Last Night Conquest

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Hello, my name is Steven, I’m 36, 5’10 medium build, brown hair, slightly receding hair line, green eyes, average manhood, I am married to Claire, she is 30, 5’2, (34-22-34) long mousy blonde hair, blue eyes, and we have been married for 7 years, we have 4 children, and she still has her figure.

It all started last Thursday, after I had been to the rugby club, for a bit of light training, and a few drinks with the lads, I arrived home a little later than usual, all the lights in the house were off, I fumbled to get my key in the door, and entered as quietly as I could, I walked into the front room, and spotted two wine glasses and an empty red wine bottle on the table.

As I turned to go upstairs, and I heard some gentle moaning from upstairs, I recognised my wife’s voice, and to my surprise the other voice sounded female as well, I crept slowly up the stairs trying not to make any noise, and found the door to the master bedroom was slightly ajar, I walked to the door and looked in through the gap, to see my wife spread-eagled on the bed, with another women’s head between her legs, and I could hear my wife was enjoying herself.

As I stood there, I felt myself getting very aroused, I leant on the door to support myself, and the door squeaked open, and there on our specially made extra large bed where Claire and Simone, the woman between my wife’s legs looked up, then at me, and I realised it was, my best friends sister Simone.

Let me describe Simone, she is 28, 6’1, (36-22-36) long jet black hair, brown eyes, and pale white skin, and just divorced, after three unhappy years of marriage, and she was wearing my wife’s red Basque, red fishnet stockings, and red thongs, you could see a few hair sticking out from the sides, my wife was wearing, a sexy black Basque, and black fishnet stockings, they both turned to me smiled and said hello.

Simone looked at me, smiled and said, are you happy to see us, I did an impersonation of a goldfish, after I gathered my thoughts, I replied, yyes, can I shave your pussy, she replied, yes if I can shave you, Simone beckoned me closer, climbed off the bed, grabbed my tie and pulled it loose, throwing it across the room when she removed it, slowly unbuttoned my shirt, removing that, dropped to her knees, and unfastened my belt with her teeth, slowly pulled my zip down, then pulled down my pants and shorts together, and I kicked them off.

Mean while, unbeknown to me, my wife had slipped out and come back with a bowl of warm water, shaving foam, and several razors, and baby oil. Simone, took my manhood into her mouth and started sucking me, cupping my balls with her free hand, she took her head away, much to my disappointment, but was promising more after I had been shaved, she then got to her feet, and I gently pushed her onto the bed.

I took the bowl of water off my wife, placed it on the bedside cabinet, removed the sponge from the water, and gently sponged Simone’s pubic hairs, I beckoned my wife forward and she applied the shaving foam to Simone’s pubic hairs, Simone moaned in pleasure as my wife applied the foam, then she ran her finger up Simone’s swollen lips, making her moan more, I stepped forward with the razor, and we took turns in shaving Simone being careful not to cut her, then Claire removed the residue and gently güvenilir bahis massaged in the baby oil, making Simone moan louder.

Simone opened her eyes looked at me and said, you turn next, as she rolled over, so I could take her place, suddenly Simone kissed me, as Claire gently pulled my left arm, and hand cuffed it to the bed rails (we had metal bed rails), then Claire leant over and kissed me as Simone pulled on my other arm, and hand cuffed it to the other rail.

Simone grabbed the sponge and gently squeezed it over my erect manhood, letting the water drip onto the tip exciting me further, both women, applied the shaving foam, all over my body, I gulped as Simone picked up the razor fearing the worst, but to my relief she only shaved my manhood and balls, then gently removed the rest of the foam, then Claire applied the baby oil.

Simone then suggested a game of truth or dare, I hadn’t played it since university, I agreed willingly. Simone said she’d start, looked at me and smiled, so I knew the first question was going to be asked to me, Steve truth or dare, I said truth, have you ever had anal sex with a female, she asked, I replied sheepishly, once at university, Simone then asked Claire truth or dare, Claire feeling a little shocked but brave, said dare please, Simone smiled wickedly, and pulled out a small vibrator and ky-jelly, and handed them to Claire, I dare you to insert this into Steve’s bum, Steve gulped, then both women came over unfastened him and turned him over.

I got into a doggy position and spread my legs in anticipation of what was about to happen, I felt Simone’s hands part my cheeks, then I felt the coldness of the Ky being applied to my hole, then Claire’s finger slowly entering me and gently going in and out to loosed me up, I moaned as she did so, and when she heard me moan she removed her finger, I heard a high pitched buzzing sound, then felt the tip of the vibrator running from my balls to my hole, then she slowly slide the vibrator into my hole, I had forgot how could feel, and moaned in pleasure, as she started to thrust it in and out of my hole.

As I look up, I saw Simone stood at the end of the bed, applying Ky to a larger vibrator, I asked if I could insert this one myself first, as it was a little larger than I had ever used before, yes she said, then passed it to me, calling to Claire to remove the other one then come and stand by her and watch, I gently inserted the first inch and a half, and groaned as I thrust it in and out, until I could insert the whole thing, as I knelt up Simone stepped forward and started to thrust the vibrator in and out of me, making me moan harder, as Claire started to suck my manhood, I began to quiver, unsure if I could take all this pleasure, Claire whisper that my manhood felt bigger and harder than it had ever felt before.

Claire and Simone changed places as I held the vibrator in place, Claire started to thrust the vibrator in and out a little faster than Simone, as Simone lift my manhood and started to suck my balls, as she wanked me, I felt my balls tighten as I neared my climax and a trickle of precum, from my manhood, seeing that Simone stopped and offered Claire a taste, called me a bad boy and walked away from me, as Claire carried on thrusting the vibrator in my arse.

