Life Was Very Hard Back Then

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I rode into the area in late 1878 and found a small cabin that no one had lived in for months. And maybe longer? A nice little place on a nob hill above a small creek with very good water. The place was left much as if the people who lived there had just ridden away. There was a grave behind the house with a cross on it but no details of who or what. Just the grave with rocks piled over it and the cross. Some time had passed since it was fresh.

I began work cleaning up the place. I rode the area and found a few stray head of cattle unbranded maybe two years old and a few older Branded with an rafter D. I pushed the cattle closer to the ranch house and they seemed happy to be there. I cleaned a few spots to back water into ponds from the spring that fed the creek. I was running low on supplies and I had been told there was a store about due west a few miles.

I started out early the next morning and headed west to find the store. About 3 hours of riding brought me to a rise over looking a small valley where the Store sat. Two small cabins and a barn sat off to one side of the store. I walked into the old store and was met by a sloppy man in dirt overalls, his beard was tobacco stained as was the dirty long johns that showed under his overalls. He was at least 300 pounds of very unkept slob. He introduced himself as Bart the store owner. I dropped my list of things I needed and ask him to fill it.

I stood at the door looking out at his little valley. His store was in a very pretty site. A couple of guys came out of one of the small cabins to the side of the store. I smelled him rather than felt him looking over my shoulder.

“I got me the sweetest little whore over there you ever saw. Had her now going on the third year. And she makes me a pretty penny or two. If you want to visit her I’ll let ya have her today cheap.”

“No thanks, I got a long ride home.”

I picked up my order, paid what I owed and headed home.

I worked around the place for a couple months with no contact with anyone before a guy rode in from the west. I greeted him with the usual lite and set. And he did. We chatted several minutes when he looked around the place.

“Didn’t know anyone was on this place. You have done a bit of work on her. Been maybe near 4 years since she rode out of here after she planted her husband.”

“That the grave behind the house?”

“Didn’t know where it was. Young couple starting out was here. They were makin a hard time of it but trying. He was chasin a steer south of here and horse stepped in bahis firmaları a hole fell with him. Crushed him and she found him and the horse on him. She shot the horse pulled it off him with hers and brought him to the house but he died. She stayed on a while but she was finished without him.”

“So what happen she go back east?”

“Nope just a ways over west. She rode over to Greasy Bob’s store near starved. He told her he’d put her to work and she’d make room and board. She had nothing else. She agreed. He took her out to the little cabin and fucked her. She’s been there every since.”

“He said he has a real looker in the back cabin. Two guys came out while I was there.”

“She is a pretty little thing and guys come from miles around to see her. He has a real good business with her. He and a couple of the regulars there fuck her most every day. He has her in the store lots her tits hangin out mostly. I have seen guys take em clear out suck on em and mount her right there on the counter”

“Why she stay?”

“No place to go I recon, couple guys have tried to take her away, but he killed em.”

“That fat man killed them?”

“He carries a Bowie in a holster down his back. He killed em both when they turned their back to him. Last one was near two years now and she won’t have anything to do with anyone else now. Feels she got em killed.”

“She did nothing wrong he killed them.”

Mac stayed for super and I enjoyed the company. He went on east and I west the next day. I needed supplies and the store was the nearest place to get them. Mac had said he was coming back through in a week or so. He really enjoyed Greasy Bob’s little whore who had lived at my place and wanted to see her again.

I rode up to the store just before noon that day and gave Bob my list. I was looking out at the little cabin.

“Your little whore still here?”

“Oh, Ya couple of my boys are over there fucking her right now. Stick around a bit as they are bringing her over here when they finish with her. Half dozen or the Box K crew are coming over pretty soon. I thought they’d be here by now. I’m going to fuck her right here on my counter while they watch me. Then I’m gona sell her to them for the rest of the day.” He was just finishing my order up when the cabin door opened up and the two hangers ons led the young woman out.

As they crossed to the store I got my first look at the young woman who’d lived in my cabin with her husband. My mouth got dry as I watched them cross and come closer. I moved back from kaçak iddaa the door as they entered. She turned and looked directly into my eyes and then looked quickly away and ducked her head.

