Lazy Afternoon

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Ah, where to begin? It’s just that every time I close my eyes you’re the only thing my mind can see. This is not a problem; in fact I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because we have been together so long, and experienced so much, my minds eye knows every single inch of you. Also as I picture you, I can feel you also. There isn’t a spot on you that I don’t want to caress, stroke, lick, kiss or worship. Yes, even your beautiful bottom!! SO, if you were with me right now, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

I wonder if I have ever told you how much I love the feel of you. Everything is just so right. You are so soft, smooth, silky, warm, wet, strong, hard, and all just as it should be. So, where should I begin? Let’s try this.

First, I look directly into your eyes so I can watch you. I would then take my hand and slide it between your legs. (Did I mention we were standing up?) I can feel your legs part slightly to give better access (yes at this point we are both naked). Use my whole hand to cover her entirely. I just love to feel the heat she generates so I just hold my hand there. Do I feel you pressing her down into me? Yes, you’re pressing down and parting your legs a little more and I feel the first drops of wetness touch my fingers. I use my middle finger to slightly part her outer lips and let some cream coat it. I then slide that finger in slightly and draw it upwards very slowly until I reach the top then I stop. Just hold it there for a second. Then I move my hand back down and repeat the process all over again going in a little deeper and up a little slower. I keep doing this watching your eyes getting wider and brighter with each stroke.

I hear you whisper.

“Could you please kiss me?”

I drop my face to yours and lightly touch my lips to yours. I am always struck by how soft and wet they are every time I touch them. You moan and at the same time I feel your tongue trying and succeeding slipping into my mouth. Ah that beautiful soft tongue searching for mine. As our tongues find each other we both moan and I slip my middle finger into her as deep as I can. This causes you to spread your legs ever further and push down on me trying to get my finger deeper.

You break the kiss, look up at me and say.

“Please, slide another finger in.”

I slide a second finger in and use both to stroke that special spot. Moving my fingers back and forth and putting more and more pressure on that spot, my thumb begins a motion towards your clit. While I stroke over it you grab my face and kiss me. This isn’t a slow gentile kiss; this is intense from the start. You are trying to suck my tongue into your mouth and flick it back and forth with yours. Your hips are now rotating back and forth matching my stroking of your clit and g spot.

Shortly we break the kiss to draw in a deep breath. I slide my fingers slowly out of you and while looking deep into your eyes, place them in my mouth. A huge smile cums to my face as I suck your cream off of my fingers. It is an incredibly delicious taste. When I move my fingers back down to play again, I love the feel of your silky wetness sucking them back in. You are trying to hug my tighter and I can feel your extremely hard nipples pressing into my chest. I move my head down for another kiss but you stop me saying

“Please, please, will you lick me?”

I smile down at you and gently turn you and sit you on the edge of the bed, never taking my fingers out of you. As you lie back I move my tongue to lick your outer lips searching upwards for your clit. Once my tongue contacts it I begin to lick very gentle, slow circles all around it. While my fingers continue stroking your g spot your hips are moving to direct my tongue where you want it, right on your clit. I gently suck it into my mouth and bahis firmaları slowly slide my tongue across it. I slide my fingers out of her so I can move my tongue down to lick and caress her lips. While I’m doing that my very wet fingers replace my tongue on your clit and rub it back and forth. Gently but quickly as my tongue licks as deep into her as I can. She is just so warm, smooth and very wet. Oh and very delicious.

I can hear your breathing becoming deeper and deeper like you can’t catch your breath. This is a good sign. I am trying to figure out if your eyes are wide open or shut tight as your orgasm begins to build. Even though making you cum really hard is what I want, I slowly pull away because I have something else in mind. As I pull away I can hear some protest start to cum from you but I ignore it and take your hand and pull you up to a sitting position.

What you see when you sit up is me stroking my very hard and leaking cock.

“Please” I ask “Take me in your mouth.”

