Jill Explains How It Started with Step-Daddy


Jill Explains How It Started with Step-DaddyOne evening, Jill and Tim were at his place, sitting on the sofa talking. Jill had come over after work and offered to give her boyfriend a blowjob to relax him after a tough day at the office. After he’d blown a load in his girlfriend’s mouth, he made dinner for the two of them. Now they were just sitting around chatting. By now Tim knew about the sexual freedom enjoyed by Jill and her step-parents, and this night, curious, he asked her when she’d first become aware of her desires for her stepfather. Jill said that when she was a little girl, she became aware that her parents were doing something in their bedroom that she didn’t understand. She would hear noises—grunting, moaning, sometimes yelling—that initially frightened her. What were her parents doing to each other? Were they fighting? Were they hurting each other? One day when she was alone with her mother, Jill asked Mary about the night noises and expressed her worst fears about what they meant. “Oh, no, sweetheart,” her mother gently explained. “What you hear are love noises. They come from things that grown-ups do with each other, with their bodies, to feel good. I make your father feel good, and he makes me feel good.” “Is it like tickling?” Jill asked. “A little,” said her mother, “but sometimes it’s a little more intense than that.” Jill was glad to hear all this, even if she was still confused about the specifics. When she got a little older, she started sneaking out of her room when her parents were making the love-noises, peeking into the bedroom to watch. She saw the way her stepmother would take her stepfather’s penis in her mouth and how happy he looked. She saw the way her stepfather put his penis into her stepmother’s vagina and how happy she looked. Jill began to feel tingles in her own vagina, and one night u*********sly reached down and rubbed that area as she watched her parents. To her surprise, she felt for vagina moisten and felt a surging tingle. As a teenager, Jill learned more about sex—not just by asking her step-parents questions, but also from sex-ed lessons at school and from the furtive talk of her friends. Some of her friends were already experimenting with each other sexually, but Jill was shy. The only man she felt truly comfortable with was her step-dad. She began to get the idea that maybe she could learn more about sex if she did to her stepfather some of the things her mother did to him. One evening after dinner when Mom was in the kitchen, Jill and her stepfather were sitting on the sofa; Dan was reading the paper. Jill leaned over and put her head in her stepfather’s lap—she wanted to be near his penis: she was so curious! She talked softly to her stepfather about her day at school and this and that, just chattering aimlessly, all the while moving her head slightly back and forth across her stepfather’s crotch. Soon she began to notice something increasing in size in her stepfather’s pants. It must be his penis, she thought, and she asked her stepfather if this was the case. “Um, yes, sweetie, it is,” said Dan, a bit embarrassed. He had certainly noticed what a beautiful young girl his stepdaughter was becoming, and his sexual drive was, in general, bartın escort so strong that almost anything that rubbed against his crotch made him hard, including his little girl’s head in his lap. He pushed Jill up to a sitting position and said, “When a man feels a girl against his penis, it gets hard—it’s part of the good sex feelings your stepmother has told you about.” Jill knew this from the way boys talked about girls sometimes at school. Jill said, “I overheard a boy say that if a girl does this”—here she reached down and started rubbing her open palm up and down along the length of Dan’s penis beneath his pants—“that it feels really good to the boy, and the girl sometimes likes it, too. Does this feel good to you, Step-Daddy?” Dan really liked what Jill was doing—he was in fact now rock-hard, but he knew his responsibility as a stepfather. He carefully removed Jill’s hand from his cock. “Yes, sweetie, Step-Daddy loves that feeling, but it’s something Mommy should do to Step-Daddy, not a stepdaughter.” “But I want to make you feel good the way Mommy does!” Jill blurted. “How am I going to learn if I don’t?” Dan sighed and