Love Letter

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Your arms surround me, the warmth of your love permeating my skin, my blood, my bones. The world disappears and there is nothing else, only you… Your kisses leave a trail of fire across my neck and shoulders, the wetness of your tongue on my skin only adding to the flames that erupt in my brain and flow through my eyes as we gaze at each other. My love flows into you like a swelling tide. Your hands caress me, wandering over my body like a minstrel of old, playing a familiar song that echoes through my veins, serenading my heart and my body and hinting of the pleasures that await us.

I press myself to you, flesh against flesh, yearning for the moment we become one, joining bursa escort together in that total surrender of self to love. I feel your desire growing as our bodies fuse from toes to lips. Our mouths become a conduit for our heat, our tongues entwined, swimming together in a sea of passion.

Your hands leave a trail of fire from my shoulders along my back, sliding down to cup the curves below. My hands play on your shoulders and chest, finding the most sensitive places to tease with my lips and tongue. My lips trace a moist path to your neck as I inhale your masculine scent. Your essence is an ember ever glowing in my mind, providing the heat for my dreams. I breathe deeply bursa escort bayan of you, fueling the glow of arousal that fills my body.

You bend your head to mine and suckle at my mouth as if trying to draw the very core of me into you, trying to taste my very soul. I return your ardent kiss with a fevered moan, my hips lifting to you, inviting you, begging you to fill my need. You lift yourself above me, your muscles taut, your eyes burning with love and desire. Like a flower, petals glistening with morning dew, I open to you my sun, my life’s light. You slide into me as if returning to that place where you belong, caressing the depths of me with your manliness, escort bursa joining me to you completely.

We move as one in a dance as old as time itself, a sweet tango of life and love. Hotter grow the flames within as our bodies thrust toward one another, building a bonfire that will eventually consume us, melting us into one being. We give freely of ourselves, each seeking the ultimate fulfillment of the other. My body shudders, then convulses around you, wildfire racing through my veins. Like a volcano you erupt within me, your molten flow the final fuel as we are consumed, our heat a flash that forever fuses our hearts.

We lay together, the raging fire now a gentle glow warming the night around us. You smile and kiss my half closed eyelids, whispering, “I love you.” My lips curve sweetly with my reply, “You are my heart…” and we curl around each other to dream of the perfection of our love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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