became exposed to as opposed to that of a k**, the more I began to sympathize with my Ma. It made me wonder, though, if my aunt’s life was better somehow or was she just stronger. Perhaps, though, she recognized the same thing in my Ma that she also experienced but my aunt just didn’t care. Perhaps life was just life to her; that she had given up on any expectation of something better or worthwhile. Whatever it was, it made me wonder about my own life as I gained womanhood and approaching being an adult. What would happen to me?In high school, my teachers and counselors were a continual source of encouragement. They insisted that I had more potential than nearly any student did in the school. What I needed was a chance to excel and perform and then to find my way to advanced education. They encouraged me to try to get into even the Community College in one of the nearby cities. If I could just get away and be challenged in something, they were convinced I would be one who would ultimately succeed and escape the trap that this poor, rural life created.After Ma died and I was working my way through high school, it actually seemed like I might have a chance at leaving. It was a peculiar thing that when I was a senior in high school, my life seemed pretty good. I had time at home to study, something my siblings never seemed to have time for as I remembered it, or they never had the interest. My grades were very good and the counselor indicated that I would have his endorsement for getting into a community college program. I was getting excited.Life was deceptive, however. I was preoccupied with my hopes and school. The rest of the family seemed preoccupied with other things about life, but since it didn’t bother my dreams and attention, I was happy to ignore them, dedicating myself stronger than ever as my final year of school was drawing to a close. I was the youngest of five c***dren, which was made up of two brothers and two sisters. The boys were older than us girls. It never even occurred to me until months before graduation that I was the first to ever graduate from high school. I was a couple years younger than my next sister. It seemed that they had become women nearly overnight and never went back to school. After some discussion with my sisters, after all this time, my brothers and sisters all turned 18 years old before graduation. Pa was of the opinion that adulthood was at 18. Education beyond that was immaterial and that seemed to be confirmed to him because the law said that school was mandatory under 18 years old. That was the simple way his mind worked. The law also said that at 18 they could drink beer in the parent’s presence. Further proof of his point.When the boys turned 18, he got them jobs at the lumber mill where he worked. I doubted it was good work, but it was work. Since they all worked in the same place, they left together in the morning and returned together at night. And, yes, there was a lot of beer drinking, as if we had the money for beer. My sisters found the same thing happen to them, except that as they turned 18, they took on full responsibilities for the home, including all cooking, cleaning, laundry, and ‘caring for the men’ as I seemed to regularly hear around the house at night. Since it didn’t include me, I wasn’t particularly inquisitive and assumed that meant things like getting them more beer and snacks when they called for it. I also didn’t care because it was my full intention to leave and go to a college of some kind.Wow, talk about naïve. I lived in a make-believe world of my creation and blotted out the reality of where and with whom I lived. I came to discover in short order that my aunt had been trying to warn me, not indict my Ma for giving up. And, I was about to discover that fact in the harshest of ways very quickly.It is 1989; I had just graduated from high school and about to turn 18 in another week. I suppose, the fact that it wasn’t important enough to Pa or the family for us to attend the graduation ceremony should have been something of a warning of a storm ahead. Instead, it was another piercing stab to my heart that further reinforced my desire and need to escape that place, that life, and that backward way of life. At that time, 1989, our ‘farm’ was a dirt patch and weeds. The house was a two story wood construction home. We had three bedrooms: Pa had one, the largest; my two brothers had another to share; and, my two sisters and I shared the other. There was a kitchen and a room that served as living room and family room. That was where the threadbare sofa was and a couple of chairs around an equally threadbare rug with a dented, scratched, and worn coffee table in the center. On one wall was a TV that the outside huge antenna allowed us to receive the basic networks. Without school to attend, I was stuck at home with my sisters and I could sense now that things weren’t right. Our responsibility was cooking, cleaning, and making life as comfortable as possible for ‘the men’ when they returned from their long day of labor. During that last week before my birthday and while the men were at work, my sisters became much more interested in my private life than they had ever been before. They wanted to know if I had ever ‘been’ with a boy. As much as I didn’t feel it was any of their business, I hadn’t. They were flabbergasted; I was still a virgin and knew nothing about sex. For some reason they found that hysterically funny. When I asked why that would be so funny, they merely shared giggles between themselves, their escort sinop hands to their mouths to try to control further laughing, “You’ll find out.” But, that just brought more giggles and snickering.Two days before my birthday, my oldest sister stopped me, looking