Life Ch. 01

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Life Chapter 1: Graduation Night

Graduation night marked the end of the longest relationship I had experienced in my short life. My girlfriend, Dixie, was leaving for college on the west coast in the morning. “Getting an early start” her family had called it. Her father secured her a job as a receptionist until the semester started, and her mother was sending her with a month’s worth of groceries until she could buy her own.

The truth was, Dixie’s family always thought of me as a bad influence, and wanted her as far away from me as fast as possible. If anything though, Dixie was a bad influence on me. I don’t drink, smoke, do any drugs, or any of the other stupid shit that normal teenagers normally did, all of which Dixie did.

After receiving our diplomas, and talking with our parents, and telling our friends we’d see them at the party, Dixie grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the back of the school where students took smoke breaks between classes. “What’re we doin back here babe?” I asked as she pushed me down on an old wooden chair. “You can smoke anywhere you want now, you’re not a student anymore.” I joked.

Dixie flashed a smile at me as she backed up a step, then unzipped her gown to reveal her tiny, nubile, tight and lightly tanned nude body to me and the night air. “The only thing I plan on smoking tonight is your cock.” She answered roughly, licking her lips and pushing her bleach-blonde hair from her face. She stepped back to me, and leaned down bahis firmaları to kiss me, pushing her tongue deep in my mouth as her hands went to work on my belt and zipper. Our tongues wrestled until she freed my dick from my boxers, then, true to her word, got on her knees and drug her bottom lip along the base of my cock.

After teasing every vein and ridge, she finally wrapped her wet warm mouth around the head of my cock and started sucking like there was liquid gold in my nuts. I gasped as her teeth dragged the top and bottom of my penis, and urged her to go further by pushing on the back of her head. Dixie swallowed the head of my cock and I felt her nose and breath in my pubic hair. As her head bobbed slowly in my lap, and her throat fucked the head of my cock, I felt her start to moan and knew she had at least two of her long slender fingers buried in her hairless cunt. Between one hand rubbing my drool-covered balls, her tongue and teeth working over the shaft of my cock, the tight circle of her throat around the head, and vibrations from her masturbatory moans, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she got a stomach full of my jizz.

“Dixie.” I groaned, warning her even though I knew it wouldn’t matter. “Mmm-Hmmm” I felt more than heard right before she pushed my cock further down her throat until I knew even her windpipe was blocked. The slick wet hand from her pussy pulled my hand to her neck and I could feel my cock stretching her skin from the inside. She pushed kaçak iddaa her fingers back into her cunt, moaned around my dick one more time, and I felt her throat swell with my cock as I started blasting cum straight into her belly. Dixie squeezed my balls and sucked until she was completely out of breath, which was much longer than it took me to cum.

She literally had to vomit up my dick, leaving plenty of saliva and throat slime all over it. “Mmm, now that’s a good graduation present.” She told me as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and I noticed that her hand was still busy pleasuring her own sex.

“Com’ere” I said and pulled her up by her shoulders and she straddled me. She eased herself down on my lap and scooted forward until my still-wet, still-hard cock was pressed against her stomach. She pulled my head down to hers as she lifted her hips until she was over me, then popped my cock into her tight little hole. She lowered her snatch onto my pole slowly gasping every couple inches until it hit her cervix.

“God, I’ll never get over how big your cock is.” She whimpered in my ear, then started rocking her ass back and forth, working my cock in and out of her pussy. I’ll never forget how hot, how tight, and how wet she was that night. Dixie moaned and groaned through her first two orgasms, bit me and drew blood during the third, all the time riding me faster and harder. Before the next big one hit, she hissed at me “I want all of it in me, please.” She bore kaçak bahis down on me, and felt the head of cock bending her cervix. I grabbed her shoulders and she gritted her teeth as I forced the last inch of my dick into her, putting the end of it into her womb. She rose up to take it out and I slammed her pussy back down, all the way. “Ohhh, CHRIST!” she screamed and dug her nails into my shoulders as her forth and strongest orgasm hit her hard.

She writhed on my lap and bit me again, and I bit back as I filled her with sperm. We held each other, shuddering, trying to catch our breath until my cock finally softened and slid out from between her lips. “I guess I better take you home, huh?” I finally broke the silence. She frowned at me, but nodded her head. We didn’t talk on the way home, she just stared out the window and fiddled with the door locks. She tried to jump out as soon as I was in her driveway, but I pulled her back in by the wrist. “Hold on.”

She just stared at her lap. “I don’t want to do this.”

“Then tell your parents you want to go to college in Columbia, or that you don’t want to leave until after summer.” I offered, still holding her wrist.

She jerked her hand away. “That’s not what I meant, Jeremy. I want to go to college in L.A. I want to leave in the morning. What I don’t want is to leave you here wasting your life.” She opened the door and got out. “I’ll call you when I land, ok? I love you.” She attempted to salvage the situation. I pulled of before she had chance to close the door.

Dixie called the next night, and I didn’t bother answering. We actually didn’t talk for two weeks, and we did she told me she’d met someone in her Drama Club.

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