Simone türkçe bahis blew a kiss at me as I looked at her, she showed me what she had in her hand, it was a 18 inch jelly filled double ended vibrator and a riding crop, I gulped, oh no what have I let myself in for, I thought. Claire seeing Simone was ready removed the vibrator from me and walked towards Simone, I watched in wonder as they both lubricated end of the double ender.

Claire took the crop off Simone and hit her gently on the bum with it, the walked over to me and did the same, then she hit me again a little harder this time, making me wince, and told me to turn round and face the head board, and re-handcuffed me to the rails, Claire then sat beside me, and started to wank me again, suddenly I felt the bed shift as Simone climbed on the bed behind me, and then slowly inserted one end of the double ender into my arse, it was a little painful as it went in as my muscles got used to the size.

I felt Simone’s freshly shaved groin hit my lubricated arse, then I noticed Claire had the controls in her hand, suddenly she turned it on and we both moaned in pleasure, then Simone said she was going to fuck me good and hard, (she spoke like a man) I felt her nails dig into my buttocks as she started to thrust like something possessed, ever couple of minutes she would stop for a little while then start again, as thought she was teasing herself.

Claire unfastened the hand cuffs, then Simone and I slid down the bed, Claire climbed onto then bed and slid into a 69, so I could taste her as she sucked me, all this time Simone was thrusting away, and screaming swear words at me, she started thrusting faster then climaxed suddenly and collapsed, the vibrator slid out of my arse as I came in Claire’s mouth, and she swallowed it all, then sucked my cock clean.

We all laid on the bed and recovered for a few minutes, Claire was the first to get her breath back, with me a couple of minutes behind her, Claire complained her pussy felt neglected, and needed filling with something big and hard, Simone by now had recover, lifted herself up, looked at Claire and smiled, Simone, relubricated, the double ender, whisper in my ear, to give Claire what she wanted.

Simone repositioned herself behind me, and slid one end of the double ender back into my arse, then whispered into my ear to insert the other end into Claire’s pussy, I whimpered slightly, so she hit me with the crop, she then position herself over Claire’s face so I could watch as Claire began to lick her pussy, then Simone lowered herself down and started to suck my manhood.

Simone placed one hand on the floor, the other on the vibrator and started to thrust it in and out of us, so we both had the pleasure without either of us having to move, Claire was screamed louder that I had ever heard her before, I looked down and saw Claire’s finger slid into Simone’s arse, and Simone took my manhood deeper into her mouth, Claire then fumble around the bed and eventually found what she was looking for, the small vibrator, she then removed her finger and slid the vibrator into Simone’s arse, quickly turning it onto full speed.

My manhood went even deeper than I thought possible into Simone’s mouth, as she sucked and thrust back harder and faster than before, as I came güvenilir bahis siteleri hard into her mouth, then quickly went limp. Simone moved away from me removing the vibrator from me as she did so, Claire carried on thrusting into Simone, and I held her as she came hard, she then turned and kissed Claire so they could share my cum, I thrust the vibrator into Claire a couple more times then she screamed as she climaxed.

Simone and Claire were led side by side, playing with each others pussy, and ever now and then stopping so they could taste each others sticky fingers, Simone whispered something into Claire’s ear and she giggled, then Claire told me to go sat on the chair facing the dressing table, so I was looking into the mirrors, watching their reflections, as Simone slowly removed Claire’s Basque, kissing Claire’s stretch marks, Simone slid round behind Claire and gently cupped her breasts, and kissed her necked, I knew that drove Claire wild.

Claire them turned and nearly ripped Simone’s Basque in her hurry to remove it, Simone’s pert breasts quivered like two bowls of jelly, with juicy cherries topping them, Claire, sucked and kissed each breast in turn eagerly, sliding her hand down her body, and slipping two finger into her wet pussy, then they both turned and looked at me, and asked me to turn the chair round, I knew what I’d get if I didn’t obey.

Claire walked towards me with the handcuffs and handcuffed me to the chair, so I couldn’t touch myself or join them, Claire then removed her fishnets from the Basque on the floor and tied my legs to the chair legs, she then briefly teased my manhood, I looked past Claire and watched Simone put on the large black strap-on, and she beckoned Claire to come back to her.

I watched Claire walk back towards Simone wiggling her bum to tease me even more, Claire slowly climbs onto the bed, and turned and faced me getting on her hands and knee’s, Simone knelt behind her, rubbing the strap-on along Claire’s slit, making her moan, Simone then slowly slid the strap-on into Claire’s wet pussy, she began with slow thrusts, placing her hands on Claire’s hips she pushed it in deeper as though it was me doing it.

My manhood began to throb, as I watched, Simone’s breasts shimmy as she thrust into Claire, Simone slowly pulled out, then Claire turned and licked the strap-on clean, Simone laid down on the bed, and I watched as Claire climbed onto Simone, Claire slowly slid herself onto the strap-on, moaning as she it filled her, Simone then started to thrust up into Claire, I watched as Claire played with Simone’s breasts, as Claire reached her climax, Simone was playing with Claire’s nipples.

I felt myself Cumming and blacked out as I came so hard, then next morning we I came to, I found myself in the bed next to Claire wearing her Pyjamas, with no trace of Simone, I asked Claire was last night true, or just dream, Claire just looked at me smiled then went back to sleep.

Some months later, I was talking to my best friend, in the rugby club and our conversation turned to Simone, as she was now working behind the bar here, he told me about her divorce, and the reason her husband left her, he had found a video, of her in a hotel room somewhere with another couple, and they were in some rather strange positions, I then say I had to leave as I promised Claire I’d be home early for a change, I arrived home, sat her down and told her what I had just heard, Claire just smiled at me. If there is a video, have you seen it?

The end

Or is it…………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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