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Big Boobs

Sofia sat at the bar nursing a beer. She needed a project break and was hanging out in her brothers’ bar. Her shop was behind the bar and it was easy to sneak for a while. The place was only half packed for a Tuesday night. She chatted with the regulars and enjoyed that anyone and everyone came here. Bikers, poets, hookers, working class in general and the occasional mailman.

The speakers cranked out classic rock keeping her foot tapping to The Greats. She watched the crowd and dragged a hand through her long wavy blonde hair. It felt good to let her hair down and actually get out of overalls into a vest and tight black jeans. She didn’t think she was too bad looking with soft pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, DD’s busting out of her vest and a bit of curve to her hips. Her career kept her in shape and it didn’t hurt she loved to swim.

She watched as the bouncer broke up a fight then noticed that someone was looking at her. He lifted his drink and smiled. She tipped her beer and smiled back. He had a cowboy hat on, black hair resting on his shoulders, black shirt rolled up to the elbows. He had a mustache that framed soft looking lips, trailing up his jaw line. He looked lean and a rush of sexual thrill ran through her. She watched as his eyes traveled down her body and back up. He smiled again.

Damn, she was turned on. Her nipples tightened and her breath caught. What had it been? 8, 9 months since she had sex? Yeah, she was horny as hell.

The bartender waved some papers in front of her and she turned to check on the orders. When she turned back around, he was gone. Oh well, it was nice to be ogled, she thought. She grabbed her smokes and walked out.

She sighed and lit up as she walked into the cool night. As she walked down the side of the bar, she saw him sitting on her beloved El Camino having a smoke. She paused for a moment and then smiled. She half wondered how he knew that was her car, but then dismissed the question. Some things were better left unasked. She sat on the hood next to him.

“Beauty,” he said. His voice slid over her skin. English. Mmmm.

“Yes, she is,” Sofia replied as she took a drag. She inhaled his cologne. It was warm, spicy or maybe it was just him. Oh, how she wanted to find out.

“Ian,” he said and offered his hand.

“Sofia.” she shook his hand and almost purred at warm it was. He turned her hand over and kissed her palm. “Oh fuck,” she breathed. She felt calluses on his hand. He rubbed his thumb over the rough spots on her hand and looked at her questioningly.

“I’m a welder,” she said and turned his hand over.

“I’m canlı bahis a musician,” Ian replied. “Never met a female welder. What do you work on?”

Sofia pulled her hand away, fished her keys out and hit a button. A statue about 30 feet away lit up.

“Aphrodite,” he said, lighting up again.

“You know her?” She asked surprised.

“Yea, there’s one in Amsterdam.” He turned and looked at her fully. “It’s you.” He smiled softly as his eyes raked over her.

“Yes it is. There are five total. But she was my first creation and I’m keeping her.” She turned off the lights.

“You’re well known,” he said.

“So are you. I’m coming to your concert tomorrow night.” He stared at her and she blushed deeply. “I’m not any good at flirting, but-” He leaned forward and kissed her.

“I wanna taste you on my tongue,” he whispered. She shivered and swallowed loudly. She kissed him again and he groaned. Ian pulled her against him and she felt a hard, lean body. His hands ran up her back and into her hair, gripping it tight. She tasted whiskey, cigs and sex. She pulled away and slid off the car. He followed her across the lot, stairs into her loft. She flipped a switch and turned on soft lights and metal filled the room.

“Nice,” he murmured. Sofia slid her hands up his chest.

“Mmhmm,” she mumbled. Warm cotton, hard muscle under her hands and slid up his shoulders, neck, surprisingly soft cheeks. She took off his hat and dropped it on the stand by the door. She ran her hands through his hair and kissed him lightly. Ian pushed her against the door, hard hands roaming her body, up to her breasts. He pinched her nipples through the leather and kissed her hard. Sofia groaned and slid her tongue past his lips. She raked her nails down his shoulders as he pressed his hips into hers. Damn, he was built! He unzipped her vest and cupped her breasts, kneading them softly. She wiggled her hips, as her top fell to the floor.

Sofia popped the buttons on his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. He shed the shirt and seized her breasts again. She HAD to touch him! He was incredibly fit for an older man and obviously ready by the hardness of his cock pushing at her hips. He kissed her again. She was sweet, tasty and wondered how her juices tasted. He broke the kiss and trailed his tongue down her cheek, neck, nipping lightly on her flesh.

“Oh shit!” She gasped and grabbed his head. Ian chuckled and slid down her left nipple. Sofia went rigid, panting. Her hands massaged his shoulders. He moved to her right nipple and sucked it deep in her mouth. He flicked his tongue over it and Sofia bahis siteleri flinched. He let go of her, kneeled, and unbuttoned her jeans. Ian slid his hands over her hips and pushed the fabric down. He smiled. She was smooth and swollen. He could smell her excitement and groaned low. He wrapped his lips onto her, sucking her clit into his mouth and flicked it quickly.

