Love Thy Neighbour

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My name is Martin, I am 36 years old, about 5’8″ tall. I have let myself go a little over the years, but I still have a muscular frame from my swimming days and a good size dick, which my wife said “is the only part of you I really would like to keep,” during one of our little separation spats.

Up until now, the year had been a complete bust for me, with my wife announcing that she no longer wanted to be married to me and having to start looking for somewhere else to live. Although we are now getting on really well after the initial shock, sex has been a complete no-no on the grounds of it being a “complication” she didn’t need, so living under the same roof is a bit of a strain sexually.

My wife spends a lot of time with one of our neighbours Fion, as she is going through the same thing with her husband at the moment, so they share advice with each other and no doubt swap stories about their near ex’s as well. I have always got on with Fion, as neighbours do and we have enjoyed a little innocent flirting from time to time, but I must admit that there was always a little hope on my side that she meant some of what she was saying.

Fion is not a classic beauty by any means, but she most definitely has all the right bits in all the right places. She is about a size 10 (UK 14) with great DD assets and an ass that you could watch walking away all day. She also has one of those wicked smiles when she teases that says “I could fuck you until you scream for mercy and then fuck you some more.”

One Sunday a couple of weeks ago I was heading out to get the papers and Fi was just putting some garbage out, still in her pyjamas and asked where I was going. I had to double take as these jammies were the shorty kind so most of her leg was showing and the top only had just enough bottons to keep a little to the imagination. I could see through the space between the buttons that she had no bra on underneath and I could already feel my dick twitching from the view. I finally managed to tell her where I was off to and she asked if I would pick her up some milk and sugar as a couple of her kids were still in bed and she couldn’t get out as her Husband was on an emergency call. So I picked up the stuff she wanted and knocked on the door to drop them in when I returned.

Fi answered the door, still in her shorty pyjamas from earlier and as she leaned towards me to take the bag of goods I got a major eyeful of cleavage down to the outline of her nipples. I took a sharp intake of breath and she must have noticed as she apologised and stepped back.

“Please don’t apologise,” I said with a little smile “that is the best view I have had in a long time.”

She smiled a little shyly, “Yes, I am sorry about you and Wendi, I never thought you two would ever split up. It was a little insensitive of me to answer the door like this, I know you and Wendi haven’t been, well, intimate for a long time and I don’t want to get you too excited.” She dropped the smile and said, “Marcus and I haven’t been getting on too well either and it has been a few months for me as well, so I know just how you feel.”

“Don’t worry about it, maybe I can return the favour sometime to get your bursa escort blood pumping as well. I’ll drop you a text next time I climb out of the shower so you can rush round,”

“Why don’t you drop me a text next time you are IN the shower, that is a little more likely to get my blood pumping,” she said with a now, more wicked grin.

“Be careful what you wish for,” I said as I started to walk away, “you might just get it.”

The rest of the day was a typical Sunday with odd jobs about the house, so by the evening I was feeling a little grubby and decided to take a shower. I remembered what Fi had said that morning and sent her a text telling her that I was just getting into the shower and I would let her know when I was getting out.

As I got into the bathroom and undressed I got a text back. The text I got was a bit of a shock at first, but we had always flirted with each other and so I took it like that, “Hi sexy, I’m in the bath all naked and wet myself.”

So I text back, “I’ll bet u look fantastic lying there naked and glistening in the water!”

“Not as good as u I’ll bet,” she sent back.

This started to get me a little excited, so I thought I would up the stakes a little and sent, “Which part of your body r ur fingers washing at the moment?”

“Wouldn’t u like 2 no. I think I will leave that 4 ur imagination,” came the reply.

By now I have a full blown hard on and sent back, “Well it wont be HARD for you to imagine where my hand is at the moment thinking of you just a couple of rooms away naked.”

“Does it feel good baby,” she teased back.

I started stroking my dick slowly and text back with the other hand, “It would be much better with you doing it for me.”

“U have no idea how good it wud feel. I am getting out now, enjoy urself.”

Wow, I was on fire and my dick was so hard it felt like it would explode, so I kept the image of her leaning in towards me that morning in my head as I picked up the pace and sprayed cum all over the sink. I cleaned up and took my shower with my head still spinning from the conversation and an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. I still didn’t read anything into it as I just took it as two people teasing and getting caught up in the moment, but then as I was getting dressed I got another text;

“I am in my bed now baby and I am naked just for u.” I knew that she was on her own as she and her Husband now slept in separate rooms, so I decided to get bold and sent back, “u hv no idea how much I wish I was there with u. Use ur fingers and imagine I am there kissing ur neck, ur lips, ur tits & anything else u wud like”

“I would rather it was u doing it for me,” came the reply.

“I am there in spirit, going down on you, just move ur fingers down there and feel me now.”

It was several minutes before I heard anything back and I thought that I had maybe gone too far, but then I got;

“Oh baby, thank u so much, I really needed that. Worn out now, going to sleep and have very sweet dreams xxx.”

I was on a high, to think that she got off on what I said was fantastic and I dropped off myself later that night with a huge smile on my face and my dick bursa escort bayan still semi hard.

