Men in Uniform – Firemen

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Alternate Title: The Proper Way To Say Thank You

I walked up to the dimly lit fire hall and looked around. There were two trucks parked inside and not a soul in sight.

“Hello?” I called out, shifting the heavy basket of expensive coffee in my arms. “Anybody here?”

A door on the right opened, and a young man in a dark blue shirt and jeans stepped out. He looked like your all-American quarterback, with light hair and blue eyes. Not bad looking at all, I thought, but he wasn’t the real reason I came.

He looked me up and down. He was probably wondering what I was doing there at 1 a.m., in a cute summer dress and done up like I was about to go on a date.

“Hi!” I greeted him brightly. “My building was on fire three nights ago, and you guys saved me. This coffee’s for you guys, my way of saying thanks.”

“Oh,” he said, smiling. He seemed really flattered when he took the basket from me. “It’s no problem.”

“No, it’s a huge deal,” I insisted. I woke up to the smell of smoke and fire licking the walls of my flat. I would’ve burned alive if it wasn’t for them and, in particular, the one who carried me out.

“Do you want to come in and say hi to the guys?” he said. “They’d really appreciate it.”

“Yeah, I’d love to.”

He led me past the door and into a big man cave-like room. There was a kitchen on the far side and couches and a big flat screen to fill up the rest of the space. Everybody looked up at me when I stepped in, even the ones who were playing Halo.

“She brings good coffee,” one of them said after glancing at the basket I gave all-American.

“Hi,” I said, this time more shyly. I used to think hot firemen were an urban legend, but here I was standing amongst ten of them. Even the ones who were over fifty still looked really good.

“My building was on fire three nights ago. I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you guys did. You’re my heroes. And, um, I brought coffee as a present. It’s really good coffee.”

There was a chorus of “you’re welcomes” and “aw, it’s nothings.” Their captain, the one with a bushy mustache, said with a little bow, “You’re very welcome. Our duty, but it’s always good to hear from people.”

I was a little embarrassed about my offering because it suddenly seemed very insignificant, but I reminded myself that I needed to make a special thank you to only one person.

“Um, is there somebody here named ‘Stevens’?” It was the only identification I remembered from his uniform.

The firemen looked at each other.

“He was on the phone outside, so he’s probably still there,” all-American said. He gave me directions to the other side of the building, away from the parking lot.

I nodded. “I’ll go find him. Thanks again, everyone.”

I waved goodbye to the room in general and went back out to the hall. Just as I reached the entrance, I saw Stevens walking back. When I first met him, he was in full gear, so I only knew that he had full lips, the kind that I fantasized sucking on and kissing. But now I saw that he was about 6’2″, with dark hair and green eyes. The exposed part of his arms looked lean and veined.

“Hi,” he said in a tone that said he recognized me, but couldn’t place me. “Can I help you?”

“No, I’m just here to say thanks,” I said. Lucky me, a warm breeze passed by, making my skirt flutter around my legs a little. I put a loose strand of my hair behind one ear. Flirting 101.

“Oh,” he said, finally recognizing me. “You were the one on the fifth floor.”

“Yeah.” I smiled, glad to see I was memorable enough. I held out my hand and introduced myself. “I’m Evie.”

“Sean.” He shook my hand.

“I don’t think I thanked you enough the other night. You saved my life.”

“It’s bahis firmaları nothing,” he shrugged. His eyes flicked towards my cleavage, which I put on full display just for him. “Just doing my job.”

“You guys keep saying that, but you have no idea how grateful the people you save are. Like me, for instance.”

Sean took a long sniff of the air. “I can tell how grateful you are. You brought good coffee.”

Despite trying to look seductive, I laughed.

“It was the least I could do for everybody,” I explained. I casually fingered the low neckline of my halter top. “But I wanted to thank you in a more special way.” If he didn’t get the hint, I’d have to be more explicit.

“Oh. Okay.”

I looked at him closely. He was playing dumb.

I looked around to check that the coast was clear. Then I grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him beside one of the fire trucks, on the side of the hall farthest from the man cave.

Sean looked confused until I gently pushed him on the truck.

“I want to say thank you in a more personal way,” I repeated, giving him a meaningful look.

