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just lickingMy wife has gotten into a routine of going over to the black night club at least one night a week to dance and get her to fill with big black cock. To bring the leftovers home to me as well as a good story. This week she added something a little different she had asked her friend from across the way to go with her on her night out. She was a cute little Mexican girl with long legs and a very jealous husband when they were getting ready I asked her about her husband? She said that he was working till midnight and she was only going over to dance nothing else. Both were dressed in short shorts and loose tops with no bra’s I thought this is not going to work in the middle of a bunch of horny black studs in a black club. But who am I to judge my wife’s big nipples were really being displayed standing tall as off they went. I settled down to watch a little TV. I knew my wife couldn’t just dance that she would have to have some of that trouser snake. I was all but dozing about 11:15 when there was a frantic pounding at the door. I opened it to find my wife’s friend who shot past me into the apartment. She was really shakey saying you have to help me before my husband gets home she said I went too far I let bilecik escort them get to me. I looked down at her sexy legs to see cream starting run down her inner thighs. She said your wife said that you always lick her clean when she gets home so get busy clean me so I can go home. She slid out of her short shorts and panties pushing me down to my knees saying get busy suck all that nigger cum out of me! I licked it off her inner thighs and she guided my head to her sweet little pussy. I was in heaven slurping that mix of pussy juice and stud cream. I managed to get her over to the couch and laying with legs spread for my mouth to work on that freshly fucked pussy. I listened to her story of being had by several big cocks she said that she never knew they came that large that she couldn’t resist. She said that my wife had warned her about their hypnotic spells. I looked up to realize that it was almost the bewitching hour. I slurped her pussy one last time and told her that she should be getting dressed to get home before he did. She said before walking out that she owed me, but that she was sure my wife would make it up when she got home!About an hour later I was dosing on the couch as the wife entered escort bilecik striping her shorts as she approached the couch sliding her pussy over my head saying that I wasn’t going to believe here get busy clean it all. She said that she had invited her friend to go with her to help to keep a dude with a horse cock that had followed her everywhere the past week away. She said even the black girls were afraid of him because of his size that he usually gave up trying to get any pussy and settled for a blow job. She definitely full as I began to clean her pussy. She said that when her friend played with his massive shaft he was fingering her pussy she thought he would fire off a load and it would be all over. But that didn’t happen he seemed to get that much horner staring at her riding one of the other studs. I really enjoyed her story and the sweet fuck juices. She pushed me away saying let’s go to bed you sweet little pussy cleaner. She asked as we walked back to the bedroom if I cleaned her friend before she went home, and was it good I just smiled. I got right back to feeding at theY as she continued her story she said that horse cock snook up behind her rubbing his monster cock between her legs playing bilecik escort bayan with her tits and telling her that she was his. She said that he managed to get the big head in her pussy and she knew she was had that she was going to give him what he wanted. He bent her over at the waist and grabbed her hips slowly little by little easing his monster to her pussy. She said it was so large she knew he spent several minutes just working about half into her and he wasn’t through just getting enough in to start to slowly fuck her. She said she thought he would never he went back to playing with her tits and that seemed to him make to throb deep in her womb. When he did start cumming that she that felt she was being filled by a water hose and it kept coming forever it seemed like. I said that I knew I was cleaning and every time I thought I had it all sucked out another load would start. My wife laughed and said keep cleaning she said he had fucked her twice and had some dude face fucking him as she walked out of the club. She said that she didn’t think he ever ran out of cum. That he told her as he was getting ready to fuck her the second time that he really enjoyed fucking a pussy when he could get in one but all he had to do was flip it around in his pants to get his cock sucked by some guy who wants to milk him and he didn’t have to work that way. I don’t know about that maybe that’s why he drops such a big load in pussy when he decides to do it???

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