Losing Virginity in School PT1.


Losing Virginity in School PT1.This is a true story: This happened my sophomore year of High School. Me and this girl have been friends for a few years, but I never got her number and honestly she was a slut. So one day during Study Hall I took advantage of it and got her number, knowing I’d easily have a shot at getting in her pants. I was horney and needed someone to fuck. So why not her?. I got her number and we instantly started talking. I could tell she was down for what I was saying. I told her that during a longer study hall period we should sneak off. She agreed. So the next time we had a longer study hall period, we both snuck out and went to a practice room near the chorus room. As soon as we got in there, I put my shit down and pushed her up against the wall, our tongues met instantly. After a few minutes of making out, I started kissing her neck while she was feeling me up. I whispered, “how about you take your pants off and let’s have some fun”. I didnt think she actually would do it, but amasya escort bayan all of a sudden I felt her hand move from my dick and to her pants and she pushed them down. As she was doing that, I took off her shirt showing her beautiful boobs. I was shocked she wasnt wearing a bra. I took off my shirt and pants as I started going to town on her boobs. For my first time, it was living up to everything. After a while, she whispered “my turn”. She got down on her knees and instantly put my cock in her mouth and started sucking. Boy she was very good at it as I almost cummed in her mouth before she stopped. She came back up and gave me a few more kisses before finally letting me eat her out. She wasnt a quiet person so I had to cover her mouth while licking. After a few minutes, we both couldn’t take it anymore as I shoved my cock into her pussy. Best feeling I’ve ever felt as I pumped in and out of her, what threw it over the top was when she bent up and started kissing me while I was fucking escort amasya her. That made me cum even faster as I blew my load into her and fell on top of her in a heap of exhaustion. We made out for a little longer till the time was almost up, we both got dressed, but before she put her pants on, she said “want 1 more taste?”. You know I wasnt turning that down as I got onto my knee and gave her a few more licks before the school bell went. We had the same class the next period and we oddly enough sat next to each other in the back corner. We sat down and I instantly started thinking about what just happened. Half way through class, I felt her hand on my shoulder, I looked over and she said “I can see you still want it”, pointing to my crotch that had a noticable bulge. Without thinking she put her hand on my pant zipper and told me to pull my pants down a little. I did as told of course. She then gave me a seductive smile and started to jerk me off in the middle of class. I covered the amasya escort lower half of my face with my hands as I couldn’t control myself. Her hand felt so good that it made my whole body go cold. After a few minutes, I whispered “I’m cumming”, in response. she put her other hand up to catch my cum. I came so hard into her hand as she was milking me dry. She then brought her cum filled hand up to her mouth and shoved it in, tasting my juices. Somehow no one even noticed that happening. Little did I know that while we were fucking in the chorus room. A teacher (who I actually had class with that year, and who was incredibly hot) was watching us. I got an email from her later that day asking me to meet with her tomorrow before school, she left a hint as too what happened by saying “make sure you are ready ?”. This ends part 1. Me and her had plenty of sex afterwords, the whole school was almost filled up with my cum by the time I graduated as me and her fucked anywhere we could. We even fucked in the lunch room during lunch. We were both very good at not getting found out. Our last fuck was in a teacher’s room while she was out. But it never felt as good as the first time. Come back for Part 2 to find out what me and my teacher got done with ?

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