said, “When you get a little older, you’ll be attracted to boys your age and you’ll do something like this, and other things, with them, but not right now.” Time passed, and Jill was a ripening young adult. Her breasts had grown impressively. She had long, shapely legs and a high, substantial backside that elicited whistles from men when she walked down the street. She found she was fond of showing off her body, favoring tight t-shirts, the shortest shorts, and high wedge heeled sandals. Lots of boys approached her, and she knew from the looks they gave her that she could experiment with sex with them if she wanted. But she was still very shy, and the man she still felt most comfortable with was her stepfather. One day, Jill’s stepmother said she had to go see her sick aunt, that she would probably stay overnight to take care of her. Jill was alone in the house with her stepfather. After dinner, Dan said he was tired from work and was going to bed early, giving his stepdaughter a peck on her cheek and heading upstairs. Jill thought about her stepfather lying in bed alone and started to feel aroused. When she was sure her stepfather was in bed, the lovely 21 year-old crept upstairs and looked in at him; Dan seemed to have fallen asleep quickly. Standing in the hallway, Jill decided to be a brave girl. She pulled off her shirt and lowered her shorts, stepping out of her underwear and doffing her sandals. Naked, she tiptoed to her stepfather’s bed and slipped in between the sheets next to him. She was startled when she felt him against her: her stepdad was naked, too! Becoming so excited she shivered, she said in a whisper, “Step-Daddy?” But Dan was sound asleep. Emboldened, Jill groped under the covers until she found her stepfather’s penis. It was flaccid on his belly, and Jill thought it seemed smaller than she’d imagined it would be. Nevertheless, she wanted to experiment. She ducked her head under the covers and lowered herself until her face was even with Step-Daddy’s penis. She ran a finger up and down its length and was pleased to see it respond, stiffening escort bartın every so slightly. She took a deep breath and did something brave: she licked Step-Daddy’s penis. It tasted wonderful! She licked and lapped at it like a kitten drinking milk, and very quickly, her stepfather’s penis grew and hardened. Her stepfather groaned in his sleep and he shifted in the bed. “Mmmm,” he said dreamily in his sleep, “what are you doing, Mary?” Jill froze. Her stepdad thought it was her mom doing this! Just what she had dreamed about: doing for Step-Daddy what her mommy did for him! Excited, Jill increased her activity. She very carefully opened her mouth and put her lips around the tip of her stepfather’s cock, giving it a kind of kiss. The cock responded really well to that! It grew harder. It was now so erect, Jill had to take the dick in one fist and pull it over into her mouth for more. She wasn’t quite sure what to do, so she improvised, beginning to suck the head of the cock, then lick the length of the shaft. “Hey!” Dan suddenly jerked free from Jill’s grasp and pulled back the sheet. “Oh my god, Jill, what are you doing?” Jill looked pleadingly at her stepfather’s confused, perhaps angry face. “Oh, Step-Daddy, please? Please can I give your cock a suck? I’ve been wanted to suck a cock so badly, and I didn’t want to do it with a strange boy and I love you so much!” Dan was now confused. He’d noticed what a hot young woman his stepdaughter had become, and it was clear that she had a natural talent for sex. It was true that he and Mary didn’t want Jill having sex with just anyone for her first time, but he and Mary had never considered whether Jill would want that sex to be with her stepdad. It was quickly clear to Dan that he had to find a middle path here. He’d have to talk to his wife about all of this when she got home. But for now… well, it did feel good and his stepdaughter was so sweetly sincere in her curiosity… “Okay, hold on now, young lady,” said Dan trying to sound as stern as he could while standing naked with a raging erection in front of his stepdaughter. “Listen to me: we can’t have sex, it’s not something I feel comfortable about.” “But don’t you think I’m pretty, Step-Daddy?” asked Jill, a sob in her voice. “Do I turn you off?” She pulled back the sheet to show her beautiful naked body