me directly in the eyes as though making sure what my facial reactions might say in answering her, “Lauryn, you ARE taking your birth control pills, aren’t you?”I looked at her, squinting my eyes and furrowing my brows as my own question formed in my mind, “Yes, I am. But, why was I given them in the first place? You two I could understand with all the boys that follow you around, I have no doubt that you have been giving it out, already. I don’t even have a boyfriend, I’ve been too focused on school and getting good grades so I can go to college someday.” It seemed that everything I said was bringing hysterical laughs to these two.The night before my 18th birthday, I was sent to bed early. I was told by my Pa that tomorrow was going to be a big day for me. Tomorrow was going to be a change in my life, as I became a woman of the family, just like my sisters. None of that made any sense, I saw Pa with my brothers, and sisters all huddled together. When they saw me watching, I was told to do as I was told. I resigned myself to at least getting a good night’s sleep. They were right, though, I was going to need it.It was normal for us to be up for breakfast with a robe over our pajamas or nightgowns, so it didn’t occur to me to wonder why everyone was dressed that way when I entered the kitchen. My sisters had breakfast ready and as we ate, it did seem unusual at the leisurely pace everyone seemed to be moving that morning. When I asked about it, I was informed that since it was my birthday, the men were taking the day off from work to help me celebrate. For a moment, I thought there was hope for my family. As we were cleaning up the kitchen, the men went into the other room and I heard the TV get turned on. I quietly asked my sisters, “Okay, I get the cooking, cleaning stuff, but what did he mean by ‘caring for the men’?”They looked at each other nervously. Earlier that question might have elicited a bout of laughter at my expense, but not this morning. This morning their mood was more serious, even nervous and on edge. “Lauryn, listen to us, just do what he says and don’t fight him. It will be easier that way, trust us, we’ve been right where you are now.”I was going to pursue that with a dozen more penetrating questions, but Pa broke into our sharing. “Get done, right now, and get your asses in here!” We finished up fast, I wasn’t even sure the last of the pans really got clean.I entered the other room with my sisters’ right behind me. They were all sitting on the couch with Pa in the middle and that was when it sunk in that none of them had pajamas showing under their robes and they all had nasty grins on their faces. I stood directly in front of Pa and my sisters took chairs behind me. “Lauryn, today you are 18 years old. Congratulations. I want to tell you what that means, though. As far as I am concerned, and that’s all you need to worry about, at 18 a girl becomes a woman. The boys and I are staying home today to help you understand what being a woman in the family means. We did the same for your sisters but you didn’t know because you were at school. Your role in the family, like your sisters, is simple: you will now assist your sisters in the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and caring for men in general, but especially, me and your brothers.”I was almost afraid to ask, but I knew the answer would be coming one way or the other, eventually. I preferred to have it all understood now. “And, what exactly are you meaning by … ‘caring for men’?”I watched him, but my eyes went to the boys on either side of him as they snickered and shared knowing looks back and forth. “Your sisters say you are a virgin and have never been with a boy in any way. Well, that’s going to change right now. Lauryn, from right now on, you and your sisters are responsible for making sure that we have all our sexual needs cared for. Is that clear enough?” His eyes were penetrating mine. I just knew he was trying to peer into my mind and heart to see what was going on there. I never thought he was that smart of a man, but he did know the obvious about my desires and hopes. “And, you can forget any thought of going off to any more schools. Your time of having your nose in books is over. If we aren’t fucking you or your sisters, your nose will be in our crotch while sucking our cocks. Understood?”That was plain enough. He seemed rather pleased with himself. The boys seemed very pleased. My sisters seemed unemotional, almost dead to it. It was then that I understood why they had turned so aloof after they turned 18. On that day, their lives had irrevocably changed. And, I could see that mine was, too.He opened his robe and there before me was the first bare, nearly erect penis I had ever seen. He spread his knees wide and ordered me to start sucking. I hesitated. No, I was immobile, too stunned by the turn of events for my mind to even register the order to move. The words went into my ears, probably made the right vibrations to send the necessary signals to my brain for processing, but nothing happened. It was like talking into a phone that was disconnected. The sounds were certainly there, but nothing was being transmitted.He yelled at me, but I was now not hearing anything. He stood up and before my eyes registered that fact, he slapped me hard across my left cheek. My hand went to my cheek and tears flooded my eyes. And, my ears were now registering the noise of his voice and soon the noise was registered with words. He had sat back down and I lowered to my knees between his legs, exactly as he was yelling. Even at the time, I thought that was an interesting reaction from me. I was an intelligent girl, everybody said so, and an intelligent girl could well have taken a number of