Loving Lesbian Lovers


Loving Lesbian LoversThis is a work of fiction with no reality what so ever. I wrote it as entertainment here on XH, I would be pleased for thumbs up if you enjoyed it.“Where do I start?” I wondered as I sat in front of the large screen watching two lesbians making out. It seemed like my life was controlled by a lust for lesbians that seemed to grow stronger each day and I had no way to control it. I was trying to write some notes to see if my obsession and lust for lesbians made any sense once it was written. This Covid 19 virus thing had caused me to be restricted to my home with a shelter in place order by the state governor.That in itself was stressful enough but it was at this point that the lust in my mind seemed to drive me to distraction with the desire to visit my favorite adult book store where live people acted out sex acts behind a window. But I knew I would face the scorn of neighbors if I ventured out of my house and of course that book store was deemed “non essential”. So I had my laptop computer resting on my erection and tried to block out the moaning on my TV from two actors that, in my opinion, had NO idea what lesbian love looked like. Yet I couldn’t stop listening to them as I began typing.As an adult my life was ruled by the desire to see lesbians making love. My jerk off sessions was filled with images or videos of them in the act of having sex. Nothing was better than viewing the live actors in the book store even though I knew it was just acting. But there was a time in my life when I saw the real thing and it left a lasting impression on my mind.I was too young to fully understand what sex was beyond the kissing I saw on the TV and movies. My mom and dad rarely displayed any sort of intimacy when my older sister and I were in the room. Yet that one summer of discovery seemed to be the root of my obsession based on my thoughts and my notes.My sister, Trudy, was four years older than me and by any standards was a real knockout. Her dark brown hair hung down to her shoulders and looked as smooth as silk. It swayed from side to side when she moved her head and her delicate features made her a pretty girl. Again I was too young to really access these things from any point of maturity, nor to assign any bias based on our family relationship.I first started to feel different about her when she came out of her room two years before wearing a training bra. I noticed it immediately because she suddenly had boobs, as she called them. That summer I would watch her move around the house and really became interested in those bumps under her shirt.By the time the next school year was out her boobs had grown and gone was the training bra that I often saw in the hamper. I had inspected it more out of curiosity than anything else. It had a tag that was marked with 32AAA, which meant nothing. But by the start of next summer her bra in the hamper was marked 34A. I also inspected Mom’s and it was marked 36B. In my mind I began to understand this was an indication of size and digging out a mail order catalog I came to know about this measurement and sizing business.My summer of discovery began when Trudy brought a friend over the week after school ended. I had seen Katrina before and she seemed the exact opposite of my sister. She was blond with bright blue eyes where Trudy was brown hair and brown eyes. Trudy had darker skin and tanned nicely each summer and Katrina had pale skin. But both girls were, in my immature mind, beautiful beyond compare.Katrina began spending more time at our house that summer and it didn’t take long for me to notice her boobs. They looked about the same size as Trudy’s but maybe not as full. One summer afternoon they were in Trudy’s room giggling and chattering about everything but yet nothing at all. When they came out of the room they were both wearing swim suits and shorts. Each was putting on a blouse over the two piece suit tops and out the door they went to go to the public pool.After they were gone I snuck into Trudy’s room and immediately identified Trudy’s bra and panties and then rummage around and found what had to be Katrina’s. bodrum escort I looked at the tag on Katrina’s and it was marked 32A, that meant she was smaller than Trudy. It was like I solved this huge mystery and I was so proud of myself. Suddenly the door opened and it was Katrina glaring at me.“You little perv, get your grubby little butt scratching fingers off my bra,” she hissed as she stepped my way and pulled it out of my hands. “I always figured you for a creep, just like all guys.” I hurried out of the room and hid in mine until she was gone. I knew this was going to be a problem and waited for the trouble to start later.When Trudy and Katrina came back nothing happened except as always they ignored me. They went to Trudy’s room with their wet swim suits soaking through their outer clothes and of course lots of giggling. I waited in my room because I knew shit what going to hit the fan and my room seemed the most logical place to take the heat that would come.I heard the bathroom door open and close. Our bedrooms were separated by a joint bathroom and Trudy seemed to think she owned it and I tried to keep out of it unless I had an urgent need. As the door on her side closed mine moved open into my room a few inches, I had forgot to close it but knew Trudy would because she was always complaining about such things.I heard the tub filling with water and both girls talking and giggling. Then it got quiet and I crept over to the door and peeked