Mandingo Party Insemination


Mandingo Party Insemination[For those white married couples seeking to contribute to the long over due need for some sort of racial ‘reparations’ and/or ‘atonement’ for the long (and unfortunately on-going) history of white supremacy (i.e. racism), this might be an excellent avenue through which to make that contribution! Enjoy.]”I want to have a black baby.” Those seven words began it all. It was my bride-to-be, Marisa, who said those words three months before our wedding day.I had not be unaware that Marisa was interested in something like this. The topic had come up even as we were merely dating, and hadn’t decided to get married; and yet at the time, I didn’t take her all that seriously. But as the time approached for us to get married, she reiterated it once again. “If we’re to get married, I want a black baby.” She added: “But if that’s something you don’t want, then we should call off the wedding. Okay?” By then I was too much in love with Marisa to do that, and so we set about making actual, concrete plans for accomplishing that!A girlfriend of Marisa’s, who’d been divorced a year earlier, and who had become a huge fan of Mandingo Parties (something I’d never heard of at the time), and who encouraged Marisa to attend one, was incredibly enthusiastic, and Marisa became very curious about them. We looked into it. Marisa was instantly excited by the idea, and I, though I was trying to be supportive of her, felt a little bit uncertain. What worried me, primarily, was that if she went to one of those parties, that she’d be disinterested in me, and might even divorce me! After all, I was very well aware that a black guy who could call himself a Mandingo had a far bigger cock than I had (which was around 5 inches, give or take)! Nevertheless, I was curiously intrigued by at least the idea of Marisa having sex with some big dick black stud (or even many such big dicked black guys), and so I agreed that if she really did want a black baby, that perhaps she could get pregnant at one of those sorts of parties (and that way, there would be no real way of ever knowing, with certainty, who the baby’s actual ‘father’,biologically speaking, was), and so that’s what we did.Our honeymoon aksaray escort night wasn’t anything like what most newly married couples honeymoon night was like. For one thing, I had no further part in it, other than having arranged for four different ‘Mandingos’ to arrive at our honeymoon suite several hours after the wedding ceremony service, and the wedding reception after words, was over! As our families wished us well as we were driving away from the church, they had no clue that Marisa and I were embarking on something quite outside the pale of 99.9% of other wedding nights, but there was an unmistakable sense of excitement that she and I both felt as we drove off to the hotel!Was I not the least bit worried about the possible blow-up that might occur as a result of such an outrageous plan? I was a little worried, but not overly so. I had little doubt that after a number of hours of energetic fucking on the part of Maris and those four black guys, that she’d end up pregnant; and that was coupled to the fact that Marisa was at her peak ovulation cycle! Still, after the four black guys had arrived, and everything seemed ready, and though I was both nervous, as well as excited, I left the room—leaving Marisa in the capable hands of four very impressive looking black guys; all of which looked more that able to impregnate not just her, but a dozen other females if necessary!As I was leaving, one of the Mandingos turned to me and smiling, said: “Don’t worry. Your wife will be just fine!” My heart surged with a wave of excitement at hearing this, and then I left (after giving Marisa a sincere and tender kiss for good luck)!So? What did I do during the next several hours?! Believe it, or not, but I drove around for a while, aimlessly, with no clear idea of what I was doing, or where, if any thing, I was going to do during that time. However, on mere impulse, I decided to go to a movie. It was just some mindless action and adventure, special-effects extravaganza. I chose it because it was long; and though it was supposed to serve as a means of distraction, it only partially achieved that end.Even as I was being bombarded by sight as well as sound, I could not entirely escort aksaray distract my mind from the fact that Marisa was, at that very moment, being fucked by four different black guys, with the one goal of leaving enough sperm in her that she would become pregnant by one of them! No matter the visual and sound impact of the movie, I sat there not so much moved by the film, but by the way my honeymoon night was being played out—without my direct, physical, or sexual, participation! I left the movie at exactly midnight. By then it had been close to three hours since I’d left Marisa with the four Mandigos in our hotel room. Had they finished? Had they left? Was Marisa now alone, and waiting for me to return? I wanted to see her. I was feeling the strangest, but at the same time the most exhilarating sensation of sexual excitement I’d ever felt; something that 99.9% of all newly married men would never have felt! So, I drove back to the hotel.The person behind the check in counter gave me a funny look, but I just nodded and walked on past without saying a word. Then I took the elevator up to the floor our room was on. Walking down the silent hallway towards the room felt a bit surreal, and as I came to the door, and took out the door card and prepared to insert it into the slot, my heart began beating harder; excitedly, nervously anticipating what lay in store on the other side!I walked in and closed the door behind me. The room was silent. I walked further in and found Marisa laying in bed under a sheet. She looked up at me as I came in, and she smiled!”Hey!” She said, and reaching out her arms towards me, she said: “Come here, you! Let me hold you!”I laid down next to her and we embraced each other warmly!She wanted to know how I was, and I assured her that I was fine. She seemed glad to hear that, and we kissed.She said the four black guys had left only about half an hour before I’d returned, and that everything had gone just fine.She looked tired, but in a happily spent sort of way, and that excited me to see, and we snuggled together for a while longer before we eventually went to sleep. As per our original agreement, I didn’t attempt to have sex with her that aksaray escort bayan night, but she encouraged me to masturbate, in order to relieve my obviously pent up, and self-imposed, sexual frustration; and I laid there on my back and stroked my cock (which was already fairly erect), and she snuggled next to me as I did, and when I came soon after words, she praised me for being “the best husband any woman could ever hope to have!”I got up to go to the bathroom after that and cleaned up. Then when I went back to bed, I found that Marisa had fallen asleep. Of course, she was understandably tired after all the fucking she and those four black guys had obviously done while I’d been gone; and so I pulled an extra cover over her, and witched-off the light and crawled into bed next to her. I didn’t fall immediately asleep, however. I laid there in the darkness trying to picture what it would have looked like for Marisa to be surrounded by those four black guys; each eagerly wanting to fuck her; each doing their best to fill her with their seed! Laying there I could vaguely smell these other men’s body scents, as well as the distinct aroma of Marisa’s pussy juices, and combined together like that made for that strange, but powerful feeling of excitement I felt—that special feeling a cuckold husband feels at the knowledge that his wife is fucking other men, and not him!The next morning arrived, and as we got up to go down stairs to have breakfast, there was a sort of glow about Marisa; an ebullience; a noticeable happiness. She was perky. Even somewhat frisky and affectionate towards me that I found quite wonderful. The fact that she had fucked four different men the night before had no ill effects on her reactions towards me, nor me towards her, and that was truly wonderful.When we were eating breakfast, her mood remained ebullient, and that, in turn, effected my own mood in a similar fashion; and as I looked across the booth at her, I felt so much love for her! I had no doubt that she was very likely already pregnant, or that she soon would be; and I was happy about that. I still hadn’t actually consummated our wedding vows by having sex with Marisa (I didn’t want to disturb the sperm already in her pussy from inseminating her), but I would, eventually, only maybe the next day. Surely by then, she’d be well on her way to being pregnant. (And she was! Only, we’d not know about it, for sure, until some weeks later!)The End

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