Katie Tells Tom What She Wants


Katie Tells Tom What She WantsKatie wanted me to bend over. Bend over, so my asshole was straight-up. She wanted me to suck my cock so that she could take pictures. Wow, Heart stopped. Briefly, but it stopped. I had thought that I was the glib one, the smooth-talking seducer, but I had no words. Katie filled in space: ”Tom, I’m happy to suck your dick, I want to. Do you have a problem with it? You don’t have to fuck your mouth exactly, or cum all over yourself. I want to take a few pictures so that I can make a few sketches. You look like you are thin enough to bend over and do that. Girls and women put dicks in their mouths every day, what is the problem with boys? I already watched you taste your sperm, and it was in our mouths when we were kissing, so what’s the big deal?” ” Can you throw your legs over your head and lick your pussy?” ”I could when I was ten and eleven, and then my body developed, and my tummy buca escort got too big, and my legs aren’t that long.

Would you like to see me try it? If I try, will you do it? Please? If I try, my pussy will be looking at the ceiling. My pussy and my butt-hole, too. I can bend over until my knees are next to my head. Here is a cute girl, Tom, a lovely girl telling you she would like her ass, and her pussy loved some more. I didn’t come yet, but I’ll bet I do if you love me that way. But then, you have to do that pose for me. When I get done with my camera, we can have fun, you with your ass up like that. Do you want to try? Maybe you want to go home now? Nobody knows the way out of here but me, baby.”For the next hour or so, we were just talking, looking at her pictures, stroking each other so tenderly.” I want to suck it again, can I do that again, you look so cute, I just really, really want to..are you escort buca going to eat me out again? I would love that, but my pussy is ………..uh, it’s pretty busy down there, does that gross you out?” Katie, let me tell you something, you have the sexiest cunt in the whole fucking universe. All I want to do is just put my face, my mouth in your bushy pussy, and kiss and kiss you. I want to do that until I feel you wet, coming on my face. Okay?” “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.””You know, most of these nudes I’ve been looking at, they have nice bushy pussies, but what is sexy to me is when you can see the little pussy slit, and just the edge of the clit there. As an artist and a painter, I like that. When we were little, and I was a camper, we would get in the big shower, and we all had pussy slits we could see. Still, now, I can’t even see mine with a mirror…….see that picture over there?” and she pointed me to one of buca escort bayan about 300 Polaroids pinned to the wall, ” She is like twentz’two, but she doesn’t have much hair, and I can, like, see everything. and I wanted her to open her legs and spread her pussy and show me everything, but she got all shy and wouldn’t, but I still think her pussy is sexy, and I’m more like a gorilla.””Katie, c’ mere..”Katie:”…Here I am, all naked, and what I want, well, I want to have sex with you again pretty soon. Still, I want us to run around here naked for the next few hours and then the next few days. I want to see you without clothes from lots of different angles, see you get hard, see you soft, I want you to see me, take some pictures of me, here, I’ll take some of you, I’ve got the film. This camera has a timer on it so we can take some of us fucking. Then after you are gone, I can use them when I paint or draw. Oh, you’re looking again., see, I told you it was bushy!”, “But I told you I think it’s the sexiest, cutest pussy in the….”” I hope you put your face down in those bushes pretty soon, but I want to show you something.”
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