responses and put them into motion from fighting back for my dignity to running to my room in tears. My response was simple, immediate, and satisfying to him; I simply knelt and took his penis into my hand, the first one I ever touched and it was my Pa’s. I glanced to either side and knew that my second and third men would be my brothers.I looked up and quietly said, “Pa, I don’t know what to do. I’ve never touched one before. Tell me what to do.” Where the hell did that come from? Now, I sounded like I wanted to please him, to make him happy with what I did for him. So he told me in detail exactly what to do and he did it in a gentle, but authoritative, voice. Soon, as I did what he instructed, licking, kissing, sucking the head, and taking his penis into my mouth, his hand stroked my head. Eventually, I felt him tense, I felt him strain his hips into the air and push down on my head at the same time. He told me he was cumming and I should take it all in my mouth and to swallow every drop he gave me. He said a man’s cum was always to be taken inside my body, one of my holes or mouth, unless the man wanted to decorate my face or body with it. But, never was it to be wasted from my mouth.He said I was good for trying but that I lack skill, that I would require lots of practice to become as good as my sisters. He then ordered my sisters to suck my brothers and for me to pay close attention to how they did it. He said he was going for more beer but when he returned, he expected me to do better on him. When the boys came in my sister’s mouths, they took it all, just as I had done. Then they backed away. My oldest brother, Samuel, got a wicked grin on his face. “Clean my cock off with your tongue.” I looked at it, covered in the saliva of my sister, Jane, and some cum that escaped her mouth. But, that was my only hesitation before I was between his legs and cleaning his penis. I then moved to my other brother, Jacob. I wasn’t even asked; I just did it. My mind was still in shock and my heart was cold, but my body was responding to their demands. I learned something important about myself that morning, something that has constantly been a part of my awareness ever since; I responded physically to a commanding and authoritative voice. Did my brother have that voice? No, but my Pa did and he put Samuel in charge; it was as simple as that.When Pa got home, the boys each took a bottle of beer and resumed their places on the couch. I was ordered to try again on Pa’s penis. He said I did better, but more practice was needed. I spent much of my birthday on my knees in front of one or the other of the men ‘practicing’ my cock sucking skills. Occasionally, my sisters would again be told to show me another technique.The next morning started out different. This morning I was now one of the women to take care of the house. My sisters woke me early and together we got the breakfast started and the coffee made. Almost on some kind of schedule, the men came out just as the food was being finished. We were dressed as we had been all of yesterday. The men were also dressed the same in just robes. It took my mind a moment to realize it was Saturday. I could just imagine that the next two days would be duplicates of yesterday. I was wrong.Upon entering the kitchen, Pa came to each of us, kissed us on the forehead and patted our butts under our robes and nightgowns. Then, he took his seat and we all ate. The talk at the table was unabashed discussion about my training yesterday and appraisal of my progress. I was surprised that Jacob volunteered that he thought I might already be as good as my sisters. Samuel seemed reluctant, but accepted that I was definitely improved by last night. Pa seemed to be somewhere in-between them. This, of course, did nothing to make my sisters feel very good about the discussion and were confused by my actions so far.After cleaning up from breakfast, we are again called into the other room. They are again sitting on the couch as they were yesterday. I am preparing myself for another session of sucking penis. I am still thinking in inexperienced terms but I would shortly accept much more graphic terms. But I was to be surprised. He had interests beyond turning me into simply a good cocksucker. And, I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. I simply had no frame of reference for the acts that were being introduced to me.He told me to remove my robe and nightgown. I looked at my sisters standing just off to the side and they weren’t moving. It was another moment of conflict between my mind and my physical response. My mind wanted to refuse such an absurd suggestion and was receiving validation by the lack of movement by my sisters. My body, however, had caused my hands to already be fidgeting at the tie to my robe. I looked down at my Pa and knew then that the demand was directed solely at me and my robe was opening and sliding off my shoulders before my mind caught up. After pulling the nightgown over my head, I held an arm across my breasts and the other hand in front of my pussy.“Hands to your sides.” They just looked for several minutes, whispers being shared between them. I knew I was blushing a bright red. I was the only one naked and their gaze upon me was unabashed. He called me closer to him and opened his legs to allow me to step up to the edge of the couch. He reached up and touched my breast, then my nipple, then squeezed the nipple, and my body’s reaction was completely contrary to that of my mind. My mind was sinop escort bayan repulsed that my family could treat me this way, but my body was sending electrical impulses that it had never experienced before.His hand slid down my body to my pubic mound, between my legs, which somehow had opened, and stroked my lips. I gasped at the touch and he looked up at me. “You’re sure you are a virgin?”