around it. I saw something I had never seen on TV, movie, or in person. The two girls were kissing, and not just a little peck like my grandmother gave us when we visited. Katrina was holding Trudy closely and their mouths were open as their faces were smashed together.I felt something between my legs and knew it was my little cock springing to life. This had started a few months ago and I had no idea why. But it felt good when it did and sometimes I would rub it, especially the tip and it felt really good. I watched the girls as I listened to the tub filling with water. Katrina pulled away from Trudy’s lips and I saw spit making a string between them as they looked into each other’s eyes.I edged a bit more past the door and watched as Katrina unhooked the top of Trudy’s swim suit and her boobs sort of fell out. I had never seen a naked boob and it made my little thing so hard it hurt. I knew what nipples were. I had nipples but nothing like what I saw that afternoon. Katrina dropped the top on the floor and cupped both of Trudy’s boobs and pinched her nipples. The poked out further than they were when the top came off. I watched as Trudy closed her eyes and made a soft moaning sound and then they kissed again. Trudy’s boobs smashed against Katrina’s and I wanted them apart so I could see them again.As they were kissing Trudy unfastened Katrina’s swim suit and pulled it away while they were close together. I saw as both of their boobs smashed together and I wondered if it hurt to smash them like that. I pushed against my flat chest and it didn’t hurt just to test the thought.I had no idea why they were kissing or why they were touching but it made my little cock ache so badly. When they stopped kissing they each took off their bottoms and I was amazed to see how flat they were. All I had ever seen is my naked body and I had no idea what lie under their clothes. They had no cock, just a line between their legs.I watched them touch each other between their legs. It was strange to see but exciting. I noticed that their fingers looked wet but figured it was from swimming. Then they stopped and got into the tub together. Once in the tub they kissed again. This time I could see Katrina’s boobs and thought they were nice but not nearly as nice as my sisters. Trudy grabbed hold of the water spout and for some reason I wanted to grab my cock, it seemed like she should be touching me there.As I watched them kissing I wondered if they did this all the time. I was trying to see more and my shoulder touched the door and moved it a fraction of an inch. I ducked backed away from the door and I heard Katrina say, “Where does that door escort bodrum go?”“Shit,” said Trudy, “my brother’s room, I hope the little creep is outdoors. I scurried away and hid behind my bed out of sight of the door. Trudy’s hand appeared on the edge of the door as I ducked down and then I heard it close and the lock click. My heart was beating so hard in my chest as I thought about the close call of being caught peeking at them.My cock was so hard and almost hurt yet it felt good. I had never spied on my sister before but now that I had seen her and Katrina naked I wanted more. I really didn’t know why, I just did. So I snuck into her room thinking they may have left the door open but it was closed. My heart was still beating so hard in my chest I thought it would explode. I crossed the room and could see a pile of their wet swim suits and other clothes.Since there was nothing new to inspect I turned to leave and heard the bathroom door lock click and knew that meant someone turned the knob and was coming in the bedroom. There was no way to get out of the room without being seen so I crept into the closet and pulled the door almost shut. I peeked out of the darkness of the closet and saw Trudy walk into her bedroom followed by Katrina.Trudy stopped at her dresser and pulled out a scrap of cloth and pulled put her legs into it. She was putting on her panties, something I knew about but had never seen her wearing. She pulled them up and covered her slit. Katrina was walking around the room totally naked. As she got close to the closet door I held my breath and looked out at her. She was facing away from Trudy which meant I got an up close look at her slit.I had not noticed before but she had a small patch of wispy blond hair just above her slit. I watched as she ran her fingers through it and it sort of fluffed up. She turned and walked over to Trudy and pushed her back onto the chair and knelt beside her. They kissed again and I could see everything, boobs smushed together, Trudy’s white panties that barely covered her, and Katrina’s butt that for some reason was making my cock throb harder.Trudy put her arm around Katrina’s neck and then her hand went to Katrina’s boob and she rubbed it and pinched her nipple. I tried to be totally silent in the closet, I was so afraid they’d discover me and then I would be in bad shape. As they stopped kissing Katrina looked into Trudy’s eyes, “I want to make love to you in your bed,” she said and kissed her again. This time she moved her hand to my sisters boob and rubbed like Trudy had been doing a second ago.I watched as they stopped kissing and Trudy stood and took Katrina’s hand and led her to the bed. “We need to be real quiet, my mom might hear.” Trudy said as they rolled onto the bed. Since I had no idea what all of this meant I immediately knew that it must be wrong because she didn’t want Mom to know about it.I was in a perfect position to watch as they started rolling around