You lean forward and with one hand gently cup and caress my balls while the other hand holds my cock as you bring your mouth to it. Your tongue reaches out and you lick the drop of per cum that is there. Then your tongue licks all around my head several times, causing me to moan quite loudly. Then you begin to suck me into your mouth. You start very shallow at first, but taking more and more of me in on each stroke. Your warm hands continue to play with my balls and it is driving me crazy. This continues for several minutes with each stroke of you mouth and tongue feeling better and better. Then you pull back, look up at me and say.

“Come; lie down next to me so you can continue to play with her while I’m sucking you.”

We arrange ourselves on the ed so that can happen and you take me back into your mouth as I firmly slid two fingers in and begin stroking in and out. I also go back to playing with your clit with my thumb. The sounds of your wetness as my fingers play as well as the sucking sounds I can hear bring the pleasure to an even higher level.

After continuing all this far a while, I sense some movement and realize you are moving on top of me so we can 69. As you lower her down to me I hear, very softly.

“Please, lick me; I know I will cum quickly.”

So now we are both licking and sucking each other towards wonderful orgasms. It doesn’t take long. As I feel the first sprit of cum leave my cock I feel her muscles tighten around the fingers I have deep in her and your clit quivering under my tongue. You pull off me and I hear you take in a deep breath as your hand continues to stroke my still erupting cock. You continue to grind your clit across my tongue for several more seconds and when you have finished cumming, collapse on top of me.

All we can do is rest and try to regain our normal breathing. This takes a while, but we are comfortable just lying skin to skin. Finally our hearts are back in our chests and breathing is now somewhat regular. I feel you moving again. You slide off me and roll me onto my back. Then you proceed to lie on top of me perfectly touching skin to skin. You lift up and reach between us and lift my semi hard cock and then lie back down so I am resting against very wet lips. You settle your hips and trap me there feeling the heat she is still generating. I have to ask.

“Are you trying to get me hard again?”

You look into my eyes and with a very serious face and say.

“Yes, because I want to fuck you now.”

And then I see that beautiful face break out in to the biggest smile I have ever seen.

So we talk and laugh and hug, all while your hips are constantly moving in small slow circles. Oh and by the way we are kissing a lot too. Our tongues doing a great little dance together. kaçak iddaa Boy I sure do love sucking your tongue into my mouth; you just don’t let me do it enough. You taste wonderful as always. I can feel your cream leaking out of her and it coating my cock adding to the sensations that begin to make me hard again. Wasn’t this your goal? You can feel that so you move slightly so my head penetrates your outer folds slightly. Then you flex your hips and push down so I slide all the way in, as far as it will go. Oh My God, what an incredible feeling.

You whisper in my ear.

“I just needed to feel you grow inside me, please don’t move.”

So I stay as still as I can and I actually feel her squeezing me and making me harder. But I can also sense that staying still is going to be very hard for you to do. I can’t believe how deep I feel inside you and how hot you are there. As you continue to slide you hips around and press down into me, I can sense your trying to rub your clit on me. This does cause me to move and help you accomplish your goal. You don’t complain about me moving but just squeeze harder and rub faster. I am looking deeply into your eyes and I can see a tremendous amount of love, and not just a little lust.

Just when I think I can’t take any more, you start to move. You sit straight up, reach out with your hands to hold the headboard and slide up so your feet are flat on the bed. You rise up very slowly and I can see my cock sliding out of you and it is covered in your cream. When it’s almost all the way out, you slide very quickly back down until out bodies touch. Your hips make a couple of quick circles and you rise up again and continue this process again and again. I can again hear how wet you are and as you slide up and down you catch me watching my cock going in and out.

“Do you like what you see?” You ask.

“Yes, I love watching her lips surround me and move in and out with every stroke.” I say.

With your eyes closed and your head pointing straight up, I hear you whisper, almost to no one.

“I’m so close, please I’m so close.”

This is when your pace starts to quicken and your mouth is wide open gasping for breath. Your whole body begins to tremble and my cock is being squeezed and flooded at the same time. I can feel you’re cum leaking out around me as you stroke faster and finally I can’t hold back any more and you cause me to explode. As my first burst empties into you, you open you eyes, look down at me smiling, and moan

“God that feels so good, keep going.”