“Yes, Pa.”“You’re very wet. Open your legs wider, Lauryn; I’m going to check for myself.” I watched him, as did everyone else, as he slid a finger along my pussy, parted my lips, and slowly penetrate me for the first time ever. I sucked in a sharp breath at the new feeling coursing through me. My mind wanted me to clamp my legs tightly shut. My body was telling my mind to shut up and mind its own business. Pa’s finger went further in easily as I was very wet and he pushed until I felt pressure, resistance from inside, and I gasped, again. “Indeed you are. Interesting. Both of your sisters had been active before we got to them. You know about the membrane inside you, right?” I nodded, although a woman could certainly be a virgin without it, having it was a guarantee. “We need to break it and it might hurt for a moment.”I found that amusing in a particularly odd way. What would a man who just admitted to not deflowering a virgin know about what pain may or may not occur? But, I just looked at him questioningly, “Why do you have to?”He only looked up, puzzled by the question, perhaps puzzled why I would ask such an obvious question. “So we can fuck you.”“I mean, why do you need to fuck me?”He smiled. I was sure he found my reaction another intriguing difference between my sisters and me. Despite the fact that I wasn’t physically fighting him, my mind was not accepting the inevitable. My sisters had just accepted everything as if it were the most natural part of being a family. I saw it as unnatural, despite my body’s physical reaction even now. But, his smile disappeared slowly with his finger still inside me. “You girls … all of you … listen and listen good. We’re going to be making some changes around here but the primary one will be that the three of you are to only worry about satisfying us. And, I mean completely. Your primary jobs for now on are to be our fuck-sluts, whenever and however we want it. You will also cook and keep this place clean. Any questions?”Of course, none of us bothered with any questions. I wasn’t sure my sisters could have formulated any, if they wanted to. Me? I looked around the room and badly wanted to ask how anyone could keep something clean that was nearly falling apart already. But, I didn’t.No … instead, my life was changing. “Okay, girl, get on the floor and join your sisters as family sluts!” On the floor? Right here in front of the rest of the family? Tears came to my eyes but I did as I was told. Once I was on my back on the floor with my legs slightly parted, he removed his robe and I again saw his hard penis, a sight I was realizing was going to be a regular thing from now on. He roughly pushed my legs apart, knelt between them and without any other preparation for me, he put his penis against my lips, and pushed up and down until he found my hole, and pushed in so the head was just inside. I had always envisioned that the first time I would have a penis entering my pussy; it would be a warm, sharing, and loving situation, a bonding of two people intent to bring joy, arousal, and pleasure to each other. Instead, it was as if I was being ****d by my Pa for his own pleasure. I looked up into his eyes and I saw no gentleness or tenderness or concern for what was about to happen and what pain I might experience for my first time. I only saw a man possessed with the opportunity of taking not only a virgin, but a virgin with her hymen intact. That fact seemed to be an added part of the excitement for him; I had no question in my mind about that now. Then, I saw a wicked smile cross his face and I instinctively knew to grit my teeth and in this case I was happy that my body was acting on its own, not only allowing but causing me to be wet. With that smile appearing on his face, he plowed into me and my hymen didn’t stand a chance in resistance. It happened so fast that he was completely inside me almost before I felt the pain of the membrane tearing. But, that was only a delayed reaction; the pain did come as a sharp, searing reaction.As I had heard classmates say, though, the initial pain goes away fairly quickly and then the more pleasurable sensations associated with being fucked can be realized. Again, my body took over. My mind just shut down, it was like it wanted nothing to do with what was happening, it took a walk and left my body behind. My mind didn’t catch up with what else was happening until Samuel was on top of me. They were going oldest to youngest. My mind got in the way of my body with Samuel and I seemed to fight him, resisting the pounding he was giving me. He came inside me regardless, however. My mind stopped its panic after Samuel came, sending his seed into me where I was sure Pa had already deposited his. It, my mind, allowed a shared reaction with Jacob, however. I hadn’t moved since Pa told me to get down on the floor on my back with my legs spread. Now, looking up at Jacob coming to me, between my legs, with a look of wonder and anticipation, I saw a young man not that much older than me. His approach was so different from the other two, not assuming or demanding or intent on demeaning me. Yes, he was going to fuck me because it was expected and he was given the opportunity. And, yes, he would be fucking me many times in the future, but I could see in him how it could be when there was respect. So, as he approached me, I raised my knees and spread them out to the sides, opening myself even more for him. I raised my head and looked down my body to watch his penis approach my pussy. I watched as he took his penis in his hand and put it at the entrance to my pussy. There was a hesitation and I looked up at his face. He was