Mirror, Mirror Ch. 02

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Kelly wakes up from a restless sleep, her thoughts immediately return to the previous evenings festivities. Her party was a hit, like always, but thats not what she’s thinking about as she looks into her full length mirror, her Magic mirror, she reminds herself.

She sits up on her bed and gazes at her naked body, her hands reaching up to cup her breasts before ruffling her hair. She laughs outloud before flopping back on her big king size four poster bed.

“Janna is in store for a big surprize. I wonder what her reaction will be?” Kelly asks herself.

She climbs out of bed and takes her morning shower. Her thoughts continue to return to the previous night, after the party. Feeling the need for release, she removes the shower head and sprays it on her clit, just like Janna did the night before. Kelly’s orgasm is intense as the water sprays on just the right spot.

Janna hears a noise from the room on the other side of hers knowing that Kelly must be up already and taking her shower. If she only knew how badly I want her, Janna thought to herself. She looks at the clock on the nightstand with sleepy eyes and a bit of a hangover.

“God, I’m glad I took a shower last night” Janna tells the walls.

She lazilly gets out of bed and looks at herself in the full lenght mirror. Her thoughts returning to Kelly’s party the previous night. She was hoping that the ‘winner’ of Kellys special evening would’ve been her and another. Male or female, Janna didnt care. Janna walks to the bathroom and brushes her teeth before brushing her long blonde hair.

She had promised to watch Kelly’s Bed and Breakfast Manor while Kelly went to a conference for a couple of days. Janna was looking forward to having something to do, just to help take her mind off of her recent breakup. She gets dressed and waits for Kelly downstairs in the kitchen.

Kelly finishes her shower and walks out of her bathroom, a towel is wrapped around her head like a turban. Just before entering her walk in closet, she catches a glimpse of Janna on the other side of the mirror. She watches her as she looks at herself in the mirror, once again wanting to climb through and press her lips against hers.

“There’ll be plenty of time for that later” Kelly tells her reflection as she watches Janna turn and get dressed.

Kelly hurries to get dressed herself so that she can tell Janna what she needs to do in her absence.

“Good Morning Janna” Kelly says as she walks down the stairs.

“Hey, good morning yourself. Sleep good?” she asks in reply.

“Sure did. Was quite the evening wasnt it?”

“Yah it really was, I had a great time. And thanks for letting me be the first to break in the new room” says Janna.

“It was my pleasure!” said Kelly with a twinkle in her eye.

Janna noticed it immediately.

“Whats THAT mean?” she asked Kelly.

“What? Huh??” Kelly stammers. “What are you talking about?”

“I see it in your eyes. You had SEX last night and I wasnt invited?” Janna says with a laugh.

“Well, actually, Yes, I did have sex, but it was solo. Of a sort” Kelly mischeviously tells her longtime friend.

“Oh, one of those nights. Was it someone at the party that got you so horny?” Janna asks innocently.

“Um, yes. I didnt expect it to happen, but they really got me going last night, and, well, like they say. If it feels good do it”.

They both laugh as each one searches the others eyes. Each one wanting to confess to the other about what turned them on last night.

“Well truth be told. I had sex last night too. Solo as well. I was hoping that another person might share my bed last night, but it didnt happen.” said Janna.

Kelly needed to tell Janna the truth about bahis firmaları the special room and that she did delibrately fix the contest so that Janna would be the winner.

“Um Janna, there’s something I need to show you. Especially if your going to watch the house for me while I’m away.”

She takes Janna by the hand and leads her back up the stairs.

“You remember that I told you I had some builders come last month and make some additions?” Kelly asked.

“Yah, sure do. They place looks wonderful. And that special room is so big. I loved the four poster bed. Too bad I was the only one in it” Janna replied.

“Yes, well. There’s something else I need to show you, especially as you’ll have to sleep in my room for the next few nights.” Kelly continues.

“I’ve got a young couple coming in from out of town for two nights and I want you to show them around. Ya know, make them comfortable and all.”

“Sure thing sis” Janna confirms.

Even though Kelly and Janna are not sisters, they’ve always had that kind of bond. Able to talk to each other about anything and everything.

“You know thats why I came here. I’m always there to help” Janna continues.

“I know, and I apprecatiate it loads too. There’s just something I have to share with you though” said Kelly.