The next day, I didn’t hear anything from Fi until later in the day and it was just the usual, “how are u and Wendy” and “how are the kids, driving u mad?” texts, so I didn’t push it thinking that maybe she was a little embarrassed about last night. I was popping out to do some shopping later that evening as I often do to avoid the crowds and I dropped her a text to ask if there was anything she needed while I was out, again as usual. She text back to say she needed some milk, bread and eggs, so I text back that it was not a problem and I would drop them round in the morning after she got back from dropping the kids to school.

Wendi dropped our kids off in the morning and headed off to her mothers for their weekly gossip update. I waited until about 9:30am and popped the shopping into a bag and headed round to Fion’ to drop it off and then back to my normal daily chores.

I knocked on the door and Fi answered in another set of shorty pyjamas, but this time they were a silky type and the top hung off her chest in just the right way that her you could see her nipples stiffen as the cold air hit her. “You seemed to like the other jammies I was wearing the other day, so I didn’t want to disappoint you, especially after doing me a favour.”

She saw the shocked reaction on my face and she could clearly see that my gaze had been fixed on her breasts for a few seconds now, “if you could tear yourself away from the view, could you be a babe and put those bits in the kitchen for me.” Again there was nothing unusual about this as I had been in the house many times, but this was going to be very different as I was about to find out.

“Where’s Marcus this morning.”

“Oh, he dropped the kids off to school for me and then he is off on some big job and won’t be back until this evening,” she said as I heard the door close and she was following me into the kitchen.

“Well, at least you will have some peace and quiet today with everyone out of…….” I trailed off as I turned around and Fi was standing behind me, but all she was wearing now were her shorts and the top was lying on the floor at her feet.

“I figured that you enjoyed the view so much the other day that you might like to see the rest of it. Well, how are you enjoying the view?”

Her tits were amazing and although they were large, they seemed to defy gravity in the way that young tits do. Her nipples weren’t the biggest I had seen, but they were still rock solid from the draft at the door and the goose-pimples on areola.

I was completely speechless, but what my voice was having trouble getting out, my cock was making completely obvious as it sprang to attention in my jeans.

Fi moved her hand to my crotch, “well it would seem that I have at least one fan in this room” she said as she started to rub my hard on up and down, “I told you that you had no idea how good I would feel with my hand on your dick, but maybe it is time for you to find out.”

Without a further word she undid my belt, popped the button and slowly unzipped my jeans. With that done, she slowly dropped escort bursa to her knees while pulling my jeans down at the same time exposing the bulge in my underwear. She slowly traced the outline of my cock with her fingertip, tickling the tip with her nail as she passed over it and sending a major shiver down my spine.

“You have no idea how many times I have dreamed abou………” I started to say, but she stopped me with “Shhhhhhhh….I’m working. Just relax and enjoy.” Who could argue with that?

She slid her hand up the leg of my shorts and cupped my balls, giving them a slight squeeze as that horny grin shot across her lips. She moved her fingers up and rubbed the shaft slowly as she licked her lips making the glisten. She gently planted a peck on the tip of my cock through the material and I could feel the pre cum seeping out as she did it.

“Oh we are getting excited aren’t we, I think it is only fair that I should sort that out for you since I am the cause.”

She moved her hands to the rim of my shorts and slowly lowered then until my cock shot out as if it was on springs, almost hitting her in the face. As she let my shorts drop to the floor I could feel her hot breath on the tip of knob. She parted her lips very slightly and her tongue poked out to taste the juice seeping from the tip and just as I was coming down from that first touch, her whole mouth engulfed the top of my dick in a warm, wet heavenly feeling.

Fi started to move down the shaft very slowly and as the stroke reached back towards the top, I could feel her tongue swirling around the tip, sending me into throws of ecstacy. I started to wonder if I was dreaming as she moved deeper and deeper until she was taking my whole length in her mouth with every stroke. She cupped my balls very gently and started to playfully squeeze then, which just added to the urgency that was racing through my brain. It was taking all the concentration I could muster to stop my legs from buckling under the expert pressure that Fi was creating as she sucked my cock to a flaming crescendo.


As I screamed out, she gave my balls a tight squeeze just as my cock exploded in her mouth and I let out a cry like nothing I had done before. It felt like I had released a gallon of cum with the electricity that shot up my spine as my cock spasmed uncontrollably. Fi continued her expert sucking, while taking everything that I could throw at her and finished off by licking the whole shaft clean.

“Well, I think that someone really needed that, don’t you,” she said as she got up from the floor. She turned and picked up her top from the floor where it lay as I pulled up my shorts and jeans. “I really wish we had more time to explore this,” she said as she did her buttons up, “but my mom will be visiting sometime this morning, so we will have to cut it short.”

She moved me towards the door, still in shock and as we arrived she planted a passionate kiss on my lips and said “to be continued,” as she opened the door and I stepped out. “Text me later and just so you don’t forget what you will be waiting for….” She raised her top to expose her luscious tits just as the door swung shut.

I made my way back to the house with a half shock / half smirk on my face as what had just taken place started to sink in and of course my mind started spinning through what else she may have in store for me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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