on the bed and touching each other all over. Katrina got on her knees and pulled on my sister’s panties. Trudy lifted her hips as Katrina pulled them off of her as she looked at my sister’s naked body. Trudy’s boobs looked smaller lying on her back but I loved how her nipples seemed to be so big.I watched as Katrina rubbed my sister between her legs and Trudy moaned quietly and spread her legs far apart and raised her knees. Katrina rubbed her all over and bent down and kissed her on Trudy’s thighs and then right between her legs. After a bit Trudy pulled a pillow to her face and made moaning noises as her legs trembled and Katrina held her hand tight between her legs.Then Trudy threw the pillow aside and whispered, “that felt so good. I was ready to cum in the bathtub so you didn’t need to work too hard. You’re next.”Katrina rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide apart. Trudy knelt between them and then resting her hands near Katrina’s shoulders bent and kissed her on the lips and then went down her front and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Katrina moaned just like Trudy had and then Trudy started kissing her tummy and rested on her bodrum escort bayan elbows between Katrina’s legs.“You have to promise to be real quiet, use the pillow,” Trudy said and I saw her extend her tongue and start licking Katrina’s slit. Then she put her whole mouth against Katrina’s slit and I could see her tongue moving inside her mouth. The only sound in the room was quiet moans and the sound of Trudy smacking her tongue and lips against Katrina. “I love the way your pussy tastes Katrina,” Trudy said as she looked up and I could see how wet her face was.After a while Katrina grabbed the pillow and covered her face moaning into it. Trudy held her mouth against the top of Katrina’s slit and looked like she was sucking on something. When her mouth came off I could see a swollen nub sticking out of Katrina’s slit. “I love how your clit swells up,” Trudy said.Katrina was shaking all over and moving her legs as I saw Trudy push her fingers up between Katrina’s legs and started moving her hand real fast. Katrina moved her hands off the pillow and grabbed Trudy’s head, “Oh yeah girl, fuck my hole while you suck my clit.” Katrina whispered.And then I felt something that I had never experienced. I had been rubbing my cock off and on during this display and suddenly it felt like I needed to pee but yet not exactly. I tried to hold it in but suddenly I felt this pinch inside and something hot and wet came out of the end of my cock and it was all I could do not to make a sound. It was a thick substance that coated my fingers.I really thought I had pissed myself but it came out it spurts instead of a stream and so thick and slick. And the feeling it gave me was unlike anything I had ever felt. Through the haze of what I later learned was my very first orgasm I watched as my sister and Katrina hugged and kissed each other. Their kisses were gentle and did not last long. And as much as I wanted out of that closet I loved watching them lying quietly on that bed, cuddled together and running their hands gently over each other’s nubile young bodies. They whispered things I could not hear and lingered on the bed for what seemed to be hours.I heard my mother calling me, I couldn’t move without being detected, so I remained silent, frozen in that closet. I saw Trudy rise up when she heard my mother’s voice. “Quick Katrina,” Trudy whispered, “she will be in here in a minute looking for my brother.”Both girls rolled off the bed as I peeked out from my hiding place I could see Trudy pull her panties on while Katrina was facing the crack in the door again. “I caught your creepy little brother in here this afternoon messing with my bra, I am not sure I even want to wear it after he had his grubby butt scratching fingers all over it.” Katrina said as she pulled her panties on and covered her slit from my view.“I know my brother does that. Mom says he is just curious and will grow out of it.” Trudy said as I could just barely see her slip her bra on and cover those beautiful boobs. “Well I find it creepy.” Katrina said.Mom poked her head in the door as the girls were pulling on their clothes, “Have you seen Larry?” Mom asked. Both girls said no and Mom said, “Will you help me look for him?”The girls left the bedroom and I waited long enough to make sure they wouldn’t come back and ducked into the bathroom and locked Trudy’s side. I inspected the mess in my pants and had no idea what had happened. But I had a strong feeling it felt good even though I wasn’t sure why it happened.Later in the summer Mom gave me a book to read about sex and it all started to make sense. I continued trying to spy on the girls when they were making love and had many orgasms as a result of their intense sexual activity. Sometimes I would masturbate while I watched and other times I’d wait until I got back to my room. But for the first couple years after that summer I couldn’t cum without either watching the girls or replaying their sex in my mind.As I review my notes and look at the two actors pretending to be lesbians I realize my brain was in some way altered at a young age. I have read several studies by leading universities and am convinced that my early experience imprinted my mind with lesbian love as a trigger to my own sexual desires. Now if I could just go to my sister’s place and watch her have sex with her current lesbian girlfriend all would be good.

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