Lust For Her Man

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She’s standing quietly at the doorway, wearing her “little” black dress with nothing underneath and her hair is down. It doesn’t take long before he notices her. He immediately grabs the camera and starts taking pictures. She’s hot, she knows it, and she definitely takes advantage of it. Moving closer to the bed, she poses, and he shoots away. Crawling onto the bed, slowly, looking like she’s about to pounce, but she doesn’t. Not yet.

Once she’s enough on the bed, she moves so she’s sitting on her knees. Pulling the hem up inch by inch ever so slowly so he can see her skin coming into view. Soon she has her dress up and over her head. First body part she comes in contact with are her breasts, she loves her breasts, loves playing with them. Squeezing, rubbing, stroking, and rolling her nipples with her pointer and thumb. It’s driving him crazy. He almost instantly grows hard, wanting to fuck her already, but she won’t let him… Not yet.

Laying down on the bed, with her head on her pillow, she spreads her legs, and continues playing with her breasts and nipples before moving her right hand down her stomach and to her pussy. She starts off by slowly bahis firmaları rubbing her clit which soon becomes hard and fast. Her left hand never leaves her breast. She stops playing with her clit to thrust her middle finger inside her pussy. Thrusting in and out a few times before pulling out to lick her finger. Mmm, she tastes good! This drives him even crazier. Still she doesn’t let him fuck her. She’s having way too much fun with this. He never stops taking pictures, which is good.

She loves having her picture taken, she’s a picture whore. She stops playing with both her breast and her pussy to turn over onto her hands and knees. He loves her ass! She moves her right hand under her back to her clit, where she rubs furiously, and not too long after that she’s cumming… HARD! He’s had about enough, he stops taking pictures for the moment, moving behind her, he shoves his hard cock roughly inside her, which forces a cry out of her. She’s too wet for it to be painful, but it was rough anyway.

Moving her hand out from under her, she accommodates him by moving closer to him, but with her legs spread out as far as she can. Her arms are placed on either kaçak iddaa side of her as she fucks him back. Hard, harder, harder. Fast, faster, faster! She grinds, fucks, moans, groans, and growls while he’s pumping away, forcing her up and down. Up and down. They are loving this!

She lies completely flat on her stomach, her arms beside her, she moves so she can wrap her legs around his, rearing up. He takes full advantage of this, grabbing her hips and fucking her as hard and fast as humanly possible. He starts grunting, he’s close. He’s pumps hard, harder, and even harder still cumming deep inside her. Breathing hard, she’s been suffocated for the most part by her hair. He moves off her and lies down beside her.

“Wow! Holy fuck!” he says.

Rolling over onto her back, she says, “Yes.”

She’s an insatiable piece, but she lets him have his break and after he eats, she practically attacks him again. Reaching for, and stroking his cock until he hardens once more. She climbs on top of him, rubbing slowly against him, making him wet with their combined juices from earlier before slowly, almost painfully sliding inch by inch down onto his cock. Both kaçak bahis moaning, she places her hands on his chest and starts moving slowly at first then moving faster and harder. Rotating her hips every once and awhile, he likes that and she aims to please and satisfy both.

Moving so her breasts are hanging in his face, which is an invitation that he quite happily takes. He squeezes them together, putting both nipples into his mouth, sucking hard. She gasps, but she never stops moving. NEVER! She leans down even more, forcing her nipples into his mouth even more and almost suffocating him with her breasts. Not staying there for long, she gets up on her arms and hands, and fucks him extremely hard. Harder, harder. As hard and fast as she possibly can. Her clit is rubbing nicely against him, but she’s enjoying this too much to cum yet so she slows down some.

After awhile, her clit still rubbing against him, she has no choice but to listen to her body’s wants and needs. And, it wants and needs to cum, she lets go and she doesn’t just cum all over him, she squirts too. He’s thrilled and that pushes him over the edge, grabbing her hips, forcing her down onto his cock, he cums hard. She absolutely loves that! Slowly down to a stop, she kisses him, rests for a moment before moving off him.

Lying down, her breathing goes back to normal, and soon she’s fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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