So that’s what we do until we are both totally spent and you collapse down on to me. I wrap my arms around you and turn a little so we are both on the bed but still touching. I reach around, pull the sheet and blanket over us. As I look in your eyes I can already see sleep setting in. I just gently kiss your forehead and when I pull back I can see you eyes are completely closed. I whisper softly “I love you” and I think I see a slight nod of your head as I drift off.

I don’t know how long we slept but all of a sudden I became aware I wasn’t alone and it took me a second to realize what was happening. You were backed tight to me just like a couple of spoons. You were holding one of my hands with yours to your breast. So warm, but also soft and firm at the same time. I squeezed you a little tighter to me and ran the palm of my hand across your nipple. It began to stiffen and that’s not a bad thing. You seem to wake a little and stretch some by pushing back into me and pressing my hand harder to your breast. You turn your head and I can see a slight smile and hear you whisper.

“What a nice way to wake up.”

“Yes,” I say “Couldn’t be better.”

“Are we going to make love again?” You ask.

I laugh slightly and in return kaçak bahis ask.

“Would you like to?”

“Yes, very much, but, I really think we should get in the shower.”

“Why?” I ask, hoping I know the answer.

Laughing, and turning to face me you reply.

“So first, you can wash my hair, you know how I love that. Second, so we can make sure we are both squeaky clean. And third so we can fuck standing up.”

You move in and give me a very warm wet gentile kiss. Then you get up, grab my hand and head for the shower.

Fast forward a bit and we are under the warm water having finished all our cleaning chores and are locked in a deep passionate kiss. This is never a bad thing.

Your hand is stroking my cock very slowly up and down while my hands are busy lightly stroking the sides of both breasts. As I drop my mouth down to take a nipple into my mouth, your other hand moves down to play with my balls. I love the feeling of your hands. As your nipple hardens in you mouth I suck just a little harder and I feel your hand stroke me a little faster.

“Slow down, I don’t want to cum yet,” I say.

You do slow down and at the same time you take your hand of my balls. I decide to switch sides so I move my mouth to your other nipple, gently sucking. All this time I haven’t stopped caressing your breasts. I was just wondering where your other hand had gone to when I feel your fingers against my lips. I open my mouth and you slide a very wet creamy finger in. After I have licked it clean I tell you.

“Delicious, thank you.”

“Well,” you say, “I just wanted you to know I was wet enough in case you wanted to slide anything in.”

You have now let go of my cock and turned around. You bend slightly at the waist and push your beautiful bottom out towards me. I can take a hint. As I slide up behind you, you reach down between us and guide me into her. With just the head in I stop to pause a second. Your hips are moving back towards me trying to get me deeper. After a second I slide in a bit more, and then out. Back in again a little deeper, then out. I repeat this process several times until I am buried as deep in her as I can go. We both growl with pleasure. I bring my hands up to continue stroking your breasts as we develop a nice rhythm with me sliding out and the you pushing back as I slide in again. I move my hands forward to play gently with your nipples, which are rock hard to no ones surprise. I then feel something touching my cock where it is sliding into you. It’s obviously your hand but I can’t figure out what you’re doing. Then I understand. As I pick up the pace a little bit you are rubbing your clit in time with our strokes. This brings a smile to my face and a moan from my lips because I know this means your orgasm is close and you will accomplish two things. One, you know that you playing with your clit will make me crazy and two, we will be sure to cum together. With this quick pace we are breathing very heavily, almost panting.

I can feel her start to tighten and become even warmer which sets my off and I begin to squirt. A very powerful one first and this sets you off at the same time. We continue to stroke and squeeze and leak a while before starting to slow down. As we finally cum to a stop, we just stand there trying to catching our breath. I start to move but you reach around to hold me and say.

“Stay, I want to feel you soften in me.”

So I stay. Soon I have softened and slipped out of her. You spin around and we have a wonderful passionate kiss. Several in fact. The water starts to cool so we do a final rinse off then I reach around and turn it off as your reaching for towels. We wrap each other up, drying what needs to be dry then you look at me saying.

“Lets get back into bed; I definitely need another nap after that.”

So we head to the bed, jump under the warm covers, hug each other tightly. We can’t help but smile at each other as we kiss, hug and finally drift off in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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