to her stepfather, and Dan noticed how hard her nipples were and how flushed her cheeks were—she was clearly aroused, which had a similar effect on Dan. “Oh, darling,” Dan said more kindly, “I think you’re beautiful!” “Then let me just practice a little on your big cock, Step-Daddy,” Jill said in her best little-girl voice. She used to use this voice when she wanted to get something from her stepfather, like candy, and she bet it would work now. Hearing his adult stepdaughter talk in that little-girl voice, even as she was reaching down and stroking his cock, turned Dan on in a way that was clouding his mind. He couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to blow a load of cum into this sweet girl’s mouth. “Well, okay, listen: You can suck it for a little while, but you know what happens when a man gets too excited doing this, don’t you?” Jill did indeed know—she’d heard bartın escort bayan about cumming from her friends—but she decided to play the innocent. “Gee, no, Step-Daddy, what happens when a man gets excited from this?” she asked as she increased her hold on the cock, now with both small hands, rubbing the hard dick up and down. “Oh, shit, baby,” Dan muttered, starting to pull her hands away but then deciding to leave them there. Through gritted teeth, he said, “A man produces a thick liquid when he gets excited down there; it’s called cum. It shoots out of the penis.” “And what does the girl do when that happens?” asked Jill with mock-innocence. She knew from her friends and from watching Step-Mom and Step-Dad that the woman tries to drink the cum, and she felt her own mouth fill with saliva at this thought. “Well,” said Dan, now gently pushing Jill’s head down to his crotch, freeing his cock from her hands and guiding it into her mouth, “what happens is, sometimes the girl likes to swallow what comes out of the penis. But,” he added, concerned about frightening his stepdaughter, “you don’t HAVE to swallow the cum if you don’t want to.” Jill wanted to say “Oh, Step-Daddy, I WANT to!” but her mouth was full of stepdaddy-dick and so it just sounded like “Arghh-argll-argh!” Jill resumed sucking her stepfather’s cock with renewed energy. She was so happy to get her stepfather’s permission that she felt her pussy becoming wet, and she reached down to stroke it. She had an orgasm almost instantly. When Dan realized what happened to his stepdaughter, it was all too much for him and he suddenly yelled, “Oh, shit, sweetie, Step-Daddy’s gonna come in your mouth right now!” Without thinking, he pushed Jill’s mouth down on his rigid cock while shooting a load into her mouth. He heard his stepdaughter gag, then gasp, then bravely begin gulping down as much cum as she could. “Oh, honey, I’m sorry!” Dan said. “I didn’t mean to push you down. Step-Daddy is sorry if he choked you!” Jill’s head popped out from the top of sheets. She was smiling even as cum dripped out of her mouth. “Oh, no, Step-Daddy, it was great! I love sucking cock. Thank you so much! You’re the best stepdaddy in the whole world!” Dan just looked at his beautiful stepdaughter and gave her a big hug. Jill had finished her story now, and her boyfriend Tim had become terribly aroused. Jill could see that his cock was hard. Talking about sucking her stepdad’s cock had also aroused her. She stood up, hiked up her tight dress and pulled down her panties. “Fuck me right now!” she commanded her boyfriend. He didn’t need to be told twice. Getting up, he pulled off his pants and bent Jill over. She kept her legs straight and put her palms on the floor as she felt her boyfriend enter her wet pussy from the rear. “Fuck, that feels good!” she groaned. Her boyfriend Tim began a rapid fucking motion, and soon he yelled, “I’m gonna cum!” Jill timed her own orgasm so that she came just as her boyfriend pulled his dick out of her and splashed hot cum on her upturned ass. Standing up, a bit unsteady on her feet, Jill reached around and wiped the cum off her ass with her hand and licked it clean. Gee, in a way, she thought, I owe this nice fuck I just got to my Step-Daddy—telling the story of the two of us got my boyfriend hard, she realized. Silently, to herself, she thanked God for having such a wonderful stepfather. END TELL ME IF YOU LIKED THIS ‘JILL’ STORY–WAS IT TOO LONG? LET ME KNOW.

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