Kim Submits

Aria Lee

Kim’s washing machine has broken down. Her husband is out of town for a few days, so she phones for a repair man to come round and fix it.

He turns up on her doorstep in his overalls; a tall, muscular black guy. Kim shows him into the kitchen and after just over an hour, the washing machine is working again.

During that time, Kim had stood chatting to him whilst admiring his firm body. Kim is an inveterate nymphomaniac and can’t help herself from flirting with him. There has been more than one occasion when her husband has been away that she’s ended up in bed with workman or courier.

She pays him for his work but can’t stop herself from letting him know she’ll be giving him a little extra for his a trouble.

She grabs hold of his cock through his overalls. She can feel that it’s huge even as it’s soft. She rubs it through his clothes as she feels it getting harder.

Kim unbuttons his overalls and works her hands inside and down his muscular torso. She pulls his now hard dick out of his clothes and gasps as she sees just how big it is. She drops to her knees and begins to fellate him.

Her left hand works up and down the shaft of his cock as she stuffs the swollen tip of it into her mouth. He sees the ring on her third finger and smiles.

“So, you’re married, huh? What would your husband think if he saw you now?”

Kim takes his cock out of her mouth to say “Oh, he’d go mad. Please sir, don’t tell anyone that I’m doing this ümraniye escort for you.”

“How long have we got before he gets back?”

“He’s away for a few days. Please, I’ll do anything to keep this between us.” pleads Kim.

The repairman determines to seize his chance. He has experience with wiling submissives like Kim and knows exactly how to talk to her to turn her on. “Hmmmmm. Well let’s just see how well you do, shall we? Keep sucking that fucking cock, you slut. I didn’t tell you to stop.”

Happy to have found such a dominant man to order her around, Kim obediently returns to her work and wraps her lips back around his cock.

“I love a nice piece of married white ass like you. Stand up and let me get a look at you.” he commands.

Kim stands and turns to place her hands on the counter. He lifts up her dress and pulls down her panties. She steps out of them and flicks them across the floor with her foot.

He grabs her buttocks firmly with his large hand and squeezes tightly. “Mmmmmm, that is a nice ass you’ve got there. You’re giving me all sorts of ideas here, you slut.” he says as he spanks her.

“Ooooh, yes. Do whatever you want with my nice, married white ass. Just don’t tell my husband.”

With his left hand, he holds the back of her dress half way up her back and pushes her down; bending her over the counter. With his right hand, he grabs a bottle of olive oil from the side, opens it and pours it liberally pendik escort over the small of her back and down over her ass cheeks.

He spanks her again and the rubs the oil all over her ass. Taking care to scoop some of it up in between her cheeks, he rubs her ass hole with the lubricating oil, before slipping the top digit of his rough, calloused middle finger inside it.

“Yeah, that’s an ass that been fucked before. You like my finger in there, don’t you?” Suddenly his tone changes, “Hey, what’s all this oil doing over the floor? Wipe that shit up before I slip on it and sue your ass for making me do my job in a dangerous work environment. It will be more than just your husband who finds out what a whore you are when that happens.”

“Yes, sir. Straight away.” says Kim as she grabs a towel and gets down on all fours to sop up the oil that dripped off her ass onto the kitchen floor.

He fumbles in his overall pocket and pulls out his mobile phone as he walks round and positions himself behind her. As Kim continues to mop up the spilt oil, he pushes the tip of his cock into her ass. Her back arches as she feels him inside her and she hears a click. She looks round to see he has used his phone to take a photo of her ass hole being penetrated.

“Evidence, slut. You make sure you do what you should be doing and nobody but me will ever need to see this photo.”

He puts his phone down on the counter and grabs Kim by the hips. bostancı escort Slowly he pulls her towards him and onto his large, throbbing dick. The oil easing his passage into her.

“Don’t stop scrubbing that floor, you lazy bitch. Don’t you dare stop until I tell you to.” he commands as he thrusts progressively deeper and faster.

Kim moves the towel over the floor, but is too distracted by the wonderful sensation of her ass getting fucked to do a proper job of it. Her pleasure builds up to a strong orgasm and her sphincter tightens around the huge cock as it moves in and out of her in long, deep strokes.

“Oh, this is a tight little white ass for my big black cock. Get on your knees. I’m going to cum in your mouth.”

Kim acquiesces and turns round and gets up onto her knees. She kneels with her hands on her thighs and takes his dick into his mouth. The repairman points his phone at her.

“Look up at the camera.” he orders. Kim looks up at him as she sucks his dick and he takes a picture of her. “Hubby’s definitely going to recognise those eyes if you don’t finish your job properly.” He puts his phone down and grabs the back of her head as he fucks her mouth until him cums right inside it. Kim gathers it all in her mouth, then looks up at him with an open mouth and licks her lips. Finally she swallows it all down in one big gulp.

“Did I do everything right for you sir? Do you promise that you won’t tell my husband what a slut I’ve been for you?”

“You did well, but you ain’t finished yet. I’m going to sit and watch TV for a bit. Have you got any beer in the fridge?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well bring me one while I invite a few friends over. We’ve got all night ahead of us yet.”

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