Bob turned to her and told her to stop hiding the goods. The young woman quickly slipped the rag of a dress off and dropped it to the floor. She stood naked and wonderfully beautiful. From high perfect jutting breasts with upturned tips to flaring hips that swept into a perfect flat belly dipping between her beautiful legs.

” I am going to claim my pussy again today while them boys watch us then you are gona take care of then boys right here on the counter. You here bitch?”

She spoke for the first time. And her voice was low and sexy.

“I hear you Bob, and I’ll do my best for you.”

I watched as Bob shoved his big cock up into her and began to fuck her. I watched them take her until the third cowboy was mounted and riding her and as I turned towards the door again our eyes met and she gave me a sad smile.

I got home before dark and put my supplies away. Mac rode in going back west a few days later. He stayed for super and rode out the next morning. He was gone about a week before he returned headed back to his ranch.

We sat around the fire that night watching the big beautiful moon.

“I talked to Lora Lee who lived here about you and your ranch. I told her about the rooms you built on to the house making her little cabin into a full beautiful home. For the first time since I have known her she talked about leaving the whore house to come back home as she called this to see it.”

“She say she wants me to come get her?”

“No, she ask me not to tell you. She is afraid Bob will kill you.”

“Bob, couldn’t kill me if he hired a army.”

“I know John but she doesn’t know who you are.”

“Neither does Greasy Bob, he has strutted it big around me the times I been there, but he will when I tell him my name.”

“I ask her if you came for her, would she come home with you?”

“And she said?”

“She told me she’s been a whore near four years now and that she likes the cocks. But she did admit her hope to come back home some day with a good man. She likes your looks.”

“I guess you’d still want to come by and pleasure her when you’d stop by?

“And have super.”

“Super most important?”

“Coarse, but keepin her happy could figure in?”

I grinned at him.

Mac rode on east the next morning and I saddled up and went west. I rode up to a little kaçak bahis place just out a ways from the store and I bought a nice little mare horse I knew he had and an old saddle for her. I tied up around the corner from the store and walked in. Greasy Bob looked up as I entered.

“You back already?”

“Forgot some things and thought maybe I’d visit your little whore?”

“Kind a slow this morning. Couple of my boys are breakin her in for the day. They are to bring her over to me so I can get mine this morning. You can watch me do her then you can have her right here.”

About that Time two men brought her in the store. Bob looked over at her and told her to get the rag dirty dress she wore off and on the counter so he could have her. And he mounted her there in front of us. I went on looking around the store. I picked up a few things and started a pile as well as some womans things. He had two dresses, one red and one blue. I looked them over and then just laid both out. Shoes near her size and Pants and shirts she could wear.

I turned and caught him eyeing what I was doing.

“Got you a woman of your own I see.”

“Yep, you are fucking her right now, but when you finish if she’ll come, she will be mine. Now Bob before you make mistakes and I have to ride fifty miles farther for supplies you need to know who I am.”

“You really think that’ll make a difference?”

“Well Bob, It might. See I am John Wesley Morgan.”

I kept my eyes on Bob and his two boys as I eased the coat back from the Russian setting high on my hip. The other two jerked their hands as far from their guns as they could turned and went out.

“Now Bob you slip that hand up any nearer your collar when you dick comes out a her I will shoot it clean off and then make a wagon trail between your eyes. You understand me Boy?”

He looked at me long and hard, nodded and pulled his pants up.

“You ring that stuff up Bob and I’ll pay you.”

“Yes Sir, Mister Morgan.”

“Now Lora Lee if you’d like to go home I have a horse outside for you to ride and things for you to wear if you’d like.”

“John Wesley I been a whore near four years now and I enjoy the attention of the men. I like it. Even Greasy Bob gives me a thrill I hate to say. But I would be proud if you’d give me a chance to become a decent woman again.”

“You get your self ready to travel while I settle up with Bob here.”

So that is the story of how Lora Lee Williams the whore at the Store became Mrs. John Wesley Morgan the gun fighter’s wife. And made a good one. Now truth is Mac came by for super more often and a bit more than just super too. And I had to build a bunk house for several ranch hands and Lora Lee did spend time down there some too.

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