last year, on a winter afternoon.


last year, on a winter afternoon.a lot of guy’s will be able to relate to this story I’m sure and it’s true.We woke in the morning my partner at the time was massaging my cock as he was pressing his cock against my anus, we hadn’t been getting on and we were soon to break up but we were still sleeping together and having sex, he pushed his cock into me and started the usual humping movement’s, it was nice but getting rather boring as I said we were at the end of our relationship. It wasn’t really working for me so I pulled away from him, he was annoyed and a bit angry and said so we aren’t even going to have sex now is that it, we argued a bit and I relented and lay back on the bed and let him hump me and cum in my ass, we didn’t kiss afterwards and it wasn’t satisfying for me, my cock didn’t even get hard during the sex, anyway we showered and he got up and said he was going away for a few day’s, I told him while he was away he might as well find somewhere else to live as we were done as a couple. We still do see each other sometimes and of course sometimes I still let him screw me but back to the story.He’d gone and I was online, checking out düzce escort guy’s on fb and a dating site I’m on when a message popped up, it was from a guy a couple of years older than me (I was 54 at the time) who had seen my profile and wanted to chat so we did.After chatting for an hour or so online and feeling each other out he asked if I wanted to meet up with him, his picture was quite attractive to me and we seemed to get on ok so I said sure I’d meet him somewhere, he suggested going for a coffee at a café down by the beach (being winter there wouldn’t be many other people around and a lot of gay guys meet there also) so I agreed to.I got down there and we ordered a coffee and started chatting, he said he liked my looks (I’m in my 50’s, facial hair, rough looking and medium built) I said he was attractive too, he looked similar to me but didn’t have a beard.He told me he was married but it was a sexless marriage and he was more interested in guys now day’s, I told him I had been married to a woman once but had been more attracted to other males since I was a boy and had many gay encounters and that I had just split from my “boyfriend” escort düzce that morning.He said he always thought about what sex would like with another man but was only really interested in being a top (which was good as I prefer the bottom bunk).We chatted a bit more and I asked if he wanted to go for a walk along the dunes and the pine plantation hoping that we could have a bit of a pash and I could maybe give him a quick blowjob, he said ok and we went, we were walking along the dunes at the edge of the plantation holding hands when he let go of my hand and put his hand on my ass, I knew this was my cue so I said “what say we go into the plantation for some more privacy”, we got in there he was a bit nervous so I kissed him on his mouth and started rubbing the bulge in his pant’s he responded while kissing me by pulling my pants down, my cock was stiff by now.He stopped kissing me and asked “so what do we do now”, so I said this and pulled his pants down so his cock (it was impressive 7″ long and thick) and started kissing and sucking on it, it was really quite hard.After a few minutes of this he asked if he could fuck me, I had düzce escort bayan condoms and lube in my jacket so I said sure so I put a condom over his big cock (it just seem to make it harder…mine was the same) and put plenty of lube in and around my ass (because of his size) I then lay on my stomach on the ground and he climbed on top of me pushing his cock into me, it went in quite easily whether that was due to my ass being still quite open from the fuck I had in the morning or the amount of lube I’m not sure but it felt nice, no pain just the pressure of him entering me, he started humping me quite fast and I admit quite hard as well in fact the movement of my body as he was humping me was rubbing my cock against the grass and I was soon cuming myself, he humped me for a good 10 minutes and I didn’t realise the condom had broken until he cum inside me filling me with hot cum.After he had finished he kept apologizing for the condom breaking, I just said it was ok it felt nice and kissed him and told him I’d get a check up the following week just to be safe ( he was clean so there was no issue) and we agreed to meet again occasionally for sex which we do.I am still single but the sex is a lot better now that it was when I was living with my last “boyfriend” and I am quite surprised how many guy’s are out there that want to fuck an older guy like me, it’s been good.

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