watching me, he seemed slightly hesitant, slightly embarrassed by everything. It then occurred to me that my sisters might very well have had a completely different experience, either in privacy or one at a time and maybe both. I smiled up at him, trying to indicate my recognition of his consideration to me. He smiled back and pressed forward, his penis parting my lips and entering me. I had been fucked twice before him, but this felt like the first time for me for this was the first time I was fully accepting the actions happening to me and by me. I felt his penis slide into me further and further, filling more of me. When he started pulling back and pressing into me, my body responded. My hips rose from the floor and my pussy clenched around him. I was surprised the first time it happened, but I could actually make my pussy tighten around him and that action seemed to surprise him, as well. He gave me another smile. I reached up, put my arms around his neck, and pulled him to me, kissing him, groaning into his mouth. I whispered so only he could hear, “Thank you, Jacob. Thank you for being gentle when the others showed you that wasn’t necessary.” That seemed to be a trigger for him. He shuddered and began thrusting into me harder and quicker. Not overpowering me, but in a way to catch up to his own need. My own needs were quickly increasing and my groans and moans increased with his and it was then that I wondered, inexperienced as I was, if his increase wasn’t to help me reach orgasm with him. I pressed into him, our pelvises grinding and pounding into each other. Again, I whisper, “Jacob, are you close? I want to share this with you, please.” He didn’t verbally respond. He pressed into me and that action ground his pelvis into my clit and I exploded. My shuddering pussy had the effect on him that was all he needed, with my pussy spasming around his penis. He erupted into me; I could feel myself getting even fuller of semen and my own juices. I held him in my clutches. Sex really could be wonderful. My sisters later told me that Jacob wasn’t my first orgasm, though; I had orgasmed loudly with Pa, too.That was how the rest of the day went. Not completely spent in sex by any means, but when the men wanted it, they just took one of us for a suck or a fuck. After all three of them initially fucked me, my sisters were also involved. While we made food for the men, they told me that this was much different. Before, they were only fucked when I wasn’t around. They were careful of me, so their used was limited. They now saw that things were indeed going to be very different. I was allowed to put a dress on as were my sisters, but all three of us were told to not wear any underwear in the house, we were to be easily available to them. That night, Pa took me to his bed and I slept there, but only after he fucked me, again. That made 7 times that day.* * *The three of them were just watching me as I finally took a breath and sat back in the chair. I was somewhat exhausted by the telling and they saw that in me. The problem was that there was so much more to be told. I looked up at them, surveying each of their faces. I smiled weakly, nervously, to indicate that I was okay. “You said you wanted the details.”They were quiet. Their looks, though, were soft and gentle. Dori broke the quiet, “That was your first time? That’s awful! But, how did you get away from it? It sounded nearly impossible.”I sighed and smiled, a smile to thank them for their sensitivity and compassion. It was late and the retelling was even more tiring. “Can I get to that tomorrow?” I started to get up when Albert blurted out, “Miss Ryn?” It was interesting that he used that name, the sensitive nature of what was to follow, perhaps. “Several times you mentioned your brain and body being out of sync. You said your brain was abhorred over what was happening but your body was responded in the opposite way.” I nodded and glanced at the others who were intently watching my reactions. “Is that when you realized you were a submissive?”“Good catch, my kind Sir. I didn’t have a name for it at the time, but, yes, that was when I knew something was different about me. And, that it was something that could get me and keep me in trouble. But, more of that tomorrow, too. That is if you still want to hear more.”Dori came up to me, took me into her arms and hugged me deeply, kissing my cheek. “Yes, as painful as this might be to relive and for us to hear, it is helping us to better understand you. Just like you said it would. If you are up to it, dear, we would be honored to hear it.”I kissed each of them on the cheek. “Sorry to be a party-pooper. Since this is your house now, too, could you remember to turn out the lights and close the doors when you leave in case it rains? In the morning, then …”I could feel them watching me as I turned and left. I had nearly forgotten that I was virtually naked, but now remembering, I shook my butt for them and looked over my shoulder with a bigger smile. They were returning it. My story hadn’t become a complete downer, then. I hoped the next part would come across as just a part of who I am, also. Climbing the stairs, once again being alone in that big upstairs; how I wish this house could truly be shared with them. Why is it so important to me that they understand me? I stop halfway up the stairs, look back down, and listen. They are talking, animated, and in earnest. I start up the stairs, again. Maybe because I am more like them in reality than I ever was like Mr. Thrower or the Taylors. Maybe because now, with them, I have a chance to be understood in a way I never was.* * * CHAPTER 3 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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