Midsummer Sex

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About three years ago I had realised one of my great desires to visit Lapland. I was enchanted by the thought of the midnight sun, the huge lakes and snow-capped peaks. I coincided my visit with midsummer day as I also wanted to sample the strange Swedish custom of dancing round the maypole and eating strawberry cake. I had opted to fly to Stockholm from London and thence take a flight to Kiruna. From here there was a one hour train journey to Abisko in the heart of Swedish Lapland. In my two week trip I explored seemingly endless footpaths, traversed wild rivers via rickety bridges and climbed several mountains. I also danced round said maypole, which was curiously bedecked with local flowers and was deliberately shaped like the male reproductive organs. Anyway, this isn’t a Travelogue, but I had to mention it. My return journey, also satisfied more cravings, one voluntarily, the other by luck as it were.

Great train journeys hold a certain romantic charm for me. I took the train back from Abisko in the mid afternoon, embarking on no less than an 18 hour trip back to Stockholm. The train only stops three times and I appeared to have a car all to myself. It was a comfortable two-bedded sleeping car, with a little wash-hand basin and a nice window with red draw-to curtains. Several people got on at Kiruna and my heart sank a little as my door opened. For a second I had visions of sharing with some big hairy Swedish bloke. A second later my spirits were lifted infinitely as my co-traveller was a pretty mousy-haired girl in her late twenties.

‘Hello.’ She said.


She looked at me somewhat curiously I thought. Maybe she had hoped for another woman or an empty car, I don’t know.

‘Ill take this one then.’ She said unnecessarily. Putting her suitcase on the only available bed.

I nodded and smiled.

‘Going far?’ I asked.

‘Uppsala. You?’


‘Oh, all the way!’

‘Yes, I’m flying back to London from there.’

She took off her long jacket and revealed a decent pair of tits under a crimson T shirt. She also wore a pair of tight jeans and I had a perfect view of her ass as she turned round to fiddle with her suit case. When she turned round I also couldn’t help notice the little, neat cleft which the crotch of her jeans had found its way into. I tried to make my glances momentary, as I didn’t want to appear to be a pervy guy or something. Well, you can’t help notice these things.

‘Are you on holiday or working?’ I asked.

‘Yes I’m on my summer holiday, going to stay with my parents for three weeks.’

‘That’s nice. What do you do up here?’

‘I work at the Institute for Astro Physics at Kiruna.’

She said this as if she said she worked for Tesco. I was impressed.

‘Wow, that’s cool. I didn’t know there was such a place.’

‘Yes, it’s on the edge of town. I’m doing a PhD there.’

‘Wicked! What’s the PhD in?’

‘Yes, it’s on the effects of the moon’s gravity on the brain.’


‘Yeah, it’s a bit out there, isn’t it? Most people say “oh”.’

‘I’m sure it’s fascinating.’

‘It is to me. I’m going to get my head down for a while if you don’t mind, I had a bit of a late night last night.’

‘OK, well, maybe I’ll leave you in peace and go to the buffet car for a while. I don’t want to stay in here for 18 hours anyway. My name’s Alex by the way.’

‘Yes, I’m Helen.’

‘Oh OK Helen. Are you Swedish?’


She laughed.

‘Why do you ask?’

‘I bahis firmaları don’t know, I guess I expected a name like Ulrika or Ingrid or something.’

‘Ha ha, well not me.’

I felt a little silly.

‘OK, I’ll be off and let you get some kip.’

I shut the car door and stared out of the window of the corridor, which ran down the edge of the train carriage. There was mile after mile of grassy, boggy terrain with scattered trees. It was a true wilderness. I saw an Elk, a huge Moose-like animal in front of a small wood and half an hour later a little group of Reindeer. None of them had a red nose! Feeling all whimsical I made my way to the buffet car and ordered a beer and some crisps (chips). A group of English guys were sitting on a nearby table; the first familiar accent I had heard for nearly two weeks. I sipped my beer and nibbled my snack, suddenly realising just how long an 18 hour train journey was. I was only three hours into it and was thinking of ways to idle the time away. I looked at a wall map and tried to work out where we would be when it was bed time, whenever that would be. My thoughts turned to my companion. She was good-looking in a girl-next-door kind of way. She had a stunning figure though to be honest. I was still hungry after my crisps and I bought a little cake, which was wrapped in a little paper cup. It tasted of marzipan and made me want a coffee. I purchased one and I must have dozed off and the next thing I remember, the train stopped at a little town called Murek. I looked at the map. We were still north of the Arctic circle – just. A few people got off, and quite a lot got on. I looked at my watch. I had slept for an hour at least. I bought a bottle of water and the train chugged off again. I was about to get up to go for a ‘walk’ when Helen wandered into the buffet car. She made her way to my table and asked me if I wanted a coffee.

