Midnight Shift Ch. 3

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When I came into work I knew I had better find a way to contain my Cheshire cat grin or else someone was going to know that I was doing things I wasn’t suppose to all by my lonesome in the office. Then I saw the note on my locker from Wilma, the accounting manager. That ought to take my smile away.

“Caresse, when Dr. Prospero brought his check over last night he forgot to sign it. Why didn’t you notice? It should have been obvious. I called his office this afternoon and his receptionist said the only time he can come in to do it is around the same time tonight. Don’t cop an attitude when he gets here. Wilma.”

Who has an attitude? Moi? I don’t think so. What should I say? I didn’t notice that he hadn’t signed the check because I was too busy sucking his cock? Oh well, back to the boardroom and the endless, incessant ringing of telephones.

I had not placed one foot into the boardroom when the second shift supervisor motioned for me to take over the supervisor station. “I can’t take it anymore. Foxhills Condominiums has a transformer down and those people are going crazy.”

Oh, no! Nothing is worse than a bunch of condo-habitating doctors, lawyers, real-estate agents and various other holier-than-thous without electricity. They become wild animals.

“Good evening. Foxhills Condo Association. This is Caresse. How may I help you?”

“This damn electricity has been out for hours…” It had begun. The woman proceeded to explain every hardship in over-exaggerated, extra vivid detail like a power outage is something she had never seen before.

“Ma’am, they are aware of the problem and they are working on it. I can’t page anyone because it would take them away from the worksite and cause delays, but I would be happy to take a message.”

“Well, that just won’t do, young lady!”

Another twenty minute speech on how stupid I, the condo association and the whole situation in general was before it finally dawned on her that I was just the answering service and, literally, all I could do was take a message. I spent the whole bahis firmaları time thanking the powers that be that I live on the southside, almost an hour drive from her side of the city.

Six more calls came in, one after the other, in rapid succession. The screen was blinking bright red from the overrings. To me, it was the dumbest thing I had heard of all week. Last month, when my power went out, me and my roommates gathered a bunch of candles and incense and said ancient Egyptian love spells. They must have worked because some of the best sex I had ever had was due to arrive in about four hours.

“Good evening. Foxhills Condo Association. This is Caresse. How may I help you?”

“I am going to use some ugly language so don’t take it personally.”

A polite asshole. Just what I needed. Enough was enough. I wasn’t going to take it any more.

“Good. The moment you start with obscenities I have authority to hang up the phone.”

“What?! You can’t do that!”

“I certainly can if you start throwing a temper tantrum and cussing like a schoolboy. I only have time to talk to grown-ups.”

“I am a grown-up, bitch!”

Click. That magic red hang-up button. Now I know why it’s my favorite.

“Good evening. Foxhills Condo Association. This is Caresse. How may I help you?”

“Yes, someone just rudely hung up on me.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Why did you do that?”

“I told you before why I did it.”

“I’m just trying to figure out what happened and where I call to fuss about it.”

“The cable company hit the transformer. Since it was not an act of God, Georgia Power will not come out. They had to hire a private electrician. To throw a temper tantrum about it, call your mother.”

“That’s bullshit!”

“Do you want me to hang up on your again?”


“Then watch it.”

“So what happened?”

“I just told you.”

“So what happened?” He giggled.

“I have already told you. How can I explain it simple enough terms for you to understand. I didn’t use an big words.”

“Don’t kaçak iddaa treat me like a piece of shit. I’m not stupid!”

“You’re not very funny, either, no matter how hard you try to be.”

“What’s your name?”


“Look, Caresse, if that’s your REAL name. I don’t think you understand what I am trying to tell you. I have no power.”

“Transformers go out all the time. Foxhills was out for a little while last week too.”

“That’s bullshit.”

Click. He called again, but the operator sitting next to me took the call and she wasn’t in a good mood, either. Deanne was a retired school teacher and capable of verbally chastising that man so bad he wouldn’t dare call again even if his condo was sitting on top of an erupting volcano. I wonder if I can sign up for lessons.

The calls slowly dwindled from seventy-three an hour per operator to about ten or fifteen, but by that time I was meaner than Satan himself. When I heard the screaming “Bing. Bong.” of the doorbell at a little after 1am I was wound up so tight I could have self-combusted with a pin drop.


“What happened to ‘How may I help you?'”

“I am not in the mood, Doctor. Are you ready to sign the check?”

Dr. Prospero sounded so chipper I thought I was going to vomit.

“I forgot to take the strawberry shortcake out of the car last night and it ruined. But I have another one, fresh from the bakery and ready to be worn as a bodysuit.”

Oh please! Even I couldn’t think about sex at a time like this. Those words couldn’t have just passed through MY brain. Caresse Mandylor? Not interested in sex. Gosh, I must be tired. Maybe he will just sign the check and go away.

As I opened the door, I faced his grin and, as usual, it was charming and disarming. I could have surrendered but I was too angry at the world to give anyone a break, “Let me get the check for you.”

He escorted himself into the boardroom and placed the cake on the extra table. I brought the check in and handed it to him along with the kaçak bahis pen. “You aren’t naked.”

“Please!” I sighed with exasperation.

“You were more than happy to get naked for me yesterday. What’s the problem?”

“Yesterday I worked for Answering Medical Atlanta. Tonight I work for Answering Chaos. I’ve been through hours and hours of whining and crying and complaining. There hasn’t been a single medical call all night, probably because they can’t get through. I can’t take it any more.”

“Come here, girl.” He wrapped his arm around me and kissed me on the nape of the neck, right where it felt good. “Let me kiss it and make it better, mmm?”

I felt his fingers begin to work out the tension as he pulled my shirt free of my shorts and slipped up inside to caress my bare breasts. More ringing. I could feel the tears start to come to my eyes. I will not break. I will not break. Repeat. I will not break.

“You’re not going to answer it? I kind of like the idea of seducing you away from the phones.”

“No. It’s Foxhills Condos again. They don’t pay me enough to pick up that phone.”

I snuggled closer and heard him say, “Foxhills Condos? That’s where I live. Do you know they have a transformer down? We haven’t had power since three this afternoon.”

It was all I could do to keep from castrating that man. “Sign the check and get out!”

“Caresse, I can see you may be due for an attitude adjustment.”

“What? And you’re just the man to give it to me?”

“I might be…”

My ex-girlfriend, Kayla, was constantly telling me I was due for a good spanking but she was never woman enough to carry the threat out. I gave him the same line I used to give her, the one I used when I was looking for a fight. “Now’s the part where you put me over your knee and give me a good sound spanking, right?”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Dr. Prospero grabbed me from behind as I made an attempt to escape. He thought he had himself a helpless little Scarlett O’Hara southern belle in his arms. Yankee doctor was about to learn. I was a red-headed country girl who grew up wrestling with football player sized cousins. I could squirm out of any position I was held in and my elbows had a black belt in violence.

To Be Continued…

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