I moved one of my hands from his chest to the front of his jeans. There was a sizeable bulge going sideways towards his pelvis, but it still felt soft. Sean locked eyes with mine. His expression was halfway between disbelief and anticipation.

I palmed his hard-on as I undid his belt with one hand. He was becoming more excited, his breathing getting heavier and slower as he watched.

“You don’t have to do this,” he said suddenly. He put his hands on mine and pulled them away.

I looked up at him pleadingly. “I want to. Let me.”

I could see that there was a battle going on in his head. While he sorted it out, I knelt in front of him and resumed my work. He had become longer and thicker and was straining against his jeans. I lifted his shirt high enough to let me undo his button and fly. Dark blue boxer briefs, I took note. Silk. Sean was becoming sexier by the moment.

He grunted when I tugged his pants down a little.

“There are cameras,” he said.

I paused. “I don’t care. Do you?”

He shook his head, not trusting himself enough to talk.

I found the opening of his boxers and realized that there was no way I could pull his entire length through it. I pulled his pants down lower around his thighs, revealing his cock. It was so red that it was almost purple at the tip. The ridges around its mushroom-shaped head was so deep that I just had to put one hand around its length and take a lick.

Sean sucked in air through his teeth.

I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back, but he looked strained. He watched as I ran the tip of my tongue along his entire length a few times. His cock jumped a little whenever I reached the top.

I swallowed as much as I could on my first try, but my lips barely reached a third of the way through. His skin felt like warm velvet in my mouth, smooth and pulsating like he was ready to blow.

“Do you like it wet or dry?” I asked him.

“Wet,” he answered immediately.

I bit my lower lip and tried to not grin too much. It was the answer I hoped for. If things went well, maybe we could arrange something after this.

I gave him a squeeze before spitting on his cock and using my hand to spread it around like lube. Sean sighed deeply and thrust out his hips towards me more. I lifted up his dick towards his stomach and teased out his balls. They were so firm to the touch that I gave them a squeeze, too, making him groan.

“That feels good,” he said. “That’s the first time that’s ever felt good.”

“Really?” I thought all guys liked that.


Sean looked like he was in a happy haze. kaçak iddaa I felt pretty pleased with myself.

I pointed my tongue and licked his balls, which made them retreat a little, so I went back to stroking his cock. Pretty soon, Sean was thrusting into both my hands. I put my warm, wet mouth at the receiving end, feeling naughty about the fact that he was fucking my mouth. I tried hard to not gag from the force and length of his thrusts, but it was difficult. He reached the back of my throat every time.

Sean slowed down to a stop then gently pulled me up to my feet. He sat down on a ledge on the fire truck, his eyes travelling between my swollen lips and my chest. I could tell he wanted my dress to come off, so I untied my halter top and pushed it down to my waist.

With one hand on my lower back, he pulled me to him and held me in place. His mouth descended on my breasts, kissing and sucking and biting on every exposed bit of flesh, while his free hand roamed over the rest of my body. I forgot about being caught when his tongue started flicking over my nipple while inside his mouth. The roughness of his tongue gave me goosebumps and sent heat between my legs. Without underwear to catch my juices, I felt the wetness slowly drip down the inside my thighs.

I could feel Sean’s cock against my stomach as his arm tightened around me. It was so hard it was just begging to be touched. I tried to, but he pulled my arm behind my back and held it there.

“Fuck me,” I said to him.

He glanced up at me, his mouth still around one of my nipples. He moaned, which wasn’t really an answer.

“Fuck me.”

“The guys will probably see,” he said, his red lips grazing against one of my hard nipples. I wanted to kiss him in the mouth so badly, but I doubted he’d let me.

“I don’t care.”

He looked left and right. There was only darkness and silence past the fire hall.

Sean reached between us and lifted up my skirt at the front. He took a peek and saw a small, triangular patch of hair pointing down towards my mound. He looked like he was inspecting me the way his tongue ran across his lower lip.

He reached between my legs and found my clit right away. It was so swollen it was hard to miss amongst the pink folds. I moaned when he rubbed it. The slickness that covered it was so thick and sticky that there was no friction at all.

His fingers reached deeper between my thighs, looking for my opening.

“Do you always get this wet?” he asked.

We both looked down at his hand. His fingers were covered in my juices.

I shook my head. It was the truth.