‘Yes, you sit down, I’ll get it.’

‘OK thanks.’

I stood up and feeling a little warm, I took off my pullover. I was wearing a tight khaki T shirt. I noticed that Helen checked out my flat stomach and my biceps, which are pretty toned. She smiled appreciatively as I went to get the coffees.

‘You work out a bit?’ She said as I brought back the steaming mugs.

‘Yes, almost every day.’


She grabbed my left arm and squeezed the muscle.

‘Very impressive.’

‘You’re not bad yourself.’ I complimented.

‘You have to keep fit. I avoid junk food like the plague.’

‘I can’t blame you, although you’re not inundated with them like we are in England.’

‘It’s not too bad up here but they’re everywhere else in Sweden actually. You can’t beat my bosse’s home-made Elk burgers.’

‘Ahh, you eat Bambis!’

‘Elks aren’t Bambis, they’re great big lumbering things!’

‘I know, I was being silly – I guess they taste like venison?’

‘I don’t know what’s venison?’

‘It’s the English word for deer meat. It’s quite dark and strong.’

‘Yes, Elk meat is like that.’

As we chatted I studied Helen’s face. She had mysterious light brown eyes and a cute nose. Her hair was lovely and swishy in that it just naturally fell about her shoulders. She also had a sexy neck. Her breasts looked kind of pointed. I pride myself in knowing what kind of tits girls have from the outline in their top. These thoughts began to give me the faint stirrings of an erection. It was Midsummer’s Day and traditionally the day in Sweden when everyone makes out. kaçak iddaa I began to get feelings of anticipation that somehow I could pull this young woman. I explored the possibilities. As far as I knew she might be in a deep relationship, but I thought not. For a while we sat and sipped our coffee. I don’t know why people think they have to chat about nothing, so it was nice to find someone who was comfortable to sit in silence and watch the world outside the train go by. I did give her a smile though, which she returned warmly. I decided to engage her again, hoping my softly softly approach would pay dividends.

‘So are you celebrating Midsummer then?’

‘Not this year.’

‘Oh, why not?’

‘Because I’m on a train?!’

She said this with a distinct twinkle in her eyes. I got the feeling she wanted me to make a pass at her.

‘Yes, obviously, but I’m sure I could help you celebrate it.’

Helen looked at me quizzically.

‘Oh really!’


‘How would you do that then?’

‘Hmmm… all sorts of ways.’

‘Name one.’

‘Well, maybe we could get a bottle of wine from the bar and relax a little.’

I thought “relax” was nice and ambiguous.

‘That’s a possibility yes.’

‘It’s a long journey, it will help the hours tick by.’

‘Hmmmm, why not. White or red?’

‘You chose, ladie’s prerogative.’

‘White then. Shall we go halves?’

‘No, it’s OK, Iet’s be old fashioned.’

‘OK thank you.’

So far so good. I fetched the bottle and uncorked it without any problems. There’s nothing worse then cocking up the uncorking of a bottle of wine, when you’re trying to impress the opposite sex. We clinked glasses and discussed the differences and similarities between Swedish and English life. I eventually managed to ask her if she had ‘anyone special in her life’ and discovered that she was single. We were getting along really well and the sun was just beginning to get that little bit lower in the sky, as we rattled our way south. We had got through a good half of the bottle, when Helen rather suggestively gripped the neck of the bottle and slid her fingers along its length!

‘What do you say we take this back to our car and drink it in comfort?’ Said Helen.

