Jerry’s World – Dr Goodwin


Jerry’s World – Dr GoodwinI walked across to the doctors office which was in fact in the basement and slowly and carefully went down to the front door and rang the bell, my jaw dropped when the door opened.Maybe I was expecting a pretty receptionist but I certainly wasn’t expecting an old man well into his 70’s dressed in a button up white coat and from what I could make out, not much else.“Hello, I’m Dr Goodwin, I am a doctor you know” he said very professionally while looking me up and down, “You must be Jerry” he said inviting me in.The doctor was about 6 foot but quite slim and was quite good looking in a funny sort of way, his silver hair suited his facial features but it was that fact he only had the white coat on that was a bit weird, each to their own I suppose.He was very pleasant as he showed me into his office and OMG it looked just like a real doctors surgery, big desk, screen, scales and even a couch, wow!“Stand there laddie” he instructed in a very authoritative voice as he sat down at his plush desk and spun his chair around to face me, I nearly giggled at the site of the good doctor sitting there in just the white coat and yes, I can now confirm he was naked underneath. Men spread when they sit and the good doctor was no different however he must have forgotten how he was dressed, not that I minded as I glanced down seeing his chunky cock and balls hanging between his legs.“Very good laddie” he said looking me up and down and I was glad my erection from the bus trip had subsided however I didn’t know for how long as his eyes seemed to linger around the groin area, “Hmm, I am a doctorYou know” he said as he pulled out a clipboard and pen, “Yes sir” I replied standing straight with hands by my side. He stood up and walked around me very slowly looking at every inch of my body and I could feel the old mans gaze burning through my skin, he returned to his chair and wrote something down, “Very good laddie, I am a doctor you know” he said softly as he took his stethoscope out and looked up at me.“Take off your shirt please Jerry” he asked as he breathed on the stethoscope to warm it up, habit probably as it certainly wasn’t cold. He wheeled his chair over to me and widened his legs either side of me so that they were touching my hands, his skin was remarkably soft for a man of his age.He held the stethoscope to my chest asking me to breath in and out a few times and then proceeded to place it at various points over my body, “Very good Jerry” he said as he moved back slightly.I don’t know why but I could feel myself getting aroused as he continued to look over my body, his fingers were now running across my chest from left to right in a zig zag motion moving downwards to my belly and then along the waistband of my shorts and on the next stroke his fingers slipped inside and I definitely felt him brush the top of my cock, I sighed as I felt it which made him look up at me, “Very good Jerry, I am a doctor you know” he said as he ran his fingers back again just inside the waistband and again touching the top of my cock which was now fully erect.“Right, lets weigh you Jerry” he said moving his chair back, “Slip your shorts off and stand on the scales please” he instructed so as I slipped my shorts off my cock sprung out standing loud and proud, the old doctor looked up, “It’s ok Jerry, I am a doctor” he said looking batman escort directly at my throbbing member.I think seeing me now totally naked gave him a stirring as I definitely saw his coat rising up as he scooted his chair over to the scales, I stepped on, “Oh very good Jerry” he said as he jotted down my weight.He scooted backwards to his desk with his legs wide open and I had a perfect view of his hanging balls and his now erect cock, it was actually quite impressive for a man of his aging years.I moved back over to his desk and stood there with my hands down by my side as he turned his chair to face me, “Turn around” he instructed so I did as asked knowing full well he was now looking at my arse, I felt his fingers gently push my back so I bent down for him, “Oh yess Jerry” he said as I held the position, “Very good Jerry” he said and then I felt his fingers gently running around the cheeks and also up and down my crack, I didn’t move.“Don’t worry Jerry, I’m a doctor you know” he said softly as he spread my cheeks wide exposing my puckering hole, I heard him mutter something under his breath and then felt his hot man breath on my exposed rear end. He spread my legs apart and then I felt his hand running up the inside of my thigh and gently came to a stop as he cupped my balls gently squeezing them as his other hand continued to keep my cheeks apart.He had a very soft touch and it was like his hand was trembling as he squeezed and then I felt his fingers wrap around the base of my shaft, OMG that is when I felt his warm wet tongue press against my back hole, his hand pushed up further and he groaned as he grabbed my shaft giving it a gentle tug.After a few minutes of expert arse licking my cock felt like it was going to explode and I must say I was disappointed when he scooted back instructing me to get on my knees in front of him.“I need to look at your shoulders laddie” he said as he pushed my head down onto his lap, his hands then gently massaging my shoulders which actually felt exceptionally good. I could feel his hard erection under his coat and with a few wiggles on his part to get comfortable it somehow popped a button and now his naked cock was pressing against my face.“Ah yes laddie” he said softly as my tongue started to lick up and down his shaft which he gently rubbed around my shoulders and head.He tasted quite nice as I brought my hands up to assist and grabbed the base while I licked and sucked his swollen head, his hands now massaging my head as he pushed my head down forcing his hard cock against the back of my throat forcing me to gag and withdraw, he was having none of that and pushed my head back down, “I am a doctor you know” he said as I felt his breathing increase as I bobbed my head on his stiff meat.He started to grunt and with some gentle squeezing of his nuts I felt his cock start to pulsate in my mouth and prepared myself for the load he was about give me. He grabbed my head hard pushing me down as his hot creamy liquid slid down my throat, OMG I nearly choked.Wow.. I took the load and gently pulled up seeing his cock flop to one side, it still looked a good size even soft, “Oh Jerry, I’m so sorry” he said buttoning up his coat, “I am a doctor you know” he said turning his chair to the desk. He turned his head towards me, “Get dressed laddie” he said pointing to my clothes on the escort batman chair, my cock was starting to droop as I pulled my shorts up. I slipped my shirt back on as the old man turned to face me.