She continues to lead Janna up the grand staircase. The new carpet was obvious and added a certain luxury to the house. Janna was calculating the costs in her head and was amazed at all the new furnishings since her last visit.

“Kel? Where did you get all the money to make these changes?” Janna asked.

“I took out a loan and I’m in debt up to my ass. But I really wanna make this work. I just love this house and I’d hate to lose it.” Kelly responds.

“You’ll make it work, you always do” Janna says encouragingly. “So whats so important that you have to show me?”

“It’s about last night. I, um, well you’ll just have to see for yourself” Kelly says. “I want you to see the master suite”

They walk into the master suite and Kelly waits for Janna’s reaction.

“Wow, it’s beautiful. You really have a nice bedroom. I get to sleep here the next few nights?” Janna asks excitedly.

“Yes. Please do. But there’s something else I wanted you to see.” Kelly says as she points towards the full length mirror.

“Oh, nice. I saw that you put one in the special room as well” says Janna.

“Yes, but this is no ordinary mirror, Janna. It’s my magic mirror” says Kelly with an expectant look at Janna.

“Magic? What do you mean?”

“I told you that there was someone that got me excited last night. More than I ever thought possible.” said Kelly.

“Yah, so who was it?”

“Let me show you something. Stay right here Janna and keep looking into the mirror.”

With that, Kelly left the bedroom and walked into the guest suite. She turned on the light knowing that Janna could see everything. She walked upto the mirror in the guest suite and gave the reflection a waive.

“Oh My God!” came a shout from the other side of the mirror. “You little bitch” said Janna laughingly.

As Kelly walked back into the master suite, Janna looked at her and said,

“So THATS what you were talking about.”

The realization that Kelly was watching Janna pleasure herself the previous night made Janna instantly wet and longing to be touched. She approached Kelly and kissed her on the lips. The kiss was soft and gentle at first, then Kelly kissed Janna back, harder and with a greater intensity than either of them thought possible.

“You know I’ve always wanted you Kel.” said Janna hungrily.

“And you can have me. Just not now. I’ve gotta get to the airport before my flight kaçak iddaa leaves. But when I come back, we can party then”

She pats Janna’s cheek tenderly, giving her another kiss before leaving for the airport. On her way out she gives Janna a few instructions on how to check guests in, how to use the credit card machine and when to expect the delivery man.

Left on her own, Janna’s mind returns to the previous evening. Her excitement grows knowing that Kelly actually watched her in the two way mirror.

“I wish you’d have done more than watch Kelly” Janna says to herself.

As the day goes on, Janna answers phones, makes reservations for other guests and awaits the arrival of the young couple that Kelly had mentioned previously.

“Hi. Is Kelly here?” asks the dark haired man walking in with a load of boxes and crates.

“No, shes at a conference for a few days” said Janna.

“Can I help you?” she asks politely.

“My names Kaz. I’m just here delivering these fruits for her” he says giving Janna his best smile.

“Oh, yes, she mentioned that I should be expecting a delivery boy. I wasnt expecting such a handsome man” she says with an obviously flirting tone.

Janna was still horny after finding out about Kelly’s surprise that morning and was looking for some sex. This Kaz is certainly attractive enough, she thinks to herself.

Kaz was amazed at Janna’s good looks. Her tight tee shirt formed around her supple breasts. Her long blonde hair is just above mid back. All in all, a very attractive woman he thinks silently.

“Um, thanks. Where do you want me to put these?” he says.

“In the kitchen I think”.

Janna leads Kaz into the huge kitchen. Pots and pans hang from hooks and Kaz has to duck out of the way. The smell of fresh baked bread fills the kitchen. He notices the built in double ovens are both in use.

“Emmm, that smells good” Kaz says.

“Thanks. Kelly left directions on her counter for biscuits and buns. I guess it’s an old family recipe” replies Janna. “I guess you can leave the crates here, next to the refridgerator.”

Kaz bends over to leave the crates and Janna takes a long hard look at his ass. Very nice!, she thinks to herself. She places a hand on his back in an obvious jesture to gain his affections. Her loins ache with a desire to be touched, to be pleased by anothers hands. Her own self satisfaction isn’t enough anymore.

Kaz looks over his should as Janna touches his back, wondering at first if he was doing something wrong before he saw the look of lust in her eyes. Without saying a word be stands, taking Janna by the shoulders and pulls her close to kiss her.