Sofia gasped! Her knees buckled as a strong orgasm ripped through her. She exploded in lights and sensation as fire lit inside her. All she could do was hold onto his shoulders and gasp as he kept flicking her clit. One long orgasm rolled through her and she couldn’t take it anymore. She doubled over him and gripped him.

Ian let go of her and stood, pulling her with him. He loved the feel of pink flesh throbbing on his tongue. He may be getting older but he could still make a woman cum instantly. Play and fuck, that’s what he loved doing.

Sofia lifted her head and smiled. “Holy shit.”

“We just started baby,” he said and kissed her. She could taste herself. Ian pulled away and shucked his boots. He started to unzip but she pushed his hands away. She unzipped him. She tongued down his body as she cupped his ass and pushed his jeans down.

His cock bumped her cheek and she pulled back to see a lovely long, thick cock with a big purple head. She passed her hands over his thighs as she grazed her lips over the tip. Hands rifled into her hair. She inhaled deeply, smelling the spicy scent of male. She kissed the head softly and ran her tongue over it. Sofia opened her mouth and slid him in. she was genuinely surprised at his size and had to stretch her mouth wide to fit him half way in. her fingers didn’t touch as she gripped it.

He sighed softly and lightly pushed her head forward. Sofia slid her mouth down his cock, reveling in the taste of him, the feel of him hitting the back of her throat. His breathing picked up as she sucked, sliding back and forth. Her eyes drifted closed.

He stiffened and pulled her off him. “Bed.” he growled. Sofia stood and pulled him to the bed in the corner. He pulled her into a deep kiss. His hands slid down, kneading her back, hips, ass and ground his cock into her sex. Sofia started whimpering and clutched him tightly. He pushed her onto the bed, covering her body with his. She spread her legs and pushed her hips up, trying to get that delicious cock inside her.

“You’re so lovely,” he whispered and licked along her jaw, settling at her throat. He moved his hips and knew when his cock found her sweetness.

“Thank you,” she breathed. She arched against him and pulled bahis şirketleri her legs around his hips. She could feel his cock nestled at her opening and she started wiggling, trying to pull him in. she needed his thick hard cock buried deep inside her.

“Not yet.” he said and Sofia whimpered. Her hands wouldn’t stop caressing him and skimmed her nails over him. He moved down and pressed her breasts together. He nipped and sucked at her nipples. Sofia groaned and whimpered. Her body was on fire, needed him to fuck her, make her cum over and over.

He moved down lower and settled at her sex. Ian latched onto her clit and suckled it. Sofia came instantly, crying out his name over and over. Juices coated his chin, moustache. He slid two fingers inside to that magical spot and pressed hard on it as he flattened his tongue and made her cum again.

“Ian!” she screamed. He pulled his fingers out suddenly and fell on top of her, slamming his cock in deep. Sofia arched against him. Damn, he was huge! She felt his head push in, spreading her wide. Her legs wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in. He trailed his lips on her cheek and loved the feel of being buried inside her. He pulled back, hovering for a moment and slid deep.

Sofia whimpered and pushed against him. She was so very wet. His cock stretched her out, rubbing her, throbbing inside her. He knew she was close, but then so was he. He fucked her deep and steady, capturing her lips, letting her moan into him. He went faster, pushing her over the edge. He released her mouth and had to pause as she cried out and gripped him so tight he had to pause. He fought back his own orgasm because he loved the feel of a woman cumming around his cock. He hammered into her, making one orgasm roll into another and buried his head in her neck and growled. He pushed in deep started hammering into her hard.

“Oh yea, that’s it. Cum again. Cum hard,” he growled. Sofia couldn’t speak, couldn’t breathe as her body took over and climaxed hard around his cock, muscles milking him. He tensed and groaned as he came, spilling inside her, shaking, hips bucking. He could feel her nipples hard against his chest, her nails digging into his shoulders, and her hot, wet, tight as hell pussy milking him dry.

He collapsed on top of her, pinning her to the bed. He pushed in deep once more, then relaxed. Sofia hadn’t cum that much in her life. She relaxed her legs and stroked her hands over his arms.

After a few minutes, he raised his head and kissed her. “I need a smoke.” Sofia smiled and handed him the spare pack she kept by her bed. He slid sideways, keeping one leg over her. Once they had finished, he kissed her again.

“Ready for round two?” He asked, grinning wickedly. Sofia just smiled.

“You better fucking believe it,” she said and rolled him over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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