“All good Jerry” he said as he handed me an envelope, “You’re in fine shape” he concluded and I thanked him and he showed me out. As I walked back over to the bus stop I looked into the envelope to see a similar amount of cash, Wow!! and I still had two nuts full.I waited for the bus and wondered if my mystery woman would be on it, very unlikely as lightning never strikes twice and as the bus turned the corner I could see it was quite empty.I jumped on and OMG she was there, sitting in the same seat and the seat opposite her was vacant too, I didn’t hesitate and sat down.She sat there with her hands on her knees and every jolt of the bus seemed to open the gap a little allowing me a quick peek up her skirt which somehow seemed a bit shorter. I sat there with a spread giving her another view of my young balls and just knew my bulge was becoming visible, after my doctor’s experience I was busting for a release.Now this lady was about mid 30’s at a guess and she was married as I could see the rings on her finger so maybe she was just interested in seeing some young bollocks.She knew I was looking up her skirt just as much as I knew she was looking up my shorts, she got her phone out on the premise of checking something but I am bloody sure she was taking pics which to be honest I had no issue with because having taken her hands off her knees they seemed to have a mind of their own as they widened a little more, I now had a clear view of her white lace gusset, Mmm nice.My cock was getting harder and very soon I could feel it pressing against the elastic waistband of my shorts and her eyes were transfixed.My bus stop was coming up so as before I reached up to press the bell and then stood up and got very close to my mystery lady, so close in fact that my thighs was pressing against her knee and my bulging shorts in her direct eyeline, her hand came back and rested on her knee with her fingers brushing against my thigh.I looked around and apart from the driver the bus was empty and her fingers were now rubbing my thigh in a soft ‘accidental’ manner.The bus seemed to get stuck in traffic as her fingers started to make their way up my leg and very soon had slipped inside the legs of my shorts, I don’t even think the bus driver could see what was going on.My mystery lady looked up at me as her hand reached right inside my shorts and her fingers enveloped my stiff rigid shaft but I was all to conscious of the fact the bus was moving again and my stop was imminent.The bus indicated to pull over and not only were there people waiting I had to make a move to the exit forcing her hand to slip out from under my shorts, I didn’t look back as I got off the bus.“I’ve never done this before” came the voice from behind as I walked towards my flat, I turned and smiled at my mystery woman who had followed me off the bus.“Why am I doing this?” she exclaimed as we walked up the path to my flat, my cock was still hard from the bus ride as we both hurried inside.I didn’t even have time to fart as she put her hand on my shoulder spinning me around, she tugged at my tee shirt throwing it on the floor, this woman knew what she wanted and fuck me, she batman escort bayan wanted it NOW!!She slumped to her knees very quickly tugging at my shorts which ripped under her eagerness to get them off me, my cock sprung out in front of her face, “OH FUCK YESS!, What a beauty” she said looking at the droplets of precum at the tip, her left hand came up grabbing my balls simultaneously as her right hand grabbed the shaft with both hands gently squeezing.. her head bowed down and I watched as my cock disappeared into this eager beaver’s mouth.OMG.. OH MY FUCKING GOD!! With her hands grappling with my arse cheeks my mystery ‘married’ lady then worshipped my cock like she had never had one before, her tongue eagerly covering every inch before a very seamless deepthroat without a single gag, wow!I grabbed her hair as I thrust heard down her throat and it got messy as I fucked her cock sucking mouth, her moans rang out around the hallway, she was damn good and all I could think about was how lucky her husband was but also intrigued as to why she felt the need to get some extra, maybe she wasn’t getting enough but whatever the reason the fact remained, she was sucking my cock and sucking it damn well.She was making all kinds of choking noises and looked up at me with her eyes watering and full of lust, her nails dug into my arse cheeks as she sucked the life out of my young cock.My knees started to shake as I felt my cock about to explode, “OH FUCK YESSS!!!!” I shouted as my hot creamy cum filled her mouth, she swallowed my load like it was her last supper and her tongue flicked around the shaft as my cock softened in her warm mouth.She looked up at me as I regained my breath and got up on her feet licking her lips, “Thank you, thank you so much” she said softly and lent forward giving me a peck on the cheek before rushing out the door.. WTF!!I figured that she must have had to rush as she did get off the bus before her stop but it would have been so nice to have gone further as she was horny as fuck as demonstrated by her oral technique, totally awesome.I sent a text to Sophie to tell her my mission had been accomplished as is in line with protocol, ‘always tell me when you’re done’ she would say and I got it as she was only concerned with the safety aspect and that I was alright, she is a little darling is our Sophie.I don’t know how my mystery woman was able to rip my shorts but they were split right up the side and although they were still wearable I didn’t think appropriate for outside use, or maybe they were? That was just my dirty perverted exhibitionist side of me talking because those shorts, with the best will in the world, would not keep my tackle covered. Hmmm…It had been another interesting day and I made a few quid so no complaints from me, Bev was working late again although I don’t know why as now I am making a few quid life should be easier all round, I will have words. Anyway, I had a few hours to kill so put some music on while I took a long cool shower and grabbed a cheese sandwich.. oh and a beer to wash it down with. I was just enjoying my chill out time getting used to my newly ripped shorts, they would be fun to go out in public wearing them, when the doorbell rang.. I was in a good happy mood and although I wasn’t expecting anyone I cheerfully opened the door.. OMG.. WTF.. my jaw dropped and hit the floor.“Good afternoon sir” said the policewoman standing in front of me, “I’m WPC Gloria Grant, may I come in for a chat?” she asked as she looked me up and down, I froze on the spot.. “Oh yes, please come in” I said.To be Continued….

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