His fingers parted my slit here and there, exposing my nether regions, making me throb. Without thinking about it, I spread my legs farther apart to give him more room. He watched my face as he explored. He smiled when I moaned. He bit his lip when I reached up to pinch and pull on my nipples.

When he found my opening, I gasped. I started throbbing immediately, the anticipation of being fucked too much for me to bear. He rubbed the entrance, relieving some of the pressure, but I wanted more. Very slowly, Sean pushed two fingers in and held it there.

“I said fuck me, not tease me,” I managed to say.

“I will,” Sean said. The corners of his mouth lifted up just a little in a mischievous smile. He thrusted once, very slowly, and again. It was torture.

“Fuck me or I’ll fuck you,” I threatened him. “Even if it’s on the cold floor.”

“You don’t get to make demands,” Sean said. “You’re only here to say thanks, remember?”

Right. I’d forgotten. I suppose what he wanted mattered more than what I wanted.

But to get what I wanted, I clenched my pussy tightly and closed my legs when he pulled out again. kaçak bahis He couldn’t get back inside without hurting me.

“I see how it is,” he said. “Do you always get what you want?”

“What do you think?”

He stood up and led me towards a work table against the wall. It was almost empty, save for a couple of jackets.

I looked down at his cock sticking straight out, still hard and now with a dark red head. It was glistening at the tip. I could see the precum oozing out just begging to be licked. I made a move to kneel, but Sean turned me around. He lifted up the back of my skirt and pressed his cock between my cheeks. I could feel his warmth. I wanted him. Badly.

I bent over the table willingly and winced when the cold top touched my sensitive nipples. Sean pushed my cheeks apart, apparently inspecting me again. Then—

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

I cried out, simultaneously aroused and in pain. Sean’s hand would leave prints on my ass for sure. Before I could reply, he speared me, his cock gliding smoothly into my tight pussy. I pushed myself up on my hands when I thought I heard the door on the other side open, but he pushed me down. I didn’t put up a fight. I liked a man who could take control.

With his hands on my hips, he fucked me slowly at first, his breathing even and controlled. But each time he pulled out completely, he plunged back in faster and harder. We both moaned the first time his balls hit my clit.

Completely forgetting where we were, he sped up, his groans drowning out my soft mewling. The sound of our bodies slapping against each other echoed out in the hall. I felt my orgasm build up each time he thrust deeply, making my knees buckle and my heart to beat faster. I wanted desperately for him to go deeper, but my legs could only spread so widely before he had to hold me up by the hips.

I moaned loudly when I came, my pussy pulsating for a long time around his cock while he stayed still, gasping for breath. When I finished, he continued to fuck me, but not before slapping my ass again. It hurt enough to make my eyes sting.

“For making me slack off at work,” he grunted.

I laughed, happy to be the cause of his bad behaviour. Without a warning, he pulled out and came all over my back. One shot went far enough to land on the jacket in front of me.

Sean sighed when he was finished.

“I don’t know why that happened,” he said after a few seconds. “When you laughed, I couldn’t hold it in.”

I wasn’t sure how to reply. “Thanks, I think.”

“Just a sec. Let me get something to clean you off.”

Sean grabbed some paper towels from somewhere and wiped my back as best as he could. I could feel dried up cum when I stood up to tie my top.

Sean and I looked at each other, both of us grinning, a little awkward and a little relaxed.

“Sorry I got rough,” he said.

“No, don’t be.” I shook my head. “I liked it.”

I was unsure what to do next or even how to make my exit. I didn’t even want to just yet. Those lips—I never got to kiss them!

“Do you think maybe I could get your number?”

I looked at him in surprise.

He misread my expression because he quickly added, “I was going to come by after my shift today to see how you were doing, but you beat me to it.”

I was speechless at first. “Really?”

Sean smiled. “Really.”

He walked me to my car as we exchanged phone numbers. He said he’d call in the next few days, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath for it.

We waved goodbye, me in my car and him standing by the open door to the man cave. When he closed the door behind him, I heard the loudest, most raucous cheering through an open window. So maybe I thanked the entire fire hall after all.

(Note: For the record, Sean called just before he left for his next shift, around 9:30 p.m. that night. We hung out and went on dates. He called every two days or so, until four months later, when we moved in together.)

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