Lisa’s Mom Meets the Other Woman


Lisa’s Mom Meets the Other Woman(Note from the author: I would give a synopsis of the previous stories but it would be better if you just read them for your selves with either a bottle of lube or a partner of your choice.)Cheri had a lot to get done while her husband and daughter were out. She had originally planned on revealing her nymphomaniac self to her husband on Wednesday night which had been the only night of the week that she allowed him to have sex with her. It had always been as unpassionate event as she could make it out of fear that her inner slut would be released. This had changed when she realized that at least her daughter knew of her porn queen career from nearly twenty years ago. The other thing that Cheri was certain of was that her husband, Jack was having an affair and it was likely with her daughter Lisa.Cheri wanted to be the one to tell Jack who she really was. She wanted to make up for the poor sex partner she had been to him and show him just how wild she could be. Today, she had many things to do including new clothes, shoes, cosmetics, sex toys and lube. She also needed to buy a few things for Lisa. Cheri felt just as bad about Lisa as she did Jack. She had always tried every way she could think of to make Lisa as unattractive as possible. The ridiculous clothes she made her wear with her hair up and no makeup had stunted her social development to the point that Cheri was certain that Lisa would never turn into the slut she had been. Apparently, the slut gene was more critical than the way her mother made her dress. Cheri had found evidence that Lisa had blown her Daddy. Now that Cheri understood her mistake, she was determined to help Lisa discover the joys of sluthood. That included sharing Jack.Cheri had forgotten how exciting it was to buy clothes and shoes that were designed to get the attention of men and she smiled as thought potentially some women as well. One item she purchased was dress that had a thin strap that held the thin cotton fabric to her still firm tits. The dress hugged her shapely hips and ass and ended about halfway down her thighs. When she tried it on, she could see her hard nipples poking proudly out for all to see. She added a sexy pair of heels very much like she wore when she had been a stripper. She told the clerk that she would wear that one home.Cheri purchased several outfits that would be great for Lisa to wear but what she really enjoyed buying for both of them was sexy panties and bras. She also purchased a wide variety of cosmetics for both Lisa and herself. It was a great day shopping but she had spent a considerable amount of money. Jack had better like the new sexy clothes or he would have another reason to want to end their marriage. On the other hand, if Jack was fucking Lisa then he might want to layout the cash to keep doing so with the added benefit of getting both mother and daughter!Cheri noticed that it was just before three and smiled as she knew that would give her plenty of time at her last stop, “The Triple X Adult Entertainment Superstore”. It had been a long time since she been involved in serious kinky sex but back when she had some sexual aids could be invaluable to achieving the maximum pleasure. In a few minutes she reached the store and walked inside. She could smell sex in the air as she stepped inside. “Glad to see things have not changed all that much.” She said to herself as she started to look around.There were a number of men in the store but whatever they had been doing stopped as they all checked her out as she strolled around and smiled at them as they made eye contact with her. This was the kind of thrill she lived for! She made her way to the sex toy section and started looking around. A sales clerk came over and asked if she was looking for anything in particular.“I want some restraints, a gag ball, vibrator, anal beads, cock ring and a butt plug. Oh, and I want to see your best lubes.” She said niğde escort with sexy smile.The men in the store gathered closer as the clerk demonstrated different options as Cheri smiled and asked kinky hypothetical questions. Then she saw something else.“Do you have strap-on that would accommodate that big black dildo?” Cheri asked.The clerk was just helping her try on the belt and place the twelve-inch black dildo when an attractive redhead with big tits came into the store. She was wearing a simple skirt with black heels but her blouse was white and nearly see-through. Her large D cup tits bounced nicely and the blouse was unbuttoned to below her tits. It was clear she had come into the store ready to get horny men’s attention.Cheri was a little surprised that the woman looked her way, she smiled like she knew her. Then the woman came over to her and looked at the assorted toys that were obviously being purchased. She looked at Cheri with the most stunning blue eyes.“Aren’t you Cheri Pie?” She asked as a sexy smirk grew on her face.“Yes, I am. Do we know each other?” Cheri asked.“No, but my x-husband and I use to love watching your movies. I loved those gangbang ones. The number of men who you fucked was stunning. Being a gangbang slut has always been one of my sexual fantasies but back then I did not have the confidence to even think about making it real. I hope you don’t mind me saying it but your just as sexy as you were back then.” The woman said making Cheri feel like a celebrity.