Linda’s First Exposure


Linda’s First ExposureLinda had just celebrated her 46th birthday and she was about to begin her 20th year as a high school teacher and private tutor. She couldn’t explain the noticeable increase in her sex drive that started about a year earlier, but it was real and her husband, 10 years older than her, was working hard to keep up with her. A voracious reader, Linda had recently discovered several erotic literature websites. The stories allowed her to discover some sexual interests she had never explored, including exhibitionism and older-younger sex, and those stories almost always led to her masturbating to a powerful orgasm.Linda’s classroom was set up so her desk (barely more than a table with small drawers on either side) was on an elevated platform facing the class. Because of that the students in four seats in the front-center of the class had a direct view of her legs under her desk. Linda’s newfound interests gave her an idea how to bring some excitement to her day. First, Linda bought some new skirts and dresses, as short and close-fitting as the teacher dress code allowed, and she splurged on new thong panties in a variety of colors. Then, in her three senior classes, the last classes of the day, Linda assigned the four front-center seats to either athletes or the best-looking boys in the class. About two weeks into the semester, Linda put her plan into action.That day, Linda wore a form fitting black and red print dress, black thigh high stockings, and a red thong. She gave her classes a short quiz and then some reading time, and she spent the periods ostensibly reviewing homework assignments and doing some lesson planning. But Linda had another agenda. In the first senior class, she crossed her legs in a way that made sure the front-row boys could batman escort see her stocking tops. That thought alone was intoxicating. More than once, Linda peeked up from her work to see a student admiring her legs and hose. With a few minutes left in class, Linda “absent-mindedly” uncrossed her legs and sat with her thighs slightly parted. Her mind raced wondering if the boys could see her bare thighs above the stockings or even her red thong. The thought made her shudder just as the bell rang. As the class left, three of the four front-row boys said with big smiles “have a great day” or “see you tomorrow,” which they rarely ever did. Linda stayed sitting at her desk because she felt weak-kneed and unable to stand up. She also felt some dampness between her legs.In the second class, Linda crossed her legs during the quiz, but uncrossed them as soon as the reading time started. She sat with her feet apart but her knees closed together. Again, Linda peeked up to see boys trying to look at her legs without being too obvious. The butterflies in her tummy told her she wanted more. So, still pretending to be grading papers, Linda reached for her computer bag on the floor next to her desk. That required her to spread her legs such that she was sure the boys could see her thong. She fiddled in her bag as long as she dared, and even saw one of the boys elbow the other and nod toward Linda. That made her shudder, but even though she wanted them to see more of her, she sat up again and mostly closed her legs. The excitement coursing through her body made her leave her knees apart some, so the boys would keep looking at her. Just before the bell, Linda announced a new homework chapter and, having gotten the students’ attention, she got up to write the assignment escort batman on the board, using that opportunity to spread her legs wide as she was standing up. She dared not look at the boys looking at her, because she knew she could not hide her arousal. After the bell rang and the class filed out, and the front row boys all said something nice to Linda, she realized that her nipples were visible through her dress and the dampness between her legs was now wetness. Looking at the clock, Linda realized that she only had nine minutes until the last class of the day. She also realized that the day had been more exciting than she ever imagined and that she craved even more. Linda took a deep breath and headed to the faculty ladies’ room. A salacious idea came to mind that Linda instinctively felt was too risky, but it took her less than a minute to throw caution to the wind. So Linda reached under her dress and slid one side of the V-shaped material covering her crotch in between the lips of her vagina. Although it felt unnatural to her, she looked in the mirror and decided it could look like the thong had just moved during the day. She literally trembled at the thought of even part of her shaved pussy on display. Linda smoothed out her dress and headed back to the classroom, very much aware of the position of her panty.The quiz time dragged on. Linda desperately wanted to begin flashing the boys, but felt it wasn’t fair to distract the students that much during the quiz, other than showing her stocking tops. By the time the quiz papers were handed in, Linda was on edge. She could feel that her nipples were visible to the whole class, and that was both mortifying and arousing. Linda attended to papers on her desk for a minute at most before reaching for batman escort bayan her computer bag, causing her legs to spread. Linda felt (or was it her imagination) cool air on the uncovered side of her crotch; but she pretended to reach further to spread her legs a little more, wanting to make sure the boys saw her bare pussy. Linda lost track of time and thoughts flooded her mind of the four boys looking at her, then touching her, then entering her.With her body torqued, her torso stretched taut to reach her bag, and her legs spread to show her pussy to four teenaged students, Linda realized she was losing control as an orgasm welled up inside her. She struggled to sit up straight just as the orgasm began in earnest, and she could only look down at her papers and bite her lip as multiple waves of sexual pleasure ran through her body. She wanted to scream but instead clenched her legs tight and stifled all but the slightest moan. As the wave finally settled, Linda felt her pussy pulsing, and she opened her legs some to relieve the tension. She was afraid to look up, unsure if she had hidden her orgasm enough, or at all. She carefully scanned one side of the class and the students seemed to be reading, daydreaming, or talking. The same with the other side of the room. But when Linda looked at the front-center rows, all four boys were staring at her, with glazed eyes and half-smiles, and Linda saw that two boys had a hand between their legs, rubbing themselves. Linda tried to keep composed, until she made eye-contact with one boy and smiled sheepishly. His eyes dropped down to below her desk and Linda felt was powerless to resist adjusting in her chair and opening her legs wider. This time, when the bell rang, two of the boys scurried out with computers over their crotches and the other two said “great class Mrs. J” and “Thanks Mrs. J.” Neither boy did anything to hide the very obvious erections. Despite trying not to, Linda glanced at both bulges as she said quietly, “See you tomorrow boys.”

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