I instantly started to get hard at this suggestion. There were a few other people in the carriage and I somehow had to get rid of it. The fact is I couldn’t. There was a train company brochure on the table and I stood up and held it strategically in as nonchalant a way as possible. Helen looked down and shook her head. I followed her to our sleeping car and she let us in with her card. We sat on our own beds and we continued to chat about different wines and what our favourite chocolate was – deep stuff! We were both quite giggly. There’s not much room between the beds in those cars and as we talked she began to tap my shin with her toe. This soon became a gentle sliding of her shoe up the inside of my leg. I was pretty sure I had the green light.

I got up and sat next to her and stroked her hair. She looked into my eyes deeply, like she was searching my soul. The next thing I know, I had my eyes closed and was kissing her softly. It was a wonderful smoochy kiss. I asked her to turn round and sitting behind her I lifted her T shirt a bit and stroked her belly. Her skin was as soft as silk. I tickled her like this and planted a few kisses on her neck. My cock was rock hard by now, but I was enjoying the slow build up – it was just so erotic. I lifted up kaçak bahis her T shirt some more and put both hands on her breasts and to my disbelief found that she was braless! Her tits were just the most pert ones I have ever had the pleasure of fondling. I just thought she had on one of those seamless brassieres, but no. She turned round and pulled her top off and revealed her boobs in all their glory. They weren’t big but certainly defied gravity. They were so, so soft though with big juicy nipples. I knelt on the floor and sucked them. I think succulent is the word. They were just magic!

I could have suckled her breasts all day, but my dick was aching. I stood up and unfastened my jeans and my old man just made its own way through my boxers. I think she was impressed. This huge grin spread across her face like a Cheshire Cat. She stood up herself and unfastened her jeans. I began to tremble as I am wont to do in these situations.

‘Are you OK?’

‘Yes just excited.’

‘Aaah well that’s OK.’

‘I just really want you, you’re beautiful.’

I can get really mushy sometimes, old romantic that I am. Anyway she was down to her panties in no time. She had a lovely cute bulge at the front and I massaged it with my fingers, until they accidentally on purpose found her little cleft. My fingers found their way past her gusset and into a very hot, very wet pussy. I knelt down again and pulled her panties down to her knees and nuzzled her sex. If I close my eyes I can still smell that wonderful scent now. I dipped my tongue and flicked her clitty, instantly drawing appreciative moans from my companion. Without any warning she pushed my head away and ordered me to get on my feet; firmly but politely you understand. Then she pushed me onto the bed. Before I knew what was happening she climbed aboard and was riding my dick. Oh she was good. She had this gentle, but effective way of riding me, like a cowgirl might ride a bucking bronco. I wasn’t doing a thing except keeping my cock very hard indeed.

I invited her to turn round so I could ‘do her doggy.’ She did tell me the Swedish for the position, but I’ve long since forgotten. Anyway, she got on all fours obediently and I slipped him in. Some girls you have to fuck like there’s no tomorrow, but Helen somehow deserved respect. I just eased in and out and felt her velvet enrobe my manhood. It was a delicious feeling and she must have enjoyed it too, because she was moaning and saying things in Swedish, which turned me on even more. I moved up a gear and my balls made that satisfying slapping sound against her pussy, which is always a sign of good sex. Her Swedish noises got louder and I could feel the spunk begin its inexorable journey. I fucked her a bit faster and her voice was quivering and faltering, the words and the moans just burring into one. I tried to hold my orgasm back to prolong my own pleasure, but I just let go and had a deliriously fantastic orgasm, shooting my stuff all over her ass. I cleaned her up and we lay together on her bed. We cuddled until we both fell asleep. The sex was great of course, but there was something about the holding afterwards. The warmth of her body, her hair on my face and her breath on my neck. I don’t know how long we slept for because by then I had totally lost track of time. I disentangled myself from my sleepy lover and I dressed and fetched us both a coffee and after that we went for some dinner. We got together again about three hours later and I pretty much had her for dessert.

I can honestly say, without effect that Helen was one of the nicest, genuine and thoroughly sexy girls I’ve ever met. I’ll remember that journey fondly. It remains my only time I’ve had sex on a train. I live in hope for seconds.

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