“I’m glad you are such a big fan and you can be first to know that I am going to start making movies again. Today I’m shopping for some new toys that I might use in my new videos.” Cheri said as she held up the giant black dildo.“I am so happy to hear that you are coming back! I’ll have to find that box full of movies that I took away from my asshole X. I’m sure I tucked it away in the attic. Unless my horny son found them. I never knew that teen boy could jerk off as much he does.” The woman laughed and Cheri knew she really like this sexy blunt woman but she also got turned on by the thought of a teen boy using her porn videos as stroking material.“You know why I came in here but from the way you are showing off your girls there, you must be here for the men.” Cheri said as she leered at the other woman’s tits. “Exactly, I have been coming in here two or three time a week since my divorce. Back then I weighed about fifty pounds more and frankly the only sex I could get was on my knees at the gloryhole. The more I came in and sucked cock the more inspired I got about my appearance. I also became much more confident than I ever had before.” The woman said quietly as both women knew they were the center of attention.“I didn’t know they had a gloryholes at this store. I think I will join you if you don’t mind.” Cheri said as the other woman nodded that she would love to have her porn idol join her. “Please bag all this up and I will pay as I leave.” She told the clerk who was now also looking with hungry eyes at the two sexy MILFs.They walked toward the back of the store and through the curtained entrance to viewing booths. Cheri inhaled the smell of stale cum and disinfectant and her pussy tingled at the raunchy area where strangers engaged in sex without even knowing who they had sex with. The other woman opened the door to a booth and followed Cheri in. Soon they had the video playing which the other woman explained was the one rule of using a booth. “I take my clothes off since it can get a little messy in here.” The sexy blond said with giggle as she pulled off her blouse and freed her large natural tits. Cheri pealed her dress off and then pulled off her sexy new pink panties. The other woman was looking down toward Cheri’s pubic mound and it was obvious she wanted to see the famous tattoo. Cheri sat back on the small bench and spread her legs and let the other woman look at her pussy. The redhead escort niğde slipped to her knees and had her face a few inches from Cheri’s pussy. Cheri could see the curiosity of the other woman as she looked at her pussy.“Would you like a taste?” Cheri asked in a husky wanton voice.The redhead looked up at her with those wonderful blue eyes. Then there was a soft moan as her head lowered. Cheri felt the female tongue begin to explore her horny cunt. Cheri was pulling on her nipples as the woman licked and kissed her pussy before she spread it open and looked at the glistening fuck hole. Then she began to fuck her tongue in and out of Cheri as Cheri was quickly driven to an orgasm.“Fuck you two are hotter than the fucking movie! How about letting me play too?” Asked a thick male voice. Cheri looked toward a hole in the wall and a black guy was watching the sexy white women. Then his face disappeared and a large thick black cock pushed through the hole. Cheri reached over and wrapped her fingers around the black cock and stroked it. The redhead moaned and when Cheri looked to see why there was another cock on the other side of the booth. This was white but was throbbing as it seeped pre-cum.“Do want white or dark meat?” Giggled Cheri.The redhead was on her knees sucking the white cock. Cheri also dropped to her knees and started to lick the giant black dick. She lifted the cock and placed it on her nose and began to lick the underside of the cock just above the balls. As her tongue teased the underside of the dick, she could her the man groan with pleasure but also needing to feel his cock deep in her mouth. When she got to the tip there was a massive drop of pre-cum which she licked off and savored in her mouth. She then turned to her new friend and pulled her mouth to her own. They kissed deeply and both women could taste the black man’s gift. When the kiss ended the two switched cocks. Cheri smiled as she watched her new friend suck the cock deep down her throat. Clearly this slut knows how to suck dick!Cheri turned and got a better look at the white cock. Not quite as long but just as thick. Cheri slowly sucked the prick between her lips and her a rather youthful moan on the other side of the wall. Cheri pulled back and teased the cock by stroking it with her hand while licking the head.“OH FUCK SUCK MY COCK!” A squeaky voice screamed.“Give me a kiss and I will let you cum in my mouth.” Cheri teased.The cock was pulled back and a young man’s face appeared. Cheri was a little surprised by just how young the guy looked. She kissed his mouth and put her tongue in and swirled it around. Then the stunned guy pulled back and looked at her.