Joe’s two visits with Ann


Joe’s two visits with AnnI had decided to stop over at Ann’s house and when she didn’t answer my knock, I let myself in and heard her in the kitchen. I went in and saw her sitting at the table cutting up vegetables, her hair still in curlers and dressed in her bathrobe. “You didn’t answer so I let myself in” I said to her as I sat down next to her.”I’ve been busy” she replied and as she moved a little in the chair, her robe opened up a little and I could see part of her full tit. “Not to eager to get dressed?” I asked her and she just shrugged her shoulders. I was getting a twinge in my groin as I looked at her partially exposed tit and finally I reached over and placed my hand on hers. She stopped and looked at me and I moved over next to her, placed my arm around her back and pulled her towards me,”Kiss me” I said as I leaned in to her. Our lips met and as we kissed I reached up and began to caress her tits through her robe. I could hear her moan as I now pulled open her robe and took hold of her one tit. I squeezed it hard as we continued to kiss, trading tongues and I became more turned on and now had her robe open fully and was fondling her tits hard. For several minutes we kissed as I squeezed and played with her tits, feeling the softness of her full tits. When we broke off I lowered my head and began to suck on her tits, sucking hard on her nipples and biting them just enough to make her moan out more. For the next several minutes I sucked on her tits as she reached down and caressed my crotch until I stopped, moved back a bit and undid my belt and zipper. She reached down, took hold of my hard cock and as we kissed some more, she jerked my cock off while I now played with her tits. We ataşehir escort finally broke off and I looked at her,”Suck my fuckin’ cock whore” I said to her as I stood up next to her and she immediately bent down, took my cock into her mouth and began to suck me off. After a couple of minutes I grabbed her hair and holding her head in place, now started to face fuck her mouth until I soon shot my load of cum into her mouth. She took my load, took my cock out of her mouth and licked me clean. We kissed again and I could still taste some of my cum on her lips and in her mouth. When we broke off,”Thanks” I said to her. I patted the side of her face softly”That was short and sweet” I said and got up and left.I was sitting in my lounge chair watching a movie of me and Carmen having sex with another couple, with my earplugs in and I didn’t hear anyone knocking at my door. I had my cock out and was jerking it off and didn’t hear or realize Ann had come in and when she saw me jerking off my cock, she stood there for a few minutes getting more turned on. She finally made enough noise for me to look over and see her there and I was able to see she had her hand up her skirt and had been playing with herself as she watched me.I motioned for her to come over and when she did, she looked down to see what I had been jerking off to. She looked at me and I stood up and faced her. She reached down and grabbed hold of my cock,”You like jerking off alone?” she asked me as she started to jerk my cock.”Only when no one is around” I replied and with that she leaned in and we kissed. By now I was horny for her and as we kissed I reached up and began to caress her tits through her blouse. For several minutes escort ataşehir we stayed this way until I was totally turned on as was she and we stopped and headed for the bedroom. I immediately took off her blouse and skirt and saw she had on a black bra, garter belt, no panties to go with her black hose.”Fuckin’ nice baby” I said to her as I stripped off my clothes as she laid down on the bed. I bent down and as I resumed kissing her, I reached down and found her exposed cunt and began to caress and finger fuck her cunt. I continued to play with her cunt as we kissed and she managed to slip off her bra straps and pull down her bra.I now moved down a bit and began to suck on her tits, taking each nipple in my teeth and biting down on them as she cried out with pleasure. I went from sucking on her tit to kissing her as I continued to finger fuck her cunt harder and harder. “Suck my fuckin’ cunt” she finally cried out and I didn’t hesitate and quickly moved down to her legs and spread them apart. I moved in and into her wet cunt went my tongue as I now licked and sucked on her cunt lips and clit, driving her into a more frenzied state. For several minutes I kept up my assault of her cunt until”FUCK ME” she yelled out”PLEASE FUCK ME” she added and as I stopped and looked up at her”Please fuck my fuckin’ cunt” she more calmly”Get your fuckin’ cock in my fuckin’ cunt and fuck me” she added and with that I moved up in between her open legs, too hold of my cock and shoved it into her wet cunt and began to fuck her hard and fast. After a few more minutes I moved her legs up to my shoulders and moved in more so that I could fuck her deeper. She moaned out continuously as I fucked her ataşehir escort bayan hard and the I bent down and began to kiss her again. For several minutes I fucked her hard as she squeezed and pulled on her tits, pinching her nipples as I alternated from leaning back to drive my cock deeper into her to leaning over and kissing her. I soon decided we needed a change and I pulled out of her and moved over and leaned back against the headboard. Ann got up and climbing over me, sat down on my cock and began to ride me as I reached around and played with her tits. For several minutes we fucked this way until another change came. This time she got on her hands and knees and I came up behind her and with her ass up just right, I shoved my cock back into her cunt and once again fucked her hard and fast.One final move came several minutes later when I took my cock out of her cunt and after moistening her hole, stuck my cock into her hole and now fucked her bunt hole. She cried out in pain at first as I shoved my cock into her, but then settled down,”That’s it lover” she said”Fuck my fuckin’ bunt hole” “Fuck it hard” she added as I drove my cock deep into her and fucked her hard and fast again. “FUCK ME LIKE A FUCKIN” WHORE” she yelled out as I did her as hard as I could”I LOVE YOUR FUCKIN’ COCK FUCKIN’ ME” she added and soon I began to feel the need to come. I immediately pulled out, shoved her around and stood up on the bed as she rose up on her knees. I held my cock tight until she got up close to my cock.”Oh fuck baby” I said”I’m fuckin’ comin'” I added and with that I sent a large load of my cum over her face. She took my cum and when I finished, she reached up, took hold of my cock and licked me clean.”Thank you lover” she finally said after another few minutes”That was fuckin’ awesome” she added and I leaned down and we kissed some more. She put herself together and left a little before Carmen came home. I greeted her with a nice kiss and that was that.

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