Their lips part as their tongues begin a playful dance with each other. Their bodies begin to take control of their actions. His hand releases her shoulders and moves around to touch her breasts. Her hands move down to his crotch, feeling the swelling in his pants.

He walks her to the big countertop, ever so slowly they move until her hips touch the hard wood surface.

He pauses to kiss her deeply, his hands moving under her tee shirt and expertly unhooks her bra. He messages them for a moment before helping her remove it completely. She reachs to her own pants and unbuttons her jeans, sliding them off her shapely hips.

They slide off easliy and she kicks them to a corner of the kitchen.

He lifts her up on the countertop and begins to suck and bite on her nipples. Her arms reach around his head as the sensations of his touch send shivers down her spine. She can feel her wetness ooze down her inner thighs as his hands work up to touch her now wet pussy.

He reaches down to his jeans and drops them to the floor. His cock springs out kaçak bahis and Janna gives out a small gasp at the site of his throbbing member. She lays flat on the countertop and begins to suck on his manhood, her feet dangling off the opposite edge.

Kaz gazes at her shapely ass. How perfect he thinks as his hands reach and squeeze it. His moans give her encouragement, letting her know that she’s doing a good job. He reaches between the crack of her ass and feels her slick juices before sliding a finger in.

Happy to have a cock to suck on, Janna increases her efforts, trying to make this handsome stranger cum. His groans become louder as he gets closer to exploding in her mouth. He pulls his hands off her beautiful ass and grabs Janna by the hair, guiding her head up and down, up and down. He wants to cum, but wants to fuck her even more.

Kaz gives Janna a slight tug on her hair giving her the signal to stop. He then tells her to roll over onto her back. Janna complies and feels his hands on her knees, spreading them and pulling her closer to the edge of the countertop before he dives into her soaking wet pussy.

He’s an expert Janna thinks as she lies back and enjoys the sensations of having a soft wet tongue on her pussy once again. It’s been too long she agains tells herself.

“Oh babe, that feels so good” giving him encouragement. “Dont stop. Dont ever stop” she here’s herself say aloud.

Kaz continues to lick and suck on Janna’s clit, giving her the pleasure that she’s been craving. She begins to grind herself into him. Janna’s body becomes wet with sweat and she begins to slide back and forth on the counter top. Her pleasure builds as she nears an earth shattering orgasm.

“Oh, yes. Oh God. Oh My God” she screams outloud, arching her back in an effort to have his tongue probe her even deeper.

“I can’t believe how fast I came” she says with some amount of embarrasment.

“Yah, you were pretty fast” Kaz says, unsure if he should continue.

“I probably should get back to my deliveries” he adds.

“Not yet mister!” Janna demands. “I’m not done with you yet”

She takes his hand, places it on her breast and kisses him ahain. Her hands reach down and stroke his cock, making him harder than he was previously. It may have been a while since she’s had a cock, but shes not forgotten what to do with it.

“I want you to fuck me good” she commands.

Kaz takes Janna and bends her over the counter top, his cock moving in behind her. He slowly slides his cock into her waiting pussy and Janna lets out a low moan of satisfaction. Kaz tries to make it last, but her pussy is so wet and so smooth, he can only control himself for a brief time.

Kaz quickens his pace, each stroke is harder and faster then the last one. Each stroke makes Janna moan louder. It feels good to have a cock inside me again, she thinks. His pace quickens. His hands holding her waist tighter, trying to push himself as deep as possible.

With a final push, Kaz explodes his cum deep within her. The remaining fluids seeping down her thigh. Just at that moment, Janna hears the bell at the front desk.

“Oh, shit! I almost forgot I working” she says with a laugh.

She quickly gets dressed, leaving Kaz to show himself out and warmly greets the young couple.

“Are you checking in?” Janna asks them.

“Yes. We’ve been on the road a long time and would like to get our room as quickly as possible” says the young man.

Janna noticed the young womans face become flush with excitement. She knew what they had planned and she was as excited as they. Janna showed the couple to the guest suite explaining all the rooms amenities and delibrately pointing out the full length mirror. The young woman looked at herself in the mirror and gave the man a quick wink. Janna politely excused herself and closed the door behind her, then rushed to the master suite so she could watch.

end chapter 2.

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