“Could you taste his cock in my mouth?” Cheri asked as she pointed to the black cock being stroked by the redhead as she watched Cheri with the boy.He moaned but his head nodded. Cheri made a come here sign and he pushed his cock back through the hole. Cheri pumped rapidly with her mouth as the guy thrust his cock in and out of the hole. She heard the other woman sigh with pleasure just as there was a rapid pound on the wall. The cock between her lips throbbed and then the sweetest cum she had ever tasted filled her mouth as only a young horny guy can do it.Cheri let the cock slip from her lips as she held the massive load of semen. She turned to see the sexy redhead looking at her. The woman reached over and pulled her to her and they kissed. Cheri wanted to see the surprise on her friend’s face when she tasted the cum in her mouth but apparently the other woman had the same thought. The two pushed the comingled sperm from one mouth to the other for a few minutes before they swallowed the spunk.“Have you ever thought about making a porn movie?” Cheri asked as the two giggled about their cum swap.“Not really but now that I have a friend in the business who knows.” The woman said with a sexy smile.“Well if I am going to get you hooked up in the business, niğde escort bayan I better know your name.” Cheri giggled.“My name is Beth, Beth Simpson.” The sexy MILF said.“Nice to meet you Beth. My real name was Mary but that didn’t fit my image as an exotic dancer or porn queen back in the day. I went back to Mary for a long time after I had my daughter but I can no longer deny who I truly am. I love sex! I’m total nymphomaniac! I tried to deny that but not any longer.” Cheri said candidly to her new friend.“I know how you feel. When I was married, I thought I needed to be the faithful wife and never fool around even though I would constantly want to flirt, tease and fuck all of my friend’s husbands and boyfriends. That is the best part about being a woman, making men horny and then making them happy. That is why I like coming here. These guys are so horny and they want me!”“Sex is best thing in the world and I am not going to deny myself anymore! The only thing is, I now have to try to explain that to my husband and my daughter. I have been such a poor wife. I would only let my husband fuck me once a week on Wednesday. I want make that up to him with some kinky sex. Maybe you could join us for a threesome some time.” Cheri said as she put her arm around her friend.“That sounds like fun! Maybe I could invite my new boyfriend. He is a married to some dried out old bitch that has no idea how to please a man. She is a stupid bitch because he is a great fuck!” Beth replied.“If he such a hot fuck are you going to steel him away?” Cheri asked.“Fuck no! I don’t want a boyfriend or husband unless they belong to someone else. That is what makes cheating so much fun. I love the thought of sending him home to spend the night with his wife but knowing he can only think of me. Being the other woman is much better than being the wife of the cheating husband. Believe me, I have been on both sides.” Beth said with a sexy smile.Just then a hard-black cock appeared and Beth pulled Cheri down to give a double blow job. Cheri watched as Beth worked the cock and then pointed it at her mouth. Cheri opened her mouth and took the cock until it was down her throat.Beth knelt behind her and kissed her neck as her friend sucked the cock. Cheri let the cock go and Beth gobbled cock. The man knocked on the wall and Beth let his cock slip from her lips as she pumped with her hand. Cheri waited and then the cum shower began. Cum was splattering both of them and they laughed as the man groaned and a guy watching from the other side cheered the climax.The two women immediately turned licked each other’s cum covered faces for the man’s entertainment. Soon he had his cock through the wall and again both of the women began to suck and stroke his cock. The man shot his load almost immediately. The two women found that more cocks came through the wall as fast as they could make them cum. Cheri had lost count of the number of men, they had been with but her jaws hurt from sucking cock and her knees were sore. Both women had cum all over their tits and faces. Just then Beth’s phone made a noise and she picked it up and frowned.“I have to leave now. I promised my boyfriend that I would come by his office and fuck him before he goes home to his bitch of a wife.” Beth said with a wicked smile.“I think I better leave too.” Cheri said and she knew what she needed to get home for tonight’s revelations to Jack and Lisa.The two quickly dressed and then briefly visited the bathroom to clean up a little. Beth gave her number to Cheri and made her promise to give her call so they could arrange the orgy with Cheri’s husband and Beth’s boyfriend. Beth headed off for her rendezvous as Cheri purchased her sex toys. Cheri was just approaching her car and was thinking how sexually aroused she was. She would never make it till Jack and she went to bed without something else. Then she smiled as she thought of her new toys. She checked the time and smiled as she should have several hours at home with just Lisa. To be continued…..(I hope you all are enjoying the ongoing story of Lisa and her family and friends. Your thumbs up tells me so and comments are read and appreciated.)

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